Monday, April 28, 2014


Hi, this is Deb, before Gussie tells his story I wanted to let you know that Gussie's story was all true except the part about him being at the pub (at least I hope it was not there) both road crews did get in a huge fight downtown and some of them ended up visiting the jail and others the hospital.  We will all be glad when they head out of town AFTER they fix the hole in my driveway.
Boy Mom that is not a very good picture of me.  Okay so last night Momma goes to bed and I hear her and Dad whispering something about Stella the perfect smelling wonder just what they are cooking up?  Then  after Momma leaves I look out of the corner of my eye and Daddy opens the baby gate up for hers and hers run through it to their bedroom.  WHAT!!!  Well, Momma hears this piggy snorting coming from hers side of the bed, and lets Stellie up to sleep wif her!!!WHAT!!  I is miffed and heartbroked....heartbroked!  After all I is baby gussie my momma's one and only boy!!
I go to tell Maggie on them and hers just says not to worry about it cos that makes more room for us in ours bed!  I just shake my head and tells her its not fair!
So I runs over to mys Dad and then run over to the gate...I looked at him pleadingly and run over to mys Dad and run overs to the gate, I haf to do this 1,000 times before his evil spirited heart cracks and he lets Maggie and I run into the bedroom...whew!! I was worried it would take 2,000 times.

So Momma hears us running in the room and yipping and yayying I is so excited I JUMP right up on theirs bed all by myself!!  I run over to mys mom and throw myself down in the crook of her arm and fall asleep like a little baby that I is.  Stella the perfect smelling Rose scoots down and stretches all out and Maggie burrows under the covers.

THEN Maggie gets to hot, and comes out and wakes us all back up cos her is breathing like a linebacker on a hot day!  Mom tries to cool her down and pretty soon hers falls back to sleep, I grumble around about hers waking me up from a dream about my Sweet Liberty and I snuggle against my momma's neck.  THEN Maggie gets all hot again and wakes us all back up wif her breathing and Mom tells Dad hers haf to go to the sweatshop tomorrow so maybe they should all go back in their OWN beds.  So Dad gets up and takes Maggie to hers bed, then he takes Stellie and by this time I haf it figured out that I ain't gonna get to sleep with my lovely Momma and I hides under her arm so Dad can't see me.  DOES IT WORK you ask....NO! He finds me even though I stiffen up and play dead, and puts me in my bed wif my girls. 

I is so mad that Maggie for her hot breathin that I didn't even say "Good Morning Sunshine" like I usually do.  I is gonna haf to have a talk wif her about sleeping over by Dad where the fan blows on her and not by my momma where hers gets to hot. 

I hopes you all had a good weekend, I mostly was the perimeter guard around Alcatraz.  We were invaded twice by the church kids next door who think my yard and toys are their yard and toys.  I barked and barked and snarfed at them but they got on the trikes.  Mom toles me to knock it off and try to act more neighborly but I didn't listen to hers.  I used my training at Officer Bites taught me.  Mom is just gonna haf to accept that I am a trained guard dog now.

I finks my momma is making fun of me and my fearlessness in this picture.  Yes folks that is a baby stroller....blush ...blush.....

Angus McConnell Long


  1. Hmm, maybe you could get Maggie a cooling collar so she doesn't get overheated when she sleeps? Or make her sleep OVER the covers!

  2. Wait a minute . . . you were in bed with your pawrents and then got kicked out? That is sooooo wrong! Once you fall asleep in the big bed the U.S. Constitution guarantees you the right to remain there. It is called liberty and happiness. The Supreme Court made a ruling on this that was 17 pages long and full of mumbo jumbo but the bottom line is that you are guaranteed Liberty and happiness. Now we KNOW you already got Liberty and she loves you so now you have to get back to that bed for happiness!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. LOL there is no such thing as good night over yours Guss. Luckily it is only me so I let my peeps share my bed. I am kind that way. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We let Mom & Dad sleep with us every night BOL! Luckily none of us breath to hard at night unless it is hot weather. We all have a "spot" that we start out. Hazel shares Dad's pillow, Bailey is on the extra pillow above Moms head and I usually start under the covers down by Mom's feet. Before long I come out from under the covers and cuddle to Moms side. If I get cold I go back under the covers for a while then come back out. It is Mom or Dads job to lift the covers for me. Hazel hardly ever gets under the covers but Bailey does sometimes. And sometimes Bailey will get down off the bed and sleep in one of the dog beds. Sounds like your peeps need some bed time training
    HA HA!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  5. We never get to sleep on the peeps bed - not because they don't want us too - but because we don't want too. The floor is so much cooler for us :) But at least you got some snuggles in with your mommie Gussie

  6. Mom and dad should be happy you allow them in your bed
    Lily & Edward

  7. Maybe Maggie is going through the change, like my Lee is, and she is getting those darn hot flashes. Gussie you got to be nice to women when they are going through the change or they will bite your head off. Just saying.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  8. OMD you were EVICTED from the BED??? THAT is sooooooWRONG. OH SO WRONG... We agree with Murphy and Stanley... you have a Constitutionally GUARANTEED RIGHT to the BED... and the pawsuit of LIBERTY too.

  9. Angus McConnell Long, you really do need to discuss this with Maggie. Clearly a concerted effort is required to gain your rightful spot on "The Big Bed"!

    Love, Gampy

  10. Sleeping snuggled up with Scarlet is the best part of my day, snoring and all :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  11. BOL! I love, love, love having slumber parties with my grand-peeps. My friends and I play alllllll night and sleep alllllll day. The grand-peeps don't get a lot of sleep but that's what coffee if for! When I sleep with my peep, I just cuddle. I love hearing about your nighttime adventures. Good think your dad figured out you wanted in bed!

  12. Oh dear dawg! What is with Maggie and her hotty flashes? I may have just the thing for her...a cooling pad...I'll be talking about it on my blog in May. It's pretty cool...BOL, get it? At least then everybody could get a decent night's sleep all snuggled up by mom!

  13. Kicked out of the big UNFAIR!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  14. We all sleep in the big bed. If anyone has a problem them should have got out of the bed, not you out. The whole this seems unfair to us

  15. oh no kicked out of bed, crime!

    retro rover

  16. Gertie used to get so hot under the covers, too, so I don't blame Maggie at all! I am glad you just got to sleep in the big bed for a little while!

  17. We think that just Maggie should have been kicked out. We have to say there is nothing better than sleeping and snuggling in the big bed with our peeps.

  18. You know what, we don't get to sleep in the humans' bedroom either, but we all have our beds and crates that we actually love. Besides it is a lot quieter downstairs and we don't have to listen to any of that snoring (whoever it might be).

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Gussie, you can stay over here with me I don't have hot flashes.

    Aroo to you,

  20. I think you all tried to the best of your abilities,,,,
    and maybe it was a good thing,, cause does your dad snore?
    You wouldn't have gotten any sleep!

  21. Wez back Dude'z and wez mizzed you sooooooo much. xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  22. Maybe you need to get the people to pick up another big bed just for you. Sometimes Hailey gets mad at us and will pee on our dog beds (and a couple times on the human bed).

  23. Hi Gussie - I'm glad you got to at least snuggle in the human bed for a bit. While dog beds are nice, nothing compares to the human bed! So much room. I think if all of you keep staring at your humans they will eventually give in and let you stay in the bed longer!