Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Broke Computer!

On Saturday Turd ie (Moms new word for her cos she poops off the pee pads now)and I had to go to the vet to get OUR nails cut.  After Sam's horrible experience Mom and we were worried.  We brought  the Army to go with us just to keep that new vet in line a little better.  Mom put us in our pretty dresses and gave us a spit bath and we were on our way.  We also brought in two grandboys to help Mom carry us in case she passes out from the blood.

Jackson carried Me.  The vet weighed me and announced that I was getting a tab bit pudgy at 16 lbs.  I tried to tell him it was the dress but he did not have much of a sense of humor.  I also thought it was important that I shared our mom doesn't cook much, mostly frozen water, but he didn't seem to give a lick about it.  I did very well!!

Next Ty carried Turd ie in.. She was shedding up a storm...She weighs a whopping 14 lbs.  Mom was worried and wanted the Vet to do every test under the sky but he said that was a good weight for a pug.  That most peoples pugs are FAT (his words not ours) and thats why he likes to see small little pugs...Mom told us on the way home he was full of **$# and that she is worried about TURD.

Later on the cowboys and their sister came to visit us.  The cowboys ended up staying all night and bunking on the bedroom floor in mom and dads room...it was a blast!

The girls stayed home and rode their camel.

Moms computer is acting up so we haven't got to be on here much.  Mom says she is going through withdrawal cos she can't blog.  I am also missing seeing all the pictures of food that everyone else's moms are cooking for them.  I live vicariously through you. Stella Rose


  1. Stella
    I USED to weigh 14 pounds and Mommy said that is my ideal weight (I am on the short petite side). But lately my weight has been closer to 16 pounds so I was put on a D-I-E-T! I'd be HAPPY with some frozen water cuz then I'd have SOMETHING in my belly.
    Love, sigh, Noodles

    1. Noodles...you do not want your mom to start feeding you frozen water, cos then she thinks she is cooking for you and all hope is lost..you weigh just what i do and mom says i am perfect so you must be too!!

  2. You got me giggling. (turd-ie) HAHAHAHA Okay, mom's need to know that having fur-babies is not just a job, it's a DOO-ty.

    Someday, I may own a little puglet. Fat or not, they are precious.

  3. How dare the vet dude tell you you are getting pudgy. Is this guy blind? He is not going to make many friends and for sure no girlfriends with that kind of talk.

  4. Well it's good you had the boys to go with you. What fun to have a sleep over.
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. Yea my mommy agrees with your vet! It pains her when she sees overweight doggies. (literally I can feel her heart pang a little)


  6. Tell that silly compooter to behave. We hope you are back to normal soon as we can imagine how you miss all those food pix. We often drool all over the keyboard. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly