Thursday, November 27, 2014


Remembers this picture??
Well it was when Dad tooks me turkey hunting and all wesa came home wif was a package of slim jims and mt. dew from the little gas station.   That turkey behind me is made of rubber and there actually is not much difference between hims and the other turkey mom cooks for the kids on won't be reading this right momma Isa just kidding you I loves your cooking ...I heard the fire department does also, cos it helps them get overtime during the holidays....bahahhahahahahha.....

Anyways I gots wayyyyy off of my Thanksgiving post of alls the fings in the worlds that me and my family is fankful for.  I faught I should just do a power point presentation but Stellie Rose said to keep it I did.

1. We are thankful that we have a loving human family who has always been kind to us and shown us what it was like to feel love each and everyday.  Mom even shows us love on the days we pee on the new doggie bed hers bought for us. 

2. We are thankful for mean ole cat Dietzman cos without him as our prison guard, we would probably lose our heads and dig out of Alcatraz and run crazy all overs the town, and evil Chrissy would steals us and sells us to the highest bidder.  I shudder to think where we could end up at so fank you Dietzy for doing your job so well.

3. We are fankful that Dad works different hours than our Mom cos that means that he is home wif us and then mom comes home so are not alone very much.  Unless he wants to take a long nap befores he goes to work, and then we haf to stay in the kitchen wif our bed.  Maybe that is why we pee on the bed, so much, only Sigmund Freud could figure that one at.

4.  We are thankful we still have a grandma and grandpa that we can go visit and get to see our cousin Charlie...he is a blast even though he is a little overweight.

5. We are fankful for all the grandmonsters, cos none of them are really monsters and they all loves us even though Piper says we are pigs, and sometimes monkeys....I worry about her intelligence but mom tells me hers isn't two yet so that is normal.  WELL don't tells momma I is almost two and I know the difference between pugs, pigs, and

6.  We are fankful our Mom still has her job for another month so she can fill our stockings with treats over Christmas and then after that we don't know about treats, so we haf been saving up like squirrels to make them last longer.

7.  We are fankful that the smart doctors are getting smarter about our Macey and that maybe one day soon we will actually meet the smartest in the whole wide world doctor and he will make her better.  We are also fankful that she is happy, and smiling and full of love for her family and friends.

8.  We are fankful for all our blogville family.  One day we woke up and realized that we stopped writing blogville friends and now write blogville family.  You are always in our prayers and thoughts and we are blessed that you founded us.  We are also blessed you also send us good treats and food just to help our mom out sometimes with her kitchen problems.

9.  We are also fankful that our family living at the rainbow bridge still comes back into our lives and hearts in big and little ways.  They help keep a child strong when they are afraid, they whisper to us silly things to do around our home to make our parents laugh and lift the burdens in their lives, and sometimes they visit us at night and sit outside on the tree branch wif just me and we talk about fings.  You know you who are.

10.  Our list can go on and on but Stellie and Maggie said I talked about what is important to us.  We pray all our family here in blogville has a safe and wonderful day.  We will be off the computer but checking back on forth on our kindle that does not let us type very much.  Our love and hugs to you.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, of course me, Angus McConnell and MOmma 

P. S. Yesterday we did a late update on our earlier post about Macey.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Yesterday MY mom did a post talking about CAT SCRATCH FEVER and I just KNEW you all would think because of my normal disposition that I was the ONE that caused Macey to catch this infection .  WELL folks you are sooooooo wrong.

Furst of all when Macey comes to our house I HIDE ...I don't particularly like visitors anymore than I do the fat pugs.  Plus I would never have bit, scratched, licked or even let her pet me.  Yep folks did you know with CS FEVER a kitten only has to lick you for you to catch it.  Did you notice I said KITTEN cos they are the majority of the carriers.  Remember I am just a tad bit over 18 years of age but a kitten at heart.   Macey's cat Theo is also a grown boy so that leaves him out.  It could have been these baby kitten she saw a few months back but I am not pointing any paws at them....just wondering

The disease is caused from a tick or flea and it is a bacteria caused virus.  Usually the person bit has symptoms like the flu etc.  but then some have weirdo maybe Macey is one of them weirdo kids OR they may be meowing up the wrong scratching post and it has nothing to do wif anything.

