Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey its Sam or Sam I Am as Mom calls me sometimes.  Stella made a deal with me if I share my apple with her last night I could write the Blog today, so that’s what I did.   So let me introduce myself again. My name is Sam, Stella calls me Sammer, Dad calls me Sammy, Trudie calls me Mr. Sam, cos that is the type of relationship we have, and Dietzman the Cat doesn’t call me anything. We think its cos he is planning my demise and chooses not to name me, kinda like people do with farm animals…
I will be two years old next month.  Mom and Dad brought me home on Thanksgiving Day two years ago.  I also came from the “Cruelella Deville Puppy Mill” like my sisters did.  Only three puppies from my litter lived, because of a severe skin disease.  I still don’t have hair on my elbows, knees, behind my ears, or stomach.  Sometimes Stella laughs at me!  Cruelella shipped the three of us in a semi across three states to a puppy broker; we had to stay in a very small crate.  By the time we got there the vet said we weren’t any good (WHAT!!!) cos our eyes were scratched.  We had to ride that long ride back to the Mill.  Mom heard our story and came and got me, my sibs went to live with a couple of her vet friends.  Yay for Mom and Dad.
Dad says I am really smart…and he wishes the girls would understand the concept of housetraining as well as I do.  I am the biggest of the pugs, cos I have long legs and lots of muscle.  Mom says I am beautiful; Stellie calls me a tub of lard!  I know I have a really grouchy looking face but I love everyone!  As soon as company comes, or the grandkids I want to lick their faces and give them “wet willies”.  I was supposed to be Dads puggie but I am very attached to my Mom. I love to sit on her lap all the time.  Sometimes I knock Trudie off just so I can have Mom all to myself.  For some reason I have a little issue with Trudie.  I like her but wishes she would keep her distance from mom, and she REALLY loves Mom so it becomes a problem sometimes.  Stella says I need intervention…Mom shushes her up but she still whispers it in my ear when Mom is not around. She is a rotten big sister!


  1. These puppy mill stories make us so mad. We are so glad you are at home now and happy. Have a lovely day with your peeps.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Aww, I'm so sorry you had to go through that in the puppy mill. It makes me so mad when people buy pets through those things and don't understand (or don't CARE) what the poor dogs have to go through, or how many DON'T make it to produce the cute little dogs they see in the pet store.

  3. Hi Sam,
    I've heard about puppy mills and how they will transport pups from far and wide only to stand around in front of Petsmart or some other adoption place while the pups try to figure out why they are there, etc. When I stood at a local Petsmart I overheard the adoption counselor tell people that if the dogs aren't adopted they will go back to their original location and either get gassed or go back to the mill. Of course, everyone who heard that adopted the puppies/dogs but what a lot of rehab the humans had to go through b/c puppy mill dogs need a lot of love and care after going through such a traumatic experience! I'm glad you got adopted and rescued from the puppy mill, Sam!

    1. Yep Mom and Dad had to have both of my nose holes opened up so I could breathe the first week they got me, and I came to them with scars on both of my back legs from wire wrapped around them...they have grown with me also so they are big scars now..I am fine now tho...
      Thank yu,

  4. You wrote a very good blog post thanks to the apple bribe. We don't like those puppy mills either
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hi Sam
    I am glad you got a chance to write on the blog. Sorry Stella but sharing is so important to a healthy and happy homelife. I even share with my sisteroid Sunshine the Cat now and then.
    Glad your folks rescued you all from that wicked mill.
    Love Noodles

  6. Howdy Sam the Man (hehe, I think you need a strong name). I can totally relate to you mate. I have a sissy called Stella and even though I am a little bit bigger than her, she is very, very bossy, sheesh! We are glad you have found a family to love you cause you sound like a good fella. Nice to meet you and hello to your sissy too. No worries, and slobber, Rory (and Stella)

  7. How nice to meet you all. We had a good laugh at your energy efficient washer story (a few posts ago).

    Oh, no, when we hit publish, we got the horrible, annoying, frustrating, usually illegible word verification. We wonder if you are aware Blogger has a terrific spam filter and there is no need for visitors to tear out their fur over wv.

  8. Hi Stella Rose,

    Nice to meet you too! I think I may have left a comment or two in the past on your blog, but don't honestly remember. Butt, I remember real well when it's time for a treat!

    We were just reading about Sam and like to look at the positives in life ~ He's now LOVED! Yeah for Sam! Sam is very lucky to be a part of your pawsome family too.
    We love stories with happy endings :)

    Now that we're furends (and have Goose too as a mutual furend) we'll be popping in more often to see you and your fam.

    Happy Thursday!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. Thank you Stella Rose and family for stopping by to see Nina. She really needs us all right now. You're the BEST!

    Lily Belle

  10. Hello Sammie! I like your mom's moniker of Sam I am. I'd be calling you that too if I had you around to talk too. Your a cutie no matter what Stellie says!

  11. You are adorable and I'm so happy you are outta that puppy mill.