Monday, September 10, 2012


We woke up on Saturday to Dad bringing in packages!!  They were from Molly the Wally and Goose!! I was so excited and so was my MOm.  They were filled with treats for the rescue puggies and presents for me. 

Two Big Boxes!!

Molly's box was a little beat up but it arrived just fine!!

Goose's box.  The post lady is trying to figure out just what is going on around our little town!  Dad told her it is a secret. It is going to be hard to pick the WiNNER cos they are all cool treats.  Goose's treat even said NAKED on tell me just what is a NAKED treat?  Mom said maybe she should have said this is a G rated contest..heheheheheh
Molly sent me my own little dog which we named Molly after Molly. (in case you couldn't figure that out)
Here is a picture of Molly sitting on my moms october wreath.

Goose's Mom sent me my own homemade treats called berry and cream!  Yummy!  I shared them with Sam and Trudie, but Trudie wouldn't eat them, and Sam turned his nose up so I ate the whole treat myself!  Mom says I get them when I work on my tricks!

Later Mom decided to get busy and clean up her flower beds.  Because of the heat and drought this summer she had pretty well let them take care of themselves, which meant they were burn up or weedy.  She also worked on her blue bottle tree.  She has been peeling labels off of any blue bottle she could find or people have given her to make this tree.  She likes blue.
We put it out front of the house, this weekend is the Motorcycle Rally and 5,000 harley bikers stay out at the fairground.  We live about 1/2 miles from there.  Mom thought they would appreciate her effort in building this bottle tree from those blue bottles you have to peel the labels off.
These are the only things that really survived this year.  Glass bottles, annual grass, and zinnas.

Then on Sunday we had a birthday party for my grandma and Sam.  Sam got lots of treats and a new hedge hog.  It is very big and soft.  We took lots of pictures but the only picture that was on the camera this morning was of me and grandpa.  Maybe grandma is a vampire and she wouldn't show up on the camera...i have no exclamation as to where sam's pictures went you think grandpa looks happy?  It was so nice we had the party out on the back porch. 
Have a great day!!
stella rose


  1. Oooo I am so excited you got my package. All I have to say is all the more berry and cream treats for you. Did you have them with frozen water? I told you they go good with anything. And how cool drool is that doggy that Molly sent you. We hope all the little puggies will enjoy the treats.

  2. Your grandma is a vampire?!?!!? :) That is some awesome mail you got and you had a really nice weekend! Love that last pic!

  3. So glad ours arrived even if the box got bashed up. Probably the postyman played football with it to pay me back for snapping the post out of his hand when he tries to put it through the door. BOL! Have a great day.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Dad just called and said we have another present waiting for mom to open today...he thinks its from pugs and PUrrs mom.....i will let everyone know after lunchtime!

  5. We're still looking for the perfect treat. How long does the contest run?

    1. till the end of september.
      stella rose

  6. You should be getting ours this week, too!

    Too bad there aren't more pictures from Sam's birthday! Tell your mama to do what our mama does ... if the pictures don't turn out right just take more. Sometimes that means we get extra treats but "modeling" is hard work!

    We hope Sam had a good birthday and all three of you got plenty of treats ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  7. Wow nice presents!!!

    Awwww what a cute picture of you and your grandpa!!!

    Milo :)

  8. Hi Stella
    Hmmm, I do not see your name on my list but that doesn't mean you didn't sign up. Let me know if you for sure want to be in the class by emailing me at noodlesthepugATaolDOTcom
    Love Noodles

  9. Maybe your grandma was gettin ready fur HOWL-o-Ween. I love your blue bottle tree. THAT is really creative.

  10. Grandma is ready for Hallooooween like Franky said, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  11. Maybe our mom should have gone for a bottle tree. It would have meant a LOT less time away from us, sweating out there weeding and watering!

  12. Stella Rose.... ERNIE is all nervous and stuff too.... maybe you two could Walk to Classes together and sit close to each other.

  13. Sounds like you had a great weekend, Stella Rose! Look at all the loot for the pugs!! AWESOme! And I love the bottle tree.