So just so you know one more time I did not touch the girl!!!   (Still waiting on the ultrasound results)
Mean ole Cat Dietzy

later update--Macey does not still have this bacteria, her bloodwork last week showed sometime in the last 6 months she had it but it is gone now, so there is no treatment needed.  What we will find out at the next dr. visit though is if it could be related to her swelled up foot and leg.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Its been awhile and I know you are waiting to hear anymore news.  Well we have a little bit, and I guess that is better than nothing.  Right.

So first Macey had her ultrasound on Monday. She had to starve for 6 hours, and not drink so she was a little unhappy.  I toles her I knows how she feels cos sometimes Mom is late feeding us when she gets home from work.  I saw her eying my round tummy so I don't fink she believed me.  We are still waiting on the results from that.

BUTT yesterday her Dr. from Blanks Children Hospital called and said all of her blood work was fine EXCEPT one of the weird ones he took.  She showed positive for CAT SCRATCH FEVER sometime within the last 6 months.  WEIRD cos she never had scratches, or marks, or a fever or any of the symptoms most people would have showed.  We read up on it and it said you can even get licked by a CAT that has it  and get sick.  But hers never got sick.

SO now the important dr. at Blanks may send her onto infectious diseases cos it is still a mystery as to WHY her leg and foot are still swollen and IF that cat fing that happened so long ago has anything to do with it or not!!!

Cat scratch fever can create problems with your lymph nodes so maybe it hurt a lymph node that has to do wif her leg and this is her reaction....none of it really makes any sense.  They did say it was to late to start her on we are waiting on who she see's next.

The kidney girl from Iowa City did call and check up on her cos she is worried about the amount of blood that shows in her urine....she thinks that of course is a different issue from her in a few weeks she will go back to follow up on that.

Mom is working on our Thankful post for the week.  WE have lots to be thankful for.
Stella Rose

Friday, November 21, 2014


I always will remember our Sammy J. Simpson  in only a place that he keeps within my heart.  I know he is taking care of Sweet Trudie at the Rainbow Bridge and running free with all his friends. Deb


A box arrived at our house and the whole side of it was crunched in like evil elf Chrissy had tried to gnaw her way through it.  I toles momma we needed to call the sheriff's office to report this but she thought for awhile we needed to just stay away from sheriff dan.  OKKKay Momma.

So we three got all excited cos we love boxes from Mr. Chewy and Dad made the mistake of picking the box up...

Yes you may want to close your eyes cos these next pictures shows the reason we need more dog training classes.

And Mom needs more practice taking fast motion pictures with her camera.

I know I can smell something GOOD inside of there DAD.

Maggie is waiting patiently isn't she.  Gus on the other hand is not.  And they must have knocked Me right off the couch.

Gus get out of that box!!

Oh boy Mom picked out for us, Wilderness Dental Chews, for little mouths....see they say MINI.

Mom loves Wilderness Chews because there is no grain in them, and they help get the tarter off of our teeth.  They are also made in the U.S. A. and they help freshen our breath.  Four great reasons.  We love them cos they are little and we can lay around and chew on them.  We offered our Dad one of them just to be polite but he just got all scowly about it.

They come in all size for us little dogs to big dogs....we give these treats 4 stars.

And no one paid us to say anything.

Stella Rose

Thursday, November 20, 2014


These are my cousins.

They live at our Aunt Dixie's house.  Mom didn't take very good pictures of them but they are really beautiful.  The black and white one is Momma.  Someone dumped her by Aunt Dixie's house about 6 years ago.....and Aunt Dixie of course kept her cos she has always kept any animal that creeps dump at her house.   So then just a few weeks later, Momma became a real momma and gave birth to six beautiful puppies.
Aunt Dixie took them to the vet and he said they were purebred shelties....we cannot figure out why Momma was dumped because of this.  So Aunt Dixie found homes for four of them and kept a boy and a girl.
Emma is the biggest girl.  She is friendly and loves when momma visits.

Boo is the little boy.  He is more scared cos when he was a  puppy he had a accident with a car and from that time on he is more standoffish, and smaller.  BUT he loves our mom and always comes to see her when she visits.

Aunt Dixie loves her kids.

