Friday, August 29, 2014


Sometimes the three of us fight.  Like fight in the way of grabbing each others wrinkles and shaking the crap out of you type of fight.  Mom gets super mad at us, and we have to take a break from each other.  Usually it is just a "5 minute" break

 but sometimes it is a long time break like "10 minutes". 

Mom gets all worried that we will never mend the problem whatever it may be and that we will always be mad at each other

then she looks in on us, and here we are.

And until the next time there is peace and harmony in our home.

P. S. Liberty this is for you.  Its a bow tie.

Angus McConnell Long

Thursday, August 28, 2014


We who choose to surround ourselves
with lives even more temporary than our
own, live within a fragile circle;
easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps,
we would still live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only
certain immortality, never fully
understanding the necessary plan....
--- Irving Townsend ---
We will miss you our friend.
Stella Rose, Maggie Mae and Angus McConnell

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We received this award from our friend Charlie 
a few weeks ago and are still playing that game of catch up on our blog.   You can find Charlie right here at't he cute.

For this Award you are supposed to post your favorite song and pass it onto 10 other bloggers.  We are passing it onto all of our friends cos we are lazy today.  Here is our mom's favorite song and she put some pictures and a story with it awhile back when we shared it with you.  She loves the message of the song. 

"Brave" holds different meanings for each of us.  WE may all be fighting a battle that no one else ever see's and that often takes faith and bravery.  Sometimes Mom says just getting out of bed to go to work is an act of bravery.  I just yell in her ear each morning, "GET UP WOMAN!"  Enjoy the day and fanks Charlie.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


My butt is flat!  Flat like a pancake....

flat like a tire.....flat...flat....flat....

Why is it flat you ask?????  Well because I am spending 92% of my time sitting on my flat butt driving Murphy and Stanley's Campaign RV all over blogville.

Today I am taking a break at our next stop and doing a little watching for me cos it might be in your town.  Listen for the HONK HONK of my horn!!

Angus McConnell
p.s. yes, momma I did wash all my underwear last night when we stopped to rest for the night.

Monday, August 25, 2014


OUR friends Murphy and Stanly have asked if we would like to participate in the amazing Writers Blog Tour.  We said yes, BEFORE we knew our MOM would be gone so LONG with her work last week.  We are running behind on everything IMPORTANT in our lives now, and MOMMA is playing the game called 'catch up". 

We really enjoy Murphy and Stanley's blog cos their momma is a good comedian and always makes us laugh, plus she also has a POTP page for any of our friends out their in blogville needing our prayers and help. (And she sends our mom good pictures of us) WE wish we could go on those long walks that hers takes each day, but its so hot in our part of the woods, we run outside to pee and run back into the cool air.  If we add all ours time running around Alcatraz  outside it still would not add up to the amount she runs each day.

OURS momma likes to write when she has time, and sometimes hers writing reflects what is going on in ours lives....

so the rules for this tour is you haf to nominate three other bloggers and you haf to answer three questions.

Since there are three of us, we are each going to take a question from the Tour. 

(Maggie)  Question NO. 1  What are you working on?  Well I often help my mom with the weekly calendar of blogs she needs to do.  Usually she is behind on her reviewing of products and right now we are working on our monthly Mr. Chewy review.  Yes, we are AWARE it is ALMOST the end of the month but we know Mr. Andrew will understand.  We are also working on a review of a Elk Antler that was sent to my sister, Stella Rose last week.  With, Gussie being so involved in Murphy and Stanley's campaign he is working on writing his adventures down.  There is a lot  of midnight oil and long distance phone calls being made, before he will have his stories completed.  All that late night racket is giving me a headache.  I will be glad when things get back to normal, well as normal as it was before, around here.

(Stella Rose) Question NO. 2 How does my writing process start?  Well, Momma and I have been blogging together since 2012 and as bloggers we have grown.  At first Momma and I did a lot of safe writing...but then one day we took a BIG leap of faith and wrote about a topic that was dear to our hearts.  We were worried our blogville friends wouldn't like us anymore or think we were crazy but something amazing happened and everyone had something positive to say about it.  So we took another step and wrote some more heartfelt words, and then it just became second nature to us, to always write about what is in our hearts.  Sometimes it hurts to write the words down, but after they are out there in space it becomes more healing than hurting.  Mom lets each of us blog, so because the three of us are so different my blog has went in three different directions.  I like sharing it with my siblings, but I will always remember when it was just Mom and I starting up that ladder all by ourselves.

