Wednesday, November 6, 2013


My sisters are big liars fibbers cos of what they did to me yesterday.  Heres my story.  I gots up like normal and the girls were laughing behinds the chair. I knows something is up cos Maggie and Stellie never plays together except when they are cooking up stuff to do to me.  I looked at them real hard to see whys they were a laughin but couldn't figure it out.

Yes, Mom toles me I could sleep  in my Halloween clothes last night cos isa likes to play dress up. Do you like to plays dress up?  Anyway i thoughts the heifers were laughing cos of my clothes and I toles them to knock it off.  They kept a laughing.

Then MY mom toles me hers and me was gonna go see the Frankenvet so I could get my nails cut.  Now I should have realized hers was lying to me cos mom always cuts my nails, but Isa was a little tired cos I stayed up late to practice my ninja moves.....out of the corner of my eyes i saw the girls pointing at me and laughing still.  I tole mom on them and mom told them to stop.  They didn't listen to hers neither.  I suggested we drop them off down at the river and makes them walk home all by themselves.  Mom ignored me.  So we got ready to go and I asked Mom if I could wear my golf putter clothes to shows the girls at the Frankenvets office, and Mom said, fine, hers was in a hurry.

This is my Mr. December pose in that girly magazine that I sneaked and sent my picture to.  Its is a surpise for my momma when I wins all the money.  The girls says i am gonna be in bigs trouble when momma finds out but i toles them to mind their own beeswax.  Isa smarter then they are about these financial things.

So we got ready and went to see the Frankenvet and that is when I was violated and lied to.  Hers was not a smart vet cos I kept showing hers my nails and asked them to paint them the color purple but hers kept looking at my behind and then hers ......well I can't even share the words.....Mom told me hers was sorry but i had to have that done cos those gland things were a bothering all of us, I was pissed and barked at alls of them, and told them I hated them all!!!!  THEN the Frankenvet cut my nails, but didn't even paint them.  I hates that place and I toles my mom i ain't nevers going back again. 

They weighed me in at a whooping 8.5 lbs.  Mom thought I would weigh more cos i has so many muscles.  I told her it is from all my ninja moves.  Well, I gots home and the girls went running, laughing all the way, Isa not speaking to Mom or those girls for 122 days, I toles my Mom if hers ever takes me back there again, Isa gonna run away to grandma's house.
Angus McConnell


  1. Oh, Angus, you have good cause to be upset with the girls, your mom and the vet. We hope you get lots of extra attention and treats to help you recover from the shock.

  2. Oh Gus, I feel for ya! But although very humiliating, it is a necessary evil, cause you don't want to get an infec-sion, I can tell you from first hand experience that is NOT FUN!
    "fist bump"
    Mr Bailey

    Pee Es
    love your clothes!
    Hazel & Greta

  3. Gus that is scandalous. Laughed at .... lied to .... violated .... and no nail pawlish. Disgusting. I'd make it 122 days and add 87 more for good measure. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. OMD...BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Oh Gussie I is not laughin' at you. You is just freakin' HYSTERICAL withs hows you tells your stories!
    From da bottom of my heart I is sorry you was violated. If it makes you feels any betters I has to be violated all da time too.
    They should has painted your nails fur free and then out some cute little stickers on your nails. Then you could has made your mom buy you some matchin' jammies.
    I may not sleep tonight fur fears of your mental state.


  5. Oh Gussie what you have to put up with having sisters. Maybe you could sell Mags and Stella to some traveling "Gypsies". You could make money that way if Mr. December does not work out.
    I have a putter outfit also. I wear it to my DJ job here in Blogville.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. Oh, Gus. I'm so sorry that you were lied to. And I'm sorry about the unspeakable things that were done to you. But I do love your stories so. You have such a way with words. And I love your photos! OMD, you are too cute.. I mean, sexy... in your golfer outfit!! Those girls are just jealous of your good looks!

