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Our dearest Sully.  My BFF and I was a talkin and we realized you never have any pictures of cats on your blog.  Well, you know all about our 951 + 4 kittens from Kevins house welllllll Princess Leah and I put our heads together, and our monies and we purchased a new old tractor and some wagons, and are headed your way.

Wif Love,
Maggie Mae and Leah

KNOCK KNOCK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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THIS week BLOGVILLE is highlighting fellow bloggers that we follow.  Please remember that just because you follow them does not mean that another person even nose they exist out there in BLOGVILLE so we are sharing some facts about each others.

We love all our blogville friends and each of you add a different color yarn to our basket of many colors........(did we just steal that from Dolly Parton) anyway it is our way of saying you are all important to us.   We would like to introduce you though to a few of our friends that you may not know.

 Is  our friends Casey, Jessie and their momma.  They live in Texas and are boxers.  Their momma is part of the LBR rescue and Casey was one of the first friends we had when we came to blogville.   I have a secret crush on Casey but please do not tell him.  And what is even more exciting is in June we are gonna meet Casey and his sister and Momma at the BAR retreat.  I am already a packing.

This little pug family has been our friends from the beginning also, but we were a finking that maybe not everyone NOSE them...... These pugs are also a family of three, and they are just the sweetest little pugs, two of them, Bailey and Hazel are senior pugs, and they live with a younger sister Mabel.  They also have a very special angel pug named Angel Greta that our Gussie talks to every night.  Did you know angels can do that?  Their momma has helped our momma through some dark and worrisome days, did you know blogville friends do that for each other?  Plus these pugs granddaughter has a new blog over  she had a sad start to her blog but now has a new puppy so I bet she will have lots of stories to tell.

Our good friend Mary Ann at she writes about her two dogs, Jester and Lily and takes the most wonderfulest pictures of animals and birds, and nature scenes.  She always has her camera with her and finds the best shots.  Guess what Mary Ann and our mom are riding together to the BAR RETREAT....won't that be a hoot.  Mary Ann and momma have lots of different conversations each day, they have become good friends.

Maggie would not have let me sleep tonight if I failed to mention her twin, her BFF, her partner in crime from across the pond, Princess Leah.  They have had many many adventures this year, most of them dangerous and illegal and hilarious...usually...cough.........but what do you say....

Our sweet friend Tweedles.  She has a beautiful blog. She lives up in the mountains, and always shows us how beautiful her forest is.  We first met Twee when she went to the moon to visit our Angel Brother Sammy...that made our mom feel so much better to know he was okay, check her out here.........

So here are just a few friends.  Our list is long so go to our page and check them out.  It was very hard to pick cos each of them mean so much to us.  If your looking for some new friends this is the place to find them, Blogville.

Stella Rose

OUR DAY OUT---Maggie Mae

WHILE our friends in the south and east were getting lots and lots of snow, we only got a little, just enough for a walking adventure with our Baby Bean.  On Saturday she decided she wanted to come down to our house to make lemon bars, color, do stickers, make valentines, go outside and read some books.  We were all very tired when SHE went home.

Mom promised us she would take us all for a walk so first we had to get on our coats, and then our harnesses, Baby Bean had to get on her mittens, boots, hat, snow pants, jacket and took her much longer to get ready then it did us.
She said lets get this show on the road.

So I and Gussie boy put on our Harley jackets.  Gussie is wearing an authentic leather jacket with the Harley insignia on the back. Dad had it made for Angel Sammy J. when he was a little boy.  It fit Gussie perfect.

So we started on our adventure...

Where's your Harley Coat Bean???  Mom remind me to never let you put a owl hat on my head!

Mom said we couldn't walk to far cos it was still cold out, and Bean wanted to tromp around in the snow....she is a snow kinda girl, we tried to stick to the sidewalks, but this kept happening:

Mom why is Bean laying in that little snow pile?  What if there is rabbit poop in there?
And Again

And again:

Mom can't you control Bean where is her leash!!

Then we decided we would show Bean how we leave peemail for all the local friends we have:

 Do you think this is a good place Gussie?   Bean is wondering what we are doing.

You go first Gussie.  (Bean is laughing and laughing)

Can't a girl get any privacy around here?   We think Bean will go home and show her mom she has learned a whole new way of peeing around the house.

This big guy wanted to walk wif us, but I hollered and told him NOT TODAY cos we were walking Bean around town.  He needed his owner wif him, stooped owner.

Hey Bean we see a really Big snow
pile for you to climb on...lets go!!  Okay Bean its time to go home, lets get down now, our feets are getting cold, ...........NO Gussie mom cannot carry you home cos she has to hold Beans hand.

Why won't she come down Maggie, I'm cold and tired, go get her down...

Bean grandmas says Lets Go.

