Tuesday, April 22, 2014


WELL EASTER is over and I is just ashamed to look you folks in your face cos of course wesa always late posting stuff..sigh..my momma needs her own assistant apparently and Isa don't fink that is gonna happen anytime soon.

So you see those ears laying besides me...deaded.....well Mrs. Ellen my sweet Liberty's momma sent them to us for Easter ...to take beautiful pictures like they's always do....Here is their picture

See how creative and beautifulist it is?!!  And see how they are all sitting so nice and pretty.  My dad just shakes his head in wonderment cos he just can't figure out how she does it.  See that big ole rabbit and those full Easter baskets??!!


 Mom get it off my head right now!!  The boys at the police station are gonna see it and make fun of this JR. OFFICER.  I look like some kind of freak!!!!
Fine take the picture and get it overs wif....I can't help it if it slipped off my head...now where is my Easter basket?!!

Look Momma I am sitting real pretty for yousa

Where is my basket?

You can't even see my face Momma!!!!
I finks I just need to eat these ears!!  These are not good pictures AT ALL MOM!!!

And finally Mom showed us what the Easter Bunny brought us.....
MOM WHERE IS OUR BEAUTIFUL BASKETS, AND BIG CHOCOLATE BUNNY LIKE AT MRS. ELLENS....Mom told us the Easter Bunny was REAL tired by the time he got to our house and he just laid our presents out on the table....two sticks, a nyla dinosaur, one of those wishbone chewies and some pink thing....we were not impressed with the Easter Bunny at all.  Next year we hopes Mrs. Ellen invites us to hers house to help celebrate Easter after all Maggie is dating Peyton and Isa dating Liberty.

Here are a couple of the human girls pictures....next time we will share the boys...you will notice they turned out much better than ours......um.......maybe that is cos my big sister Kylei took them.

Also we wanted to update you about our friend Abby who has diabetes.  She is doing much better.  She has lost some weight which is healthy for hers, and she is taking a morning shot and evening shot.  We are hoping down the road she may not haf to do that.  Her momma says she is acting happy again and on the road to recovery.  Thank you again for all your kind words and prayers.

Angus McConnell


  1. Great news about Abby! YIPEE!!! Now...bout those bunny ears........

  2. Grrreat news about ABBY.
    Now about those Bunny Ears.... Nobuddy at the pawlice station will make fun of you... WE ALL have to suffer this indignation every holiday.
    WE think the bunny brought you some SUPER stuffs. Much better than Jump Ropes and Jacks and Sidewalk Chalk.

  3. LOL those bunny ears sure need a good deading. We think your chews bone and sticks are great. I could do with some of those. Glad everyone had a lovely Easter. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Ms Ellen sent you some cool stuff
    Lily & Edward

  5. Oh my gosh, I can't help it.,.. I'm laughing. WITH you!

    Kylei took beautiful pictures, she is so talented!!!

  6. That was nice for Miss Ellen to remember yous on Easter! If we had any idea you would not have an Easter Egg hunt we would have invited you over here to ours. Of course we could NOT put a message on Facebook since I got vaporized! Tonight mom talks to the city council and mayor about getting a dog park in our city. Keep your paws crossed!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. BOL! Those "Easter" photos of you are hilarious. I want to know also how Ms. Liberty gets all those pugs to sit so nicely among all those decorations!

  8. I like the Easter photo of Mrs. Ellen, but yours are super funny! I like it it reminds me a little of my house lol. Your human girls are beautiful, I love the hair of the girl on the photo in the middle. I'm glad Abby is on the way to recovery, all my best wishes to her and her mom.

  9. Awww - sorry you didn't get nice full baskets! Maybe if you try harder at posing with Easter bunny ears, next year he will bring you more? :)

    PS - the bunny didn't leave us baskets either!

  10. You had a better Easter than we did! Who needs a silly basket anyway? At least you got treats. Of course we didn't have to wear any silly bunny ears either.

  11. Love your pictures! Yes we always admire Ms Ellen's puggies, they always pose so nicely together. We don't like anything on our heads either. So glad to hear Abby is doing better!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. Even though you may not haven't gotten lots and lots of treats...you still did get treats, and that is good! You could have gotten exactly what I did - NUTHIN'!

  13. The Easter Bunny made me SHARE my basket. Just not fair. And that was AFTER I wore those stupid ears AND posed for all kinda photos.
    Love Noodles

  14. We don't know. Looks like you nailed those Easter photos. We have lots that look like that. SHE's completely given up on putting ears and stuff on us. AND you got presents anyway.

    Glad to hear about Abby. We hope she just keeps improving.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  15. I like Mrs Ellens photos too,,, and I love your photos!
    And we like the humans photos too-- very adoralbles!!

    Oh I am so happy Abby is getting better too!

  16. I think those are some trick pugs. I can't imagine all those doggies sitting still - together - for a picture! I happen to like your bunny ears. I think the EB loves you very, very much!

  17. They are all beautiful pictures. Glad to hear that Abby is doing better.

  18. Howdy Angus, grreat news about Abby. We're glad she's better. We are lucky our mum is tooo lazy to do rabbit ear photos but ours would look like yours too hehe. Your pressies will probably last longer than the chocolate the peeps got. They always seem to gobble it all up straight away. Well they do in our home! See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. Oh Gus ... I'm sorry! I told mama you would get stuck wearing those bunny ears but Peyton really wanted to send them to Maggie. (He thinks she is a beautiful princess! ) I also want to apologize in advance for what mama bought today and will sending to your mama! It was NOT my idea ... Love, Liberty

  20. what wonderful pictures of your whole family. And you are good sports to wear your ears

  21. OMD me and mom are both rolling on the floor laughing. We really do like your mom's pictures much better because they made us laugh so hard. BIG thanks for sharing.

    Aroo to you,

  22. our pictures look like yours
    retro rover

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  24. Momma said to tell your momma that good pictures are a matter of patience and LOTS of bad pics!! She'll take about a million and six pictures of us for a holiday photoshoot, and end up with two or three good ones. Just keep snapping!

  25. Don't worry, Angus, the guys at the station probably posed for their own Easter portraits and fear you will be laughing at them.