Tuesday, September 10, 2013


OUR Mom sent my teacher a message today asking her if her dog’s liked the knot bed Mom made for them.  ( See our mom is a firm believer in taking presents to your teacher) Anyways my teacher asked her how MASTER GUS was doing and stated how well HE did in class the other night.  Now I knows I may be irritating everyone with my references to becoming a STAR but did you see that the teacher who knows everything in the whole wides world called me MASTER GUS.  That’s like being called Master when you are a secret ninja…wowzer!

I been practicing my secret ninja moves this week, like sit on my bottom for over 5 seconds, and come to my mom when she has a handful of chicken “guts” (well that is what Murphy and Stanley’s Mom calls them) in her hand and then there's lay down.  I is good with it all, so I guess I am just going to class to eat the chickenlizzardgizzardheart thingsy that they bring.  Tonight I plan on wearing a little shirt with pockets so I can store some of them away for later so I can share with my "girls" when I gets back home.  See I is a nice brudder and I can share when I needs to!  Plus, I feels sorry for thems cos theys ain't as smart as I is. I is the beautiful and smart one in the house, I heard Mom and Dad whispering that the other day.  Or else they said, it was Dad's turn to clean up the poop, nope I am sure I heard beautifulist in there.

Tonight we are gonna take sumptim to lay on, at class, cos that was parts of our homework. Wesa has a "chill mat" and since it is 150,000 degrees outside that will feel real good on my belly.  So after I practice my sitdownlaydown ninja moves and shows the teacher, and gets a star on my chart I am gonna show her I can shake also ......whish.....did you see that fast move. THEN I is going home.

Angus McConnell Long


  1. I thinks you's gonna be da STAR POOPIL of the entire class! We's all so proud of you, MASTER GUS!


  2. Wow, Master Gus, you're doing a grreat job! You're going to be the valedictorian!

  3. Guess now we can't call you baby Gussie anymore, we must bow and call you Master Angus. We are very proud of you, but be nice to your sissies because they will still whip you butt.

    Janice, Snuggles, Sassy, and Dixie

  4. BOL at Ambers comment, we have something to show you later in the week Gus, we thought it was Pawfect..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. HAHA!! Have fun at class tonight OH Ninja Master Gus!!
    I went to class last night and someone had forgot to mow the grass, it was almost to my belly and it put leaves and stuff right at about mouth level as I was practicing my rally course. So of course I had to grab some and chew on my way around.
    Bailey & Hazel too

  6. Master Gus you sure have some cool Ninja moves there. Have a fun time at class and we look forward to reading all about your exploits tomorrow. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Gus . . . now we really don't want to make your sisters feel bad but we just gotta say that we are REALLY proud of how well you are doing! You are becoming a Master Ninja for sure! Now, there is something that I have to tell you. When me and Stanley were taking our classes I was NOT a master ninja. Stanley was a master ninja but I just kind of wanted to cuddle and look cute. Mom was really frustrated by this and it was compounded by the fact that I was not motivated by the usual treats that Stanley would jump through hoops for (before guts of course). But mom kept working with me and now I do really good with my commands. Mom was looking at a picture just last night that she took at one of our classes. Usually in class I just ignored mom and socialized. But this time when we had to do the exercise I did it perfectly. We had to go into the store, with many distractions, and do a SIT-STAY. Whereas before I would not even do the SIT part in class mom's expectations were lower than the ground. But even though she did not think I was, I was learning. So I decided I better follow the rules this time. Mom said "SIT" and I sat. Mom said "STAY" and I stayed. People passed me and I just sat there and smiled. I did not move. Mom moved around and I did not move. Carts went in front of me and I did not move. Finally mom said "release" and I did not move. Mom clapped her hands, talked sweetly to me, ran past me, and I did not move. I was stuck in my SIT-STAY. It was my gift to mom. So mom did the only thing she could do, she took out her phone and took my picture. So the morale to this story is that your sisters will learn too. They just learn differently than you. Maybe you can help them with their homework?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. So laughing at this, and I know Gus will do great in class tonight! If fall would just come here, too, I know what you mean!

    We have a new pug coming on Thursday.

  9. U sure r a ninja your mom is right to be proud
    Urban hounds

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  11. Master Gus, you are a joy to behold. I can only imagine the happiness you bring to the class!


  12. Master GUS.... WE have Two Chill mats and they are super, aren't they? You will totally earn your STAR in class tonight. Just don't let your mom FORGET your Chicken Gutz. WE would do ANYTHINGY for THOSE.

  13. A chill mat is a very good idea to bring to class. And yes, always bribe, we mean be nice to the teacher
    Benny & Lily

  14. Soon you will be kung fu fighting with those great moves! Lee and Phod

  15. Gus Gus, you're the best Ninja Pug I knows.

    BTW - tomorrow there will be a Pug on my blog! You haves to come see!

  16. Wow Gus, you are one SMART COOKIE. I bet you're the smartest puppy in school. Can't wait to hear more about your ninja mastery!