Tuesday, November 5, 2013


OUR dear friend Tweedles had a very rough day yesterday.  After, her mommies took her back to the ER they realized she needed emergency surgery on her lungs.  We all held our breath during those hours and prayers were constantly going up to the heavens.  Her Momma told me last night that she was resting better.  I sent extra prayers up to cover the time I would be sleeping.  I know Blogville is a strong place with loving arms, but I think we are a little worn and tattered these days, now that doesn't mean we don't stand and fight strong for all our loved ones, it just means we wish for only happy and good things in all our lives for the next 100 years. I just don't know how else to say it. My Mom is spending extra time with us outside on long quiet walks whenever she can, we are gonna show you those pictures from the weekend but FIRST

 GUESS who this is looking up at my mom from her crib....yep its

Baby Bean!!!  BAhahahhaha.....

And then our walks over the weekend, first Mom took me all by myself out to the fairgrounds not once but twice...I love running around in the grass as long as I can sense my mom close by...

 My legs are locked cos I think Mom wants to walk somewhere I don't want to.

I was checking with Mom to see if she see's that big shadow standing there beside me, tomorrow Mom said her and Dad are gonna go together out to the Lake and I can go also.  I love my walks with my Mom!


Mom took the crazies out to the Lake on Sunday.  We have two lakes and the river in the county we live in.  We draw in alot of fisherpeople from the South cos of the fish that are stocked in them, like sharks, jellyfishes, etc....bahahhaha..just a kidding. (about the fishes, they are normal iowa fishes)

Mom you DO NOT take pictures while you are driving.  OH okay Maggie is driving so you can take the pictures....what!!!!

Mom said she was gonna take the crazies onto the bridge and the trail but there were Amish peoples standing on the bridge and Maggie turned very antisocial.  Hers didn't make it through Obed. school like Gussie remember, so Mom decided to just walk around the river.  They were at a part of the river called Ely Ford.  It is special cos it was one of the famous crossings that the Mormons made when they were going West.

They didn't really care about that cos Maggie and Gussie just wanted to play in the leaves.  They ran and scrunched them up real loud.  The Amish probably couldn't even talk to each other cos they were so loud.  They were probably glad when they left.

Gussie is looking at momma like she asked but Maggie is trying to pull him over to the Amish so she can bite them.  She is not very nice at times.  Mom was hoping all the snakes went to sleep by now cos Mary Ann her friend who isn't afraid of snakes was no where around.  She lives in Kansas.

 A better shot of Maggie guarding us.
See how deep the leaves are, they had so much fun, well Gussie did, Maggie was on guard duty.

Mom remembered when she saw all the leaves about the verse in the Bible about a time for every season, and she thought about our friends and family at the Bridge, and our dear friend Tweedles and she realized its hard to be a human cos life is very painful sometimes. Lives are like books and sometimes the ending is hard to read, and sometimes it is just joyous. AND we never know until we turn the page.

Stella Rose


  1. Oh BOY, what a fun pile of leaves to play in! That looks like so much fun. But I agree with you, walks with just you and your momma are the BEST!!

  2. you are so right about lives being like books, and its good to keep turning the pages, painful or joyful. We are praying with all of our might for Tweedles!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  3. Whew for Tweedles, keep us informed, Hey you guys be careful out there, yous could get lost in all them leaves, Oh how about sending us some of that lake!!!

    The Mad Scots

  4. Oh Stella, once again your words ring so true. We were almost afraid to look sometimes in last few days. We have been praying so hard for Tweedles to get better. It hurts for our furiends to be hurting and we want nothing but the best for all.
    We have been getting extra hugs and love too. we wish we had such pretty places to walk that were close by us! That is a lot of leaves to play in!!!!

    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  5. That is one big shadow following you!

  6. Well said as always, Stella Rose! Tweedles, her moms and her doctors will be in our prayers until she's back enjoying her forest again!

    Love, Gampy

  7. We too have been praying hard for Tweedles and hoping a recovery in full is made. We have them all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Nothing like a good romp through leaves but it has been mild here so they haven't fallen yet. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Such a nice post Stella Rose! We wish we could be playing in those leaves with you! Yes, our Blogville hearts have been battered lately. We sure hope Tweedles gets better now that this surgery has been done. Then we need everyone to be healthy and stay that way. But you are right, for everything there is a season.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. We must count all our blessings each day; your mom is right about a season for all things. Sometimes passing over to the other side can be a blessing because it means our loved one isn't suffering anymore. We are left behind to suffer the grief. Still praying for Tweedles and his family.
    Have a wonderful day Stella and enjoy being outside when you can.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  10. We had a quick update on Tweedles last night. Hope and Pray fur continued IMPROVEMENT.

    Blogville HAS been Battered and Bruised Lately... BUTT we will take care of each other... THAT is the Blogville Way.

  11. Hi Stella,
    Nice walkies you had. Mine are mostly on sidewalk because we live in suburbia. At least I do not have to endure muddy paw cleanings too often. I don't know what Amish is or why they peeved Maggie so much. Why were they on the bridge? Did someone fall off and they were trying to help them?
    In any case, you are so right about life being like a book. A good one, though, cuz I can't wait to turn the page over and read about my next great adventure!
    We have our JUJU flag up and paws crossed for Tweedles.
    Love Noodles


  13. Howdy Stella Rose, we'll keep paws crossed here for Tweedles too. Yep there has been some very sad times in Blogville lately butt we all stick together and love each other and try to help when we can. You got it right about life being like a book. Sometimes they're long, sometimes short but always worth reading to the end. Take care everybuddy. No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

  14. we love little tweedless too. having dogs in one of those things that makes you vulnerable, there little lives are so much shorter then ours, but then they are so full of love too. your book analogy is exactly right

    urban hounds

  15. Stella,

    We've looked and looked an your pictures still haven't come through.
    When did you send them?


  16. All our paws are crossed for Tweedles. what a lovely place to walk! Lee and Phod

  17. thanks for taking me on your walk it was real pretty. I hope the police don't catch Maggie driving. just because she has her dog licenses doesn't mean she can drive.

    Aroo to you,

  18. This was one of your best posts ever, Stellie. One of the best.
    Your heart is so great.

  19. Wonderful photo's and Baby Bean I just want to pick up and squeeze :). Tweedles is on the mend we hope. The surgery went well :) xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. Baby Bean is so CUTE!!! Not as cute as my brand spankin' new niece, of course, but cute. ;) You make sure and tell mama to let Maggie take the pictures from now on.