Tuesday, April 15, 2014


SOOO you NOSE wesa been a little mad at ours MOMMA for leaving us out in the cold on SAturdAY ..you nose by playing all day wif that baby girl instead of us  so yesterday Dad put us outside to enjoy the freezing cold weather and clear our sinuses BUT instead we did this:

The city is working on putting  in this fiber optic stuff all overs our town.  There is orange spray paint and flags all up and down our driveway and other peoples....so while Dad was in the house relaxing without us THREE men came into our yard to check us out.

Dad said he heard barking and barking but he didn't pay any attention to us.  Poor Maggie she was telling Dad "stranger danger stranger danger" but he kept right on watching his show and ignoring us.  I on the other hand had decided since Mom prefers playing wif that baby perhaps I needed a new home and I faught living on the road wif these guys might be just what I needed SO I ran right over to the fence and looked up at them wif my sweet little face.

They were petting us and laughing WIF us not at US and Maggie was screaming and barking and drooling and screaming...you know being her usual unsociable self...and Stellie Rose was smiling up at them wif her big ole eyes and FINALLY Dad stepped outside to check to see what the &%# is going on...lots of HBO words...the guys said wesa were really cute and asked him what kind of dogs we are????   WELL stooopids we are pugs and get out of our yard, Yeah Maggie said that to them. 

Dad talked to them about us for awhile and they were all petting me and Stellie Rose.  By now Maggie had went into HIGH alert and DAD had to put her in the house so he could talk.  I asked them if they need any help out on their road crew, and that I was really good at signing autographs for their womens.

FINALLY Dad tole's me we needed to go back in the house cos Mom was on her ways home from work.  When Mom got home he TOLD on us for being TOO friendly to strangers EXCEPT Maggie of course.  Mom had a long talk wif us about people coming into our yard and to nevers go anywhere wif anyone but her and Dad.  I pouted most of the night cos I faught living on the road would have been fun!! 

Then I remembered Easter was coming up and I knew I would get a basket wif presents in it so I decided I better stay here wif my Momma.....cos I loves her A LOT!!!

Angus McConnell


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  2. Your Pops should be happy you didn't decide to go on the road with the flag men and spray painters. Mom would have kilt him
    Lily & Edward

  3. Oh, yeah, cuz that Easter Bunny guy NEEDS to know where you are! Good choice. Stay home; stay safe; get treats!
    Play bows,

  4. Angus, you do have an interesting way of looking at things. We're glad you didn't go on the road, though. We don't think there is much demand for women wanting autographs of a road crew. Besides, you would miss your mom and dad and the others.

  5. ANGUS MAC.... you three did a super job of putting out the STRANGER DANGER ALERT... Sorry that it took your dad like 87 days to respond to it... He is LUCKY he wasn't STOLEN by the Dangerous Strangers...
    BUTT you would have pawtected him we guess.
    You are RIGHT... this (Like Christmas and Birfdays and Gotcha Days) is NOT the time of year to be going to some OTHER place... You gotta be HOME to get the Goodies... and the E.B. IS coming... in like 87 hours or so...
    We gotta look at the BIG and Bountiful Picture... RIGHT???

  6. Oh Angus, your mom and your dad were right. It's better only to trust your mom and your dad and maybe people what were invited to enter your crib by your mom and your dad. Oh and maybe the easter bunny should get a ticket to enter your house to place big gifts for three cute little pugs. btw: the three men really had no clue that you are three pugs? hahaha

  7. I don't know - if mom put bunny ear on us - I think we would definitely be going home with the road crew :)

  8. Oh Angus bravo bravo....you might be little but you have a mighty alert system. MOL I have a stranger danger alert too....I just ignore everyone.
    Hugs Madi your bfff and Mom

  9. Hey Pink Bunny ears you are so right about stranger danger. Barking is a good thing under the circumstances. You don't want them laying cables in your yard. Grrr we say. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Oh, Rita is right there with Maggie - Stranger Danger all the way!! Angus - it was nice I guess that you were nice to those men... but you gotta be careful or they might whisk you away! I don't think you would have like living on the road with those men. (They musta been pretty silly if they didn't know what a Pug is! Imagine?!) You got it good there at home, so be sure and tell your Mom how much you appreciate her!

  11. I am SO GLAD that the strangers did not take you!!!! Way to go, Maggie!

  12. So glad those strangers didn't try to take you. Great job to Maggie.
    Glad your dad finally decided he needed to check; you can't be too careful.
    Hunter who is really shy with strangers) and Noreen

  13. We don't let ANY strangers get close to our house. Shoot we don't let anyone we know get close to our house with out our early warning system. BUT DON'T go anywhere with STRANGERS!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  14. Hey, Gussie, you wanta get away......find a Fed Ex box, and get yourself shipped down here. We got no kiddies to take away our ME time, and we gots room!

    The Mad Scots

  15. We get those same warnings from the Mom and Dad too. We have a lock on our gate with a code to get in. Only the family and our lawn guys have the code. Anyone else wanting to get in our kingdom has to ring the doorbell. Mom worries about them not remembering to close the gate after they are done. And the lawn guys know the rule: "If the dogs are out, someone is home. Please ring the bell and we will bring the dogs in." Mom says it works very well.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. You be careful Gussie! Maggie was just trying to teach you about STRANGER DANGER. Don't wanna go off with the wrong peep, do ya?

  17. I have a feeling those flag men are talking about each of you tonight, and I bet you made their whole day!

  18. Boy, your momma had better train your dad up right! He's supposed to come RIGHT AWAY when you start the stranger danger bark! What if they'd been pugnappers?!?

  19. Well, I am glad to hear you were not dog-napped! Have you ever watched 101 Dalmatians? It's a lesson for all of us. Stranger Danger is a very real thing. I have my bark alert barky voice and my peep knows something's up. I guess your Dad was watching a really good show. ;-)