Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I decided to walk home from school and take a little rest.  First, Mom dropped me off and I couldn't find any of my friends!  Then, Mom wrote down what she THOUGHT was my class schedule and she was WRONG.  I was only supposed to go to CASEY'S classroom and not NOODLES.  Then, I could smell the possum pizza but couldn't find it.  I heard other pups having a good time behind the class doors but i was just wondering the halls. I tried to buy a raffle ticket for apples but Mom wasn't sure if it was a virtual raffle ticket or a real one, so we failed in that attempt also.  I am surprized that my mom even made it through college!!  I walked on home cos Mom forgot to pick me up, and now I am gonna take a little nap.  I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. At least I got a backpack out of it!
Stella Rose


  1. Hi Stella
    Come by my blog and pick up your diploma. Robot mom said you were NOT going to be in my class so I did not call your name at roll call. But judging from your post, you have mastered not only being a PRINCESS but you have earned EXTRA CREDIT for Princesslike Petulance.
    Love Noodles

    1. I posted my Award proudly considering I mostly wondered all around the halls with my little backpack on, cos my mom FORGOT she told Noodles I wasn't coming by. stella rose

  2. Oh yeah. I don't blame you. Our great sisters got kicked out of school (obedience school) when they lived in Belgium with Mom and Dad. Ever since then, all of us who came after them have stuck to home-schooling -- for everything!

  3. Aww, Stella Rose, it's okay! Some pups just have a hard time on the furst day. You did grreat in my class, eventually. I didn't even mark you tardy!

  4. thanks Casey cos I wouldn't want a black mark on my attendance record in case when i turn 50 I want to go back to school one day!


  5. you look exhausted! you must have had quite a busy day

    urban hounds

  6. Butt Stella Rose... you were havin such a FUN time with Puddles and Goose... throwing those water balloons.
    The Chip In thingy fur the Raffle tickets and the Rides and the Apples fur teachers is STILL open on Mona's Blog.. it is on the RIGHT PAW Side.. If you want to buy tickets or rides or apples.. just click on it. It is really easy if you have Pay Pal.
    School is very confusing .... on the FURST day you attend. I think you did GRRRRREAT. Esp. in Noodle's Class. You were very much WELL BEHAVED and ERNIE LOVED sitting with you.

  7. oh youpoor little baby. But we think you were having lots of fun
    Benny & Lily

  8. BOL Stella. We dish dashed to all the classes and eventually fell asleep in the science lab. Then we got locked in and eventually made it home so late we didn't get any dinner. Back to normal today too. Going to the park to have some fun. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Oh!!! Why didn't you call my cell?!?! I sat and had possum pizza for like 87 hours - I could have told you where it was!!! It will be much better next year :)

  10. Hi Stella,

    Sorry for the confusion and it took us so long to answer your comment. The raffle items are real, the books and the scarf. The drawing isn't until the 17th. The Chip In ends on 9/16.

    Mona & Weenie

  11. OH Stella I is never going to school, I gonna be home school.