Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 GOOD Morning Friends, today I am your tour guide and I would like you to come walk wif me in our yard.  You can call me Mr. Angus McConnell or Baby Gussie, whichever you like.  It often depends on my behavior at that moment as to what my Momma calls me.
Please don't look at that floor, we are still a work in progress at our house.  Momma finks next month we may be able to put down some new flooring.

First we are gonna stop and look at my Momma's favorite flowers, see them sitting on the dry sink that hers painted....you don't haf to water them or anything, sometimes Mom vacuums the pug hair off of them though.

These are zinna's.  Mom favorite kind of flower seed to plant.  Every Sunday she brings in new ones for us to see and it make our old kitchen pretty.  This years Momma ordered zinna seeds from amazon for a gazillion dollars, but they didn't even grow very well, INSTEAD the cheapo Walmart seeds is what grew.  She is sticking with Walmart from now on and spending that extra money on us.
Her momma gave her that blue splashware pitcher.  Mom is going to try to save all her seeds when she deadheads the zinna's this year.  Last year she did that, but she put them up so well, she can't find them....so she had to buy more...

This is our porch.  Mom and Dad and us are out here all the time when the weather permits.  Mom is getting ready to add a chaise lounge to it so we all can relax on her while she reads.

We have hanging plants on the porch and other plants sitting around on little tables.  It is a very old porch and the landlord never spends money to fix it up so we just do the best with what we have.

Mom spray painted this little table pink and put her caladiums on it.  See those little chickens Ms. Mary Ann, we put them there so we will always think of you.

We also spray painted this little table and put on of Mom's spider plants on it.  It looks pretty.  Lets head on outside now.

Little Tweedles Mom and Ms. Mary Ann sent momma zinna seeds and marigold seeds also.  We planted some of them in pots and put them on our front step.  They look very pretty.  They are in the hot sun though all day long so we have to water them a lot. 

This is half of our front yard.  We have a limestone wall that goes all around the front of our house.  Here are more zinna's and over in the corner is a blue bird bath full of little geodes for the birds to sit on.  See our marigolds Tweedles.

This is an old john deere trike that the grandmonsters had a long time ago.  Mom is using it as a planter now...lol...Dad got her that big ole teapot.

Do you remember when Grandma Teri went to Heaven back in January.  Well Momma and little Macey who is 6, planted seeds of impatiens in this barrel....without Macey knowing it, Momma also added some plants ...you know "just in case".  Macey is very proud of her memory barrel.

We are growing blue bottles in this flower bed.

Mom calls this the ugly part of her yard.

See these geese, Cammie and Maggie.  They don't even run away from us when we try to pee on them.

Mom needs to get these succulents planted this week.  We are under a heat advisory for today though so she will haf to wait until it cools off a bit. 105 heat index.  We are staying inside.

Part of Alcatraz.  Mom's son in law is coming over this week and they are working on the fence, and making it different and better. Sshhhh...it is a secret our dad does not know.  Look for a big plume of smoke tomorrow night, that will be him exploding when he finds out.

These plants are every farmers nightmare.  Morning Glories in all colors....Tweedles sent us some and we bought some also...Mom says she needs to go out and move some of the vines though cos they are all growing up two strings, not all the strings, she is afraid it will break.  We are hoping one morning we will come out on the porch and see all kinds of flowers for the hummingbirds.

Right now it is 8:20 in the morning of the heat wave BUT it is dark like nighttime because we are under a severe thunderstorm warning, it is starting to rain so we had better all get home.  Thank you for coming to our tour ...we hoped you enjoyed it.

Your friend
Angus McConnell Long



  1. what a wonderful garden guys - it looks awesome. Psssss you won in our birthday bash giveaway - can you send us you mailing addy

  2. Gus, you have the most beautiful yard! Your mama has worked so hard, and the porch is so pretty... I love how she painted her tables... and flowers... flowers everywhere. The remembrance barrel is the best!

  3. What a nice place for walkies!! Mom is dog sitting a pug named Nellie. We call her PUGLET and we think of your pack often.

  4. We Beaglebratz also r under a heat wave warning BUTT no thunderboomerz, just heat. You'all haf a sooper-dooper bakyard - our mom iz tue lazy tue plant ANYTHING. We due haf a large forsythia bush - this past Saturday when we did the Sepia thing - we were runnin'around it cuz critterz like tue hide there.
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor (testing - or Prince of My Kingdom)
    an'Diva Shasta

  5. Gussie, we think your yard is beautiful! Even the part your momma says is the ugly part is beautiful! Mum wishes that she had a lovely back porch like you have so she could sit and read when the weather is cool and nice.

    Edgar and his mum

  6. Good morning Gussie- your mama has some really pretty flowers! I really like that big ol' teapot with the flowers. I'm not that good with plants and flowers (my hubby tells me I have a brown thumb, lol) so it makes me happy to see someone that is.

    Hugs to you, Maggie and Stella.

    xoxo Patty

  7. Wow we are so impressed. What a beautiful garden and the porch is fabulous. We are green with envy. Bravo to mum and her hard work. Looking forward to Alcatraz mark 2. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Angus you are such the tour guide! Your house is beautiful. Thank goodness for cheap-o Walmart stuff
    Lily & Edward

  9. Oh we loved your tour and we love your yard, all the pretty plants and flowers! Mom is jealous of your covered porch. We don't use our deck enough cause it gets the afternoon sun and can be too hot and she would love to have a cover. Can't wait to see the new improved fence,
    just tell Dad to deal with it BOL!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  10. I love your porch, that's a place to feel at home (specially the blue table is great!). We have no porch and the part what could be one once is "the ugly part" of my crib. I love Macey's memory barrel, that's such a cute idea. we ordered seeds at amazon too, that ugly vietnamese pumpkins and not one survived (yay! said my dad). Many thanks for the tour, you are the bestest tourguide Officer Angus!

  11. You have a great yard and garden, Gussie! I agree with Easy...I LOVE your porch! So rustic...we want one! BOL
    Happy Tuesday,

  12. Hey Angus!
    Wow, I'm so sorry I put Stella Rose down for Safety Week! I'll be firing my assistant...well, maybe not, but I'm gonna grouch at her fur sure. BOL Got it fixed now and I bet Stella's relieved. BOL Thanks for hosting.
    OMD what great flowers! Mom kills most of ours...that and we don't get any sun. She mostly grows moss in our yard. Your house and yard are so very pretty! Love that Deere Trike Planter.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  13. Angus Mac.... YOU are a Tour Guide EXTRAORDINAIRE fur SURE... OMD we JUST LOVE all the Interesting thingys that your mom has used fur Planters... They are FABULOUS... VERY INVENTIVE Re-purposing !! We love that.
    We think your flowers are just BEAUTIFUL and so full of COLOR and even MEMORIES.. that makes them even MORE special.
    We LOVED the Tour.... and we put your TIP in the Jar. hehehe

  14. What a grreat tour! You have a very pretty yard. But how do you get the blue bottles to grow? Are they from seeds or cuttings? What kind of fertilizer do you use?

  15. That was an excellent tour Angus McConnell Long and a most beautiful place you have! I especially like the porch!

    Love, Gampy

  16. We are in love with your house!!! I wish my peep would grow some blue bottles, too. You all sure have a very green thumb. We've never tried to grow plants from seeds. I think we'll need to take a trip to Walmart and check out their seeds.

  17. thanks for stopping by our page gus. thanks for hosting the tour of your yard, your mama could teach our mama a thing or two about gardening, first thing would be watering is a good thing

  18. Oh Angus, we LOVE your home and garden. Mum had tears in her eyes when she saw your beautiful flowers, and we did too cause we try our best to help her and we can never get anything to grow. The memory tub was lovely and we especially love your porch. How lovely it must be to sit there and relax together. Mum wishes she had a travel machine so she could drop over for a cuppa. Take care mates. Thanks Angus for the tour. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. Crikey ..... are those blue bottles hard to grow? They look VERY healthy!! Your garden is very pretty with all those flowers and I love your porch. No wonder you spend a lot of time there!!

  20. Thanks for the tour. We loved your porch the best but it is all very nice.

  21. Hi Gussie
    Thank you for taking us on the wonderful tour of your yard! My mos love your porch- is it screened in?
    And we loved all the flowers blooming in just the right spots! I see the seeds that I sent you- have all grown up and are pretty.
    Everything is pretty,, and we loved the Memorial Garden planter too.
    Thank you for showing us everything.

  22. I love all the flowers! I have many flowers, but don't know what half of them are. I should do a post, maybe your momma can identify them for me... : )

  23. Your mama has some really pretty flowers. Mine got some pretty yellow ones on Saturday- I'd say give her a couple more days, she'll ensure they're dead and gone. RIP flowers. Anywho, looks like your mama knows what she's doing. Also, fun fact, my full name is Bunk Moreland. Depending on my behavior, I'm called Bunk or Moreland.

  24. your home is beautiful! it looks like a sweet little cottage paradise

    retro rover

  25. Hi Gus! Thanks for the tour. Maybe I can convince mama to bring me for a visit ...

    Love, Liberty

  26. Oh my! The gooses don't run away?!!? How do you manage that? Do you sneak up on them?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher
    PS: Sorry we are so behind reading and commenting. Things have been really crazy for mom.