Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I don't know why we are always late on doing our reviews, whew we just make it in under the wire.  I tell you what when this box arrived in the mail even the mailman told us how good it smelled!! Then our human sister was over the other night and took one out of the bag thinking it was a treat for her, cos it smelled so delish!!!  When the bag is open our kitchen smells like a mixture of fruit and other great smells.  We know those smells are coming from this bag and not our mom's stove, and that is all we are gonna say about that.

OKAY ....the review.

Nutro Ultra Wild Blueberry & Pomegranate Biscuits Antioxidant Blend Dog Treats

Nutro Ultra All Natural Dog Biscuits are made with super-premium whole foods to promote the health and well-being of your dog. The unique blend of nutrient-dense, superfood ingredients delivers superior functional benefits to your dog’s vitality. Ultra Wild Blueberry & Pomegranate Antioxidant Blend Dog Biscuits don’t just taste great, they serve a function too. Because blueberries and pomegranate are naturally loaded with powerful, cleansing antioxidants, these treats help support your dog’s immune system, heart health, and longevity.
Key Benefits
  • Helps maintain and boost your dog’s immune system
  • Supports healthy heart function
  • Naturally preserved and does NOT contain: wheat, ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, soy, artificial colors or flavors, or fillers
  • Three lean animal proteins from farm-raised chicken, pasture-fed lamb and salmon provide unique and complementary Amino Acids that work together to promote strong, lean muscles
  • Packed with antioxidants to help maintain a strong immune system, a healthy heart and sharp mind
  • Made in the USA
  • Available from -
  • Cost $6.49 for a 16 oz. bag.
  • Company website :
  • We LOVED that the treats have a zip top bag so they stay nice and fresh.
  •  We really like these treats.  The only mistake Mom made was they were almost too big for us since we are smaller dogs.  She should have chose the small size treats. But no matter cos she just snaps them into two pieces and we share them!

  • Rating
  •  we give this our 5 paws rating.

Disclaimer : sent us a packet of the True Chews in return for an honest review.  We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way and our opinion is  purely our own.

Stella Rose, Maggie and Baby Gussie


Mom said wesa wouldn't be back until Monday so we wanted to leave all of our friends with these words and pictures.

We are so thankful to have you all as our dear friends.  You have shared laughs with us, and cried tears with us.  Others, may think that is very strange to say you are a friends because we have never met, but they are very wrong.  Our Momma thinks you are all gifts from above.  Happy Thanksgiving!!  Enjoy the day and drive safe.

Now on to the pictures.

I did this just cos I love my Momma.

I am showing Momma how antlers can be worn as a necklace!

This is going in my resume for my Santy Claus!

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feeling Thankful...


Yousa all knows about the new dog/dogs next door to me and my girls. (Wesa don't know if theres is one or two dogs in the little house) Well Isa toles Mom Isa was gonna go over and have a talk with them and see just how wesa stepped on their toes.  Mom said NO!  I toles her it was alright cos after all I could wear my cop outfit and flash my badge at them and they would calm right down.  Plus having handcuffs in my back pocket would add to the effect.  Mom said NO you don't have a uniform.  I toles Mom I would wear my red coat cos it makes me look tough, doncha think?

THEN I looked out the window and saw one of the dogs on their porch with this big ole chain around hers neck and she was pulling on the end of it.  MY little heart did a few flip flops but then I fought, well I would just take her over some fried chicken and smashed potatoes.  So I loaded up the picnic basket and put on my best swagger and gots my autographed picture out for hers to hang on her bedroom wall.

My girls even toles me NO GUSSIE BOY she will eat yousa instead of the chicken but I toles them not to worry cos I put a little AXE under my armpits also, and my womens usually swoon when Isa do that.  Plus I was trying to earn the BRAVERY badge for the Boyscouts so I could hang it on the wall.  Then I peaked looked out of behind the curtain just to make sure hers was still waiting on me and I noticed that hers had pulled on the porch railing so hard that hers had broken it, WELL I decided I had better rethink my plan of fried chicken and smashed potatoes, and WAIT till a warmer day.  I ALSO suggested to our Mom that hers take us out the front door from now on, and just walk us at the Lake. 

