Monday, August 6, 2012


This is Marcus.  He is my buddy.  He is always kind to me when he comes over to play.  He is quiet and soft spoken and very well mannered.  He rides bulls with his older brother Micah.  In this picture they are saying a prayer before they ride. I know God listens to their prayers.  Friday night at the rodeo Marcus's bull decided he was gonna be a big ole bully and stepped on Marcus's tummy.  He ended up having to ride in the ambulance to the University Hospital to be checked out and stayed the night.  Mom was very worried about him, and talked alot to God about what happened.  God kept him safe though.  Mom asked Marcus if he was done riding bulls (she sure hoped so) but he said, "no grandma!" Mom is unhappy about that!  Mom said sometimes life gets so full of crap that you forget to stop, and just breathe, Friday night made her stop and breathe.  She is so blessed to have Marcus and all her grandkids.

The weather has turned off nice last night so Mom decided me and Trude could camp out on the porch instead of in our little bathroom.  You will notice it was just me and Trude cos big baby Sam got to sleep in his usual place at the end of the warm bed.  "mean ole cat Dietzman also slept with us out on the screened in porch, and it was a rather nice cool evening.  The moon was shining big and bright so we had a night light all night long.  I pretended "mean ole cat Dietzman" was actually a guard Griffen and he would scare away any pugnappers.  Mom said she locked the door so we were safe.  Mom should have slept out there with us!
Just Me
Stella Rose


  1. How scary for your Marcus to be stepped on by a bull but how courageous of him to say he's not done riding bulls afterward. Well, maybe it isn't courageous according to his grandma but God kept him safe for a reason!
    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement about my loveseat dilemma! I think you are right in that it will take time for them to accept it and so far so good!

  2. What a mean bull! I'm glad that Marcus is okay.

  3. Marcus is one brave kid. My peeps is so impressed and says to send big love. I too send the paw shake of coolness to the little one. We'd love a rodeo post over here in London. COOL COOL COOL.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Stella, forgot to tell you what a big box store is. It is a store like Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot. Non specialty and sells in mass. Usually disdained by purists.

  5. What a naughty bull! We are glad everyone is okay.

  6. That is scary! So glad your little man is ok. Tell that bull to watch out or he will be hamburger!

  7. Oh my so glad that he is ok. That is just terrifying

    urban hounds

  8. Mean ole bull to hurt Marcus like that. grrrrrr, I bet you would bite his leg if you could. Am glad that God answered your mommys talks to him...

    Happy Gotcha Day too Sweet thing...

  9. That must have been very scary for your mama! Glad to hear that Marcus is okay ...

    It's going to be a little cooler at the end of the week. Mom and Dad are taking Friday off work and they promised to spend the whole day with us ... we can't wait!

    Check out the silly pictures mama posted on our blog a little while ago ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  10. Omp totally scarey! I am so glad that everything was ok. I think I would be so scared if I saw a bull, never mind ride one! How brave he is.