Friday, September 28, 2012

I Am Looking

Sometimes i want to believe Turd is playing hide and seek with me.  I pretend (just like my mom) that she is a really good hider, and thats why we are sitting in the dark at 2:21 A.M. every night, trying to figure out where she went.  After all, when I look around the room, her little dress is still hanging on the door, and her harley jacket is hanging beside mine.  Her toys are in our box, and her little bowl is full of food, but i can't find her.  I looked in the bed, under Dad's pillow, on our chair, and even out in Alcatraz.  I waited last night by the fence for her, so she would run around and play with me, (cos Sammer won't)..but she didn't come.  Mom still can't use her words to tell me where she went, and if she trys she just cries and cries. (Some people aren't very patient with Mom either so she hides and cries)  Someone told Mom blogging is the best therapy for pain we are trying.   Stella Rose and Momma

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thank you

Mom opened the blog this morning and there was Turd looking at her from anothers post.  Mom turned into the great pretender.  Mom told me several times in her life she became the pretender because that is how her robot heart and brain handles situations otherwise she would have a nervous breakdown in front of her coworkers and have to go home.  At 2:21 am this morning mom and i were just sitting in the dark of the livingroom.  We couldn't go out on the porch and drink coffee cos it was cold and to we just sat there in the quiet and listened.  Mom couldn't explain to me just what we were listening for cos she couldn't find the right I just sat on her lap and waited.  Mom said we may be waiting for along time before she can tell me. 

Some of you have asked what happened to Turdie.  Turd had bad breathing problems at times, and on that day mom came home at lunchtime and she wasn't breathing very well.  She rushed her over to the vet, and after several trys at making turdie feel better the Vet said it would be the kindest thing to let her go.  Mom wished she could have went with her, or just kept her forever. 

Mom said we will be back when her words come back.  Thank you for being our friends.
Stella Rose

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Yesterday at 1:30 pm turdie long-simpson went to the rainbow bridge to live with zeusy.  Our house is broken.  We will talk later.
Stella Rose

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sausage Gravy

(This is not a picture of MOms gravy)

My Dad loves sausage gravy and biscuits.  Mom decided on Sunday to surprise him with it for breakfast.  She realized right off the bat she was in trouble once she looked in the refrig.  No she substituted hamburger, white she substituted wheat flour, no she substituted some other spice....the canned biscuits were okay soon as mom saw how her creation turned out she thought, "ought oh".  Dad cooks for a living.  Mom is a robot and hardly cooks at all.  Its hard to pass "bad tasting food" as "good tasting food" to Dad.  Dad took one bite of Moms gravy and spit it out.  (He did eat some biscuits though so all was not lost.)  Later Dad went down to the gas station and bought him some REAL sausage gravy and biscuits.  Mom told him it came from a can and there was no love at all in the cooking!!   Mean ole cat Dietzman ate all of MOms gravy and we just got to watch.
Stella Rose

Friday, September 21, 2012


You heard me right..."liver flavored popcorn!"  I received a special package from my lovely friend Stan who lives in England a few days ago, along with some treats and a little bag mom could carry in my stroller filled with treats. I also received LIVER FLAVORED POPCORN.   Stan sent me a wonderful picture of himself all dressed up in his finest tuxedo.  I believe he had just came from a dog show where he often wins lots of ribbons and bags of food.  Stan and I have had a friendly relationship for over a year, maybe longer.  We met him on a pug site my mom started going to when she first got me.  (Mom said only one piece of LIVER FLAVORED POPCORN each now cos the air in the bedroom got rather stinky...Dad blamed Mom...Mom blamed us)

We also became friends with another little pug named Rex.  He also lives in England.  Awhile back we all decided to become pen pals and write back in forth.  We also send little surprise packages when we can.  Of course that is when I first discovered that it cost one trillion dollars to send a package over the size of a stick of gum to the boys.  Mom had to get very creative about her purchases which is debilitating for a robot mom.

Just last month I inquired to Stan how he felt about long distance relationships.  Well the next time I turned on my facebook page here is MY face splashed all over HIS page as "in a relatonship with Stella Rose"   I never even had time to warn Rex that something was a stirring.  I am afraid his little heart may be broken.  Plus, I rather enjoy having guys as friends.  They are much more relaxed about stuff then us diva girls.  So, for the time being I shall leave the relationship in place and see how it works.  Since we do live across the waters I think it will be just fine.