Angus McConnell
P.S. We do feel really sorry for hers though that she is chained up and gets no exercise.  Wesa thinks that is why she hates us cos we get to go on walks and hers has to stay home.  I think Isa gonna talk to mom about taking her wif us next time.  Ummmmm...

Monday, November 25, 2013


We received our first Christmas Card of the season.  Mom is mailing some of ours out today.  She has to go buy more cards on her lunch hour.

Yesterday Mom asked me if i wanted to go with her on a walk out to Lake Sugema.  I jumped for joy and the crazies went even more crazy cos they didn't get to go.  It was only 28 outside so i wore my winter coat.  Mom did not take very good pictures cos it was so sunny outside.

I walked all around in the small grassy area, ....mostly Mom just let me enjoy being on a walk, and enjoy the fresh air, even though it was cold.  When Mom said it was time to go, I did my little pug scream cos I didn't want her to put me in the car.  I didn't understand we were both getting to cold!

THEN when we got home Dad was just pulling in the driveway from work.  The crazies were barking and jumping and jumping and barking and they even tried to rip my little coat off, cos they wanted to go for their walk.  Mom got them both dressed warm and decided she would just walk them downtown to the river and back.

Well, we have new neighbors that just moved in next door.  We haven't said hi to them yet, cos we haven't really seen them. We have just heard them.  And we bark when we are outside in Alcatraz cos they also have a dog and sometimes we hear him.

Mom saw a smaller version of a log chain on the front porch and her heart kinda did a flip flop.  She was a little worried.  So anyway she walked the crazies down the driveway and she could see the new dog next door at the window barking and carrying on.  A boy about the age of 11 came outside to get on his bike and Mom said hi but he didn't talk to her. The crazies said Hi also, but he didn't talk to them either.

So they walked downtown and Maggie was in the lead, and Gussie walked beside Momma cos he is practicing his guarding moves, it got pretty cold with the wind coming off the river, so they headed back home.  Everyone was pooped, when they started walking across the street to go up our driveway the dog next door somehow turned into two dogs next door at the window barking and scratching at it. They started to hit the glass and it sorta scared Mom a little.  She hurried the crazies down the driveway and the next thing she knows they were at their porch glass hitting it hard and Mom thought they were coming after them all.  Her first thought was thank goodness she didn't lock the car cos she could just throw mags and gussie in the car and they would be safe.  Instead she hurried them in the yard and got them in the house.  Mom was pretty shook up all night long, and hopes the new dog or dogs next door will never get loose when we are outside in alcatraz cos they would just jump over it.  She told our Dad but he wasn't concerned.  She told him from now she she would just go out the front door with us, and forget about the driveway or just put us in the car and drive us out to the fairgrounds or lake. 

We are thankful mom only has to work three days this week.
Stella Rose

Friday, November 22, 2013


WE tried to fool everyone yesterday with our Truf/Fib version so here is the Truf.  Dad and I did eat a whole package of bacon one morning.  He ate most of it but i had my share.  Needless to say our mom was peeved about it.

Maggie and Dad do share white gravy every morning.  He runs down to Circle B and buys it for himself and brings it back to share...every morning.

And Gussie Boy did tell Roxie she was his one and only.  He was telling the truf about that at least for that day. 

Gussie has been accepted into blogville police department as a Jr. Officer along with Sully.  They will be attending the academy together.  Mom is very sad that her Baby Gussie will be going away to training and she took to her bed for a few days. She said he is not even one yet and she doesn't understand why he has to run all around in the whole wide world now.  She wants to keep him at our house forever.  I tole's her that it is okay cos I thinks after he finds out he can't take a binkie, or blankie, or stuffie with him to school he will change his mind.  I am a little worried about once he see's the uniform though, cos that might help sway him. 