THEN about 2 months ago a lady stopped by aunt Dixie's house to see if she had lost a kitten.  Aunt Dixie said NO.  Well the lady said there was a little kitten up the road at the cemetery just a crying.  Aunt Dixie went to check and sure as the wind,....there was a little yellow kitten just a crying.  What did Aunt Dixie do....yep she brought her home.

This is evil Evie two months later.....she has went to the Vets and got her shots, lost her lady parts, and made sure she is all healthy.  She keeps the dogs on their toes that is for sure.  She likes jumping up on the refrig and aunt Dixie has had to learn new boundaries at her house now.  Evie does not have her trained very well yet.

We love Aunt Dixie cos she has such a kind heart with all animals.  She really loves on us when she comes to visit.  Mom says its amazing how good she turned out!   Bahhahhahahah

P.S. Macey has her ultrasound on Monday.

Stella Rose


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


One is grumpy---- one is not.   I would have been grumpy after a day of MORE needle sticks.  Before I go any further in my update this is what Macey's momma Kylei had to say on her facebook page...."Macey said thank you so much to all my moms blog friends for her gifts and cards it is beyond sweet."  Yesterday Macey even received a package from Angel Pip and his momma and her granddaughter.  People everywhere are thinking of our Macey.

Okay so they go to Blanks Children Hospital.  Momma said a big prayer the night before cos she is not so good about driving in rush hour traffic on the interstates around the capital of our state.  Ugh...Plus it had snowed some the night before so the roads were still a little icy in places...double ugh ugh......they had to leave in the early morning hours and it was only 7 above.......we stayed home in our warm beds and pj's.....

They arrive safely barely on time, but safely and the hospital looks pretty magical.  It is painted inside like a wonderful place in the old time Grimms fairytales books, a little of german magic etc.....Macey and Kenna thought it was pretty cool.  There were wishing wells, gifts shops, and food places hindsight they should have stopped and thrown about $20 worth of coins in that wishing well instead they hurried by it!!

The staff were very friendly and because it was Macey's first time to visit the head doctor at the Diagnostic Clinic they had to ask her Momma, Kylei about 500 of the very same questions she had already answered 500 times ago.  Macey and her sister mostly bounced off the walls, and our Momma forgot to breathe several times cos hers was anxious. (she hid it well though)

So first Macey was weighted and measured and her leg and foot was measured.  Then two ladies came in and talked about her health history and the gazillion tests she had already had.  Then finally the GREAT OZ himself came to see her.  He must have been about 100 years old but Mom said everyone liked him right away.  Mom was a little worried though when she did not see his bag of magic tricks or at least a magic hat.  Instead we saw a stethoscope

He shared that it was very rare for a child to only have one swollen leg and foot.  He usually sees children with two swollen legs and that is usually due to a heart or kidney issue.  WELL we reminded him Macey is trying for the Guinness Book of what did he expect??  He asked his own special set of a gazillion questions........and then he started to make a plan.

OUR mom is a list maker and when she makes a list she starts IMMEDIATELY to mark through each item.  She does not put it up until tomorrow.   WELL we found out real FAST that is NOT how Dr. Elliot does his list.  NOSIREEE.....He makes a plan and then makes another plan and throws  in a few more to go with it.

Mom suggested he start on it before lunchtime....but of course that was impossible because the ultrasound machine was booked until the 12th of never.  On that note Mom could have applied for a job on the set of  Thomas the Train cos of the smoke coming from her ears.....

Dr. Elliot wants an ultrasound done to see if there is something blocking the lymph nodes in Maceys groin, or stomach from working right.  He also ordered all kinds of new blood work  we had never heard of just in case her Momma had forgotten to tell him Macey had been on an expedition to South America and got bitten by a giant flying insect. 

So we got all the bloodwork done, but the ultrasound will be scheduled down here in our own little village.  Hopefully this week.  If that is okay, then I guess we will make a new list with Dr. Elliot.

One thing we have all learned in these 11 weeks is when it comes to medical mysteries, nothing is fast, there is no magic hat, or wand just waiting around to tell you the answer.  WE do think the magic lies within our family though and how we have tried to pull it all together, it lies within our church families, and our blogville families.  Perhaps we cannot final the true answer quickly but between us all we will at least pave the yellow brick road with loved and caring.

