Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This is me when I was 6 months old.  See how beautifulist I is.

This is my now at 4.5 years old.  Momma says I is still  beautiful.

Some of you know my story of how Isa comes to live wif my momma and daddy and some of my newer friends don't.  Lets just say, I came from the cruelella deville puppy mill at 4 months of age, but I soon learned that love would take care of all my issues except one.  My eyes.  So for 4 years the frankenvet has been telling Momma my eyesight was getting worse (as in 99.6 % Stella cannot see), even though she uses all the medicine they prescribe.

My Mom is an ostrich when hers heres this, and mostly just ignores him and goes on wif our lives, until this weekend.

 Mom has always believed that I needed to be treated just like the other two crazies that live wif me.  If they go somewhere to run around, I go somewhere to run around, eyes be damned.  She takes me to the park, (sometimes I ride in my stroller) and to the lake, and to see grandpa and grandma, and the grandmonsters.  She has never treated me differently cos of the eye issue.

BUT on Sunday I was laying by my momma resting and relaxing and Dad decided we all needed to go outside.  So he reached down to get me and I snapped at him, and tried to bite him.  He was shocked and so was Mom.  Dad was upset, but Mom just told him to tell me next time what he is going to do.  THEN later that evening I did it again to Dad, .....now Mom is sad.

She pulled her head out of the sand, and started noticing all the changes as far as my eyes that I am going through.  I tip my head way back when she talks to me, I got lost at the fairgrounds last week, even though I was standing a few feet away from momma, I have a hard time finding my stuffies in the toy box, and now I snap at my Dad. 

Mom tole me last night that we will get over this hurdle,(she is making an appt. for the good vet just as a checkup) and that change is not always bad, it is just new and different.  The important thing is I am still hers and she is still mine.  That is the important thing.

Love Stella Rose


  1. Don't worry, Stellie - just time to reassess what you need, that's all! Your momma loves you so much, she just wants the best for you!

    Edgar and his mum

  2. Stella - this haz us Beaglebratz stumped - even our mom iz. That really duzn't sound like nuthin'we haf herd of. Hope all goez well at the good vet an'it iz nuthin'bad. You r tue sweet fur bad stuff tue happen.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta
    pee-ess our mom knowz'boutz duin'rite with eye stuff BUTT vizion didn't improve much - now our mom kinda controlz the med (the amount) an'vizion haz improved sum - go mom!

  3. Oh Stella, I am sorry about your eyes and to hear that you snapped at your dad. I am sure you were just started and did not mean to AT ALL. I am also sure that your Mom is 100% right and that you will get over this hurdle, and all of blogville will be here to support and cheer you on as you do so!

  4. You are just as gaw-geous as a baby
    Lily & Edward

  5. Stella, our little Hannah is with you in spirit. She lived almost sightless for three years... and got along fine in her own world, the house and the deck. You can do it! We know you can!

  6. you are always beautiful Stella Rose, that's for sure. and I'm sure you will get over this hurdle. And you're right the most important thing is that you are still hers and she is still yours.

  7. always was a beauty and always will be! Thats you
    retro rover

  8. Our Mom sister had a doggie who went blind as he got older and he too went through that snappy phase because he also couldn't hear well either so when he was touched and didn't see or hear it coming - it startled and scared him. Mom's sister found an easy way around it though - she would stamp her foot and he could feel the vibration and knew she was there. He lived to be 20 :)

  9. Yes, that is the most impawtent thing. We saw a video one time of a blind dog who could ftch. We don't know how he did it but he was very good at it. This might mean that life is going to be a bit different for you. Not worse, just different. And you and your people just have to learn how to do the different life and then everything will be fine.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. OH STELLA ROSE..... Of COURSE you are the mostest Beautiful of them all. Everybuddy in Blogville NOSE that Beauty is in the NOSE of the BeSniffer...
    When your dad goes to touch you.... he needs to be trained to SPEAK furst... You might need to get some extra Cheese fur this trainin pawcess. And your mom will need to TALK to you more... THAT is a good thingy... as long as she doesn't get all BOSSY and stuffs.
    This is not the Worst of all thingys... you can train your peeps to do thingys that YOU need done fur you.
    We TRULY wish with all of our two hearts that this had NOT happened to you... butt you are in the care of LOVING Peeps and they will make it work fur you.
    We are sending you POTP and VIBES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    and a WHOLE Lotta LOVE.

