Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Mom thinks my treats for SERPA will start to arrive today....we are going to run down to the post office and check in a little while....I will let you know what we find out.

Moms three day weekend had some highs and some lows so we decided to share them with you.
1. Moms boss must think she is a gazillionaire cos Friday is always her payday.  He decided NOT to sign her check until he got back from his little weekend vacation, so that ment she did not get PAID on her PAYDAY!  He left her a phone message early Friday morning before she got to work, that he was leaving town.  Today she was gonna wear her big girl panties and tell him he could NEVER NEVER NEVER do that again to her, she practiced all weekend just what she would say.....instead he called in to take ANOTHER day off, and Mom chickened out over the phone.

2.  Friday at work mom noticed a little red dog running around the courthouse all day long.  She had a old red collar on but acted like she was waiting on someone to come out of the building.  The little dog stayed ALL day at the courthouse until closing time.  Mom was afraid she would follow her home at night cos she had to walk past her, and she was afraid she wouldn't follow her and be left there all night.  Well mom walked past her, and she followed her a little but went back and laid on the steps.  So Mom worried all night about her and finally at 11:30 at night went back up to the courthouse, and there she was still laying on the steps.  Mom put a leash on her, and the little red dog jumped into the back seat and laid down on a pillow.  Sam turned all big and bad when mom came in the door, mom made her a comfy bed on the porch for the night.  The next day she was happy to see mom, and ate her breakfast, mom called the vet to see if anyone was looking for her, but no one was.  Mom had decided if she was a dumpie mom was gonna give her to Marcus one of the grandboys.  She was clean, well fed, wellmannered and perfect...Mom knew she had to belong to someone.  Well its was storming and raining hard, but she wanted to go out to potty so mom opened the door (cos in mom's perfect world she would potty and come right back) and she ran away!!!!!!!  Mom was shocked....so she put her raincoat on and searched and searched all over for her.  Most of the Day!  Mom cried and cried cos she was so worried about her, and it made her heart hurt that she was looking for her home that bad.  Mom called the vet today and no sign of her..we are praying she found her way back home.

3.  Mom's van took a dump...brakes went out. 

Now Mom is depressed after typing this and cannot even remember what the highs were....maybe you had better not read this blog today cos it is soooooo depressing.....Mom the sun is shining ...smile!!!!
stella rose


  1. Oh, that poor, little puppy!!! You need to give your mom a big hug for trying to help her. We hope the pup ran HOME!
    Play bows,

  2. Wow, Momma would be spitting nails if her paycheck didn't get signed for days after payday!! That's not fair at ALL.

    I hope the poor lost doggie finds her way home. That's so sad. :(

  3. Lordy maybe the doggie tried to get back to the courthouse? Bad bad boss man hope mummy told him so. Please let us know if our little package arrives. Have a great day folks.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I hope the boss dude enjoyed his time off. Twinkie butt that's what I would say to him. He is a big old twinkie butt.
    Hope the doggie gets to where he/she should be.

  5. Oh Stella ... that was not a fun 3-day weekend!

    Hopefully that 'lil red girl found her way back home. I'm sure she appreciated that your mom took her in and gave her a nice warm place to sleep and some food in her belly!

    Mama was going to call your mama on Saturday but we finally got a new TV - our broke and didn't work for a week - so it took forever to get it set up. They finally had to call our cousin, Jennifer, and her husband, Marc. They came over with their two little peeps - Cade and Macy! Mama let them play dress up with us. We were so glad when they finally left. Mama had to wake us for dinner. And then she had to wake us again to tell us it was time for bed! We were so tired!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  6. Hi! Thanks so much for following my blog! Mom has been a HUGE slacker lately but she promises to be more efficient. Or she will have me to answer to. I can't wait to make her read your blog to me tonight so we can get to know you all! And thank you SO MUCH for donating to SEPRA! They are a great organization. Even if they DID make me have a permanent brother in Vinny. I wish I was still an only pug. :(

    Later friends!

  7. Oh my gosh! What a couple of heart wrenching stories! I am just like your mom in the whole "practice telling someone off" speech and then I chicken out only wishing later I had the nerve to give the speech in the first place. That's the trouble with bosses; they often feel they are entitled because, well, they are the boss! My advice? Tell the guy you are creating a boundary!
    As far as the little lost red dog goes....well, I would call the humane societies, shelters, and other vets in the area and call/go in often. There's a search and rescue non-profit in NH who has a lot of good tips on how to find a lost dog and it's called Granite State Dog Recovery. I also wrote a blog post about how to find a lost dog. I hope the dog returns you your mom or the owner shows up! Poor thing! Poor mom!
    Thanks for your comments about Leo the St. Bernard! I'm sure he will appreciate your encouraging words about stair climbing when I tell him!

  8. Bad boss man 😡. On a high note, sure hope Uncle Sam brings a box or two 😄. Me, Otis, am very greatful to all Pug Rescues! I found a wonderful forever home.

  9. Bad boss man 😡. On a high note, sure hope Uncle Sam brings a box or two 😄. Me, Otis, am very greatful to all Pug Rescues! I found a wonderful forever home.

  10. We are sorry for those lows in your 3 day weekend, ugh! That poor little dog it was so kind of your momma to try and help her, maybe she will be found

    urban hounds

  11. Oh dat sounds like a horrible no good very bad weekend!