Wednesday, August 8, 2018


SO...we really wanted to do a lighthouse story cos we saw that blog going around, and even though the closest thing we have ever seen that would/could resemble a lighthouse is this.............

We told our Mom it was an Iowa Lighthouse and mom said NO, it was a porta-potty in a cornfield where a big bikers rally was held a few years back.  So technically it was a beacon for someone in distress but mom NO ........and she has a firm way about her when she says that word.

I guess then we will tell you what happened to our mom on her way to work this morning.

So she is driving along on Hwy. 1 which is a pretty busy highway in the morning.  Peoples are getting to work, semis are going to the interstate, farmers are going to the local gas station for coffee, or maybe a porta-potty.  We are not really sure.

As mom is coming across the bridge she see's a truck alongside the road with their blinkers on.  At first, she thought maybe they were on their phone but then she saw a little tiny pig run out in her lane of traffic.  Luckily she was the only person on the road for that very moment, and she hurried and pulled off the side of the highway.

The guy said the little pig was going to get hurt running along the highway and he was trying to catch him.  We think he fell out of his farmers truck cos he had a yellow ear tag.  NO ONE ELSE WAS STOPPING TO HELP so Mom just stood in the middle of the highway and they were sorta forced to stop.

We don't know if this was illegal but probably the semi drivers were getting ready to call our local sheriff just to get mom off the highway.  Finally, the electric guys drive up and pull off and one of them gets out to help. They corner that slippery little pig on the bridge and grab him up so he is safe.

Mom gets out of the middle of the road, people wave at her, people flip her off, but Mom is happy. 

Hopefully that little pig goes to a really nice farm, where they will take care of him the rest of his long long life.

So thats our Wednesday story about mom and the pig.  We always thought mom would rescue a Golden not a pig.  You never know.

Mags and Gusser

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


See our pumpkin vine, Pip checks it our everytime she comes to our house.  I want her to come play wif me.  Gussie

That damn cucumber plant is starting to overtake our deck.  Its a jungle out there.

It stormed at our house last night.  Maggie

Who Cares!

Wheres my clean underwear Mom?  Ed

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Yeah we are late, but its Ellen and Henri's cat review and you know how some cats just don't follow the rules and have their own timeline...........well that is them.  Plus Piper had her tonsils out this week so we are late finishing our reviews up.

NO MAGGIE this is NOT what we got from Mr Chewy...oh my pug give me the damn keyboard!!!

So Mr. Chewy box arrives.

Okay.  Yay.

We are excited.

Mom ordered us some new wet cat food to try.  We love Mom but we wish she would have sent us a memo first for our approval on the order.

Does she have the can opener in her hand yet?

Cool little can opener needed.  Each can lasted us about 3 days cos mom just gave us a spoonful with our dry food.  We loved it.  Blah blah blah blah blah............

Call of the Wild.  See that mountain lion on there, he is our uncle.  Yes, our uncle.  Geeze the doubters and haters that are on the internet now.

We got a whole case of 24 cans that were 3 oz. in size.

This food for us is made with salmon and roasted venison in gravy....we had a hard time keeping our dad out of it.  Our house is nuts.  Its also grain free which is important to our mom, but we don't really care as long as it tastes good.

It tasted great.  We would like to eat the whole can at each meal but our mom has a control issue and she loves to control how much food we get. 

5 stars for sure.  No monies were paid for this fangtastic review.

Ellen and Henri