(Angus McConnell) Question NO. 3 Why do I write what I do?  Well I like to write alls about my life wif my girls and my parents cos I loves them, and even mean ole cat Dietzy.  Wesa are lucky cos we's haf lots of family and friens that loves us so I writes about it.  I also likes to writes about all my adventures in life.  Most of them happens cos of my friens in blogville and how my little mind and heart works.  I finks my Mom always tries to put something important in many of my stories, and sometimes the stories might be silly but if you look with your heart and not your eyes you will find the golden nugget...or else just go to McDonalds if you can't find it and you will find one there.  Momma toles me she has always liked to write, and having the three of us blog is a good outlet for hers.    The hardest fings we write about is when one of our friends goes to live at the bridge.  We finks and finks and finks about it and then the words just come out on the page.  Momma said to us, that we are her gifts, and each day wif us is like unwrapping the package a little more, ..............We hopes you enjoy us as much as wesa do all of ewes. 

Now we are gonna nominate our three friends.
1.   Ms. Ellen is the very reason that we are blogging. She kept trying to talk ours mom into it and finally one day mom just did it.  Hers has five pugs and lives in Illinois. Momma calls her the pug whisper cos she can get all five of her pugs to sit for a picture and momma can hardly get one of us to do it.  Plus hers is Liberty's my loves momma and Maggie's love Paytons momma.

2.   This blog is about a lady named Mary Ann and hers used to live out on a farm with hers pug named Abby.  Remember Abby went to live at the bridge and now there is just Lily.  Her life has changed a lot cos they have moved from the farm into town, but Mary Ann still blogs, and shows us wonderful pictures of what is going in hers life.

3.   This blog is about a pug named Tweedles who writes beautiful poetry that we all loves to read.  Tweedles is very special to my momma cos after my brudder Sammy J. Simpson had to go to the Bridge, Tweedles made a very special trip to the moon to visit with Sammy and that brought my Mom's heart some peace.  We have found out that by being a part of blogville very magical things happen here, and that was one of them.  Angus also offered to Santa to give up all his Christmas presents if he would help make Tweedles better last winter when she was very sick.  We believe in magic, and we believe Tweedles is a part of that magic.

We hoped you enjoyed us sharing this wif you.
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell


WE have so much catching up to do....we are hidden under piles of work on our mom's desk.......even though we did not comment much last week, we did read your blogs.  We missed each and everyone of you. 

So our first post of the week is going to be a thank you post to Bunk the Pug for sending me a Paw Pack!!!   A Paw Pack is a box that you can have delivered to your door every month, with all kinds of treats and surprises in it.  The box came on Friday and I was so excited cos I just knew it was mine ALL MINE....cos I had ONLY my name on it.
Mom let me open it up later after the grandkids had went home and the house quieted down. There were all kinds of stuff inside.  Two toys, a funny pin, that said, "I let my dog kiss me on the lips" and lots of cool treats.

Those Lick out Loud treats come from Canada.  We have bloggy friends in Canada!!!  They smell like soy sauce and we loved them cos they are soft.

See the hairy toy with the ball on the end, Maggie and Gussie loved that, and the little yellow dumbbell also.  We cannot wait to open the Salmon treats and try them!!

Thank you Bunk for picking me in your contest.  We have been very blessed by all our friends here in Blogville.

Soooooo how many of you guys get to kiss your momma on the lips??????????

Stella Rose, Maggie Mae and Angus McConnell

Friday, August 15, 2014


We will be back and forth next week, Mom has two trials coming up and NO Gussie is not the defendant in will be reading your posts and comment when we can.
Stella Rose

Thursday, August 14, 2014


WELL we hates the Vet, all three of us, but mostly me, Angus McConnell and Stella Rose.  I haf a vet story to tell you.  On Tuesday Mom tole asked ours Dad to take me and stellie to the frankenvet to get our nails cut.  Enuf said, right....nails know where this is going already!!

Dad said, "of course dear" along wif some HBO words whispered so ours mom couldn't hear him.  He hates going to the vet also, but for different reasons, money...or somefin like that. 

So he loaded us up, Without our harnesses....boy will mom be mad when hers reads this, and he just carried us into the vet, all naked and afraid, like that new Discovery show, except we aren't in a jungle but a building.

So Isa goes first, cos I is the bravest boy on this earth, super gussie, and all that....UNTIL I see the steel COLD table and the clippers.  DAD toles my mom later that I started to jump off the table and run away and he had to stop me, and that is when the SCREAMING started.  He said it was awful...and he refused to evers take us back.  (my job was well done )  Anyway, they had to call in three more people, cos I is so big and strong, and hold me down, all the while I is screaming my loud pug scream for all the world, and the other dogs in the waiting room to hear.  Stellie was just walking around the office like a good little girl, not knowing she was next.  I am sorry my new friends in the waiting room had to listen to my torturous screams, I am sorry I scared them.

