Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School Days...School Days

This is Baby Gussie and my mom said since I am the star of the show I can write todays bloggy...well she might not have said star ..that is me improvising...anyhoo this is the story and I am sticking to it......

See my lovely little face. 

Momma comes home from work last night and starts packing her puggy bag that Momma Mindy sent her.  THEN hers puts Mags and Me's harnesses on us, and we start jumping all around high-5ing each other cos we knows we going out to the fairgrounds and run around like the Crazies that we is.   Well, Stella keeps waiting on Mom to put her harness on ..and it doesn't happen, and Dad reminds Stellie she is staying home with him....he whispers something about sweet tea and bacon...but hers doesn't care and hers starts to pugscream and it hurts my little ears, and hers throws herself on da floor and screamed some more.  Mom feels bad, and grabs me and mags and her bag and runs out the door.   All the while Mags and I is high 5ing and laughing like the meanies that we sometimes is.

Mom puts us in the baby car seat that we both hates which is unusual cos we always ride n the back seat to go what is with her...and then before we know it we zoom right past the fairgrounds and we look over at our mom and ask her wth are you doing mom?!!   Well, hers told us we are going to class and guess what Maggie does, no lie, its the truths ...well her pukes all over me and the car seat AND Mom's purse (not the puggy bag).....Mom pulls off the highway and tries to clean us up and calls DAD and asked him if he fed us like he wasn't supposed to do....he told Mom a lie we thinks cos he said he didn't.  So Mom cleans it all up and we are headed back down the road in the little blue streak (moms car) and Maggie throws up again.  Mom pulls off again, and calls dad again, and tells him to come and get Maggie cos hers don't feel to good and Mom doesn't want to drive an hour with her throwing up.  So we wait on the side of the road with puke on the car seat, and Moms purse and Maggie and a little on me, and Moms is trying to clean us all up and then Dad shows up.  Mom says some really bad HBO words and Dad and Maggie get in the car and Mom throws her pukey purse in Dad's back seat and  they go back home WITHOUT me. 

Mom says its just hers and me going to class now and tells me we are going to have a real good time.  Her says she has to make a pitstop at Sonic and get some lemonade cos her nerves are shot to hedoublell and its our Dads fault usual.  So hers is zooming down the road cos we still have 45 min. before we get to class and she needs to go to Sonic and I is looking at her from the car seat that I am trying to rip apart cos I hates it that much.

The next thing we know Mom looks into the mirror and there is flashing lights behind hers.  I has never seen flashing lights before but my mom must have cos her groaned really loud and pulled over.  Her also said MORE HBO words.  This big guy with a really big gun came knocking on Mom's window and asked to see her license and told her she was driving a little to fast and if her knew that????  Mom starts looking for her pukey purse and realized when she put Mags in Dad's car she also threw her pukey purse in there  so hers could wash it when she got home.  No money for lemonade at Sonic.  Life is stinky puke. 

So Mom tells Trooper #181 that her purse is in Dad's car with puke all over it cos Maggie got sick on the way to puppy class and her license and money for Sonic is in her purse.  We don't think he is real worried about her having monies for Sonic but he frowns real big about the license part. He walks back to his flashy car and calls to see if Mom has any warrants and I asked her real quiet if we's gonna stay the night in jail instead of class....Mom scowls at me....geeze Mom I was just askin......When he comes back I is trying to impress him by showing him how well I can tear up the lining in my puppy car seat....when he looks back in the car he see's me a barking and ripping at the lining and I's can tell he is real impressed with me and my mom.  He tells her to slow down and lets her off with a warning...we thinks its cos he didn't like the smell of puke and he wanted to get away from the crazy momma and her weird little dog.  Good thing for us cos that ticket would have taken all our treat monies for a ole year.

