Tuesday, July 15, 2014


On Sunday Momma toles us we had better be on ours best behavior cos "company" was a comin...we faught and faught who it could be and wondered if it was my Santy Claus coming to asked me to be the next new reindeer, Maggie said not to holds my breath...hers is mean sometimes to me.

So we got all dressed up, and helped mom pick up our toys and then we heard our company coming up the steps.

It was our Uncle Charlie!!!!

He was so excited to see us that he broke his collar racing for the door, so Momma gave him a new collar to wear home.

He loves visiting us.

Maggie on the other hand HATES visitors and she lets them know that by barking at them 342 hours straight!!!!  Charlie didn't understand her problem wif him visiting my momma and daddy.

See that spot on the rug, well one of the grandmonsters spilled their orange pop!!!  I bet you humans faught I did it!!!  I toles Charlie to go home and he wouldn't listen to me at all!!

I, Angus, kept nipping at him trying to get him to run and play wif me.  I toles him he looks like he needs to run a whole bunch, and Momma grabbed holes of my ear and toles me that was not nice to say.  Charlie toles me he has a thyroid problem and he eats a lot less food then isa does and he still is chunky. 

Grandpa Russell was probably ready to go home after he gots to our house like in 20 minutes, cos of the barking, and loud grandmonsters....he said he had a good time but isa fink he was just being nice.

Angus McConnell


  1. Bol! Sounds like yu do the stuff that's why we don't nefur get no companys round here!

  2. I think Uncle Charlie peed in protest
    Lily & Edward

  3. visitors is always something to bark about - you were just telling them how happy you were they visited - right?

  4. I'm with Maggie, I love visitors, even those with 4 legs, butt my crib is howly and the green monster will show up immediately. I'm glad your mom had a new collar for your uncle, imagine he had to drive home nekked :o) yiiikes!

  5. Mom Kim here - This is kinda different from your post - was gonna email but couldn't find your addy and the computer at work won't do yahoo anyway - SO - I noticed you tried doing the linky over at Murphy and Stanley's, it is VERY deceiving but all linky tools are that way (I have no idea why - I think it is stupid) on the line where you want to put the link to your page - they already have the http:// well erase the one already there because your url has that so that is why your link didn't work. (yep, found that out the hard way a few years ago).

    Shiloh, Lord of the Manor here now along with Diva Shasta - we don't git any vizitorz at our place unless it iz a repairman fur sumthing - FURRY MUCH BORING!

  6. OH BOY HOWDY.... did you ever have an exciting time with the company. THAT is how it SHOULD be... Lots of FUN and Barking and stuffs... Wish WE could have been there to enjoy the grrrrrrreat time.

  7. Oh you always have to bark at your visitors, what kind of host would you be if you didn't let them know just how excited you were they came to see you?!

  8. Visitors are ALWAYS fun! We wish a dog would come visit us!

  9. We bark at visitors when they arrive and we really bark at them when they leave BOL! Hey just think of the havoc if Greta and Maggie got together!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

    Pee Es
    don't be afraid to try again on the bloghop. As Beaglebratz said
    just make sure your blog address is like this http:\\stellroselong.blogspot.com

  10. Ahhhhh the lovely sound of puggy barking orders...that is too funny. But you know it is your house so it is your rules.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  11. Neither one of us are crazy about visitors either. We like our home the way it is. You are better dogs than us and we tip our tail to you

  12. Ha! My dogs can be jerks about company, too!

  13. Oh, Angus, I love when you tell us stories about your family. You have such a way with words! We're still laughing over the scene that played out in your house.

  14. I do all that barky stuff too,,, I know everyone has a good time,,, peoples worry too much about stuff.