Friday, April 25, 2014


Ignore this old picture of me.

Well, Momma said it is okay for me to post another blog today cos wesa will be gone until Monday and sometimes fancy restaurants do a two for one day...(.burger king-- two hamburgers for the price of one) just think of us in that sense....

Gather round all my little buddies cos I haf a bedtime story for yousa.  So you nose I has been telling you all about my road crew boys and what good friends wesa become even tho my momma called them the "I" word.  I finks they forgave her for yelling at them cos they came back the others day and talked to me through the bars of Alcatraz whilst Mom was at work and Dad was up to no good in the house.  When my momma found this out her face blanched all white cos hers is afeared someday you will see my little face on the side of a milk carton. 

So last night when the moon was shining bright all the road crew boys from Mankato Minn. went downtown to the local drinking hole and ordered up some brewsky's cos they were hot from tearing up ours driveway and leaving big holes that if Moms little blue streak fell into ...well she would have not found her way back out.  So they's a drinking and laughing and having a good ole time and the road crew boys from Alabama walk in the door.  Wesa never evens met these boys so they musta been working on the other side of our little village tearing up someone else's Mommas driveway.

So all the boys get to drinkin and laughing and buying pizza and brewsky's and everyone is havin a good old time UNTIL someone made a crack (Isa finks it was Scott in the Mankato Crew) about the IQ of one of the Alabama crew...Isa finks they said his name was Raymond.  Well, the Alabama boys don't take kindly to criticism about their IQ'S and all of a sudden the laughin and partyin stops and the swingin starts.  Oh my Pug I jumps up out of my chair and ran around behind the counter and grabbed a pool stick to help out my buddies and the next things I knew my butt was flying over the table.  (Yes Officer Bites Isa was just doing my duty helping out Sheriff Dan..cough..cough)

The fight took itself out into the street and onto the cars of the local peoples who had just stopped by for some quiet time before theysa went home to the Misses......Dad toles us that...sometimes mens needs a drink before they can come home....anyways the road crew boys from Minn and Alabama were fighting and hitting and kicking and cussing each other so bad that Sheriff Dan had to be called down to settle the whole thing down.

Well he recognized me right off the bat, standing there holding a pool stick and he glared at me so bad, that I hightailed it for home.  Laters I found out some of my road crew buddies were staying wif Sherriff Dan for the night a nice sleepover and some of the Alabama boys were too.  Isa little mad that they didn't call me up cos I could have grabbed my footed jammies and headed out the door.

Momma heard all about this after hers got to work the next day, and then called me to ask me if I knew anything about it.  I said, "of course not Momma!"  I is so sorry for lying to my Momma.  Those road crew boys have got me on the wrong path in life and Isa will be glad when they head up up North. 

I hopes you believe me cos this is a true story.  Just ask Sheriff Dad.
Angus McConnell Long


  1. We bet you swing a mean pool cue! And Momma's baby has to grow up sometime...bwahaahaa! Glad you were able to make your escape.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. Wow Gus, that is quite the bedtime story!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  3. Oh wow happy happy happy Bday you are a big boy now

    retro rover

  4. Oh Angus. You'd better stay away from those road crew boys, they're going to get you into trouble!

  5. Wow, we think this should be made into a movie!!! So glad this ended well, kind of anyway.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Um Stella and Gussie
    What are cheese curds? Are they anything like cheese shreds? I am a city girl. I know Target and PetsMart.
    Love Noodles

  7. Oh Angus you sure tell a good tale. Of course we believe you.

  8. ANGUS MCCONNELL!!!!! You had better stay home with your momma and daddy!

  9. So, do I really need to call Sheriff Dan, and see what you were up to, this ain't looking good JR OFFICE ANGUS!!!!, what the heck are you doing getting Momma all upsets for. Good thing you have not been issued a pistol YET, like maybe never.

    Your Boss, Bites

  10. Of course I believe you Angus.. There is no way you could have made that up!

  11. LOL we agree with Scotsmad. Too much of the brew and bang goes the neighbourhood. Sounds like a weekend night on our high street. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Oh wow, they really had a sleep over at your Sheriff Dan? Bet it was not that kind of PJ-party we know? My dad said sometimes men need liquid courage first, before they can go home to the Misses. I'm proud that you tried to help out, Angus. Have a great weekend, and I agree, we were glad to as the road guys moved on.

  13. Hope you were playing for money, cause then you can buy your Momma something nice so she will forgive you faster!

  14. You have an exciting life. Can we come visit?

  15. What the woof, a barroom brawl! OMD I wish I could have been there with you.

    Aroo to you,