Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 This is Lionitis...He belongs to the four grandkids Micah, Marcus, McKenna and MACEY!  He is a ragdoll cat and the reason they bought him cos he was supposed to have the loving disposition of a pug (false advertizment for sure!!)  First of all he is just like mean ole cat dietzman only that should tell you the whole story.  He does like the kids, but MACEY for some reason, he often scratches her. Yes, he is very pretty but pretty is as pretty does and he is pretty rotten...SO.......

Last night everyone was at our house and I overheard MACEY ask Mom if she would trade all three of us puggies for LIONITIS!!  Now DAD really like LIONITIS so I started shaking in my boots.....I quickly told Sammer and Turdie what MaCEY had asked MOM.

Yes Macey is wearing a monkey costume......I knew if we went to her house she would drag out her chest of dress up clothes and try to dress Sammer up...he would not put up with that at all!!!

See her smile....i started to hide under the bed, with my sibs when I heard mom say, "oh Macey I couldn't do that cos this is their home!" Oh bless your heart mom..bless your heart.  But then my ears couldn't believe her next words!  Maybe the next time we come over Stellie can come over and play with you!  What I am the sacrifical lamb.....!!!!!
Stella Rose


  1. Bawhahhahha. Have fun on your next visit to their house.

  2. I smell trouble. Which does not smell like cinnamon buns!

  3. Cute kitty but you pugs are going nowhere. Your momma loves you all too much.

  4. Ditto Parsley the pugs are staying. Have a great Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Those Siamese cats can be pretty but oh my. Too cute!

    Impatiens can be tucked down in rocks or dirt in water. Be sure to add a fertilizer pill made for water plants because water alone won't have too many nutrients.

  6. Ohh a play date - sounds like dress-up time is in your future. Make sure Macey has lots of treats for ya :)

    Black Pearl & Otis

  7. Aww, I love playing with the little humans! Send her on over to my place!

  8. OH NO! Make sure you hide under the bed if she tells you that you're going to play with Macey!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  9. Hide when you see her getting ready to go somewhere. I LOVE the CLAWStoom!!!! Bet it was kinda HOT though.

  10. have tons of fun with those little ones
    Benny & Lily

  11. We don't have much experience with little humans which is okay by us. The ones at the dog park scream a lot. But good luck with yours! Hope they drop treats.