Then it was Stellie's turn, and I got off the table AFTER I had peed all over my dad and the frankenvet and the other two dummies they had called in to help them, I soaked them really good!!!  Stellie didn't like it either, but hers didn't scream at all.  Dad said they just laid her on her side like a little pig and cut her nails, they also had to have extra help cos apparently our vets office only hires weaklings.

Later, when mom heard about it, she felt so bad I and stellie got to sleep wif them that night, and Maggie even tho hers stayed home.   Mom says she doesn't know what she is going to do wif us when it comes that time again.  I toles her, we just better not talk about it for now.

Angus McConnell Long

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Friends this is me Angus McConnell skyping you from the campaign trial with Stanley and Murphy.  I faught this would be the best way to talk about my topic of choice, "Stranger-Danger".  So just get all settled down and pretend you are watching a movie, or listening to a bedtime story.

Did you ever notice that many of our beloved bedtime stories are actually dealing with "Stranger-Danger" issues??? 

For instance:

Little Red Riding Hood, that little girl walks through the woods all by herself and brings her grandma her supper, only to find a BIG BAD WOLF hidden in grandma's bed....good fing super Gussie was flying by

 and saved her by putting that Wolf back on the game reserve that he had escaped from!  Moral of the story:  Don't go into the woods by yourself EVERS and take Grandma out to McDonalds for lunch instead!!  There is safety in crowds.


The Three Little Pigs, so here you have three pigs, who live together without a parent in the house, and ANOTHER BIG BAD WOLF comes to their door to eat them.  He tries to fool them at first but they are pretty smart, and then he tries to blow down their door, but Super Gussie

once again comes to the rescue, and grabs up that ole Wolf and puts him safely back AGAIN  on the game reserve.  So make sure when you live in a house wif three little pigs, you also have an adult that lives with you, it is not safe for little pigs to live alone!


Snow White and the Seven Little Guys, so this little girl lives in the woods wif seven little hard working guys.  They go off to the mines to make monies, and leaves her alone in the house, and this old woman comes bringing her apples.  That little girl eats the apple and falls into a big sleep until Super Gussie comes along and gives her a kiss...hers wakes right up...blush blush....So again, folks, stay out of the woods when you are alone, do not answer the door unless there is an adult at home wif you, and nevers take apples or food, or candy or anyfing from strangers...nevers!!

Talk to your parents about their rules with strangers.  Always play in groups, cos there is safety in numbers.

Kids don't be a Joey!


Angus McConnell Long

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


When you first met me and I was this little did you ever finks I would be driving something thisssss big ????????

Dreams do come true!!!

What a busy week...furst I met with the doods campaign managers, my dear friends the pug kids from Idaho and we started to map out the best route to is a long way over hills and mountains and deserts!!!  I is from Iowa and nevers drove on these kinds of roads!  Isa will just make sure I drink lots of Gatorade.

So the next morning the  pug kids( isa always will call them that's) called me up and said, "Gussie we are hitting the road, pack your bags, and Sterlings potato chips....". When I toles my Momma hers got all teary eyed and Maggie started to pout in the corners, cos hers loves me and will miss me, and Stellie just shook her head.  I gave them all a kiss and shook my Dad's hand, grabbed my Scooby Doo overnight bag and fired up the Big Ole Girl.

It took so much gas from our little local station that the pump went dry!!!  After I figured out just where reverse was, and explained to Officer Dan why his police car had a small dent in it, I hit the road.  He yelled that he would be contacting the Doods insurance company before the day was gone.  Isa gotta remember and tell them that....oh well....

We loaded up the Big Ole Girl and headed down the road. 

Dad called me and said, "watch out for any flying birds don't get in your engine!!" so now not only do I haf to watch the road for hazards Isa gotta watch the sky also!! 

Momma Carol gave me a hug when she saw I was feeling a little over whelmed and that made me feel all the better.  I turned up the tunes, and started singing, " Looking for adventure...headed down the highwayyyyyyyyy...."

My Doods came up front to relax and kick back and to sing wif me, cos they were surprised I could sing sooo good, and the next fing I heard was OMD and there in front of me was a stalled out vehicle!  Whew good fing my reflexes work so well, and that Gatorade I had drank earlier had my adrenaline pumping cos I hit those brakes and we skidded to a perfect stop!!!!!! 

I hollered, "everyone okay????  Momma Carol do you need to make a little bathroom break????"  Nope...okay lets get this showboat back on the road!