  7. Angus, a fighting ninja doesn't wear nail polish! As to the violating it will be your turn to laugh when the girls get it done and believe me they will have to get it done sooner or later. 🎃

    The outfits look great on you but I couldn't see much of the Golf Putter one.

    Love, Gampy

    1. The younger generation does Gampy..maybe you don't knows that....gussie

  8. Boy oh boy those sissys are something else. I do like that costume. Hope you win all the dough

  9. Hi Gussie- you look so handsome in your golf clothes! I'm sorry your Mama and sissies tricked you, but sometimes our fur babies don't like to hear when they have to go to the vet and have, ahem, certain things done (I think you know what I mean.)

    xoxo Patty

    p.s. I hope your Mama gives you some extra treats and cuddles to help you recover from the shock of it all!

    OH WIMMEN Just.. WIMMEN are a PAIN under the TAIL... and we are NOT making fun of your VIOLATIONS when we say that.
    BUDDY... you need MORE MEN in your House.
    We love that you are maybe gonna win like 87 bazillion Green Papers fur your picture... THAT is a Brillian plan buddy. Just Brilliant... and when you do... don't share ANYTHINGY with those WIMMEN.
    PeeS... you do write a Grrrreat post.

  11. Gussie, you don't look like a baby in your golf clothes! You're getting to be a big boy!

  12. Poor baby!!! Hunter hasn't had that done yet but our old Reggie boy was always bothered. I never mastered the art of doing it at home(yuck-sorry but it really is). Just remember the others will get theirs eventually.
    Hope you are having a better day!
    Hunter and Noreen


  14. Angus, you come on down here to Tulsa. I'll treat you right. There are chickens to chase and treats to eat. C'mon!

  15. First of all, we are impressed with how great you look in your golfing outfit. Clearly that is not fair to look that good. The wimmen will have no choice but to go crazy for you! And about that violation thing. I think the worst part was that your sisters snickered over the whole thing. But don't worry buddy, now that it is over they are still stuck with your awesome self!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Hi Stella Rose,

    Mommy is so sorry. Your picture still hasn't come through. Is the picture you posted on this post OK to use?

    We love that picture and it would be perfect.

    If you decide to run away from home, come stay with us!!


  17. Mama is always dressing us ... so we think you look very handsome all dressed up Gussie!

    Those silly gurls shouldn't make fun of you's not nice!

    Love Zoe, Liberty & Whitney
    Peyton & Webster, too!

  18. I'm not laughing at you I'm just laughing at the way you tell the story it was FABULOUS. I laughed so hard a peed a little.

    Aroo to you,

  19. I don't blame you one little bit- for being mad-- and I would not talk to those girls either,, but,,,, your momma makes your food- so I think you might want to talk to her at least a little.
    What a horrid day for you!!

  20. Furzt off youz a super model in thoze outfit'z ..pawhap;z youz get a job wiff Armani :) Gland'z..OMD wez say'z no more'z BOL.. BUTT..( bol ) I fink they'z could of painted ya nail'z..I'd have mine'z Pink xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  21. Oh Gus, you poor guy! That mean ol' Frankenvet! But you know what? I BET you're going to get extra treats to make up for the indignities.

  22. We are sorry they tricked you. You are very cute dressed up, and we hope you forgive your family soon. Lee and Phod

  23. Oh no, Angus. I can totally relate to you mate. It is I, Stella, and I know EXACTLY how you felt. The embarrassment is beyond measure. I too suffered at the Vets BUTT (no pun intended mate), I felt so much better and I found out I had an infection so in the end (no pun intended here either) I was sorta glad I had been checked out.
    Your big brother from Oz says next time (if there is a next time) you have to quickly sit, and being part Dane, they will not be able to lift your bottom to do nasty things to you. Take care mate. Chin up and keep up with the ninja moves cause those sisters might need a pep talk from ya! No worries, and love, Stella (fellow sufferer) and Rory (brother from Oz).