  11. Stella you are so beautiful. We are confident you and your family will get things figured out cause they love you so. Your dad may need to learn when it is OK to approach and when not to. And you will get used to your changing eyesight. Maybe you were just having some cranky days like some girls do BOL!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. Some change is hard but we know you will all get through this latest because you love each other.

  13. Hi Stella, I know your momma is reading this to you. It is hard as things change but I know you'll adjust so quickly. One of our old pups was blind and see did just fine. Your family will help you through any issues.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  14. Oh dear Stella, you may just need to adjust a bit. Maybe mom and dad can talk to you before they reach for you so you know they are leaning in to pick you up and take you to fab places. No matter what though they will still love you. Who wouldn't?

  15. Hi Stella
    Change is not easy but it is not bad. This is my mantra which I am sharing with you.
    Love Noodles


  17. Sendin good thoughts yur way. Yur pawrents will Always luv yu.
    Evfurrything will wurk out.

  18. Prayers for you and mom Stella Rose. May God place a healing hand upon your eyes.
    Janice, Snuggles, Sassy and Dixie

  19. We hope your eyes don't hurt. Everyone can make adjustments, but we don't want you hurtin'.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  20. Hi Stella,
    I think you are beautiful and always will be.
    Now its time to train the peeps to say little words to you before picking you up,, yes,, that will help. And maybe the good doctor can help too.
    You have wonderful nose and ears,,, and the two of those things will make your eyes work better too

  21. We're sure you didn't really mean to snap at your daddy. He probably just surprised you.

  22. Sorry to hear bout your eyes gettin worse. Ya sure are a cutie! Too bad ya probably can't see your own cuteness in da mirror.

  23. I know that you didn't mean to snap at dad. He will just have to get use to letting you know he is going to pick you up. We have a friend that has a blind dog and they always let him know what they are going to do. He has a fur brother that navigates him around outside so they can play safe. So I know you are going to be just fine but sending you good vibes and POTP to help you with your eyes.

    Aroo to you,

  24. You are so beautiful. Daddy should know better than to just scoop a sleeping dawg up BOL., back to puppy class Dad Bawahwhhahahaa xxxoxxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  25. Ah Stella, one thing I know for sure is that your mama and daddy loves you lots. I'm sorry to hear your eyes are getting worse, though. Hopefully, the new dogtor can help a bit with them. Take care sweetie.

    xoxo Patty

  26. Beautiful Stella, every little thing is going to be allll right. Your Mom & Dad are going to help you adjust. Change is good, it sometimes just feels bad. We know your Dad loves you with all of his heart too, even with the snapping.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  27. Stella, you have other talents babes. Sniffin stuff and bet you can hear stuff. Keep clear of the cat.

  28. Oh no Stella! Hopefully you dad understands it was an accident and you would never hurt him - on purpose. Webster bit mama once but it was her fault ... she was trying to break up a fight. Hopefully your mama can get you into a good doctor who can help you.

    Hang in there sweetheart ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  29. Hi Stella,
    We stopped by early this morning and then got distracted by Grandpa Bob and never did get around to finishing our note to you. Sorry 'bout that!

    We too are so very sorry to hear about your eyes. You are still very beautiful to all of us here. We know that you will learn to get around just fine. We think that by talking to you first before approaching you sounds like a good solution. We know how much you love your Daddy (and bacon.)

    We're here for you sweetie!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  30. Oh, Stella Rose, what a scary time for you. I bet you wish you could explain to the humans what to do to make you better. The good vet will hopefully have some *insight* on how best to help such a sweet girl!