Stella Rose and her Momma

Monday, November 17, 2014


Friday Macey and her parents went to visit Blanks Children's Hospital for the first time.  She saw 4 dr. and they stole 8 tubes of blood but she did not have to stay over for the weekend.....she stayed wif us instead...yay!!!!

Her momma let her stay all night wif us Saturday and momma took her home later on Sunday. No church on Sunday cos it snowed (2-3 in.) and it was cold so we just all stayed in our warm house and chillaxed all day.

First we did this:

Macey got a special present sent to ours house from Madi at
There was a book about Camilla with tons of stickers, a stuff gingerbread girl, that we had to hide cos we think all stuffies that come into OUR house belongs to US and a picture of Madi.  Macey worked on her book off and on all weekend.  Once we even found a few stickers on YOU FOR THINKING OF MACEY MADI!!

Angus decided he must be in most of the pictures that Mom took that weekend.  As you can see in the picture with Madi and Macey he is laying on Macey's lap.  He is a big baby.

Here is a book called the Original Princess that Kate from sent to her also.  We read two chapters at bedtime.  Gussie wanted us to read one more but Macey and Momma were tired. THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF MACEY KATE.

On Sunday we just lazed around until it was time to take our Macey home....Maggie is pouting cos she wanted to lay on top of will notice to beat her to it!  Its a Macey hog named Gussie.

So on Tuesday Mom and Kylei and Macey make the long drive up to Des Moines again.  This time Macey is going to go to a clinic called Diagnostic Clinic.  It is a clinic for kids trying to win the Guinness Book of records for having the weirdest things going on with their bodies.  We were told on Friday that this Dr. is top notch.  We can only pray that he is that smart.

Thank you for all your continuing comments, prayers, and posts sent to Macey. She laughed and laughed Saturday night at that pig in the pool, from Charley....I think it was giving her some ideas............Stella Rose

Friday, November 14, 2014


Dad says we are being to naughty and he is going to give us to the mean neighbors next door.  I showed him this picture to see if he would change his mind.

He did not even blink.  I fink he was looking for a big suitcase for all ours junk!   Mom told him to quit his whining well I fink hers said a worse sounding word but he had his hunting ear plugs in and he couldn't hear her.

He says we are not listening to hims at all!!!  Mom whispered under her breath that 'no body listens to him..." but he didn't hear hers....whew!

It all started when we started barking and going crazy when baby piper came to visit the others night.  She finks we are monkeys and that is what hers calls us.  We haf to stay out in the kitchen until we calm down cos we jump on her and knock her down.  That makes our DAD really MAD.

See her scary face, hers is eating waffles at hers aunt kyleis house.

Anyway we did settle down and hers petted us and tole us to sit and down and we listened 21% of the time so I faught that was being real good.

Dad did not!!!

So last night we were all hanging out in the livingroom watching Dad's tv shows and all three of us heard a monster scratching at the window cos we have superpug hearing.  Of course being the watch pugs that we are we started barking LOUDLY.  Over DAD's tv show.....did he appreciate it????  NO WAY!   WE toles him...."monster alert...." but he was so mad that the smoke coming out of his ears, prevented him from hearing those words.

Instead he told us to STOP in his big mean dad voice, and that it was just a tree branch against the window.  I whispered under my breath," well you will nose we are right when you wake up and that monster is breathing in your face!"  

Mom took our side though cos hers is our Mom and toles us to get up on her lap.  She knew there was a monster out there, and that we would protect her.  Mom is smart.

Angus McConnell

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I always wonder if Doctors forget to every patient is a ribbon attached that wraps around their parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins.........or do they just see that one part of the patient that is their specialty.  I think there should be a class taught on taking care of the "whole child" and the family that comes through the door with them.

Macey was a superstar with her MRI but alas the all knowing Doctors from Iowa City decided JUST to scan her knee and below.  Even though somewhere floating around in Iowa City Hospital space there was documentation that they wanted the pelvic area and all the leg scanned.  After three phone calls between the radiology staff, the insurance company and the University....well the University won and the insurance company said only the knee and below.  So. That. Is. What. They. Did.

It showed lots of fluid of course cos everything is so big and some possible lesions but not what they were looking for.  So yes we did get one good answer, but actually no answers.