Don't make me come up the snow mountain and get you Baby Bean!

Mom can you help me out???

Finally on our way back home.....oh NO!

She's making snow angels in someone else's yard.
Next time Mom can you walk us ALL BY OURSELVES.

Later that day, when we were all home and dry, Gus and I had a little talk wif Baby Bean and explained to her our walking rules.....she listened like a good girl then hers called us Dumbasses.................WHAT!!!

Maggie Mae



Thursday, January 21, 2016


TODAY mom was scrolling through Facecracked while hers was supposed to be working and guess who she saw.

That picture brings back good memories of when our friend Mrs. Flea can to visit wif us and she even stayed the night.  She brought us all kinds of good Jones Natural Chews, and some we kept and some we gave to less fortunate doggies.  Mom said it always makes the heart strong when you share the fings you love.

We hope Mrs. Flea comes to stay again this summer.  She is one of our favorite treasurers.   Check her out on

P.S. My eye looks so much better now.

Stella Rose

Friday, January 15, 2016


Today our friend, Sugar is having surgery.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.  Doesn't she have the best smile.

Stella Rose, Maggie Mae and Angus Mac

Thursday, January 14, 2016


WELL our MOM went to WORK that must mean she DID NOT win the LOTTERY...........

Stella Rose

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


SOME of you know our mom really likes big dogs.  She has always wanted to bring home a senior big dog, that needs a home.  BUTT for some reason we three little pugs came into her life, and since we live in a small village Mom doesn't think it is fair to bring a big dog someplace where it could not get much exercise and room.

WELL, we had a long talk wif our mom last night, and asked her if she realized, her dream really has come true,  she does have a old senior living wif us.  He doesn't need much exercise, he usually sleeps on the couch, doesn't eat much, does require more medical care than the three of us and mom and he gets along with us MOST of the time.

His name is DAD.

(Good fing our DAD doesn't read our BLOG)

Stella rose, Maggie mae and Angus mac

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


IT is WaY to cold outside for three little pugs..........I am preparing for my day of staying in this chair  and watching tv wif our dad.

Mom has to brave the winds, and cold air to go to work.....that is why she is the mom.

(old picture but you get the main idea....................cold.)

Angus Mac

Monday, January 11, 2016


Dear Liberty:
I am a bad boyfriend.  I have not sent you any romantic cards, lately, or little pressies from me to you.  I wouldn't blame you if you dumped me for that romantic retriever next door.  My life should be a Sam Hunt song.

Gussie Boy

Friday, January 8, 2016


We just wanted to let our friends know before the weekend started that Dads Cat Scan results came back and they said it did not show ANYTHING.  Mom asked them where the nodule density in the left lower lobe went that they saw on Wed., and they could not tell her.  Well, okay. ??  We are happy and relieved.

(Mom called the radiologist to explain to her where the nodule had gone, and the radtech said in the original xray it could have been dirt or stuff on the film...WHAT!!! I wonder how many times people go through this.)

Stella rose and momma


Well this month mom ordered a fun toy from Mr. Chewy.  She likes those puzzle toys and we have never had one that was not a stuffie.  So when she saw it on the list she jumped right on it.

The box came yesterday cos Mr. Chewy is one fast shipper and we were all so excited to open it.  Even Dad who could not figure out just what Mom was telling him.

Well that looks like a picture of our friends here in blogville.   Mom told us it was okay that it said HOUND and not PUG cos she knew we would enjoy it.

Of course pushy shovey Gus got to the box before me and mags.  Mags was to busy trying to lick the supper off my face............crazy girl!!

See we scuffle so fast mom could not even get a decent picture, except Gussie is still patiently working on getting that box open.

Finally mom helped him out.  Then she went and put some of our kibble and special little treats from our Christmas presents down the hole in the top, and boy Gussie went wild.  And then I smelled the treats, and started to mess around with it also.

Maggie is to busy looking at Dad lovingly to even pay attention to what is going on.

WELL the final result of this little puzzle is this:

  • Pugs do not have noses, that is what makes us pugs, but it also makes it hard to do treat puzzles, but gussie did figure out if he uses his paws he can get a treat out. *5
  • I am food aggressive so after Ifigured out there were treats in there, mom had to put it up, and now she can only bring it out, when one of us is not in the room.
  • The toy was very sturdy made for us pugs, we do wonder if a bigger dog would carry it around??
So we give the Kibble Drop puzzle 5 *****

It made all of us laugh last night.

We were paid no monies for this review, it is all honest, and only our words.

The three little pugs

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Mom promised us when the New Years started she would concentrate on OUR blog and make the blog about US.   Well, that resolution went right down the drain yesterday, and now she is embarrassed for even posting her little post.  She knows in her heart that prayers are not wasted, and that prayers always help.  Maybe not in the way expected but they are answered.  What she really meant was she had hoped she had not wasted valuable prayers on silly things like, praying she would find her work keys in time, or that the light would stay green.  Those prayers are great when they work out.

