Tuesday, October 13, 2015


That is what our Mom says, somedays are up days somedays are down days....we have a list of ups to share with you.

1. Dad is alive, we think that is very important to remember because unless you are super human or have really thick skin like our dad an object weighing 450 lbs. usually does some serious serious damage.  Dad does not even have one bruise except from the Heparin shots he gets everyday, those needles leave holes the size of Texas.  He does have a broken L-5 and a shattered L-3 and a broken L-1 but he is still superhuman to us.

2. Dad can now eat food.  He was very happy last night when Mom brought him a hot ham/cheese sandwich from Subways........

3. Dad can drink water, pop and tea.....we look at it as a good thing, he may look at it as a bad thing cos you will notice there is no beer listed.

4. Dad is now in skilled care, which only takes our Mom 3.5 min. to get to the hospital from our house and her work.  No more long long drives each day.

5. Today we got a present in the mail, called a damnit doll, it came from our friends in Australia...with a kangaroo card....we think it  maybe it was meant for our mom but we took it out early this morning to Dad, this was the FIRST time in a week we seen him SMILE.  Thank you dear friends.  WE left it at the hospital in his room, it needs some color in there. 

6.  Today our Dad starts physical therapy so he can get better fast and come home soon.  He will need to wear his brace for at least 3 months so it is not a fast moving recovery.  Mom told Dad last night all your prayers have gotten him to this point.

WE don't really want to share the down things, cos Mom will cry and since she has been a big bawl baby she is working on not bawling around so much.  Dad is still working on getting rid of the pneumonia and coughing .....and his back still needs morphine, so he is pretty crabby and it is hard not to take that personal.  Sometimes Mom cries in the corner where no one can see her.  She feels all your hugs though and that takes the tears away.

We will be back later this week.
Stella Rose, Maggie Mae, Angus Mac and Momma


  1. Let's not even think about the "down things". Keep believing that one day soon the "down things" won't even exist. We will keep the prayers and warm Florida sunshine pointed right in your direction.

  2. No worries Mom. We are all praying for him. The fact that he is eating and drinking again well that is HUGE. So no thinking about the tough stuff. He will beat this!

  3. First of all, we celebrate the miracle that your dad is alive and that his injuries aren't even worse. Secondly, we will try to reach out across the Intermutts and take our paws to wipe your mom's tears away.

    The thing we figured out about your mom (ages ago actually) is that she loves deeply. That is a good thing, to be able to share love so easily and deeply. She is like a dog that way! How wonderful it must be to feel that from her all the time! God gave us the gift of our emotions and your mom has that gift abundantly! Of course the flip side of that is that when we are able to feel the good emotions so easily and deeply is that we are vulnerable to the same thing with bad, hurtful emotions. So when we love deeply, we can hurt deeply as well. And when your dad got hurt, your mom was also hurt deeply.

    She gives 187% of her love, care and concern and she needs to have support to help replace those "caring reservoirs". So it is only natural that her eyes get leaky sometimes and she should not apologize or worry when it happens. Those are not plain ol' tears that overflow, they are love drops. And sometimes it is just going to rain love drops! There are probably stronger people than your mom in this world but we just haven't met any of them yet. Your mom is right there at the top. But sometimes even the strong ones have to let their guard down and allow themselves to be weak. Your mom has to allow someone to baby her a little bit and help hold her up. You pugs really need to help out and let her know that she is loved and we know when your daddy got hurt that she got hurt too.

    Tell your mom to keep the faith. Tell your mom that all those who are praying for your daddy are praying for her too. Tell your mom that she is a special person and that this is a really hard job, with HUGE (mountain sized) ups and downs but she is gonna make it through. She is going to rain more love drops but she is gonna laugh too. And when your daddy has completed his healing journey from this accident, we will all rejoice with yous! We're here anytime you need us!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley & Mom

    1. Beautifully said, Murphy & Stanley. Beautifully said!!!!

  4. It sounds like your dad is a living superhero! Our Lady is not a crier, but all of this has made her cry. Continue our support. POTP!

  5. Oh poop! Now we are raining love drops to! The mayors said it best. Still on our prayers list. Hugs!

  6. I finks your Daddy is SUPERHOOMAN and your Mom is SUPERHOOMAN also, theys sum special peeps you got there my BFF.
    Sending you all lots of luffs, hugs and best wishes fur a speedy recovery fur Dad
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Wuz there any of that sandwich left overs?

  7. We are so happy that your Dad is getting better. The nursing home where our ghostwriter works has some beds for people like your Dad who are recovering from an accident. Sometimes it seems like you'll never get better. But then all of a sudden you are all better! And you can go home! Hooray!

  8. Hi Stella, Maggie, Gussie and Mom,
    There is really nothing I can add that Murphy and Stanley's mom hasn't already said. It is easy to say stay strong and chin up from our vantage point. We aren't in the trenches like you are. But you do have our love and your families' love to help hold you up when you are sure you are gonna collapse from the enormity of this accident. There's a lot of strength in each and every one of us that we don't even know we have until we need it.
    Love. . . hugs. . . and tons of good wishes,

  9. Big big BIG hugs and boxer kisses to all of you!! We are happy of all the GOOD things -- especially that your dad will need PT to walk again, which means he CAN walk again! We were worried about that one. It will be a long and difficult recovery but could've been so so much worse, so we're just saying THANK YOU for that and keeping our paws crossed that everything will go smoothly in his recovery.