Macey's bloodwork also came back from Mayo and it still had several abnormal readings...all over the place.....SO ....tomorrow her momma and daddy are taking her to Blanks Children's Hospital to find out what is going on with our girl.

WE think this is the parking ramp but we are not really sure just what it is???  It looks pretty kid friendly though doesn't it.  Here is some stuff about it.

Blank Children's Hospital is completely dedicated to meeting the unique health care needs of children. Blank Children's is an 96-bed environment that embraces and encourages families to be a part of their child's healing and recovery. Everything from equipment to decor is designed specifically for children.

Committed to Family-Centered Healing, Caring and Teaching

At Blank Children's Hospital, we embrace a family-centered care philosophy where families are recognized as the most important part of a child's healing process and are encouraged to be actively involved in patient care the constant in children's lives.
It is about 2 hours from our home in Des Moines so not to bad, but we wish it was closer.
It seems like the only post we know how to write is the ones called UPDATES and we have lost the ability to write anything enjoyable, or funny......we are sorry for that to our readers. 
WE also know there are friends out here in blogville that are suffering from losses in their family and we want to acknowledge them also.  I know their family here in blogville is helping them stay strong. 
I think blogville should take turn teaching those "Whole Family" classes at those fancy doctor schools.  WE understand the importance of ribbons, and balloons, and hugs.  We understand the importance of holding each others hands, drying our tears, and feeling with our hearts.  Yep, we would be the best teachers.
Stella Rose and Momma

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


We missed Veterans Day yesterday.  We missed posting family pictures of our soldiers and their families.  We missed telling you the stories of their families and travels.  We have never done that before.

We missed commenting on your pictures of the people important to you.  People who helped give us the freedoms we all have today.

We missed it all.  INSTEAD......we took a little girl to get her MRI done at 1:30 pm.  Macey couldn't eat after 8 the night before so by the time she was done at 4:30 pm she was pretty hungry and thirsty, but mostly sleepy.  They had to sedate her twice to get it all done.  The radiology person said doing an MRI is pretty abnormal on a little child so no one knew the exact science down here in our clinic.

Today we play a new game called...."The waiting game."  We do not like that game and wish Hasbro had never made it, we would rather they would make a game called, "Its all okay."  We would buy 100 boxes of those games and give them to people we love for Christmas. 

They promised us yesterday she would have hers read first today.....its almost 1PM ....I wonder when their day starts. 

Thank you for all the private emails we have been receiving.  They are filled with kindness for our family and our Macey.  Each email reminds Mom of why she loves blogville so much.

We will let you know as soon as we do.
Stella Rose and Momma

Monday, November 10, 2014


WE love normal at our house.  We are creatures of normal.  Normal like...Mom gets up in the morning, we got outside, we come back in, we eat, Mom gets ready for work, Dad gets up, Mom leaves for work, we snuggle with Dad, Dad leaves for work, and we sleep until Mom comes get the idea of normal at our house.

Right now though Normal is sitting on the ledge in our living room window , teetering on it, ready to fall off. One good puff of air, and normal goes right over the edge, and a new normal will come a knockin at ours door.   Mom toles us under no circumstances to open the door and let the new normal in.

This weekend all the humans worked very hard to be normal and do normal and act normal.  Us pugs just did our regular normal pug stuff.

Friday our Macey had to go back into the local clinic and they stole more blood from her to send off to the big ole Mayo Clinic.  Then Saturday she had to go back into the clinic so they could make sure she did not have fluid on her lungs.  

Tomorrow is her MRI....she will be brave ...that is who she always is.  Not so much the adults.  The local dr.'s talked to her parents about the possibility of sending her to the Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines.  It is an all inclusive hospital for children and their families.  It is about an hour and half away.  They also suggested St. Judes Children's Hospital.  When Mom heard those words our Momma knew that normal for our whole family could become extinct as the dinosaurs we hear so much about.

We still have a lot of hope that this is one weird odd rare thing that has happened to our Macey and she will end up in the Guinness book of records for having the largest foot in the world for a 6 year old.  I bet she will make enough money from winning the record that she can take her whole family, and even us to Disneyworld.   Yeah Disneyland that would be a cool normal.

Thank you for all the prayers and comments still coming in. 