Gussie is excited about another thing also.  This:
He has hooked up a Santy Claus Reindeer Cam to the North Pole and he can now watch from our house every move the reindeer, elves and Santy are a making.  He also got a special newsletter from one of the elves. He is just beside himself with joy cos he thinks since the newsletter has came, a phone call will be next!  We girls just laugh at him!!

We are glad it is Friday cos Mom will be home with us this weekend, and if we have no snow we may get to go for walks.  We have heard we are in for some bad weather tho.   Oh I hear a warm blanket calling my name.
Stella Rose

Wednesday, November 20, 2013



1. I confess that one time I tried to bite the back of my Mom's legs when she was putting my dinner down for me to eat.  T or F

2. I confess that one time Dad and I ate a whole package of Bacon for dinner.  T or F

1. I confess that I purposely tore up Stella Rose's little white baby bear in a tug of war game with Baby Gussie.  T or F

2. I confess that Dad and I share biscuits and white sausage gravy every morning for breakfast.  T or F

1. Wells I is always a good boy so its was hard for me to tell you all the naughty fings that I do. Ok i confess that I tolds one of my womens from school that I loves ONLY hers alot!!  T or F

2. Whew okays, I confess that sometimes when Mom is at work Dad and  i get outs the squirt gun and I chase my girls around the house.  T or F

stella rose, margaret mae and angus mcconnell


THIS is my angel brudder Sammy J. Simpson and me.  He lives at the rainbow bridge. We are remembering him today cos today one year ago is when he went to the bridge. 

For those of my friends that don't know this Sammy and I were brudder and sister.  He was borned though in a litter after me. So he came from a not very good place either. 

He and I had a very special relationship. The kind that you can never replace. You just go one cos that is what us furry kids do.

Sammy came to live wif me, cos after Mom and Dad brought me home I had a terrible time adjusting to living in a real home wheres people loved me. I had all kinds of behavior issues. One day that woman where we came from called Mom and said she had three little pug puppies that the broker had rejected. Did we want one?  Mom and Dad talked about it and wondered if it would help me even more.  So on Thanksgiving Day they went to hers house. There was a little girl, and two little boys. At first they thought a girl but hers was really really small and they were kinda worried I mights hurt her playing.  One of the little boy had a bad hernia problem, and the other boy had scratches on his eyes, horrible scars on his legs from wire cutting through them, and his nose holes were closed.  They picked him and named him Sammy J. Simpson, Simpson is Dad's last name.

Sammy went to the vet the next week and got all fixed up.  We became good friends.  And I started to adjust to living in a real home where everyone loved me and him.  Oh we had our brudder/sister fights for sure, but he always watched out for me cos he grew bigger.  The one problem that Sammer had was he wouldn't listen well to our Mom outside and would run all over.  He loved exploring and running.  It was his passion. He kinda always looked grouchy but he wasn't.  I wrote alot about Sammer.

So today Isa celebrating the honor of having a brudder named Sammy.  I miss him alot.

These are balloons at a pug event in England.  Stan my boyfriends Mom made sure one of them released had Sammer and Angel Trudie's name on it.  I am sure he wasa watching.

Stella Rose

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


First I need to answer Molly the Wally’s question…she said, “Gussie should you be wearing pink”. No, Molly Isa should NEVERS wear pink but Mom put it on me and hers is my MOM and in charge. Isa just little puggie who can’t control nuffin.  Also, my girls took some photo’s of mesa after mom and dad went to bed.  They said they were real good for my sub reindeer image.  Isa trusted them girls….um?? So wesa are putting them in my blog this morning.

 So Isa was a watchin the Grinch movie last night wif my family and the first thing I noticed was his little bitty dog was pretending to be a reindeer.  Isa asked my momma if isa could call him up and asked him how long he has been waiting on the sub list.  Margaret and Stelly Bell (Isa calls her that), laughed at me but Mom said for me to go ahead.
I looked in the phone book under Green Grinch but couldn’t find his number so I looked in the white pages on the puter and found it.  I am very ambitious when Isa needs to be. So I called that little bitty dog up and toles him my name is Angus McConnell Long and Isa waiting on my Santy Claus to call me so I can be a sub reindeer on Christmas.  He toles me he has been waiting for a long time but then he told me all kinds of things about my Santy Claus.