Caliyfornia was just over the horizon with her big lights, and mountains, and oh so many highways, I drove through so much traffic out theres that I am now an expert driver and surely even Santa will not turn me down as his reindeer this year.  I saw lots of beautiful rocks for my momma but Ms. Carol toles me we where on a tight schedule and the Doods had a special appearance on a television show in about 30 minutes.

So the rocks will haf to wait and I found out the DRIVER does not get to tag along on the show.  I had to sit in the Ole Girl and check the brakes, air conditioning etc....I had to work, had to earn my keep, had to bite the bullet, had to WAIT!  While the Doods got to do this...

Maybe I should have put it in my contract that I would be their bodyguard also!
Angus McConnell Long signing off.

Friday, August 8, 2014


We are off to the batcave to party with Ranger and all our friends...maybe we will even see BATMAN.   Just in case we need a designated driver back to our house we brought along our own little batgirl.

Stella Rose Long

Thursday, August 7, 2014


HONESTLY, how many of my friends out in Blogville ACTUALLY ever thought they would see ME, Angus McConnell Long behind the WHEEL of this big ole road hog??????   COME on now.... be trutfull....well here is the story of how this happened.

My good dood friends Murphy and Stanley just announced they are running for the Mayor position here in Blogville

so they called me up at my (it is actually Kevin's the trucker up the streets tax writeoff but he lets me run the office sometimes while he is out on the road, and Isa didn't fink he would care if we loaned them a RV for such a great cause)  agency called RV TRAVEL & MORE--WHERE SAFETY COMES FIRST and asked how I would feel about spending time on the road wif them, and the Pug Ranch Kids.
OF COURSE I said "of course" and befores I knew it a contract was signed

 and I started studying for my CDL (calmaties, danger, and lawlessness) test so I could legally drive this big ole girl down the road.  (it also doesn't help that sheriff dan is my good friend and so are the girls at the D.O. T. station).  I passed it with nose mistakes at all.  None!  I bet that surprised you also.  Of course they let me take it at the local video game shop cos of my short stature so I just had to sit at one of those games, and drive the steering wheel and not hit nuffin.  Easey Peasy Over Easy!  One drivers license coming up!!

I is so excited about my new job, which will only last just as long as the campaign BECAUSE Christmas is right around the corner and I will be once AGAIN applying for a job as a lead reindeer. That was an important clause that I had put in the contract.  Just saying.  Of course I will be available to the doods throughout their reign as Mayors if needed.

Stellie Rose and Mag's said they would hold down for Fort for me at home whilest I am out on the road being very good...cough...cough...and they promised to always save me my share of treats received from Mr. Andrew....right girls!  I toles my momma I would haf to bring her rocks back from all the places we visit and hopefully Ms. Carol the doods momma won't care if I fill up the bedroom wif all the rocks I find.  We will haf to work that out won't we Ms. Carol?

I is so excited about my new position as the official driver for those boys.  They are kind and caring doods...which will only make the best place in this world even more bestest!!!!

Angus McConnell Long

Monday, August 4, 2014


We will be gone for a few days.  OUR Dad's momma passed away yesterday.  We will try to read all your posts and comment when we can.
Stella Rose

Friday, August 1, 2014


Furst wesa all wanted to say thank you for the posts about our mean ole cat Dietzman.  He is very special to us in that inmates/wardan way.....enuf said.  And yes, he always looks like that even when he is happy, which makes it hard to distinguish just when he is happy.  Hee likes our Dad the best and us the least.  Mom is somewhere in the middle.  WE asked him if he would like to blog a little more and he just looked at us, and walked away.  WE think that means yes ?????

Mom has been working on making the farmer fence pretty.  She wishes it wasn't to late to plant zinna's but in our zone cos she knows they would make it look fantablous but its to late, so instead she planted Hen and Chickens and rocks.   Yes, ROCKS!!!!   Dad is laughing at her.  He laughs at her a lot. 

That flutterfly is for you Tweedles.  Mom still needs to put mulch down and she wants to find another small garden globe.  We hope they come back next year. 
Here are two new Live Forevers found in the Sedum family.  Maggies ball photobombed it.  This next week mom is going to plant fall colorful grass along with mum's along the fence....for some color.  See that small rock tower??

It needs mulch.  See the tiny totems.  These rocks came from King Salmon in Alaska.  Mom's brother works for the Dept. of Interior and sends her cool things.  It took Mom awhile to get them not to topple over.  She said sometimes when you think something will fit together it doesn't and then when you never think it will work, it stands tall and strong.  Life is funny like that.
See what it says on top of this rock.  That is a surprise.  We wonder how many peoples will notice that when they come into our yard???

We will put more pictures on here when we are all finished..... it will take a little while longer.  Have a great weekend.
Stella Rose