No, runway pictures as of yet.  Our house was busy with grandmonsters in football uniforms, and birthday hats last night.  Turd went to her room, after Mom took her on a nice walk to wear her out before company came.  I do not think it worked, cos she was rather barky!  Sam and I ran around with the little monsters and played was fun. 

A reminder that the TREAT CONTEST is almost over.  September 30th is the last day to send us treats for the pugrescue called SERPA.  We will be picking the winner of the weirdest treat sent to us and let you all know.  If you need moms address it is
Have a great weekend.
Stella Rose

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Thank you from my mom to everyone who took the time to leave her some advice for Turd Bucket.  Right now our house has a aura of worry hanging in the air and I don't like it one bit!  I had a talk with Turd to see what her problem is and she was unresponsive.  Sam said to give her a big kick in the butt or send her a packing but I am choosing the kinder route.  My feelings on her behavior is she is in love with our mom.  Yes, you heard me IN LOVE WITH OUR MOM!  Sam told me, "pishaw!"  He said Dad loves Mom, and he doesn't try to bite anyone, and the Grandmonsters and Big Monsters love Mom and they don't try to bite anyone so what they heck is Turd's excuse?  I reminded him that she lived in her tiny prison for 600 zillion years and we just lived in ours for a short time so to give her time.  Sam looked at his watch and said she has till tonight at 5:00 pm to straighten up cos that is when the grandmonsters hit our house from football practice and dance practice.  I AM SHAKING IN MY BOOTS NOW!!

Mom told me it will be okay, cos Turd will just be resting in her room, in her little bed, with her stuffie and a treat or two.  We will all be pretending that the Long-Simpson house is normal.  Mom told me we will never give up on any of you and will work it out.  Sam just rolled his big ole eyes at me.  See Sam has a jealousy issue with Turd.  He is the baby at this house, even tho he outweighs us by 10 lbs. and is a giant giraffe pug but he is still the youngest and even tho he is supposed to be Dad's present he is IN LOVE WITH OUR MOM also.  He waits for her by the door when she is supposed to come home, he runs in circle when he sees her, he licks her ears and face he is ridiculous acting at 4:30!  As soon as mom sits down he is laying on her legs or lap.  As soon as Turd gets on Moms lap he growls and knocks her off.  Yes, Sam can be a bully and a treat thief meanie!

I am also disappointed that Mom has not taken our Harley Davidson runway pictures yet!  I reminded her again last night that you were waiting and she said her heart just isn't there.  Well where is it Mom, and if you know just go get it?  Our public is waiting!   I need a holiday, maybe Frank will invite me to come and look at dragons and castles with him?  Maybe I can sneak a griffen in my school backpack and I bet he will be IN LOVE WITH OUR MOM also!  Geez!!
Stella Rose

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Most of my blogs are not very serious but we have a problem at our house and Mom is sending out a request of help.  You all know that we are three pug rescues, who did not go to foster homes to be properly trained but came straight from cruella deville puppy mill.  So with that being said, we came with some issues.  Sam and I have worked out our problems and are doing very well, but Aunt Turd still has some things going on in her little head.  Mom and Dad just live with the idea that she is always going to be afraid of most things and they just make sure that she feels safe BUT lately she has had problems with anyone coming to our house!  (Turdie has lived here for almost one year)  She has gotten more and more agressive towards the grandmonsters and their parents.  It started with Macey one day and Mom thought she was trying to nip at her dress she had on, but then she also tried to nip at Kenna also.  Mom put Turdie in her room and she went to bed.  But the problem just keeps on growing.  Last night most of the grandmonsters stopped by after football practice and their parents and Turdie tried to eat and bite them.  Mom put her in her room again, but everytime someone would walk by she would try to break out and bite them.  NO ONE has ever been anything but kind and loving to her including the monsters so Mom is very very upset.  As soon as everyone left Turd calmed down and stayed on moms lap.  Mom even noticed that when Dad comes home at night for a little bit Turd gets barky toward him in a mean way then she settles down.  Dad is very firm about if she would ever bite someone she can't live with us, and Mom is super upset cos she is worried that could happen.  Aunt Turdie is 6 years old and had always lived in a tiny little cage having lots of puppies.  Mom said she doesn't understand why she is doing this behavior now instead of when she first came to our house.  Turd also has ellogated pallet and collasped trachea but cannot have surgury cos the vet said she wouldn't survive.  We just make sure she stays cool, and she really handled the summer very well.  But when she gets all barky and mean then she can't breathe either.   Has anyone else dealt with this?
Stella Rose and MOm

