Monday, July 15, 2013


Well my Momma had a busy weekend, mowing the grass, and finally having some time to clean out her flower beds.  Guess what, she also made our Alcatraz a little bigger and fixed it to where all she needs to do is open the  porch door and we can run out and run back in. Well, WE as in Maggie running down the steps and Maggie and Gussie running up the Steps.  I, because of my eyes still need to be carried down the three steps and NOW for some reason back UP the steps. Gussie still hasn't mastered going DOWN the steps.  Dad was a little peeved, pissed, mad as all hell, that Mom took it upon herself to do this little project while he was at work, but Mom just shrugged and walked away.  It was a little tense at our house this weekend.  But we love having a little more run, and Mom feels even better cos we are safer.  Dad is just a old stick in the mud.  WE have no pictures cos our USB cable is coming from freaking Timbuktu...maybe we will have it by Christmas.

Yesterday, Jackson and Baby Bean came down so they could be watched so their momma could clean her house.  My momma cooked supper for two families and baked cookies and watched them.  My momma should wear a red cape sometimes. Dad is rolling his eyes.
Then after they left Mom took supper over to Bear's momma cos her and the two little girls have a horrible awful virus.  They even had to go to the ER on Saturday night cos of such high temp. etc.  The ER doc must have been related to the stoooopid shevet that Bear went to cos she told them to take cough syrup and come back on Monday if they didn't feel better.  Bear's Momma and the little girls had temps of 103-104 and that was WITH Motrin.  We don't understand why they didn't do any bloodwork or chest anyway Mom took over supper to all of them cos no one could get out of bed, and she took over a big chicken breast that Dad cooked for Bear.  Bear, hasn't been eating very much or drinking very much and we are all real worried about him.

WELL, Bear's Momma called Mom the "Bear Whisperer" cos MY MOM got him to drink 4 bowls of water, and eat the whole chicken breast.  He loves my Mom now cos she smells like chicken.  Mom would have brought him home for a few days to recup but he doesn't care for Margaret or Angus anymore than I do (and he tried to bite them) so she promised him instead she would be back over this week with more good vittles.  He has forgotten how to be house trained but mom told everyone to be patient and hopefully it will all come back to him.  He is going to go visit a new Vet this week just as soon as his mom and family starts to feel better.  They are going to the Dr. this morning who has a real medical degree.

Monday came to soon for my Mom.
STella Rose


  1. My goodness, hope everyone gets feeling better real soon. And BRAVO to Mom to for making it easier for you (and her) to get outside!!!
    love and hugs
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  2. Well done mum in looking after Bear and his peeps. We are so glad he is eating and drinking and we send POTP to him and the family. We hope they are all better soon. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Your mom (and Dad) get the GOLDEN STAR fur making Alcatraz BIGGER fur all of you and fur doing the Babysitting and COOKING and BAKING and fur taking care of Bear and Family.

    WOW Stella you must be VERY MUCH PROUD of your Peeps fur doing all that good stuffs... in less than 87 hours. We know that WE are proud of them.

    You all enjoy the New and Much Improved ALCATRAZ.
    HOPE to see pictures of it SOON.

  4. WOW, sure glad Mom likes taking care of all, hope nothing is bad and all gets well fast, cause Mom will be worn out. You go tell stick in the mud Dad to get up and help!

    The Mad Scots

  5. The grands look great in their pictures... and your poor mama had a tough weekend! I hope everyone gets well soon, and you guys have a good time in Alcatraz (as much as you can).

  6. You have been so busy. Nice to help the sick people. Our lady wants us to have an alcatraz but our man says no. We will see who wins . . . . have a good one. Lee and Phod

  7. I am BREATHLESS just reading all that activity going on at your house! Wow!!! I am glad Bear is doing better and I hope he recovers 100% soon.
    Love Noodles

  8. We're so glad Alcatraz got a little bigger! Make sure you tell Maggie and Gus to be careful and not run around too much in this heat!

    We hope your human sister is feeling better. And the little girls, too!

    And Bear! Hopefully he is back to normal soon.

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney