Monday, July 8, 2013


My big sister Kylei took these on the night of the pugs were all in the house safely so we didn't participate in the rowdiness going on outside, which was just fine with us.  We had a big get-together in the evening and Mom's friend Deb brought Oddie back to see us.  AGAIN, Mom is all gushy cos she is so sweet, and AGAIN Maggie was a little ass cos she kept yapping and barking her high pitched "make your ears bleed" bark.  It was pretty hot outside so Mom couldn't put her out in Alcatraz, so she stayed on the porch and in the house.  Mom is seriously considering buying us each a crate now after this weekend!!

Mom ordered me Reuben's Book--A Guide to Braveries for Small Dogs on her Ken Doll this weekend and is reading it to me at night for a bedtime story.  He has wonderful suggestions in it on how we need to train our parents and siblings...well not siblings cos he got rid of his by sending her out to his grandpa's farm. I took Reuben's suggestion to heart and thought... my grandpa has a farm,  so when he came to visit on Sunday, I had all Maggie's clothes, (Gangsta #1) and toys packed so she could go live with them, and BARK at the cows instead of our guests.  Grandpa took one look at her mean gangsta little face, and watched how she interacted with Charlie their cheweenie, (BARKing her fool head off in his face) and he ran for the door, I was hangin  on his leg, and waving green monies at him, but he just drove away real fast.  Now what are we gonna do!!!

( Mom sent a message to Melody about when her dog training classes start next month, and told her to sign Maggie up for sure.  We are waiting to hear back from her, we did warn her that Maggie will be barking at every dog in the class.  She may refuse to take her, and then we stuck with a barking pug until she grows up.  I get rather ill when I think about that possibility.)

Then Gussie Gangsta #2 thinks he is all big and bad when Charlie visits on Sunday, and gets in his face nose to nose.  Now Charlie has about 23 lbs on Gus but he doesn't let that stop him, from bouncing all around him, his fur all standing up, ......he didn't bark but he sure wasn't friendly.  Grandpa and grandma look at mom, and I can just read their minds saying..."what kind of pugs are you raising down here in the hills of iowa..."  Mom was a little ashamed of their behavior.    After they left Mom tried to remember if  Angel Sammer and I acted like that when we were puppies and she just couldn't.  She must have blocked those memories from her brain.  I told mom i am sick of puppies and we should have just got a senior pug like she wanted.  Mom told me to knock it off.......I guess I will just have to take care of the problemo myself.

Yesterday Mom gave us a coconut oil rinse bath.  She just melted a tablespoon of the magic elixir in our rinse water and poured it over us, and left it on our fur and dried us off.  Well, that kept us busy for a few hour licking it off of each other, Gussie also went on to clean our ears nice and purty.  At least he is good for one thing. 

We are hoping Mom gets her usb cable today or tomorrow or this week, at least before the summer is gone so she can download pictures of us she has been taking...she is sad cos Gangsta #1 and #2 are growing up and you guys aren't able to see that.   I say just imagine two wort hogs tearing up the brush around your house, and that gives you a pretty good imaginary picture of them.
PS check out all the games and fun to raise monies for our Friend Benny who is fightin Cancer, he needs all our help!!
Have a great Monday
Stella Rose


  1. Hi! Remember me? Your good friend, Mr. Pip. I've been away for awhile, but just stopping by to say hello!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. It's ruff trying to train parents, isn't it? I love your momma reading you a bedtime story every night! Momma doesn't read me anything.

  3. Laughing here this morning... what a weekend. I'm going to send some raffle money in for Benny's drawings... what a good idea!

  4. Stella, we're soooo sorry..... We're just peeing down our little leg's here reading your story! We can picture in our minds you running after Grandpa waiving the money at him and him peeling outta your drive way.

    And, the part about the two wort hogs..... Goodness furend, you DO have your hands full!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  5. Oh. I hired this really really good and expensive trainer to help train my peeps. She told them to give me lots of treats!


  6. "Ken doll" - love it. Too bad you couldn't send Maggie off to the farm. Maybe she'll get in the training class and it will help!

    What a good idea to put the coconut oil in the rinse water! We love the coconut oil here. And Rita just had her first bath in ages this weekend. Wish we'd thought of the oil!

  7. Don't worry, she will grow out of this stage! :) and then one day, you will think back on these days and miss them!

  8. Whew, had a mental image of that brush thingie and it scared me, and I am not there with you, STAY SAFE, watch them puppies!

    The Mad Scots and Trainee

  9. LOL funny. What a weekend. Yikes training classes. I had two trainers and managed to get rid of both. Result. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. OMD OMD Coconut Flavored Furs??? THAT sounds delicious.

    HEY... do NOT let ERNIE help you with Playing POKER... he is CHEATING EVERYBUDDY..

    I had to read some of Reuben's Book to Ernie again last night.. He just loves all the pointers... BUTT trust me Reuben did NOT teach him to CHEAT at Poker... Ernie came up with THAT all by himself.

  11. We hope so too! We want to see your pics!

  12. Oh Stella ... we have some bad news for you! Are you sitting down??? We're sorry to say that it looks like Maggie AND Gus are staying ... FUREVER!

    Just remember ... you are special 'cuz you were FIRST!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  13. Oh we want Coconut furs..Yum.. training classes, can't wait to here about that..BOL xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. we love Reubens book too

    urban hounds

  15. Great post. Believe it or not I was a gansta when I was younger but I'm a sweetie now.