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Mason the Big Stinky Dog nominated me Stella Rose Long for this Award!  We are so excited to accept it!  I love Awards almost as much as Treats!
We are supposed to tell how I got into blogging and nominate 10 friends.  Well, Mom has a friend Ms. Ellen who is Liberty, Zoe, Payton, Webster and Whitney's mom and she has a blog.  Mom has been reading it for over a year and wanting to blog but was afraid she wouldn't be able to figure it out.  So she tried, and she tried, and she tried, (kinda like the Little Engine That Could) and finally back in June we did our first blog.  We have almost fifty friends now and we love it.  Mom has always wanted to write a children's book so she says our blogging is kinda like doing that.  We miss everyone on here when we aren't able to blog.  Now onto the nominations!  TADAH......
1. Day in the Life of Pugs
2. The Devil Dog
3. Jones Natural Chews
4. Army of Four Digest
5. A Bowl of Noodles©
6. The Legacy Chronicles
7. The Adventures of The Tank
8. Pugs & Pics
9.Otis and Black Pearl at Two Pugs Adventures
10. The Doxie life of Lily, Muffin and their Humans
Thank you again Mason!!
STella Rose Long

Rainy NIght In Iowa

No Harley pictures today.  Dad slept all day yesterday (his day off) and so did we.  By the time Mom got home from work, it was rainy and dark no pictures.  Mom's camera only works if the sun is shining and there is lots of light...kinda like my robot mom.

On a great note, we received a nice treat box from Liberty, Zoe, Payton, Webster and Whitney.  She also sent Sammer some treats that mom is insisting he share with us.  WE met this tribe last year at a Pugfest in IL. Mom and me had a blast and we even took one of the grandmonster girls with us.  The picture of me in the western getup is where that was filmed at.  Webster reminds me alot of Sammer....he was very greedy when it came to sharing the cake that had been brought for us pugs, and even tried to get up on the table to eat more.  We all got along great tho and had a big time.  I wish there was friends close by that we could go play with!  Mom says Sammer and Turd need some socializing.

Yesterday was this grandmonsters birthday.  She turned four years old!  Her mom is having a late birthday party on Sunday.  I am going to surprize her and go to her party!!  I love our grandmonsters even tho they want to steal us from Mom and keep us at their house.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Surrounded by HOGS and I don't mean BACON

This weekend was the annual "State Line End of the Year Motorcycle Rally" here in Southeast Iowa.  Each year trillions of motorcycle people converge on the fair grounds and camp out and party Hardy for the long weekend.  Since we live only a mile from from the fairgrounds most of the million-trillion harleys rode by our house.  Dad has his own Harley so Sammer thinks all Harley's is our Dad coming home, so he barks alot to let Mom know its Dad.  By Sunday mom was pretty sick of him a barking.  This year Dad shopped for us at the motorcylce rally.  We will be posting the pictures tomorrow.  The Rally brings lots of money into the villages so the hogs are a welcome site for the businesses.  They always have a big parade to show off the Hogs, and throw out candy.  We waited patiently at the corner cos we thought they would be throwing bacon our way.  We were mistaken.  There were no races this year cos of Hurricane Issac (??) so they decided to use the highway by our house as a racetrack.  There was no winners announced just a few tickets handled out.  I think Mom should dress up our stroller a little more harleyish so next year we could enter a couple of contests out there.  Of course clothes are optional.
STella Rose

Thursday, September 13, 2012


My mom had to pass four robot tests this morning and now she is exhausted and doesn't want to go to work.  Its hard on your heart pretending your something your not.

