Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Mom doesn't know for sure just what today is...she just knows she woke up with a headache from spraying to much linen spray all over the was so bad she had to get up and take the pillowcases off but it didn't help much.  She even got up late for work and didn't want to go.

This is a picture of our football boys after practice.  One of them is a cowboy in another life, and the other one likes to read. They both like me and the sibs alot!

Okay so on Monday Mom said that we were going someplace special.  Like we as in ME.  I knew right away it was to those four grandkids house.  So Dad, me and Mom loaded up in the car and drove off.  We surprized the kids right away and Kenna and Macey started to plan a tea party with me as the special guest.

This is a real live tea party that Mom had last year at our house for the grandgirls and their friends.  I was also the guest of honor there with my purple hat on.

Anyway the girls got out their tea paraphernalia and I just laid on the couch relaxing and watched them.  Mostly that is what I did when I visited...laid around....and waited for dad to say it was time to go home. 
Thats me in their bedroom looking out the window wondering if I could make a run for it...(Nahhh I was having a good time)

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the first thing I saw that welcomed me was this face.

See his fangs...he should try out for the next Vampire movie as the star.  I swear he held the door open for me when I left and said something like not letting the door hit me in the butt on the way out.  All in all I had a really good time and I hope mom will let me go back. Stella Rose


  1. Our "little peeps" came over on Saturday and played dress-up with us. After that we played some games of chase. Cadence is 6 and Macy is 3. We ALL ran in and out of the house through the doggie door. It was a lot of fun!!!

    One of our boy peeps plays football for a team called Warriors, too!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

    PS ... that hairy thing in the last photo looks scary! Hope you didn't have nightmares!!!

  2. Oh my they are some nasty looking fangs. Stay well clear my friend. Have a good evening.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That kitty has some fangs for sure. You are a very good tea party goer. I am not sure if I would like wearing a hat.

  4. OH Stella Rose... THAT is sooooo Cool Drool... you got to have a TEA Pawty... with that LOVELY Hat TOO!!!

  5. Well that purple hat sure becomes you Stella Rose! It's a good picture on your sidebar too.

  6. Oh Stella, our people Brian is almost 21 now, he played football from 2nd grade thru 8th grade. Mom says it was fun to watch him. We think you should styvaway from FANGS! Shevloos scary. We dont got no little people to py dress-up with, hope your having fun.

  7. Sometimes I get confused too- especially when so much is going on

  8. BOL, mom doesn't know the day either
    Benny & Lily

  9. Tea party and purple hat! what a blast! you totally must of had so much funs... i know i would!

    Oh and that feline creature, well yah don't let that face bother yous. I say "high maintanence" is all they are. I lives with two of them fluff balls and as longs as you don't eat their kibble or catnip and it will all be goods.


  10. Stella, why does Trudy and Sammy not go with you to your tea party? I wish I were invited to a tea there cake?