 Does this look like a boys coat to you?

For instance did you know that there are letters for Santa, dating back to 1849, including copies for the children of JRR Tolkein, AND n 1939 Rudolf, the ninth reindeer, was introduced by writer Robert May. His “very shiny nose” achieves almost instant fame, through songs such as “Rudolf the Red nosed reindeer” and later, TV and movie appearances AND All around the world, people say that Santa Claus existed in their historical records. There is no way of knowing for sure, but if history is accurate, then many of the things we know about Santa are supposedly based in truth.  I learned this stuff in case Alex Trubec calls me to be on his show.

 This is my Sweater that Toby Moses sent me so I wouldn't feel left out.

I faught that stuff was pretty interesting and hesa smart little dog but what I really wanted to know was did he finks in his heart of hearts if my Santy Claus was gonna ever calls me.  He said, “Stranger things have happened”.  

My girls that we should put a little spin on it, after they tried to stuff me in the stockin.

So I wents outside and looked up at the stars and Isa was pretending Isa was standing in 3 feet of snows (you know for the effect) and I whispered up to the stars….”Santy Claus Isa waiting on yousa to calls me” real quiet cos I didn’t want the new neighbors next door to finks I am a weird little freak standin outside in the dark.
Don’t worry either Frankie and Ernie about me becoming a sub reindeer cos Isa only staying one day wif him, and Mom will fix me a carnervious breakfast before I leaves wif him, so Isa don’t hafta eat those carrots.  Isa be back bys supper time.
So now Isa just waiting around by the phone. 

This is my favorite..Isa looks like a movie star.
P.S. Thank you Stellie Rose for letting me blog today.  Isa loves you.( I put that in case my Santy Claus is reading this)

Angus McConnell Long

Monday, November 18, 2013

First it was WARM and then it was COLD

I am back to my own Blog.  I toles gussie he could write one day a week.  Right now he is practicing jumping off the table to see if he can learn to fly like Santa's reindeer, he is carrying Mom's cellphone with him waiting on the call up from our Santa Claus.

So on Sunday Mom says she is going to take the crazies out to the lake for a nice walk cos all of a sudden the weather turned warm.  So warm she opened the porch door and windows.  She told me she would take me out to the fairgrounds when they got back. I said NO FAIR cos I is the oldest but she didn't listen to me.

Now she is going to show you all these boring pictures cos she is using her daughters camera and it works really well, our mom is just learning how to zoom in and stuffs like that.  She did find her other camera tho right where she left it.

So since it was so nice out Mom had on capris and flip flops cos hers is not smart when it comes to appropriate walking gear. 

This is the one and only time they sit when our mom asked them to. Gussie was very mad he had to wear a pink harness and mom said he refused to cooperate at all.  See his face!

Mom went over all the rules with them, mostly about fires, and she checked they didn't bring any water guns with them. Gussie was all excited about animals must be on leashes cos he thought that meant EVERYONE that lived at the lake and Mom had to explain to him that the only animals he would see on leashes would be them.  He thought that was rather unfair.

This is a picture of the Des Moines river through the trees.  Mom took it at the top of the hill.  The river surrounds all the lakes here.  So we are basically surrounded by water and our mom can't swim.

On the trail mom took a picture of this little house out in the woods.  Mom reads way to many mystery creepy books cos she got all spooked out and they had to head back to the car.  Dad told her later it was a water pump place. 

All of a sudden the temperature went from 60's down to the 40's with the winds blowing the leaves and branches falling to the ground, because our Mom dressed inappropriately they had to head back to the little blue streak.

 Later we all just played around the house in the family room/dining room
The crazies fought over this

and I did this.

Stella Rose
P. S. we are so happy little tweedles is feeling better.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Dear Santy Claus

Well this is the last day of my posting and Stelly Rose will be back on Monday.  I sure has enjoyed sharing my book wif all my friends and readin your feedback to help me be a better writer, mostly it was about those guts and where theirs moms could buys them at.  My Mom is gonna find hers camera over the weekend and takes new pictures of us and start on her Christmas cards.

My Dear Santy Claus:
Isa named Angus McConnell Long and this is the first Christmas that I have been alived.  I am very excited about the holiday approaching us cos the girls have tolded me about the presents that you will brings to us ifs wesa good pugs.
I am just wanting to clarify a few things my dear Santy Claus, okay one thing is ifs the girls are bad Isa will still get presents..right and ifs mom and dad are bad isa will still get presents right?

Now that’s my concerns are out of the way I have to ask you some more personal type of questions like do you evers give the reindeers “guts” as treats, and do they have to sit and laydown for them?  Isa was kinda wondering abouts that cos I foughts if there wasn’t a rigorous training the deers went through or a special deer collage then I could apply for a sub spot in case one of thems would get sick or wanna take a vacation day.  I know some of those deers must be getting pretty old by now.  Would you please keeps me in mind if that happens, cos  Isa will gets my cellphone number to you this morning.

To tells you the truf my Santy Claus I had a nice long list for yousa to bring me like bully sticks, binkies, stuffies and this and that and that and this BUT my list has changed and this is why.

I knows you are magical I just knows it and I knows you live deep in all our hearts with your special ways so I is only gonna ask for one things from you my Santy Claus and that is this….could you get out all your special medicine in the world and all your magic and just make my friend little Tweedles better cos hers is having a hard time with it all right now.  Could you sprinkle magic dust all over hers momma’s also cos I knows they are plum wore out.  I was readin the others day that Christmas is really about giving to one another things that you can’t buy at the stores, so that got me to thinkin about sweet Tweedles and what you could give her.  Maybe it is a miracle and maybe it is just time to heal but hers needs some help. 

 Heres is hers picture so yousa can find her easy.

Okays I gotta get this in the mail this morning and send it one day delivery, Isa hoping you read mine first cos it is really important.  Stelly Rose and Maggie said you can forget their toys also..cos its okay wif them cos they have all they need, and mom and dad said they have all they need also.
Your Friend
Angus McConnell Long (sub reindeer)

Thursday, November 14, 2013


My mom said to tell you she lost her camera...yes hers said it has been one of those kind of weeks.  Okay onto my 3rd chapter...isa still working on it but wanted to share some of it wif you guys.

School and Pugs. 
My next chapter is on going to school and why it was so importants that I gots to go.  First, Maggie went but hers was scared and wouldn’t come out from under Moms chair.  Wesa was shocked cos at ours house Maggie is mean and fierce but then mom realized she feels safe at her home and not so much out in the world.    Also Mom didn’t want to half to clean up more pukes everytime hers took Maggie in the car so she talked to me about going.   

She told me it would be so much fun and Isa would make new friends.  Well, Mom was right!  I loved going to my school.  I loved my teacher cos hers is the one who first turned me onto Guts, and I loved meeting all the other kids.  I noticed that they all came with something they had to overcome so Isa just fit right into the group.  Drake had to overcome his growling and hatred of other dogs, Roxie had to overcome her shyness, Macey had to overcome hers jumping on peoples and the list went on and on.  Of course yousa probably pondering just what Isa had to overcomes, well Isa a pondering that also, cos Isa not real sure.  Maybe, it was Mom introducing me to the world and seeing how I liked it.  Isa not sure …I just know I learned how to sit for guts and lay down for guts and run to my momma for guts.   

Of course at home I usually sits, and lays down but mostly I ignores her when she calls my name.  Isa had different rules in my brain for my out in the public times.  School is overs now, but I still practice all my moves.  I am hoping next year mom takes me to the next class.  Sometimes I play schools at home with my girls while mom is at work.  Isa of course is the teacher and the girls are ..well they are the girls. Stella Rosey always twirls like a little dancer no matter what I ask hers to do.  I finally decided that its okay hers do that, cos she is wired differently, Maggie listens to her brudder tho and always sits for me and halfways lays down, I am working on them shaking my paws so we can do that when we meet my Santa Claus.
The Master Angus McConnell Long