Mom and I had a lonnnng talk about school last night and i finally admitted i had a wonderful day visiting with all my new friends, and i really appreciated all the friendship they extended to me.  I couldn't believe how tall Goose is, and how beautiful Finn is, and how funny Ernie is.  Even tho I sat outside of Noodles class listening to her presentation cos robot mom messed up I still absorbed all about being a princess.  Mom says that just comes natural for me.

I told Sammer and Turd Bucket that they need to go next time and they both ran for the bed.  I guess somethings will never change and I will just have to be the changemaker!

My mom is actually getting a vacation day off tomorrow so she won't be back on here till Monday.  I know I will be going through blogger withdrawal so please keep me in your thoughts.  Plus Mom will be gone from us all day and into the evening! Mom is very excited cos she is going to drive almost 3 hours to go to a store with nothing but dog stuff in in. (petco..?) 

We are also going to have to send TWO boxes to the PugRescue cos we have outgrown our one small box.  We are so excited....Mom is even thinking about driving them down just so she can see some people.  It is about 5 hours away so I doubt if she will get to, cos she says her broom doesn't fly that far but we will see.  We will take a picture before we send them off to show you what all you sent and of course pick the Winner.  I think everyone is a Winner just for the fact that they cared enough about the rescues!!
Have a great Thursday!
Stella Rose Long

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I decided to walk home from school and take a little rest.  First, Mom dropped me off and I couldn't find any of my friends!  Then, Mom wrote down what she THOUGHT was my class schedule and she was WRONG.  I was only supposed to go to CASEY'S classroom and not NOODLES.  Then, I could smell the possum pizza but couldn't find it.  I heard other pups having a good time behind the class doors but i was just wondering the halls. I tried to buy a raffle ticket for apples but Mom wasn't sure if it was a virtual raffle ticket or a real one, so we failed in that attempt also.  I am surprized that my mom even made it through college!!  I walked on home cos Mom forgot to pick me up, and now I am gonna take a little nap.  I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. At least I got a backpack out of it!
Stella Rose


Today was supposed to be my first day of school, but I told Mom I do not want to go.  First, I couldn't sleep last night cos my stomach hurt cos I was nervous.  Then I woke up tired and was to nervous to even eat green beans cos my stomach still hurt. So tired and sick to my stomach is NOT a good way to start my first day of school.  Mom said I had to go, I told her to send Turd in my place.
Turd stuck her tongue out at me and ran back into her bed.  I told her to send Sam then, but he was no where to be found.
What about mean ole cat Dietzman....they could use in him the science class as an experiment.  Mom said NO!  But I am the Queen and shouldn't have to go to class!!

So I packed my pajama's in my little purple backpack and all my toys

 and drug it out to the car and slowly got into my booster seat, and slowly fastened the seatbelt, and slowly shut the car door.  Mom says I will have fun....I say I will JUST SLEEP!
Stella Rose Long

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This is Stella's Mom.  I have been thinking all day about the blog I wanted to do today.
I remember being at work teaching preschool when someone in the building told me to turn the television on.  After watching it and realizing what was happening we decided to send the children home.  I wanted to go straight to my home and call all my grown up kids and grandkids (3 at that time) and tell them to come to my house cos I felt the need to have them close.  Over the next few months units were called up and several started to train to be sent to Iraq.  My son in law was one of the units.  It seemed somehow our lives had changed and continued to change over the next several years.  My son in law Abe, left for Iraq twice, lost friends, and I believe left a part of himself over there that will never return.  That unit was so proud the first time they left, and even the second time even though they were very war weary. The families were shocked that they had to leave again after being home just one year. (they are a National Guard Unit, the only one whom the Marines have ever let wear their patch!) I found this picture today and I wanted to share it with you.  Micah was in kindergarten and didn't know his Dad was coming home on leave. 
We will always remember.
Stella's Mom

Monday, September 10, 2012


We woke up on Saturday to Dad bringing in packages!!  They were from Molly the Wally and Goose!! I was so excited and so was my MOm.  They were filled with treats for the rescue puggies and presents for me. 

Two Big Boxes!!

Molly's box was a little beat up but it arrived just fine!!