Stella Rose and Momma

Friday, November 7, 2014


These are my pj's that Allyzabeth made for me.  Gampy won them at an auction and he graciously offered to have her make me a pair.  They are so soft and warm, we love them.
See how good they fit me.

Then on Halloween we forgot to put a post about Maggie's birthday.  Mom felt so bad about that.  Poor Mags didn't even get a party or special food, but Mom told her that night how much she loves her, and that we are so happy she came to live wif us from that crappy mill.  Maggie was just fine with that. Now she is 2 years old. BUT her boyfriend Peyton sent her a furry toy and she and gussie played with them all night.  Liberty sent gussie one also.  Ms. Ellen has it together much better then our momma does.  Ms. Ellen also sent Maggie this pretty gift from Peyton, a beautiful hoodie.

Isn't it cute on her.

See hers a smiling.  And yes, Gussie photobombed her special picture.  We think Maggie looks like a little gnome with that pointed hoodie.  It will keep her warm on those cool nights.  Fank you so much Ms. Ellen and Peyton.

We hope we did not miss thanking anyone for the posts and comments sent to us.  Today Macey is having a bit of a sad day though.  She has been so brave all along, but like each of us...sometimes sadness creeps in.  Her momma just called and said they found her under her covers in her bed, crying cos she is tired of having a big foot and getting shots.  I finks she needs some pug hugs so we will go see her tonight.  It. is. hard.

We are trying to always let the light in though.
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Angus McConnell and their momma


Thursday, November 6, 2014


Our Yahoo is acting up and I know our friends are wondering about Macey and what happened yesterday.

FURST and most important all your prayers and good words uplifted Macey and us in every way possible.  She laughed and laughed.

They were unable to get the MRI done though.  First the sedation did not work well enough and she coughed a few times, thus making the picture of the first MRI caused a domino effect as to the timing of the rest also, they even tried to do one with no sedation and she tried real hard not to move but it still did not work.  Because they are booked so solid, we could not even wait and come back in a few hours.  We ended up waiting till after 1:00 in the MRI lab to see if they would just admit her. 

The insurance would not admit her because two MRI's in one day with no diagnosis yet, or no actual DR. is a no-no.  Yep we found out that at the moment, she has no dr.  The cardio guy is done with his job and the kidney girl is done with her job, so macey is basically floating around in their system without a home. 

So we went back up to pediatric specialty clinic and waited for the kidney girl to come back to see if she could help.  Another 2 hour wait.  Poor Macey had not eaten since midnight or drank.  We could not give her anything just in case they could redo the MRI.  she was the best little sport.

Finally, the kidney dr. decided to send her home to have an MRI done here, and our local clinic would read it, along with Iowa City.....after they see something (or don't see something) then they will know who to send her to next. 

The new thing is now her blood work.  Since two weeks ago she is anemic.  Another new thing she never has been.  Macey eats very well, and that has never been an issue.  So in the 8 weeks that this first started she has a heart murmur, wonky ekg, blood in her urine, anemic, big foot and calf.....we are beyond worried.  Just beyond it.

So on Tuesday she has another MRI, but thankfully just a few miles from her home.  No long traveling.   We are trying so hard to think of the simple things it could be, but we can't find them anymore, and now our minds are traveling to the darker side. 

Today at work all I could do is cry and cry.  My boss didn't know what to say to me, so he just ran out the door to Court.  (llolol...)  Oh yeah, as far as our election went he lost the race, so come January I no longer will be the assistant secretary....but money is replaceable....people are not.

We will be answering all your wonderful blogs and comments you left for us yesterday, in time.  We will also let you know things as we find out.



Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the prayers,  posts, emails, and extra hugs you sent to our Macey yesterday.  It helped pass the long day of waiting and talking and waiting.  Macey is the bravest little girl we know.  Several times mom had to stop reading the posts to her (cos she had a big lump in her throat) and they just talked about the funny pictures.  Blogville is grand...stella rose

Saturday, November 1, 2014


We are off to the town hall meeting and I getta drive this coooool ride, come on friends hop in!!!!  (See me behind the wheel.....bahhahahha)

No matter how it turns out, the best thing that has come from this campaign was meeting new friends!!  I finks everyone is a winner. 

I toles Angel Greta in my monthly email to hers that sometimes the end is really just the beginning waiting to happen. Hers finks I is really smart.

Angus McConnell Long