Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well we were headed down the road to college and of course Mom puts me in my car seat for safety reasons,...she says, and Isa just hates it. I rips at it, and pulls at the straps and turns 100 circles, and barks, and cries, and barks some mores.  Now mom has raised three girls and is pretty strict with car rules and she can usually tone out crying and screaming but hers was tired from work and I just wouldn't STOP!

 Hers had to pull of the road because somehow Isa wrapped my leash around the harness and car seat and I looked like a blue mummy and Isa was a SCREAMING.  Hers was a little mad at me and told me to straighten up!  I straightened right up for like one miles and then I started in AGAIN and guess what happened...well you asked me so isa gonna tell you...her's stops the car AGAIN and I thoughts for sures she was gonna spank my butt but hers takes me out of the car seat and throws it in the back seat, and fastens me into the front seat like a big boy!!!  Yes, admirers from afar I won that round, BUT you ask did I behaves myself after that, well NOPE cos I not only wanted OUT of my car seat but ONS my moms lap!!  I tolds my Mom the reason I was acting up is cos my blood sugars was lows cos I can't eat befores i got to college so Isa off my rocker a little....hers didn't believes me, I could tell.

I howled like a hound dog and cried real tears and hers wouldn't let me come over to help her drives.  I could tells she was tired, and Isa was only trying to help hers out.

WELL, we gets to class and Isa goes see's my teacher and Drake. He didn't even growls at me one times and I could tell he had finally fallen in loves with me like the others.  It must have been the powers of persuasion I used with my ninja stare.  I thinks he even wanted to give me a hug but Mom said no I needed to behaves.
I got my heartlivergizzard thingy for sitting pretty for my teacher and then "Beautifuls" walks in the door with her mudder.  Hers is just so lovely, my little heart was all a flutterin.  She runs over to me and tells me how handsome I am, or maybe her said hers wasn't feeling well, Isa not sure, but anyway we gots to sits together again.  Then all the other girls come in and Jackie, that was the barker dog, he is reformed now and we start class.

This time we took turns saying hi to each others but we had to sit in front of them dogs first and then sniff a Hi to them...all but Drake and we said hi from afar to hims.  I tolds my mom we need to bring hims home with us and let him romp around with Maggie and Stella and then hes would be happy.  Mom wasn't paying any attention to me.  I did good sitting and saying hi, cos Mom had good treats in her bag and Isa was a starving.

Then we played musical chairs, I losted but I lasted till the last two, that big dog Macey won, ONLY cos Mom couldn't get the treat out of her pocket fast enuf and Isa was tired of listening to hers and then we played the game of "come here gussie"  Our class is in the gym and isa had to stay clear down at one end with the kidnapper lady, and Mom would call my name and I was supposed to run to hers.  Isa did just great!  Hers was say "come here Gussie" and clap her hands and Isa runs as fast as I can.  We did that four times and never once did I run to "beautifuls" or drake...isa was good.  I asked her to say, "Come here the most handsome boy in the class..but hers refused, isa thinks hers was mad at me for the car ride over..."

 See How Much Isa grown up?!

On the ride back home I settled down a little better, cos it was dark and Mom is half blind driving in the dark, isa was a little scared and I had to help my mom watch for deers.
Baby Gussie


  1. Gussie! You're doing such a great job! What a good boy you are in college! But you need to listen to mom about the car seat, bud. That's important.

  2. Oh my gosh, Gussie, I needed this this morning! I am so proud you did so well at class!

  3. Wow you did really well on your recalls Gussie! Now we have to tell you something and we are saying this cuz we are older than you and have learned so you need to listen . . . you have to listen to your mom when she puts you in your car seat. We ALWAYS buckle up in our truck and one day dad had to hit the brakes hard and if we weren't buckled up we would have gone flying! And even though driving looks fun, you can NOT help your mom drive. When you get older you can get your own driver license but for now you have to learn to let your mom concentrate on those deer! I know it is more fun to act up but you have to learn from us older boys on these matters. But we are very proud of everything you are accomplishing!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Gussie you remind me of me!! I know you are just so excited to go to class! Mom would put me in the backseat in a crate and I would cry and scream and dig and drive her CRAZY!
    Finally she let me ride in the front seat buckled to the seat belt and I do better that way. Mom did get a CD of music for calming your dog in the car (it's classical piano music). It did not make much of a difference for me, but if you would like to try it let us know we will have Mom send it to you
    Keep up the excellent work at class!

    Greta, Bailey & Hazel too


  6. Well done Gussie. You are a star except for the playing up in the car bit. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. You rock Gussie! You better review the car rules, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. Buddy you will need to be a TINY bit better in the car... or else you will get VELCROed to your seat. BUTT you were SUPER in your college class and THAT is very much impawtant. WE are proud of you buddy.

  9. Gussie it sure sounds like you are doing great in class, but you have to do better on the ride over.


  10. Gussie- you kinda sound like me-- I scream in the car- it does not matter where we go... I scream so loud that my moms can't hear. I think you are training your mom to listen to you!! I am so proud of all that you are learning in school