So Mom and me get back on the road and Mom realizes she has some extra monies stashed in the ashtray so at least she can go to Sonic BEFORE i go to class.  Well, I get to class and I walk right in, Mom had to carry Maggie so Mom was pretty excited about me a walkin.  Then, I introduce meself to the teacher and the next thing I know hers is giving me a piece of treat called a chickenlivergizzardheart thing...uyummmy!!!!  I loves it and tells my mom if this is what class is all about well lets get this show on the road!!!  I show her how well I can sit and hers throw me another chickenliverzgizzardheartthingy and so I sits somemore.  Then these other dogs come into the room and they are really big guys.  I at first am a little nervous but we go over so I can meet them and they can meet me, and I ask them if they want my autograph cos I is that special.  I tell them my name is Angus McConnell, and I quietly ask my mom NOT to call me Baby Gussie in front of my new friends.

See that little dog right here in the front, well her's liked me a whole lot, I think her name is "beautiful" or something like that but Mom thinks her name was 'jezabel".   So after i went around the room and told them who I is we started working on getting all those treats the teacher had hidden in her pockets.  I had to sit, and stay, and begin to learn "leave it" ...mostly I sits and laid down cos I gots tired.

See me a sitting and a laying down.
There was this older lady who didn't have a doggy with her.  Hers was a helper and hers liked me alot cos she always was over by me a talkin to me.  She even told Mom if Mom ever needed a pet sitter she would loves to watch me.  After, she left us alone, I asked my ditzy mom if hers ever watched those shows where little beautiful pugs get kidnapped by crazy people and not to fall for that old lady's  tricks. 

After awhile my tummy was real full of those lizardgizzardheartchicken thingys so me was ready to go home.  I told Mom I am done so lets go see Maggie and Stella Rose.  I said goodbye to all my new admirers/ friends, and got my homework and told my teacher I would see her next week AND to make sure she had more of those chickenlizardgizzardheart thingsy.  We are gonna be learning to lay down next time.  Heck I already know how to do that, so once again, I will be the star of the class. 

Lets Go MOM!!!!  Momma said she was so proud of me.  The teacher told Mom to practice with Maggie at home and we would try it together next week, Dad said no, cos he thinks its to hard for mags.  We will see who wins that argument.  I think it will be Dad.
Angus McConnell Long a/ka/ Baby Gussie


  1. OMD! What an exciting story. Pukes & PoPo all in one night!! We sure are glad that you didn't end up in jail and that Mom didn't have any Warrants. Did you tell the PoPo that you are personal furends of Sarge? Bet that would have saved a lot of headaches.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Oh my gosh, Keith and I are laughing so hard we're crying... for heavens sake, what a night you had! Gus did so well, and I'm SO GLAD FOR HIM!!! WOW!

    (Also so glad you didn't get a ticket!)

  3. Well that was a super dramatic way to get to class! I'm glad you were rewarded properly with all those yummy treats!!


  4. You guys play full measure, don't you? All or nothing at all! Way to give it your best, Gus!
    Play bows,

  5. OMP!! What a night! Maybe Mom and Maggie need to try some of the CALM spray, HA HA. Good for you Gus to show the class how it's done. You are a star fur sure.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

    PEE Es Hope the EYe stuff helps, isn't Amy wonderful.

  6. OMD what a time your poor Mom had, police wiff a gun, I wouldn't of been sick I would of shat meself..Bawahwhahhwa..I am totally howling, so sorry..We haz smash in our ashtray.. I love the photo's xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. OMD, what a story! Love the "HBO words". Hooray for not getting a ticket! And good job, Gus. Not only were you teacher's pet, you tell a great story too!

  8. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA...OMG...OMG...dis was just da most brilliant and beautiful story I had evers readed! It was action packed from da start...and I does believes me and mum peed on ourselves. I prolly ought not has given Mags dat beer huh? I not knows it would make hers throw up.

    Also I wished I haded known you would had runned into Officer Tom, fine gentleman he is.

    I am so thrilled you is doin' so well in school. I gotted kicked out.


  9. Hi Gussie! You and mom sure had some adventure! Glad it turned out ok in the end. You sure showed the class what a smart boy you are!

    Hugs to everybody from your friend Patty in NJ.

