Wednesday, April 2, 2014


So Mom decides to change it up a little last night and she took me and Gussie for a walk together and left Maggie at home.  She wants to tell you about her observations and see what you all think of it.  Okay, so me and Gussie go to the fairgrounds.  Gussie is probably somewhat confused cos he has only ever walked with Maggie and I walk by myself.

Because I don't see well at all I walk different from Gussie.  He couldn't figure it out for awhile and I couldn't figure out why he kept following me so closely.  Mom had us on the same two dog lead.  Mom also was a little confused as to the path that I walk.  She finally ended up calling it Stella's Maze cos she said that is what she felt like walking me.  Turn right, turn left, go back three steps, turn right, no relaxing walk with me that was for sure.  But one thing Mom did notice is the longer we maze walked the more confident I and Gussie got with each other.  She also noticed that whenever she asked Gus to sit  and wait he did, he listened pretty well and of course I was on a journey all my own.  We were out there about 30 minutes and then it was time to go home.  I laid down and refused to walk to the car so Mom had to carry me, just like a angry toddler that didn't want to leave the park...bahahhahaha

THEN it was Maggie's turn to walk all by herself with MOM.  Maggie was so excited when she saw us come back home, and MOM get out her vest.  She listened well when Mom was helping her get dressed BUT she turned her listening ears OFF when they arrived out to the fairgrounds.  Mom told her to sit before they started their walk and Maggie said NO!  Mom told her again, and Maggie said NO and kept trying to get the walk started.  Mom told me later all she could think of was CRAP CRAP CRAP now I don't know what to they started the walk!!!   Later, she realized she probably should have waited her out and just made her actually sit ....what do you think?   Also she had Maggie on a long lead so Maggie was walking ahead of Mom.  Do you think she should have had Mags on a short lead and made her walk right beside our Mom?  Several times, Mom would quit walking and tell Maggie to sit and Maggie just stuck her tongue out at Mom and said NO!!!  They walked for about 30 min. and went home.  When they got back on the porch and Mom started to take Mags vest off , Mom told her to SIT and Maggie SIT.

Gussie and I were rolling all over the floor laughing cos Maggie thinks she is in charge of OUR Mom and US.  Mom is gonna have to work real hard isn't she.  

Happy Birthday also, to our pal Mollie, we hope she has a wonderful wonderful day....we bet she listens to hers MOMMA!!
Stella Rose


  1. It is my personal opinion Maggie has beans in her ears and maybe just an itty bitty kitty DNAs. We cats do things we want to do and there are no rules.
    Hugs madi your bff

  2. Sounds like Guss and Stella are doing well. We think Maggs should have been made to sit just simply so she does not demand, remember mum is in charge and what she says goes not the other way round. Not a fan of long leashes as in a built up area they can be dangerous. Also we feel they give you less control.
    Onwards and upwards and it sounds like you are moving forward.
    Remember mum's pad mum's rules.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. sounds like your mom did great! mum remembered something from my obedience class when she was reading about maggie's walk. the teacher lady said that i had to work for everything. if i wanted to go out the door, i had to sit and wait, if i wanted dinner i had to follow a command first, if i wanted a treat i had to do something for it, if i wanted to start a walk, i had to sit and wait till i was told i could go. I didn't do very well with it, but now years later i listen pretty well...bol!

    Edgar and his mum

  4. Guess what? Sometimes I do that "like an angry toddler"-thingy too. Then my mom is in deep doo-doo, because I have 88lbs. I cross my paws that it goes better and better, every day a little bit.

  5. I think kmp has it right Mom. Doing that will firmly put you in charge!

    Love, Gampy

  6. THIS is a super Furst Effort to let your mom THINK that she is in Charge... hehehehhe You know how Peeps WANT to be Pack Leaders... and BOSSY and stuffs. So sometimes we gotta PAWTEND that they are.. It makes them be more free and easy with the treats and Loving. Just sayin.