Goose's box.  The post lady is trying to figure out just what is going on around our little town!  Dad told her it is a secret. It is going to be hard to pick the WiNNER cos they are all cool treats.  Goose's treat even said NAKED on tell me just what is a NAKED treat?  Mom said maybe she should have said this is a G rated contest..heheheheheh
Molly sent me my own little dog which we named Molly after Molly. (in case you couldn't figure that out)
Here is a picture of Molly sitting on my moms october wreath.

Goose's Mom sent me my own homemade treats called berry and cream!  Yummy!  I shared them with Sam and Trudie, but Trudie wouldn't eat them, and Sam turned his nose up so I ate the whole treat myself!  Mom says I get them when I work on my tricks!

Later Mom decided to get busy and clean up her flower beds.  Because of the heat and drought this summer she had pretty well let them take care of themselves, which meant they were burn up or weedy.  She also worked on her blue bottle tree.  She has been peeling labels off of any blue bottle she could find or people have given her to make this tree.  She likes blue.
We put it out front of the house, this weekend is the Motorcycle Rally and 5,000 harley bikers stay out at the fairground.  We live about 1/2 miles from there.  Mom thought they would appreciate her effort in building this bottle tree from those blue bottles you have to peel the labels off.
These are the only things that really survived this year.  Glass bottles, annual grass, and zinnas.

Then on Sunday we had a birthday party for my grandma and Sam.  Sam got lots of treats and a new hedge hog.  It is very big and soft.  We took lots of pictures but the only picture that was on the camera this morning was of me and grandpa.  Maybe grandma is a vampire and she wouldn't show up on the camera...i have no exclamation as to where sam's pictures went you think grandpa looks happy?  It was so nice we had the party out on the back porch. 
Have a great day!!
stella rose

Friday, September 7, 2012


Yippee my new back pack has arrived from Sarge's Mom!! Isn't it beautiful!!!  I think this backpack describes our lives perfectly.  I will need this backpack for school when I attend my classes Mom has signed me up for.  Sarge's Mom made it for free!  Mom sent her a rather lengthy email asking the cost, the cost of shipping etc. etc.  I was mortified cos I knew it would be a virtual backpack but Mom tends to think very literal so she thought we would receive it in the mail????????  She was already making plans on putting it in my stroller and filling it with stuff when we walk to the park.  Are my cheeks red.  Hopefully Sarge's Mom will take into consideration my Mom is a robot and she doesn't understand human ways......such as cooking and such.  The only thing better is if the backpack would have been full of virtual treats for me!!!!!
I know the backpack has all three of our names on it, but I am the ONLY one signed up for unfair is must be because SAM is uber smart already, and Turd would need a bucket load of Zanax to leave the house so once again Stella Rose Long is the sacrificial lamb.
Have a great weekend!
Stellie Rose


                                       NO DUCKS WERE HARMED IN THIS CAKE






Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sam has been eating smart pills lately or something that is making him uber intelligent.  Not only is he super smart he has turned into a hard-working dog from a lazy pug.  Here are my examples:

1. He grabs all the toys I love and puts them up on top of mOm and dads bed where he knows I can't reach them.  Then he lays up there by them.

2. He waits till Mom starts to feed turdie and runs in and eats the food she drops on the floor, and then runs out and eats his.

3. Anytime mom or dad can't catch me and turdie they just hollor " Sam go get Stella for me" and Sam always rounds us up like we are sheep.  And then mom says, " you are such a smart boy..."!

Last night Mom put us girls out in Alcatraz for awhile so we could do our business..???? all we did was run around crazy...get all hot...and pant so we could come back in.  Sam on the other hand will go outside and potty like a SMART dog and come right back into the house. 

Here I am telling Trudie to stop sticking her tongue out at Mom or we will end up on time out.

Come on Mom let us back into the house...turdie is standing on her head trying to get mom's attention.  See my sweet little smile!

Turd looks like she has an apple in her mouth but its her big fat tongue....

So while we were visiting the great outdoors he was in the house laying on the bed.

Turd and I want to know what is going on and how we stop it!
stella rose

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Mom doesn't know for sure just what today is...she just knows she woke up with a headache from spraying to much linen spray all over the was so bad she had to get up and take the pillowcases off but it didn't help much.  She even got up late for work and didn't want to go.