  10. OMD what a trip your mum had to class. Lucky she didn't end up in the clinker for not having her DL. Gussie you are a star. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Oh Gussie, you found out why school is great! That is the same treat stuffs our teacher used. We just call it Guts. Mom bought some GUTS and she cuts it up and freezes it. So when we are learning something hard or not paying attention she uses the GUTS treat. Good thing your mom did not get thrown in jail (mom has been watching Orange Is The New Black so she knows that is not a nice place). Pups can help avoid those tickets cuz mom's dog was pooping everyplace and the vet wanted a sample so mom was hurrying home to get the sample which she thought would be all over the carpet and the police officer just looked at her weird (mom had a biohazard container a police officer pal gave her to collect said sample). Anyway, she beat that rap too.

    Practice your homework and tutor your sisters. you ARE a star!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. OMD OMD ANGUS... buddy you are not just a School Boy... YOU are an AUTHOR. THIS is a WONDERFUL story... we loved EVERY SECOND of it.. It was REALLY ACTION PACKED... and even the PoPo was Packin.
    DARN buddy... YOU really know how to tell a GOOD story.
    MORE... we want to hear MORE of these super adventures!
    BRAVO... BRAVO Angus Mac.

  13. Gussie, we don't know who tells a better story, you or Stella Rose. Poor Maggie. Don't tell Sassy, but Sassy acts like Maggie. We love hearing from each of you. Poor Dad might as well get comfortable in the dog house. Dixie was the only one that went to school in our house. Should have sent Sassy. lol

    Janice, Snuggles, Sassy, and Dixie

  14. Hehehehe, I hads to come back to read dis all overs again cuz it cracked us up so much.


  15. Oh you are a good story teller!

    Stop on by for a visit

  16. Hey Gussie!
    Wow, that's an amazing adventure! I thought school alone would be exciting enough, but no, you had way more thrown into the mix. Thank dawg that COP was the understanding sort. He probably worships pugs and that got your Mom a break. BOL
    Grr and a Laughing Woof,
    Sarge, Fellow COP

  17. Oh nooos! You guys had quite the adventure on your first day of school! Luckily your cute faces make up for it Im sure :)

  18. Howdy Angus, jeez mate you had us laughing this morning. That was a great post. It just had everything from pukin, to cops, to food to HBO words. Sooo cool. Well done on the class Angus. You are gonna be a star for sure, heck you already are! Sorry Maggie missed out, but when she hears how good you were, bet she'll want to join in too. We thought we were gonna see you and your mum on the show we watch called Cops hehehe. Take care mates. Seriously, that was sooooo funny, we loved it!! No worries, and love, STella and Rory (and Carol)

  19. I bet your mama was scared when she saw those lights. That happened to our mama not too long ago and she was lucky, too, and only got a warning.

    WOW ... those chickenliverzgizzardheartthingy sound yummy! We want some!

    Too bad Maggie is missing out on all the fun!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  20. Gussie you are so BIG!!!and so smart

    urban hounds

  21. I'm glad five-o didn't take y'all in and a word of advise stay away from that one called jezebel she's trouble.

    Aroo to you,

  22. Angus we are so glad to hear you did well in class after that dramatic ride there. We don't think your mom could have taken any more stress.

    Millie & Walter

  23. Oh my word did we need a laugh!!
    Benny & Lily

  24. Angus, your story made our Lady laugh so hard she spit out her tea! She is sorry getting to class was such a problem, but has had similar problems (without the man with the gun and imagine a German Shepherd puking up in your backseat!). We are glad you were a star and hope your homework is not too hard! Lee and Phod

  25. Oh Gussie Gussie Gussie I knew you would be the star of the class. I am sure your brightness and cheerfulness is what made that officer leave your Mom alone. I think Mags need classes, why don't you tell the helper to work with Mags. Stop by my blog next Monday. I have two children's books called A Pug With A Plan to give away just right for you to read to Little Bean. You just have to leave a comment that says something special so that the author will pick you.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  26. Oh wow, that is definitely an adventure!! I KNEW that you'd do grreat in class, though. You're such a smart guy.