  7. Hi Deb!
    I have to walk Lily by herself otherwise she will attack her walking partner. Lily doesn't disobey like Maggie...but I wonder...Does Maggie enjoy walks? I mean...does she act nervous like she must get the walk over real quickly? My Lily is very nervous when she is not on her "turf" and will shake or practically "run" on a walk so that she can get back to her kingdom. :) Just trying to help think of why Maggie is acting that way. I know this sounds strange...but maybe Maggie should be taken on a walk first when you are "fresh" so that you have the energy and calmness to work with her on her dis-obedience. I think she knows what to do...but figures you are too tired to mess with it. I will say that with Gracie in heaven, I have actually made Lily walk with a long as it is not Mimi, she reacts very well. Maybe she would behave with Gussie by her side. Do you think Gussie could have the stamina for two walks? I know...I'm just picking at straws here...but I did not have much help when Lily (who I think is bi-polar...if that exists in pugs) went off her rocker in being mean to her siblings and I want to make sure that you have any information that could possibly help. BTW--Technically on a blogging break, but I still read and comment on other blogs...just not messing with too many posts this month on the pugs and purrs blog as I don't have enough time to focus on my schoolwork and the pugs. I feel guilty about that...but I do my best and I know the kiddos understand that...I hope they do anyway. I am just babbling.
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy

  8. Yes and yes. Spoiled Mags, I mean Mags should have sat when mom said. Next time mom should refuse to walk if Spoiled doesn't listen. BOL
    Lily & Edward

  9. I love to walk with my mommy too!

  10. Rules, schmules! That's what I say!
    Ha roooo- oops. Gotta go, my mom's coming.
    Play bows,

  11. My mommy agrees--- get a treat for what you do right,, other wise no treat- and no walk. We like kmp's suggestion too

  12. Bwahaahaa! Sounds like pugs have scottitude! SHE always makes sure the 'alpha' is fed first and gets greeted first and stuffs. At the moment we don't really have an alpha (except HER) but I, Bella, get alpha attention, because Roxy has a tendency to dominate.

    Roxy always walks ahead but gets pulled up sharply when she's trying to take over.

    Your mum is on the road to being the dominant one. SHE says just keep going.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  13. Treats ... lots and lots of treats! NO SIT means NO TREAT! That's just the way it works. We don't always agree but mama is the boss and that is what she tells us!

  14. Sometimes, I pretend I don't hear. I also forget I get a treat when I follow directions. As soon as I remember, I am a model pup. I love reading your descriptions about the walkies. I am sure they will improve with time!

  15. Wow, sounds like an entertaining and eventful day! I love walkies and I think sometimes we have to do certain things to keep it interesting for the peeps. Refuse to walk, drag them around, bark at nothing, stop start go wait, step on the leash, tangle them get the idea. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  16. We are agreeing with most everybody here. If you tell her to sit, she should do it. Reward her when she does with lots of praise and a treat! And I like the idea of taking Maggie first, when you are fresher. I know it is hard to keep you patience when you are tired.
    Keep up the good work, it will pay off!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  17. OK, gotta make her wait, just find a spot an sit yourself. Bites was that way till Dad made him wait, and now he does sit and will walk beside him.

    The Mad Scots

  18. One of your commenters above hit the nail on the head - we had to do all that sit and wait for anything we wanted. Go out the door, come in, eat, treats, get a pet on the head. And now we don't have to do it ALL the time, but anytime Mom or Dad decide we should. It takes time, but so worth it in the end, says Mom. If we don't walk properly, we have to sit and wait a bit and then try again. Repeat and repeat. Sometimes you won't get very far on your walks in distance but the lessons learned are great. Good luck.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Training is a full time never stop job. I have always started out with sit and a stomp of my left foot right next to my dog. The stomp of a foot seems to get more attention and yelling sit. Then it is just a stomp to sit. And now I just come down a little harder on that foot when we stop. Sweet William is great we stop at every crosswalk and I come down harder on that foot and he just sits perfectly.
    Wishing you much success
    Sweet William The Scot