Friday, October 2, 2015


{Today we are celebrating our Aunt Trudie who came to live with us in early 2011 and went to live at the  Rainbow Bridge on 2012.}

Taking a dog right from the cage of a puppy mill comes with its rewards and heartbreaks, and when we first starting getting the pugs we were not so smart on the heartbreak part.

Trudie was six years old when we took her.  She had given her breeder many litter of puppies but because she had lost her last litters she was no longer useful in his horrible world.  To save her life we took her. 

At first I wasn't very happy about it.  We were struggling with learning to live with Stella Rose and Sammy J. and all the issues the puppy mills puppies have. We were without resources at the time, and didn't know where to go for help.  So taking one more upset me.

Until I saw her, hiding behind our bathtub, shivering, scared beyond belief.  I immediately put a towel in the dryer and got it toasty warm, and wrapped her in it, she so appreciated the heat, and calmness, and I felt her start to relax.  That night Trudie fell in love for the first time in her life, and I will always believe until the day she left us, I was her first and last love.

We tried to give her experiences that she had never gotten to have.  Getting her first bed, toys, walk in the grass, walks to the park......

One of my most favorite pictures of her happiness.

This was our gang.  Trudie being older helped calm the pups down.  She was like a mother to them.  She was very patient.

But Trudie was six and in puppy mill years she might as well been 100, and that came with some medical issues.  Trudie had a hard time breathing because of a collapsed trachea.....we tried to watch the amount of activity she got, but as time went on, she would have some fainting spells.

Let me out mom.

We had her checked out by our Vet and he explained what we needed to watch for, and that she could not have surgery because the damage was to severe.  He explained years of her breathing ammonia instead of fresh air did not help.

So on September 26, 2012 we had to let her go.   Afterward, I felt guilty cos I thought I had made the wrong decision, and I couldn't breathe, and wanted to set the clock back, I wanted to change my mind.....I wanted a do over.

Its hurts me to remember Trudie and I know that is unfair to her, because I am absolutely for sure she is waiting right on the front steps of the rainbow bridge for her one and only momma.

So today I celebrate loving you sweet baby and all the lessons you have taught me. 

Your Momma

(Please remember no matter if a dog is white or black or whatever color to give them a chance because in the end you are the one who will receive the biggest gift.)


  1. I send a big hug to Trudie... and to all pups who are misused by greedy people :o( I'm so glad you gave her a home and the love every pup deserved. Thanks to you for making this world a little bit better....

  2. Your loving post for Trudie makes me think of my very first pug - White Chang- she was also older and came with multiple health issues. She bonded with me immediately. She was only with us a little more than a year when I had to make that decision too. Afterwards I struggled with it. But I absolutely know this - her time with me was The Best Time of her life. And I know It was absolutely the same for Trudie. When that day comes she will be welcoming you with open paws
    Linda & the kids

  3. Oh I nefer met Truddie, she does sound adorable!
    Momma, you haf a very BIG heart wiv loads of luffs to give and there's lots of luffs coming back at yous as well!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. We so remember Trudie (Turdie, as Stella says) and still miss her and Sammy to this very day. It is funny how much they touch our hearts, huh?
    Love always, Noodles

  5. Your story brought tears to my eyes. The pain of wanting a do over lingers in my heart over my angel Gemini. While your time with Trudie was far to short, she was lucky to have known true love for at least part of her life. Hugs to you.

  6. Aw this broke my heart! What a sweet little puggy. You gave her lots of love and she was lucky to have you. Hugs.

  7. Indeed lucky to have you, we shall send you all woooos on the evening winds,

    NukNuk & family

  8. Trudie was the most beautiful girl!!!!

  9. Poor Trudie had such a sad early life, but oh what a miracle that she found you and your love - we bet that had to be the most love-filled year she could ever possibly have known. We thank YOU for giving her that.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Oh my goodness bless Trudie's sweet little pug heart. You gave her a wonderful last year full of love and new experiences...even with her struggles...her Quality of life improved 100%
    Hugs madi and mom

  11. What a beautiful post! We're all teary. Such a short life with you but a lifetime of memories.

  12. At least Trudie had a year of love and safety. You gave her that.

  13. you gave sweet trudie the vet best moments of her life and she left this world knowing she was loved and what could be more important than that - thank you for having such a wonderfully caring and loving heart.

  14. I doubt any dog could have been loved more. You gave her a wonderful life and that made up for all her earlier pain.

  15. We gots a story kinda like dat - a kitty my momma took in (he wuz da apartment complex stray). We only had him for a year before he got cancer and she had to help him to da Bridge. It are so tuff and unfair. Trudie sure looks like she wuz a sweetie.

  16. You are an amazing person, giving so much to pugs who have been abused so terribly for so long. No doubt - you were Trudie's love. You and your family gave her a priceless gift - a loving family taking care of her. She is waiting patiently for you.

  17. We are so glad Trudie found you and had the chance to fall in love....
    Big Hugs!
    Mama Beth & Dory

  18. Oh Miss Trudie! What a year of love, happiness and joy! When you see her again, she will jump in your arms and Thank You for your kindness!
    Ruby ♥

  19. What a beautiful post. We wish that we could have met Trudie. She sounds like one very special girl♥

  20. What a wonderful tribute. Mommy cried reading it. Puppy mills are cruel and should be wiped off the earth. Trudie was lucky enough to escape and ended up with the kind of life we should all lead.

    God bless....Mommy's girls

  21. This is a beautiful tribute. You know what.. ?
    When I visited the moon,,, I saw Trudie playing with all my other friends on the moon,, and she was very happy!

  22. Trudie was lucky to have you for as much time as she did. You gave her much more in your short time together than she had in the first years of her life. She certainly knew she was much loved.

  23. That is so wonderful how you save the ones who really need saving. It is hard work but so worth it. Blessings to you and I'm sure Trudie is mothering and calming all the other little angels right now.

  24. Thank you for sharing Trudie's story. She sounds like she was an amazing pug and you provided such a loving environment for her. I'm so glad to hear she got to spend time with your family and got to experience love and kindness.