Monday, July 22, 2013


MY mom is a rock collector.  She doesn't know when or why she started collecting rocks, but one day she heard herself ask a friend who was going to Switzerland to bring her back a rock. Her friend looked at her like she was CRAZY but she brought her a rock back from some famous MOUNTAIN.  Then, another time her minister and his wife was going to Africa to visit and do some work, again she heard those strange words come out of her mouth about bring back a rock.  They brought her back a lovely piece of marble with the date written on it from a village they had visited. It was the tradition began.  Everytime people she knows goes somewhere she asks to a rock.  We have rocks from everywhere....we try to put them in special places around our yard, and in our house. We have a whole basketfull of rocks from Glacier Bay in Alaska, that Mom's brother brought back to her a few months ago.  Sometimes Mom even forgets where they come from. She asked her son in law to bring her back a rock from Iraq but that must have been a big no no cos he just brought himself back and that was a million trillion times better than a rock.

Mom really likes Geodes.  That is Iowa's Rock.  People come down to southeast IOwa where we live and try and find them. They are hard to find, unless you know a hunting spot...usually it is on someone's land and there is a big sign telling you this
Its really hard for mom when she see's Geodes laying in the Creek and this sign is posted....really really hard.
Anyway our yard is full of Geode's that her and dad have collected over the years, and she has them all around her flower beds.  Geode's hate weedeater string.....Mom uses alot of that string in the summertime.

The red one doesn't live at our house.  Anyway Murphy and Stanley went on vacation in Oregon so Mom asked them to bring her back a rock.  They sent her pictures instead although we are waiting on a really big rock that would need a UPS truck or maybe a SEMI to bring to our house.  They sent us this picture of these rocks they found when they were hiking....and they told me it reminded them of us.
Their Momma said a group of rocks is called a Cairns and are used to tell hikers which way to go...mysteriously though there was no trails around, um....maybe these little rock piles were just reminding Murphy and Stanley of the friends waiting for them once they got home.

Have a great day,
stella rose
ps everyone is slowly on the mend.


  1. OUR mom is kinda a Rock Hound too. Her favorites are the Petrified Wood..Rocks that she brought home from Arizona.

  2. And do you know what? We love rocks too.
    Your rocks are sooo beautiful- and show how marvelous our world is - to have so much beauty in those rocks. The rocks tell storys.

  3. We're glad you liked the photo. We think you rock!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. What pretty geodes! I didn't know cairns were supposed to show the way. I thought they were just "art" out in nature. There are some folks that build them on a particular beach here in town - but they're just for looks.

    I saw a story about a boy that made some cairns in a stream as a remembrance for his dog that passed - but some local folks were upset about it. What a silly thing to be upset about.

  5. Those geodes are great and we love fossils as well as rocks. Nice one mum. You must show your collection one day. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Hola chica
    My Mommy #2 used to collect rocks too AND she took geology in college where she learned to identify even more rocks. All I know is sometimes a rock is very tasty. . .
    Love Noodles

  7. What good news about everyone getting better... and I think the rocks are beautiful!

  8. What a cool collection! Love the Geodes, of course, because they're so pretty.

  9. Awesome! I love geodes too. You think it is a boring rock, or maybe a prehistoric egg or somethings, then you cracks it open and it is magical! Also I likes those fine examples of rock sculptures.


  10. My assistant loves rocks, too. Her grandma was the same way. We have one of her grandma's rocks from out west guarding our front door.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Those are some cool rocks! Our mama has some rocks in her garden that she got several years ago in South Dakota when they went to Mount Rushmore. While they were there they stopped at the Crazy Horse Memorial These rocks are from the mountain that is being blasted away for the memorial. Mama said she will give one to your mama when she comes to visit this fall ... if she wants it!

    Pug Hugs ~ Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  12. Those are some cool geodes! I like that red one too!

  13. I'll have to bring back some rocks from Hicbar!


  14. I think that is cool. My MOM has rocks too. Mostly they are from places that we have been that are very special to us. Times we have gone backpacking and gone with friends. Lots of the rocks have to do with friends and special moments my MOM has shared with them.

  15. Glad the family is feeling better. And I think your mom's rock tradition is cool.


  17. Wez never been anywhere so our rocks come from the beach, those ones you have are super cool. hope everyone is on the mend :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  18. That sounds like a fun collection!

  19. Howdy Mates, rock are cool aren't they. Mum and Dad made a stone man out of rocks on the track where we walk and he has been on a big old tree stump for over seven years now. We'll post you a photo. Take care everybuddy.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. Oh fun! Do you have any rose rock? That's the Oklahoma state rock. Geodes are much prettier, of course, but the rose rock is certainly unusual.

  21. What a great collection. We are back online trying to catch up. Lee and Phod

  22. Hi Stella... your mom has a pretty cool collection. I especially like that red one, even though it doesn't live at your house. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hugs.