Tuesday, September 3, 2013


SO... tonight is class for Maggie, Mom is taking Baby Gussie along for support, she said I get to stay home with Dad, since tonight is one of his nights off.  I told her that is no skin off my nose (if I had one) cos we will just lay back and watch Pawn Stars, (one of Dad's fav's) drink sweet tea and he will feed me bits of bacon.  She is now reconsidering taking me....bahahahhah...oh I am the wiley one aren't I!

Yesterday, I got to go with Momma, my big sister Kylei and two girl grandmonsters to see my grandpa and grandma and cusin Charlie.  I had lots of fun.  Mom took her camera but was so lazy she never even took one picture.  Maggie and Gussie were mad at me when I got home and Maggie picked a big ole fight with me while I was laying on My Momma's lap. Big ole fight.  Mom is so perplexed about what to do with us fightin....one minute we are fine the next we are in a fight scene from Rocky III.  Mom is looking for any suggestions out there from you guys. 

Dad went with the grandboys and their Dad on a mule trail ride yesterday.  Dad was pretty excited cos he is always up for an adventure whether it is two-wheeled horse power or four-legged horse power.  Mom just chuckled inside her head cos she knew it would be a LONNNNG day and that DAd's butt wasn't used to it.  Nine 1/2 hrs. later Dad crawls in the front door, and Mom said if she would have had a dime for everytime she heard him say, something about how sore his as** well she wouldn't have even needed to go to work today.  Good thing he only works till 2:00 pm today.  Here are a couple of pictures of them deep in the Shemek woods.

Dad is pulling up the rear...is that horse talk or what!!

It was soooo hot here last week Mom could have cooked eggs out on the sidewalk for us to eat.  Today it is only in the 80's and then it will slowly climb back up.  Mom saw this on facecrack and it reminded her of how other people can be struggling alot worse then she is.  Have a great Mon-Tuesday.



  1. I hope Maggie does better at class tonight! Good luck! And thanks for posting that last picture, Momma really likes it.

  2. Hey Stella Rose. Thanks for popping over to my bloggie today.

  3. Stella
    Good for you staying with your dad.

    OMM(ules) I had no idea one could do that.
    I hope they weren't stubborn as mules on the trail
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  4. Oh I wanna stay with your Dad, sweet tea and Bacon..NOM NOM ..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. No skin off your nose if you had one!!! Ahhhh mom keeps laughing
    Benny & Lily

  6. Good luck with class and wise one Stella Rose. You stay at home and get fussed over by dad. We hope his butt is not that sore. We'd love a ride in the woods. Lucky daddy. Re the fisty cuffs we can't help as we have always been good on that score at least. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Have fun at class Maggie & Gus. Stella staying home can have it's advantages HA HA
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  8. Good luck at class tonight, Mags and Gussie! Stella, you will be having fun with Dad! I bet Dad is still sore!

  9. HOwdy Mates. Have fun at class Maggie and Angus. Stella Rose, enjoy your dad time and remember. What happens with the dad, stays with the dad hehehe. Love the horse riding photos. Take care everybuddy. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. good luck with your class you will be a star student

    urban hounds

  11. Really, a fight scene from Rocky III? Mom cracked up when I read that to her. We will be on pins and needles until we hear how class goes. We hope it goes well! Me and Stanley rarely fight but every once and awhile I will have to open a big ol' can of whoop ass on him. Usually if we get a favorite rawhide chew we will scrap a bit but mostly we get along and just play so we don't have any tips to offer you. Do you stop when your mom yells "HEY!" at you? We do cuz mom never yells at us otherwise and it shocks us. Good luck in class!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. We don't have advice for the fighting. Lady is lucky we don't fight. Lee just bosses Phod around and he listens. Hope Maggie and Gus enjoy class and you get some sweet tea Stella. Lee and Phod