Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Griffen

A Griffen is a creature who is half lion and half dragon. I wanted Mom to bring me one home, instead she brought Sam.  I asked for one for Christmas and my birthday last year but I was totally ignored. She said the landlord barely tolerates three pugs why would I think a Griffen would be okay?    Mom told me a Griffen might eat me, but I told her I would have had him leash trained in no time! I have did my research and Griffen's do not eat pugs...maybe mom's was doubtful.
One day Mom put Sam and me outside in Alcatraz and actually forgot we were there. It started to rumble, and thunder and she still didn't run to the rescue.  Sam started howling real loud and barking and howling and barking and Mom came a running.  That day Sam was my Griffen.

Stella Rose


  1. I think you should get one. Think of all the cool places it could fly you to.

  2. Ditto Goose but you got Sam. Have a good evening.
    Best wishes Molly