Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Mom and I and Turdie was sittin out on the porch this morning listening to the birds and squirrels and Mom was drinking coffee.  We thought this picture was a good way for us to start our day.
Mom tried to get Turdie to look at the camera but she was more interested in getting down off the chair..thus no face shot of her.  I wanted to thank Noodles for bringing to Mom's attention Noodles issue with her weight...after reading her post last week Mom realized I weigh the same as Noodles and If Noodles is overweight then so must I be.  Mom even went so far as measured ALL of our heights last night to see how tall we are.  I and turdie are both 12 inches tall and Sam is 16 inches tall.  I heard Mom tell Dad that she was going to start adding more veg to my food and less food...WHAT!!!!!  I describe myself as a cute little grizzly bear pug...apparently that means I am bordering on FAT!!

We are so excited about our new contest.  Please tell your friends.  Mom has been in contact with the SERPA pug rescue and they have already sent her three emails about their upcoming box!!  They said the rescue money only goes so far so treats will be something that they could really use!  They said the foster parents are really happy!

Okay so this is a picture of Mom's new best friend!!  We took the picture in the laundry room so it looks rather messy.  IT is called a SHARK and SAMMER HATES IT!!!  Everytime he hears the "psst" sound the steam makes he growls and barks and trys to rip the handle out of Moms hands.  Mom loves it cos she says it cleans the wood floors better than her old mop!  I believe Mom loves her SHARK more than Dad ....I am worried she is going to start sleeping with it!! Sometimes I feel we are a very dysfunctional family!
stella rose


  1. Well I missed the part about the contest cause My Vickie was away but we are gonna go and read the back posts cause we wanna help
    Talk to you soon

  2. You get to have a SHARK live with you?!!? How awesome is that! I'd love to get one and keep it in the bathtub. That would be so cool.
    Play bows,

  3. Oooh, Momma's been wanting a Shark too! I'm glad to hear good reviews.

  4. We have a shark too. I absolutely love it. It's does such a great job on our hardwood and tile floors without having to worry about all those chemicals (esp cuz our silly pigs like to lick the floors). All 3 of our pugs hide on the couch when they see me bring it out LOL :)

  5. Bawhahaha sleeping with the shark. Is that like sleeping with the fishes? hahhahha Oh I crack me up. On Monday we will be sending you or package. Be looking for it.

  6. Never heard of the shark cleaner before. Must go and look it up. Have a great day and package on the way tomorrow.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Hi Stella
    Sorry about the D-I-E-T. BTW, mommy measured me and I am also 12 inches tall. Hehheh, who knew. Anyhoo, 3 weeks on the diet and my waist is returning and so is my energy. If I have to be honest here (and I do because some big HUMAN is staring over my shoulder) eating a little kibble and a lot of veggies is not too bad. I get full and more or less satisfied. I do miss the cookies, though.
    Love Noodles

    1. Thanks noodles for looking out for me, and making me realize I no longer need the little extras that dad has been sneaking me, ( Mom is also looking over my shoulder) we are twins aren't we...
      stella rose

  8. DIET! Run Stella Rose, run!! We too are on diets but that doesn't stop Grandpa Bob from dropping down food for us. We're trying really hard to be good but around 8pm I get really hungry and believe me, I tell Mommy all about it too. How nice of Noodles to keep an eye on you.

    And now you've got a Shark in the house! Goodness, next you'll be entertaining Lions.

    Lily Belle

  9. Dysfunctional family ~ ya think? But you crack me up and they say laughter is good for the heart. So you are a heart healthy blog.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  10. We have the EnviroSteamer, which is kind of like a Shark, but cheaper! We never bark at it or the vacuum or the Roomba. They are more like a curiosity to us since they come out so rarely. Mom isn't much of a housekeeper, but she does cook for us, so that's okay.

    Where do we send the treats again?

  11. what a good way to start the day, very cute
    Benny & Lily

  12. Mama has one of those sharks, too! It lives in the garage but when she uses it we have to play outside. Why she bothers, we don't know ... our floor is NEVER clean!

    We are on diets, too ... WE - as in Zoe, Liberty and Whitney! Doesn't seem fair, does it? Mama feeds us all Canidae dry but we only get 25 pieces of food - and YES mama counts them out - and 1/4 cup of frozen green beans - twice a day. For breakfast we also get 6 frozen blueberries. Of course, daddy gets home at 2pm and we get snacks. He feels bad for us and knows we are hungry! Sometimes he feeds us before mama gets home - he always give us more. Then mama gets mad at him!

    We will be sending some treats!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney