Wednesday, November 25, 2015


WE won't be back until we wanted to wish everyone a very nice and safe Thanksgiving.  We will be keeping you all in our hearts.

We know we sure have a lot to be thankful for..................Stella Rose, Maggie Mae and Angus Mac

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WE HAVE A QUESTION????????????????????

Our cousin Charlie  Mom and Dad (our grandpa and ma) has a new big bed.  The problem with the bed is it is MUCH taller than the bed he used to sleep in wif them, and Grandpa and ma are worried he is going to hurt his back or little short legs jumping off the bed.  I guess yesterday he fell off of it twice.  Grandpa rigged up something to help him down for the time being, but Mom wanted us to ask if any of our friends used doggy ramps and what kind you use.

The ones mom has looked at appear to be very steep and she is worried Charlie will not walk down it.  Any ideas???    Stellie Rose

Monday, November 23, 2015


FURST....Dad had another night (on Friday) of puking and puking some more ...all night long, MOM says he is NEVER EVER to take Codine again, we are pretty sure that is the culprit.......he got up on Saturday afternoon, feeling a little better, by Sunday he was fine.  Today will be his first day of PT. 

Mom cleaned the house on Saturday and caught up on all the would think 100 trolls live at our house, mom had that much laundry.   We helped her by getting under her feet, and tripping her, we figure it is the best way for her to get some exercise.

ON Sunday Mom ran to Walmart to get her Thanksgiving foods........guess what.....the power was out, trapping people in and no one could come in, no registers were working, it was dark Mom went to Hy-Vee instead.  Apparently she is not a true blue loyal customer.  She says she drove 30 min....she was coming home wif food!  We wonder if those peoples had to stay the night.

Then ALSO on Sunday this little girl wanted to come down to see us....well the truf is she wanted to see our Mom .

Piper making a cake.  You can see we practice the upmost safety by letting her stand on a chair that is nearly 60 years old.
She is testing the batter....we usually get to do that...........darn it.............our DAD is snoopervising...I fink our mom is somewhere banging her head on the wall.

Does she look naughty to you?

Painting our DADS toenails a nice bright neon green.  Mom wonders what the PT peoples will fink of those colors...........

She is telling Dad to hold still, she is very bossy.

And finally Mom worked on Grandma's Christmas wreath yesterday.....she still has to add a few red ornaments and then it is ready to Grandma's this coming week.

We hope you all had a great weekend also.  P.S. we only gots like 1 inch of snow........but peoples around us got lots more.

STella Rose and Momma


Thursday, November 19, 2015


Yesterday Dad and Mom went back to the UNI for another doc. visit.  They said his spine looks good, and that everything was in place ...that they do not foresee any need for surgery in the future.  They showed them the xrays and you could see where one vertebra had burst and the other breaks, so the bones are very slow healing.  It has been  6 weeks.    One of the doc's said it could take a whole year until he has recovered, and that it may not ever be the same.  

He is going to start PT on his neck and left shoulder next week. They are thinking the brace is pulling his body forward and this is causing these new issues.  He also can take his brace off for one hour in the morning, afternoon and evening.  He tried it last night and after the hour was more than ready to put it back on.......his back muscles are very weak.

We may get some snow tomorrow night, so Mom said at least she does not haf to worry anymore about dad having to drive on bad roads.........that is the silver lining to this

Dad is working on car models to keep himself busy.  What that really means is Mom comes home, to paint that WILL NOT wash off on her table and chair and anything else it happens to land on.  It also means that the house smells like paint thinner.  Our Dad is the grown up version of that little boy "pig pen" on Charlie Brown.  Mom has to bite her tongue, a few nights ago we finks she drew blood.   Today mom ran down to the gas station and gots him lots of newspapers to lay all over the place............................

We will try to be around more next week, ............we know everyone is super busy this time of the year.....hugs and our love...............stella rose and momma

Friday, November 13, 2015


Its her birfday.




Its my moms birfday on Friday the 13th, and hers is way older than the hills, and stars, old......Happy 60th Mom.......................Stella Rose

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Dad did not go to the University yesterday for his checkup because he was playing sick.  Mom said he had a migraine that made his tummy sick and she did not want to drive two hours wif a sick he goes next Wed.  We do fink he is feeling betters though cos we saw lots of glimpse of our old dad and not imposter dad yesterday.

Grandma had her 3rd round of chemo yesterday and today her infusion shot. The shot most have been made in hell cos it makes her sick for about 1 1/2 weeks, wif bone pain etc.......we fink hers is so strong.  Her blood work looks really good though so maybe in December it might be her last chemo........and then onto radiation...we sure hopes so.

So Mom enjoyed the day wif us and imposter almost normal dad yesterday.  While they were relaxing out on the porch they heard a Mom went out in the yard to find where that annoying (sorry madi) noise was coming from and there in the garage was a baby kitten.  It even let mom pick hers up.

Mom brought her in and fed her, (1st mistake) and held her (2nd mistake) and loved on her (3rd mistake) and then handed her over to imposter dad.  WELL........friends I was sitting on my dads lap guarding him from all fings not normal like this small cat........and the next fing I knew this happened.  Mom is reenacting it because hers couldn't get hold of the cameral cos Stellie and Maggie had their big butts on hers lap.

First this
(this is not the real kitty...but a stuffed one..........but it looks like that cat)   Anyway it liked me, and laid on me, and played wif my face with her talons.  I was frozen in fear.

Then this happened.........
Mom and dad laughed and laughed.  I did not.  

So later the baby cats mom came looking for her and took her home to kevins....I am afraid, this is only the beginning....................................Angus McConnell

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


We are so HAPPY  our friend Tweedles is feeling better.  Mom said it was all the healing POTP that helped do the trick. 
We are also HAPPY that the 951 +4 kittens have now left our house, and went back over to their proper place, ....Kevins house.  Actually it is 950 + 4 kittens that have left.  The black Halloween cat has decided he will NOW live at our house, and eat the good soft food that DAD has mom buy him.  Last night he slept curled up in a chair on the porch.  Mom said maybe he would end up being a better watch dog than we are.
We are HAPPY cos finally the insurance and Nucara got together and figured out a way to cover Macey's leg wraps.  Now she has to go back for the 50th time to be re-measured but her mom is confident the process will go faster and maybe in a few weeks she will have them.  HAPPY.

We are HAPPY that on Saturday I got to go wif my mom overs to see grandpa and grandma.  Grandma has her third round of chemo tomorrow and her infusion on Thursday.  Next week or so will be the hard ones for her. Maybe her blood work will look better and she will only need one more round in December.  We are praying that will be true.

AND finally we are HAPPY that tomorrow Mom is taking imposter Dad back up to the University for another checkup and round of x-rays.  We are praying that it will show that his back is healing and that he is on the road to recovery.  We are also hoping he can take his brace off for small amounts of time, and maybe have permission to drive a few blocks to the gas station.  Mom says fings like that will improve his disposition.  Um......................

So friends have a great Tuesday, we will check on you all when we get back.

Stella Rose and MOmma


Friday, November 6, 2015

BY MY SIDE..........

This morning one of my bloggy friends and I were messaging and she shared with me another friend here in blogville is worried and hurting.   Immediately I was mentally packing my bag, and heading for my car.

Of course its a pretend trip cos we all live so freaking far from each other, in realville, but in blogville there is no milage, no long distance drives, or flights.......................its all heart distance.

So I tell her, my worried friend, I am right by your side, can you feel me, or as Gussie always says to Angel Greta, "can you see me now little G."

If Gussie believes then who am I to dispute the intelligence of a little pug.

So miles be damned, I am right there, giving you that hug, opening up my basket full of goodies, and settling down at your table, for that good cup of coffee.  I squeeze your hand and promise you that here in blogville we all look out for each other, in only the ways that we can.

I am ..............right by your side.


(Since Butch's accident we have received many cards, and gifts, and phone calls.  I have always knew each and everyone of you were right by my side and now it is my turn to be there for another of our friend.  Thank you all.)

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Three years ago I went to this baby shower
Its hard to believe come January that our baby bean will be three years old.  She is so full of spunk and fire, and love.  She is one of my tiny blessings.

Her and Macey.
Yes she can be as ornery as she looks.  Macey is very patient and kind to her.

I have nine tiny blessings in my life.  Some of them not so tiny anymore.....last night I was talking to Marcus's mom whose birthday is next month and in my mind he was turning 11 surely not 12, I was shocked when his mom pointed out to me he would be 13!!   I thought, "oh no, he is almost there, ....soon he will be stepping out the door, and leaving with a heartfelt wave, and his love for his family tucked away in his suitcases...............'    I wanted to slow down time..........stop the clock.

Macey, Sarge and Marcus.    He reminds me of my Dad.  That's a present in itself.

So last month Macey had her birthday, I am thinking 7 but now I am doubting if I am right or asked her mom if they could make her party a "REVEAL PARTY", she is such a smart little girl, cos even at my age, I didn't know what that meant.

Her mom thought that was so sweet of Mace to make the party about someone else, and not just her.  So her mom had a special cake made, and when the day of the party came,

 Macey cut the cake, we all held our breath, her family was all watching..............and the knife sliced the first piece and the cake was pink.............she thought it would be blue!

1 more tiny blessing coming our way.
This is baby Pearl. (we think that will be her name)  She is just waiting for the love of her family.   And I know one day just like all my other blessings she also will turn around and wave, with a full suitcase of love she has been given along her life's way. 

I know we all have times we wish we could stop the clock, turn it back, keep them small.

Here is her family who is anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Not to count grandpa and grandma, aunts, and uncles and cousins.

4 tiny blessings.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015


So we entered Ruby's birthday giveaway and lo and behold we were one of the winners...........yesterday Mom came bringing home this box at her lunch break and here is our proof
See from Ruby  (Sorry Ruby mom never thought about stalkers now knowing where you live.......geeze Mom)



Oh it was a wonderful box, filled with cards for mom and dad, and even had a special pressie in it for momma, a fur scarf and a nice furry blankie that her and I could snuggle under, Mom COULD have put it on Dad's hospital bed, to make him feel safe and comfy but she felt like she had earned it more...............bhahahahahah..........

Look it says, KISSES RUBY....where does that woman find those fings..............??????  

See the packages of treats behind the cards, Mom realizes she did not do a very good job taking pictures now.......anyway the treats are delish and there are three bags, all for ME, ..................

See the black furry scarf and brown bear blankie...............Mom says the scarf reminds her of how soft and shiny I notice she did not say my brother Angus........she said me.

Then Mom took a picture of the 4 stuffies that Ruby sent to us.  There was a Hello Kitty, a Pig, a Mouse, and a Olaf..................and when mom downloaded them it was gone!!!!  We are so sorry Ruby we had them all lined up so you could see us saying hi to each of them.

We were all so excited and jumping around that mom put them all down on the floor here is the story in pictures of what happened.

I looked at mom like she was crazy cos those stuffies were all mine, and she was only supposed to bring them out when the two crazies were outside.  I told mom I was not sharing.  See my mad face.

See Maggie's paw sneaking over to grab Hello Kitty.......................

Then hers grabbed off the floor and flew up into the big chair, she said she was inspecting it for contraband because she has secret service experience...........hers is lying to me.

Then I went over to say hello to the mouse....see that bright red scarf, well early this morning, Maggie shredded it and mom had to cut it off his neck............again she used the excuse she was looking for contraband.......................

You will notice Maggie has a new victim to inspect it is OLAF from the Movie Frozen which is Baby Beans best movie.......

But Gussie had other plans......he apparently was tired of being dad therapy dog, kiss ass sitting beside him all day long dog  and he decided to get on a little Olaf action

And where am I all that time while they are ravaging my toys.................looking at my mom telling her she had totally lost all control of the situation...

Look who ended up winning, yep gussie ran up on dad's lap wif Olaf...................brat.

So I decided I had enuf of this controlled mess and started looking for that damn-it doll to smack a couple of pugs around

Awww....there she is.

Later that night mom and I got our dues...............cos hers and me went to sleep under the bear blankie, ...............just hers and me.

Fank you so much Ruby and her momma.  You are grand.

Stella Rose and Momma

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Mom has nuffin today so we decided we would just show bombard you wif some of OUR favorite pictures of US.

Maggie and her tongue.

Gussie going to see the Frankenvet to get the red monster taken off his face.  See how HAPPY he is.

Mom loves this picture of me.

Have a great Tuesday.   Stellie Rose

Monday, November 2, 2015


So Friday night my MOM gets home from work.......she is in the kitchen trying to decide what to make for supper for her and imposter Dad and the local news is on.  KTVO covers all of southeast Iowa and Northeast mom is listening to it, while searching through the cabinets, and Dad is watching it the end of the newscast, they start showing pictures of dogs all dressed up in Halloween costumes............of course mom feels guilty cos she did not take pictures this year of us yadayadayada...........................she is standing looking at the pictures rolling on the television and imposter Dad says, "oh look at that cute little pug!"

This one:
Mom yells"oh my gosh that's Maggie!"   and imposter Dad says, "no its not...."  Mom says "yes it is.."   and that conversation goes on for awhile.

Mom doesn't know how Maggie ended up on that television show, but today she went back through her pictures and found the very picture that we saw on print off and show imposter dad.   If he is going to be our dad he has to get with the program!!!

Yay for Maggie!!!

Dad ended up in the ER most of Saturday cos he would not stop frowing up............he had to have IV's and med to settle his tummy down............he came home late that evening.  Part of mom was sorta maybe sorta hoping she would have a free weekend......bahahahahahha......................anyways they took away one of his super strong pain pills, Mom is no nurse but she thought they should have done that about a week ago.

Anyways we all were home together, yesterday..........all 24 hours of get the picture.............

But it is a new month and we have a lot to be thankful for, we are fankful for our momma and that she always remembers to feed us, and our imposter dad, and that he lets us sit wif him sometimes, and that Macey found boots that would fit bof her feet, and that grandma is done with round 2 of chemo...........and the sun is shining today.

We are also fankful for all our friends on blogville that offer to take our mom out for margaritas.............    stella rose