Friday, August 24, 2012


Mom is giving me a few days time out from the computer because of my blogging these last few days about her being a bad cook (I tried to tell her I just report the facts but that only got me in further the burnt hot dogs only proves my point) anyway...last night mom and i had a "mom to pug" heart to heart talk. As a result of the talk I am now on time out until Monday.
Here is our conversation:
Mom: Stella have you or your siblings ever went hungry in this house?
Good Me: No of course not dearest mommie.
BAD ME: Well hungry for real food and not that dry food  you give us.
Mom: Stellie, Dad and I love you guys alot, we take the best care of you we can. You go to the Vet when you need to, you get exercise and sunshine, we spend as much time with you as we can, you get treats, we would never trade you for anything, we are your forever home!!
Good Me: I know Mom, I love you and dad alot too!
BAD ME: Lets back this train up Mom, first of all I never ever ask to go to the Vet because there usually is always pain involved, second you put us in Alcatraz where we cannot run freely all over the neighborhood, we also have to share you with grandkids, and mean ole cat Dietzman, and as far as treats we have only ever tried one kind of bully have no imagination!
Mom: I know I don't cook alot of food for you, but you get fruits and vegetables and sometimes I cook you chicken.  You know Dad always brings you home something from the restaurant when he can.  You probably get more fresh fruit than any pug I know.
Good Me: I know Mom we are so lucky you buy us fresh fruits and veggies to eat.  I love you so much!
BAD ME: Once again you are living in a pretend world mom from the rest of us.  You often forget to buy us our frozen green beans and we have to eat ones from the can..can you say HIGH IN SALT....and I have to scream at you while you are cutting our apples just in case you forget to give me more!!  Yes, Dad does bring us little scrumptious treats from his work...I will go along with that..usually though I get in trouble for being food aggressive when I think he is going to share that donut with anyone but me!

Our conversation ended with Mom telling me that we could do a contest..Yippee..Yippee..BUT the treats or food mailed to us would be sent on to SERPA...a pug rescue in Missouri.  She is sure the foster homes and puggies would appreciate a little treat.  The winner of the contest will be the one with the strangest treat that we could be a homemade treat from weird ingredients, or a boughten treat that is strange. Mom will keep a list of the senders and put their names in the box.  We will send the winner a little box of prizes. (Do you see something wrong with this picture)  We are going to start the contest on Monday and end it on September 29th.  Mom said you can email her at simpson_long to get our address. 
Good Me: I can hardly wait to send these special treats to pugs waiting for their forever homes.
BAD ME: WHAT I don't get to keep any of the treats for myself....what!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just what kind of lesson are you trying to teach me.
Stella Rose


  1. Nudge us a reminder on Monday when it begins and we will see what we can up with from across the pond. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I'm going to need to get your address, it seems. :) And Stella, tell your mom to check out this treat recipe that you're sure to love. I just found out about it today and it looks easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  3. Woo Hoo the contest is on!! Where do we send our I mean your treats? oh never mind I see how I get the address. Again woo hoo

  4. Stella! This is a great idea! I know those rescue pugs could use a treat or two!
    Love Noodles

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  6. Hi Stella
    I am 13" tall (and about the same long) and I weighed a WHOPPING 16 pounds!!!! EEEEEEK!!! 15 is my normal MAX and I am usually 14.5 pounds!
    Love Noodles

  7. Ooh, that sounds like fun! We'll keep our eyes peeled for weird treats.

  8. HI Stella
    Mommy says we may be closer in height than it seems. She cannot recall if the 13" was length or height or if they were the same. She thinks I am a square, or something.
    I only get corn cobbies occasionally because too much corn is not good for pugs. But Mommy lets me chomp on one without the kernals (like after she is done)so I can get the juiciness and what all. I am only allowed to chaw it for MAYBE 10 minutes and then she takes it away. Hopefully your Mommy lets you try one soon.
    Tiffy ( is your size and weighs 12 pounds. I would hate her but she is so sweet I cannot.
    Love Noodles

  9. oooooooo Mommy is going to be in on this!!

  10. Oh, Stella Rose. That sounds like fun, but a shame you won't get to partake the treats sent. Don't suppose you could make a deal with the postman to leave any packages under a bush for you?

  11. Remember Stella, as Mason reminded me - DO NOT EAT THE COBB! It can mess up your tummy.
    Love Noodles

  12. Stella Rose... I did not know you were TWINS... hehehe
    That was a FUN conversation between the THREE of you.

  13. what do you mean no treats, what the heck.
    Benny & Lily

  14. It's a great idea to share your treats with puggies in need, but you need to test them out first! What would happen if they were bad or something?

  15. Keep your paws crossed, Stella! Maybe everyone will send you homemade treats ... then you will have to eat them because they won't be any good by the end of September ... just sayin'

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney, too!

  16. Good luck with your contest! It sounds like it's for a great cause.

    P.S. on the blue bottle labels, just scrub the bottles with a metal scrubber and soak them-make sure you don't scratch the bottle.

  17. I see what your mom is doing....she read your mind when you said all the "bad me" stuff and now she's trying to teach you how to be a giver and not a taker by having this! Seriously though, we know you are very, very thoughtful and would've thought of this contest all on your own!
    By the way, I agree with you on the frozen green bean request b/c canned ones are bad for your blood pressure...too much sodium! Daisy only eats frozen green beans (when she's not too busy staring at me as I pull out the dog treats)!