Friday, August 17, 2012


This post may be rather long, cos it will be my last post of the week till Monday and I have lots of news to share with you. 

Trudie's Post: I am very excited about getting to blog to you guys for the first time.  Stella is working on her generosity skills and decided I could blog a little about my adventure last night. Stella was sad cos Sam was so upset about his nail clipping mishap at the vet and felt she had caused it.  (She was also upset about the hot dogs but that is a story for later.)I reminded her she did not have that type of power...geeze!  When mom got home last night she said just her and me were gonna go on a walk and she had a surprize for me. Stella threw a big screaming fit when she realized she was not invited to the party and laid behind the chair pouting most of the night. At one time Mom even thought she was sick.
Mom is letting me rest at a little bench on the way to the park.  I am very camera shy and didn't want to look into the lens.
What is all that noise across the street? Mom calls it a drinking establishment.
We then dropped off Rexi's present for his birthday.  He is a hairy pug that lives in England.  We mailed a teeny little box full of treats and it cost us our college money. Next we stopped at the Ice Cream Shoppe and Mom bought me a little cone.  It was the first time ever I have had ice cream.  Mom is working on her cooking skills and she decided a cone was  a good place to start.  We went over to the park and watched a couple of guys fishing in the river.  Mom felt sad for me cos I was so nervous that I would only take a couple of bites of my cone.  I tried to tell Mom I was just enjoying breathing in the fresh air and spending time with her.
You can see where all the grass in the park has burnt up from the dought.
Even Mom's one and only flower pot display is bug eaten this year.  We had a lovely time and were gone for an whole hour...I just loved it.  My breathing was pretty rough by the time we got home and of course Ms. Nosey had to know what we did, who we saw, and what we ate.  Stella said all the toursists in town probably think people from Iowa walk their pigs when they heard me coming around the corner. Love Trudie

Stella's Blog:
Do i have a story for you.  I will try to keep it short so you won't be falling asleep on me.  Mom has been thinking hard about what she could actually COOK for us, besides frozen water and after THEIR walk last night came up with the wonderful idea of each of us getting our own all beef hot dog!! Whoot Whoot...we were very excited.  No more frozen water for us for dessert..we are moving on up to the big time.  Well we patiently waited around the stove for them to start cooking and then Moms friends showed up.  Her and Us went outside to talk to them, and mom was yacking and yacking and yacking and we got worried about our hot dogs.  All three of us starting barking and raising a commotion so she put us in ALCATRAZ!  Mom was not paying attention to our treats or us!!  Well after about 45 minutes her friends left and we all went into the house.  Guess what was waiting for us...LOTS OF SMOKE and BLACK HOTDOGS!!!!!!  Mom puts us back outside and turns the fans on, opens the doors, and windows and throws the pan with our HOTDOGS in the yard!!!!!!!  Mom was worried the neighbors would call the fire department or animal control cos we were carrying on so bad.  They say pictures say a thousand words....

When Dad got home later he told mom to stick to frozen water and fruit for us.  Poor Mom and Poor Us!  Have a good weekend....Stellie Rose


  1. Sorry about the hotdogs Stellie! Anywho...Dietzman can come on over and guess Jack's weight, too...even if he guess way too much!!
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  2. Trudie,
    I so loved reading about your special one hour walk with mom! You must've loved having one-on-one time without your sister tagging along!
    I think your mom and my mom need to go to cooking class together! My mom burnt 2 eggs in the pan last night and the whole apartment smelled really awful! Yuck!

  3. Wowzers! We're glad the hotdogs didn't burn the house down!
    Play bows,

  4. We can't help laughing but robbed of your hotdogs so cruelly as mum was too busy gossiping...... not on. Back to frozen water and fruit.....yikes. STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE pals. Have a fabulous Food Free Friday,at this rate.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. OH No! Burnt hot dogs. Glad the homestead did not burn down. But I think you should not suffer for the lack of brain cells in MOM. I hope you get something to eat. I could send you a care package if it gets bad, just let me know.

    1. oh we get our normal kibble fruit, veg and frozen water...its the cooking thing that is the challenge.

  6. Oh no, your poor hot dogs!! That's just a tragedy. :(

  7. hehehe. Jan has been known to walk off and forget something on the stove until the fire dept shows up. Well, not really, but we figure it's pretty close. She even melted a new tea kettle this year.

  8. Hi Stellie!
    Okay...tell your mom to sign into her bloggy. Then use the pull down menu to go to "Layout". At Layout, click on Add Gadget on the right side where your sidebar is...then scroll down through the list til you see "Add Picture." Hopefully, your mama has "Saved Picture As" the bloggy award...then she can go to Browse my computer and add it from her picture files there. Save and voila! It should pop up. :)
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy

  9. I think I would not mind eating a burned up hot dog at all!

  10. Oh my, your dietary home foods would leave me to believe eating out would be your best bet. My pet stores, bank drive thru sometimes hand me a biscuit. Maybe you should try those places for food.
    Thanks for visiting our blog today. Glad to meet you Trudie and Stella.
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. Frozen peanut butter is good. Heck, it doesn't even have to be cold for me. I love green beans, broccoli and asparagus.

    Nice to meet you!

    Roxy & Lucky

  12. Oh yeah, my vickie has finally met someone who cooks as good as she does. They should both stick to microwave cooking.

  13. Burnt hot dogs ... OH NO! Maybe you should ask your dad to grill them for you next time ... that is what our dad does for us.

    That is awesome about Trudie's walk. You really should try walking with your mama, Stella!!! We got to walk with the pawrents this morning. We went to the bank - they love us there!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  14. Scarlet's fave is eggs. I have to really pay attention so I don't burn them like the hotdogs. Cooking is hard!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  15. Ha! Your mom sounds about like me with my cooking skills. Frozen water is an excellent cure rather than burning down the house!

  16. Hey that be me your talking about!