Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I fink my dad has flown the coop, cos he has been gone for 8 days and I cannot find hims anywheres.  He must be a really good hide and seeker or else he is living at Kevin's house wif all those cats and kittens he liked.

See that Halloween cat is not evens afraid of us.  They are all powerful, and since Dad sneakeded them really good food, we finks they have spirited him away.  So now Gussie Boy and I are coming up wif a plan to bring him home.

Mom says we are wrong that he is at the hospital getting better so he can come home, but we don't believe hers.  WE have evidence that Dad really liked those cats.
I don't fink I have been a very good girl since Dad has left because I always pick fights with stellie rose.  All she has to do is look at me and the next fing you know I am growling around and poking at her to fight wif me.  Mom gets pretty upset wif me, and Gus said reform school is in my future if Isa don't STOP.

Reform school would be better than living at Kevins house.

p.s. dad got a new riser on his toilet today..............its the little things mom said that makes us happy.....bahahhahahahahha

Maggie Mae


  1. Aw be sweet for mom!! She needs lots of love and cuddles right now. Dad will heal soon. We are all counting on it!! Xxoo

  2. it can be hard when there is change to your routine and even we furbabies miss our peeps when they are not around

  3. It wouldn't surprise us at all, if those cats him. They're very sneaky. But we think he might be in the hospital like your Mum said.

  4. OMD! I just read about your Dad. I am sending so many Noodle Doodle prayers right now and lots of love. *ear licks* Noodle (and hugs from Mom)

  5. You be careful my BFF, I don't wants you being whisked off by those Push-T-Cats as well! Give Momma lots of luffs and hugs from me
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Oh Maggie..You's not a bad girl. You's jus' tryin' to occupy Mom wit udder tings so hers won't be so sad bout Daddy flyin' da coop! BUTT....try and remember where da cookies come from..ok? And Daddy will be home befores you nose it!

  7. Yea for the toilet riser! You know Maggie I was a bit wound up last night and I kept wanting to pick on Hazel big time. Mom finally put my snug fitting t-shirt on me and it settles me down, kinda like a thunder shirt I guess. Try to be good for mom OK, she needs love and hugs
    Bailey & Hazel too

  8. I understand why you're fighting with Stella Rose. It's hard when you're all skeered and uncertain because kerazy things are happening in your house. Hopefully you and your momma can snuggle a little and help you BOTH feel better.

  9. I think you should try giving your mom lickies instead of giving your sister swatties! We love that poster picture, it's so cool! We're still sending lots of healing Havachon hugs and bigtime prayers out to your dad and mom, we hope to hear he's moved closer to home soon. :)

  10. Mags, sometimes when your hurting and sad it helps you feel better to kick a little ass and if it just happens to be your sister.....well she shouldn't have looked at you the way she did. See it's not you it's Stella Rose. BOL

    Aroo to you,

  11. Maggie we just read your update and we surely know about the small things making life easier...when recuperating...we learned about celebrating baby steps back in 2013 when my sissy's hubby was so sick. Everything is a victory and SHOULD be celebrated.
    When Mom was staying with my sis early in his recovery...sis had a few major melt downs and that is OK!! Your mom needs to allow her self those even in a corner..or she might pop her top. Yep those trying to recover can be grumpy...and sometimes speak harshly but it is aimed at the situation not the people. Give your sweet mom a great big hug.
    Madi and Cecilia

  12. Maggie, we are sure you are just acting up cause you a little sad and you miss you dad. He really wants to be with you, but now needs to be getting better. Try and help your mom out by being extra good.

  13. It's tough when you don't know where your human is. We wonder about our Jason human who moved out a few weeks ago. We wonder what could possibly be better than living at home with us! I heard a rumor that two or three cats live in the house where he is staying now. Hope your Dad gets well soon and can come home to his wonderful doggies!

  14. Best adise is,,,
    Everyone stay calm,,,, and things will work out!!!
    No fighting!

  15. We know it can't be easy on you Maggie, but we don't want you to have to go to reform school, so maybe you should use your energy interrogating those kitties

    (our Mama says that snug T-Shirts work on Arty when he gets "pushy" too)!!

    We are sending lots of snuggles to your Mama and get well licks to your Daddy!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  16. Oh Maggie, I knows changes are tough, butts I knows your Pops is tryin' to gets back to you guys just as soon as he can! You gots to do your bestest to help your Moms and maybe just pick on your Sis when she's not around..☺
    Nows, I don't trust those kittehs..not one bit! I thinks they are tryin' to invade your house and eats your cookies! Keep on guard you guys!
    POTP to your Pops and lots of {{{hugs}}} for your Moms!
    Ruby ♥

  17. Now first of all we don't put anything past all those cats. Are they STILL hanging around? Like Dory, we don't want anyone going to reform school. That is NOT a very fun place and we heard they do NOT allow pugs to drink sweet tea so you better fly right so that doesn't happen. Your mom is right, the little things do bring joy so let's all celebrate a tall toilet!! YAY!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. Be good for your Mom - she has a lot of worries on her shoulders right now and we all need to do whatever it is to make her day brighter.

    Abby Lab

  19. I know you are all upset about your Dad. That is probably why you have not been on your best behavior. Just remember your Mom needs to be taken care of right now. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses

  20. Wow, I think reform school sounds very very very very bad! Just a guess on my part. Anyway, I'm thinking of all of you bunches and sending my strongest healing vibes to your Dad. I think he'll be all better soon.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  21. Yep, when things get out of kilter in the house, the pups notice. We hope life gets back to normal soon for all of you. Yay for the riser - bet that makes at least one thing easier for Dad:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  22. Oh, it must be very upsetting for you to not know where your dad went. We are sending lots of good thoughts so your dad will hopefully be home soon! You guys have been having a rough year! You deserve a break!! hugs!

  23. OMC we have had another long hiatus away from our beloved Blogville and have come back to find that your world has had a big black cloud over it :( We are sending you tons of luvs and prayers and POTP for ALL of your family! Give your Mama a big slobbery kiss from all of us and our Mom sends her a giant hug.
    Marty and the Gang

  24. It are tuff on us when our peeps ain't around.

  25. Hang in there, Dad will be home soon!

  26. Oh Miss Maggie Mae! Your poor dad has to be missing you puppers too! I know what made me feel better when I was in the hospital after surgery, a picture of my puggie girl Angel. Just looking at her sweet face made the grumpies go away.

    Sending hugs to you, Stella, Gussie and mom and prayers that your dad gets better soon so he can come home.

    Your friend from NJ, Patty

  27. that little things can make us happy... and I'm happy with you and hope that a lot of little good things will happen. btw: Maggie, can I sit next to you in Reform School? I'm afraid I will land there too and we would make a great team :o)

  28. Yep, it's the little things that make us happy, especially when those little things help ease pain. Hope your dad is doing well. We just know he is anxious to come back home to all of you.

  29. It is the little things. You take good care of your mom, OK? She's helping your dad get better so he can come home to you. Don't worry, he's not with the cats!

  30. Uh oh, next time you have to make sure no one is around when you play fighting.