This is a picture of our football boys after practice.  One of them is a cowboy in another life, and the other one likes to read. They both like me and the sibs alot!

Okay so on Monday Mom said that we were going someplace special.  Like we as in ME.  I knew right away it was to those four grandkids house.  So Dad, me and Mom loaded up in the car and drove off.  We surprized the kids right away and Kenna and Macey started to plan a tea party with me as the special guest.

This is a real live tea party that Mom had last year at our house for the grandgirls and their friends.  I was also the guest of honor there with my purple hat on.

Anyway the girls got out their tea paraphernalia and I just laid on the couch relaxing and watched them.  Mostly that is what I did when I visited...laid around....and waited for dad to say it was time to go home. 
Thats me in their bedroom looking out the window wondering if I could make a run for it...(Nahhh I was having a good time)

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the first thing I saw that welcomed me was this face.

See his fangs...he should try out for the next Vampire movie as the star.  I swear he held the door open for me when I left and said something like not letting the door hit me in the butt on the way out.  All in all I had a really good time and I hope mom will let me go back. Stella Rose

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Package Arrived!

Mom and I didn't want to end the day on a dark, dank, depressing note so we thought we would write a note or two. First the boss came into work today (for one hour) whining cos his back was really badly sunburnt from spending the weekend on a boat with friends....can you say Karma...!!!  Second, Mom was gonna ask him for a pay raise, but didn't think now would be the right time...can you say Chicken!!!
Third, WE GOT TREATS!!!  Yes we did, yesireee....they were pumpkin treats from KJ who lives far way far away on the East coast.  She takes really great pictures, and we like reading her blog about life and her puggies!  Mom is putting the treat box together tonight, and starting her list to let the SERPA people know where the treats came from.  I was hoping I could take ALL the credit, but Mom said No!  Till tomorrow.....and my adventures about visiting the grandchildren.
Stella Rose


Mom thinks my treats for SERPA will start to arrive today....we are going to run down to the post office and check in a little while....I will let you know what we find out.

Moms three day weekend had some highs and some lows so we decided to share them with you.
1. Moms boss must think she is a gazillionaire cos Friday is always her payday.  He decided NOT to sign her check until he got back from his little weekend vacation, so that ment she did not get PAID on her PAYDAY!  He left her a phone message early Friday morning before she got to work, that he was leaving town.  Today she was gonna wear her big girl panties and tell him he could NEVER NEVER NEVER do that again to her, she practiced all weekend just what she would say.....instead he called in to take ANOTHER day off, and Mom chickened out over the phone.

2.  Friday at work mom noticed a little red dog running around the courthouse all day long.  She had a old red collar on but acted like she was waiting on someone to come out of the building.  The little dog stayed ALL day at the courthouse until closing time.  Mom was afraid she would follow her home at night cos she had to walk past her, and she was afraid she wouldn't follow her and be left there all night.  Well mom walked past her, and she followed her a little but went back and laid on the steps.  So Mom worried all night about her and finally at 11:30 at night went back up to the courthouse, and there she was still laying on the steps.  Mom put a leash on her, and the little red dog jumped into the back seat and laid down on a pillow.  Sam turned all big and bad when mom came in the door, mom made her a comfy bed on the porch for the night.  The next day she was happy to see mom, and ate her breakfast, mom called the vet to see if anyone was looking for her, but no one was.  Mom had decided if she was a dumpie mom was gonna give her to Marcus one of the grandboys.  She was clean, well fed, wellmannered and perfect...Mom knew she had to belong to someone.  Well its was storming and raining hard, but she wanted to go out to potty so mom opened the door (cos in mom's perfect world she would potty and come right back) and she ran away!!!!!!!  Mom was she put her raincoat on and searched and searched all over for her.  Most of the Day!  Mom cried and cried cos she was so worried about her, and it made her heart hurt that she was looking for her home that bad.  Mom called the vet today and no sign of her..we are praying she found her way back home.

3.  Mom's van took a dump...brakes went out. 

Now Mom is depressed after typing this and cannot even remember what the highs were....maybe you had better not read this blog today cos it is soooooo depressing.....Mom the sun is shining!!!!
stella rose