Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Yousa all knows about the new dog/dogs next door to me and my girls. (Wesa don't know if theres is one or two dogs in the little house) Well Isa toles Mom Isa was gonna go over and have a talk with them and see just how wesa stepped on their toes.  Mom said NO!  I toles her it was alright cos after all I could wear my cop outfit and flash my badge at them and they would calm right down.  Plus having handcuffs in my back pocket would add to the effect.  Mom said NO you don't have a uniform.  I toles Mom I would wear my red coat cos it makes me look tough, doncha think?

THEN I looked out the window and saw one of the dogs on their porch with this big ole chain around hers neck and she was pulling on the end of it.  MY little heart did a few flip flops but then I fought, well I would just take her over some fried chicken and smashed potatoes.  So I loaded up the picnic basket and put on my best swagger and gots my autographed picture out for hers to hang on her bedroom wall.

My girls even toles me NO GUSSIE BOY she will eat yousa instead of the chicken but I toles them not to worry cos I put a little AXE under my armpits also, and my womens usually swoon when Isa do that.  Plus I was trying to earn the BRAVERY badge for the Boyscouts so I could hang it on the wall.  Then I peaked looked out of behind the curtain just to make sure hers was still waiting on me and I noticed that hers had pulled on the porch railing so hard that hers had broken it, WELL I decided I had better rethink my plan of fried chicken and smashed potatoes, and WAIT till a warmer day.  I ALSO suggested to our Mom that hers take us out the front door from now on, and just walk us at the Lake. 

Angus McConnell
P.S. We do feel really sorry for hers though that she is chained up and gets no exercise.  Wesa thinks that is why she hates us cos we get to go on walks and hers has to stay home.  I think Isa gonna talk to mom about taking her wif us next time.  Ummmmm...


  1. Gussie, we know you are a Junior Police, but you stay safe. We also hope that the chained dog will be taken care of. We think you were very brave to want to go over and talk with her.

    Janice, Snuggles, Sassy, and Dixie

  2. Oh the poor Dog, why have one if you don't look after it properly. That was so nice of you wanting to take some Nommy's over to her. You are such a little darling xxxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. We agree poor dog. That doesn't sound a nice place for them. So sad.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Gussie, did I tell you what a sweet boy you are? I know you want to meet your new neighbors, but I think you should wait for your mama and daddy to check the situation out before you venture over to meet this other dog. (even if you are a ninja and junior police officer.)

    Hugs to you, Stella and Maggie.

    xoxo Patty

  5. Poor dog hope it gets over it :S

    Welcome to join my blog

  6. Oh my gosh, I hope she doesn't pull your Mom clear down to the lake!
    You guys be careful!

  7. Oh Gussie
    Please be careful. I know your heart wants to share food and stuff,, but maybe its not a good thing to do.
    You are brave- but the time isn't right- so please be careful

  8. Gussie, right now you don't have the proper, nor have you completed your academy training. So back down till the peeps resolve what they can. They we may send over Sarge, Goose and Zaphod to help you, OK

    TC Bites

  9. I feel bad for that poor pup, especially since it's getting colder. :( But yes, your safety is the most impawtant thing!

  10. we think you are right.....(they are jealous) there is just nothing better then a good walk and sniffing.

  11. Oh Gussie you are a very brave boy, but you had better be careful.
    We don't want you getting hurt! So sad for that poor dog
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. We hope the chained dog gets well taken care too, and we also agree you need to be careful Gussie. But you're such a sweet, kind boy for wanting to be sure your new neighbor is a-OK.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  13. Gussie u r so brave and dashing. Poor chained doggie we had a situation like that here heart breaking
    Urban hiubds

  14. Gussie you gotta stay safe don't go all ninja on the dog next door and of course he's jealous of you. You know haters gonna hate so take care of yourself and the girls. Wishing your family a Happy Thanksgiving

    Aroo to you,

  15. Oh Gussie I think if you are going to make a move toss her a bone first.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  16. Oh Angus you are so sweet to want to share your chicken and smashed taters, but we think it would be safer to just watch from your window.


  17. Gussie, you are so brave to even think about this. We are so sorry to hear that the poor girl next door isn't getting all the love she should. Lee and Phod

  18. Those people are getting nothing for Christmas

  19. Oh, that poor sweet doggy. No wonder she barks - she miserable and jealous!