Yesterday was a hard day.  We are sharing it with you, and then we are going to try to just go back to blogging about us, the three little pugs, and 951 cats, and Jim our little giraffe.  Its funnier and easier....

So furst grandma had to go fast to the hospital because the left side of her face swelled up into a hard big knot.  The doc did a ultrasound, to see what it could be, and we are waiting on those results, since she just got done with a bad round of chemo (32 days ago) mom is hoping it has something to do with it causing some inflammation but it seems our mind always goes to those dark places.  They told us the results would not be back until MONDAY!! 

Then, while grandma was at the hospital (moms brother took her, thank goodness he was at home, cos mom was on her way to Iowa City wif dad) our grandpa who takes a blood thinner started bleeding really bad.  He called mom's brother who had to bring grandma back fast and get grandpa and rush him to the ER.  After being at the hospital for the afternoon, the only thing they could figure out that could have caused that amount of bleeding was either, the weather, stress or some food he ate.  We think stress.  So grandpa is back home, not needing a transfusion thank goodness, but if it starts again he has to go right back.  Blood thinners are nothing to mess around with.

Then, Dad saw his doc.  Furst he saw a almost doctor because it is a teaching hospital, and he was talking about sending dad back to work on light duty.  Mom and Dad were pretty surprised cos dad cannot even drive yet.  AND Mom reminded him that Dad has never seen any doc about his bad arm yet.  OH YEAH they must have forgotten that he needs to see the shoulder doctor.  So the almost doc. did some tests wif dad and noticed his left side is weaker than his right, and that he still has low back pain.  Um????   So when the real doc finally got there, he did more tests on Dads back and his arm, and sent him back down to XRAY to check to see if he has a broken shoulder.....well mom had some smoke coming out of her ears, cos she could not imagine walking around for 3 months with a unattended broken bone.  Luckily no broken bone, but the spine doc said dad has to see the arm doc before he can start back on light duty.  He also has to have some intensive PT for his back to get stronger.  We are thinking now it may be 4-6 more weeks, before light duty starts.  Dad did get cleared for driving as long as he is not taking any pain killers, and slowly weaning himself off the back brace.

So that was the main conversation on the way home, it is a 2 hr. drive, so it gave mom and dad a lot of alone when they walked into the door the phone was ringing, Mom thought it was Iowa City calling with dads arm doc appt. but it was the almost doc calling to say the radiologist when he looked at the xray found something.  Mom was thinking IT WAS BROKEN, but Brian the almost doc said no, they found something in Dads lungs and he has to go for a cat scan this morning.

Well, by that time, mom had fallen over the cliff, landed on a brier patch, and just started crying.  I mean, what else could she to do.  To much in one day to comprehend.  So that is why she started to worry about praying for silly things and using up her prayer allotment.  But Mary Ann her good friend told her on the phone, there is no such thing, as using up your prayers, and mom was safe to pray about anything she needed to ...from the TRIVAL to the BIG.  So Mary Ann, helped settle Mom down.

So this explains our post last night.   Mom has broken her resolution to keep our blog light and funny, but we will try not to always go to the worry and dark side.   We know lots of families on our blog are struggling with scary issues, and need your prayers, and ours.

We hope Dads lung nodule is just a speck of dust, and that Grandma's knot is nothing, and that Grandpa stops stressing out and stays healthy.  We pray.

Stella Rose  

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


EVER since our imposter Dad has been home there was been a war every night in our house.  WHO gets ownership of the REMOTE.   Mom was so used to Dad not being home at night and had her regularly scheduled shows that she would watch with us, fact since Dad has been home all day and all night for THREE months now, she has no regular schedule of NOTHING. 

(yep, me and Dad watching "Gold Rush, 100 episode...yep that's right we have watched almost 100 shows of says our brains are going to turn into cheese.......notice Dad does not have his brace on, he can take it off for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening..........does he follow these rules ....................NO.)

SHE lost the remote in the War.  I fink she just gave it up.  Now she sits and reads on her Kindle and last night she caught up on some blogging.  In the background we hear noise from lots of different shows then she ever watched. 

(Maggie watching GAS MONKEY wif our Dad.....she has a crush on the one guy...)

Tomorrow she takes dad BACK to the big UNI hospital and she is SOOOOO hoping they will say, all your bones are healed, so you can get your butt back to work on FRIDAY!!   Mom says a girl can dream can't she.....bol bol.................

(Baby Piper glaring at Dad cos she cannot watch her cartoons......)

Stella Rose

Monday, January 4, 2016


Our New Years baby:
is 3 years old now.

Happy Birthday Baby Bean.

stella rose and momma