Thursday, September 13, 2012


My mom had to pass four robot tests this morning and now she is exhausted and doesn't want to go to work.  Its hard on your heart pretending your something your not.

Mom and I had a lonnnng talk about school last night and i finally admitted i had a wonderful day visiting with all my new friends, and i really appreciated all the friendship they extended to me.  I couldn't believe how tall Goose is, and how beautiful Finn is, and how funny Ernie is.  Even tho I sat outside of Noodles class listening to her presentation cos robot mom messed up I still absorbed all about being a princess.  Mom says that just comes natural for me.

I told Sammer and Turd Bucket that they need to go next time and they both ran for the bed.  I guess somethings will never change and I will just have to be the changemaker!

My mom is actually getting a vacation day off tomorrow so she won't be back on here till Monday.  I know I will be going through blogger withdrawal so please keep me in your thoughts.  Plus Mom will be gone from us all day and into the evening! Mom is very excited cos she is going to drive almost 3 hours to go to a store with nothing but dog stuff in in. (petco..?) 

We are also going to have to send TWO boxes to the PugRescue cos we have outgrown our one small box.  We are so excited....Mom is even thinking about driving them down just so she can see some people.  It is about 5 hours away so I doubt if she will get to, cos she says her broom doesn't fly that far but we will see.  We will take a picture before we send them off to show you what all you sent and of course pick the Winner.  I think everyone is a Winner just for the fact that they cared enough about the rescues!!
Have a great Thursday!
Stella Rose Long


  1. We will miss you!! I am glad you had fun yesterday! You thinks me is bootiful?? Thank you!

  2. Yeehah, Stella, you look like a Texan on that saddle! I'm glad you eventually had fun at school. It's so nice getting to go to Blogville events and play with all our furiends!

  3. You all have a great break and we will see you next week when you are back.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We'll miss you! I love that pic of you on the saddle. Waffles has a cowgirl hat too. Too bad we didn't live closer we could all have a good playdate!

  5. Are you going bull riding!!! It is hard to admit you like school. We had to do it too
    Benny & Lily

  6. Well you can tell your mom that I (Frankie Furter) VIRTUALLY ...REFUSE to EVER comment on those blogs that make me prove I (Frankie Furter) am NOT a ROBOT. I am a DACHSHUND and I KNOW that fur SURE. If peeps continue to allow that stuffs on their comments... I just don't leave them. It is TOO difficult and TIME CONSUMING.

  7. Ride 'em, cowpug!
    Mom totally turned off the verification on our blog because those robot tests annoy her. And if they annoy her, she figures they annoy everyone else, too! We still have moderation on comments so no spam gets by, but at least there's no squiggly letters and blurry numbers!

  8. Love how you refer to Trudie as Turd bucket!!! You don't look like you really enjoy that photo shoot...what you gearing up for Stella?

    Happy Thursday
    The Girls

  9. Stella! Be sure and grab your Princess certificate and tiara. You earned it!
    Love Noodles

  10. I want to go ride in that saddle too. You make it look so fun!

  11. You live three hours from a Petco store. Geez. In my town I have two within five miles. You are really deprived.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. That is the cutest picture EVER! 3 hrs to a petco we cant imagine. There are a bazallion doggie boutiques around here. There are lots of benefits to the country though I bet you have lots of wide open space and a nice yard.

    urban hounds