  10. Murphy and Stanley said it all. We can't add much to that. We're glad we were able to help your dad have a smile. Tell everyone to give that doll a workout. We'll keep our prayers coming.

  11. Stanley & Murphy have said so well what we all are thinking. Keep the faith, we are all here for you
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. So glad to heat that your Dad is doing better. We are still sending POTP because he has a long road ahead of him and there are going to be some bad days. And we are sending kisses on the breezes for your Mom and prayers of patience and understanding and for your Dad to realize she needs some kindness too. You all take care

  13. a day at a time and we have our paws crossed for your dad

  14. Your mom should cry whenever she feels like it. Those tears release pressure! For lots of people, crying is just like sneezing. It's the body's response to a stimulus. Sneezing isn't weakness. Neither is crying. And you know what happens if you hold in a sneeze. Eventually, you'll blow. So let those tears out. It's like opening a release valve. It needs to be done periodically. In a situation like this, it needs to be done more often.
    We are very glad that your dad is closer to home and is on the road to recovery. Your friends across the internet are here to wrap you in hugs.

  15. Were clapping and hands and cheering your dad on! He is Superman or he would not be alive!!
    Everything is all fixable for your dad. Whats broken will either heal,, or he will get bionic replacements!!! He will be fine. Just watch and see.
    Were still all gathered around your family!!
    Now your mom needs to let the doctors take care of your dad.
    The more he moves,, the faster he gets to come home.
    We want to know when he takes his first walk down the hallway at the hospital! And we will be cheering him on.

  16. Murphy and Stanley' s Mom said it all so well. Your Mom is an incredible person, but we feel so badly that she has to carry so many burdens on her poor shoulders. We are happy to hear all the good news updates. Tell Mom not to dwell too much on the downdates but to know that she can always unload on us here - sometimes it helps to let it all out.

    Take care and much love and good wishes and prayers for your Dad's recovery.

    Hugs and Woos - Ciara and Lightning and Mom too

  17. So glad your dad is alive and getting better! Hope he starts to feel much better soon. So sorry you're all going through this, extra big hugs to your mom! <3

  18. We have been praying our little hearts out for your Dad and Mom. We know that your Dad is like superman and will be up and around real soon. You can't keep a good man down! Please tell Mom it's totally OK to cry. We are only human after all. We are sending you all lot's of love and healing prayers.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  19. Howdy dear puggie mates. Well, everybuddy has said it before us but we'll say it again. Your Dad must be superman and your mum superwoman cause they sure do deal with some tough stuff and ain't that the truth. We can only add our love and hugs and then some more love. We are keeping you all in our hearts dear friends.
    No worries (especially for your dad and mum!!) and LOVE, Stella and Rory

  20. Oh guys, you knows your Pops is one helluva Superhero! I thinks you need to get him a cape for Halloween! While you are at it....gets one for your Moms...I thinks she's a Superhero too!!! And tell her that it's okay to cry...that's what snot rags are for...☺ I am sendin' your MOms tons of {{{hugs}}}} and your Pops tons of gentle {{hugs}} and sendin' you guys lots of paw pats and snuggles.
    Always remember we are all here for you, and loves you all to pieces! POTP and AireZens comin' your way!
    Ruby ♥

  21. The Mayoz did a great job of speaking for all of us here too...We continue oour POTP that your Superhero Daddy gets better and better with every passing day!
    Big Hugs!!
    Dory, Mama Beth and the Boyz

  22. We are so very sorry bout your Dad. Glad to hear he is on the upswing. Sending lots of love and comfort to all of you. Y'all will be in our purrayers.

  23. Murphy and Stanley said it best. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers constantly!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  24. Prayers an huggies comin yur way frum My place in Idunno!

  25. We're so glad to hear your daddy had been moved to a closer hospital and that he is doing so well on his recovery. We are sure you pups all miss him but he will be back home someday soon. Murphy and Stanley really said some great things about your mom and we agree with them. We are sending all our love and POTP that we can.

  26. We are still sending our strongest prayers and best thoughts to your family. Give your mom some extra love from us and tell your daddy that even super heroes need the time to heal. ♥

  27. Huge huge hugs to your mom. It's a miracle that your dad is alive. I know it's a long recovery - and it will be very hard on all of you. We send our strongest wishes that things go more smoothly from here. Blogville is behind you... and we will keep sending the POTP.

  28. Your mom and dad have been on Jan's prayer list since the accident. We are so thankful his injuries were not worse, but we can sure understand why your mom has such leaky eyes. We send her a big warm hug!!

  29. Prayers and Hugs to your mom and dad. POTP

  30. It's smart of you to focus on the positive stuff! Sorry for all the rough stuff going on. Sending your Pop some good pug juju and hoping he's on the road to recovery!


  31. in 1972, my dad was involved in an industrial accident. As a bean was being lifted it slipped out of the chains and came down full force on top of my dad's head from a distance of about 67 feet. The force of impact literally pushed my dad's feet out of his steel toe boots. His spine was compressed. Nice word for multiple fractures and he ended up with 7 laminectomies and fusions. He lost 6 inches of height. Recovery took months. [remember this was 72 before micro surgery, before laser...] BUT he did recover. No, he was not the same, but he was alive and lived a happy life. An active life. He was shorter, wiser and funnier because... he would say "I kissed death and she did not kiss me back". The best advice I can give you is to schedule and adhere to one afternoon, morning or evening off for yourself. You will need to recharge just to be an effective care giver. I was in college when all this happened and I watched my mom as she struggled. I almost lost her. Please take care. Silvie