Friday, February 27, 2015


I  says have beautiful Hershey drop eyes, the FRANKENVET says I do not.  (this is a picture of me and my brudder Sammy J. Simpson from when we were little)  Notice the chocolate film over my eyes.

Well as I have gotten older no matter what mom and the FRANKENVET has tried, or cooked up in the caldron they have continued to get worse.

I am getting so use to her poking around with paper strips in my eyes when I go to the FRANKENVET that it does not even make me cry anymore.  Good news though my left eye has the #14 for tear production which is pretty good, Bad news is it now has a ulcer.   Bad news my right eye that looks more bloodshot has the #4 for tear production.  Apparently the FRANKENVET says that is NOT good news at all.

I have been on my eye medicine and drops for a long LONG time now, and so for 10 days we are trying two different types of medicine.  A ointment and a teeny tiny bottle of drops.

Me at the pugfest with Ms. Ellen when I was little.  See my pretty eyes.  They make my Daddy do everything I ask him too.

Me and my love Stan.   So after the ten days are up the FRANKENVET is ordering me some new medicine to try in my eyes and she and mom are hoping it will help.  Neither of them are ready to give up on ME ever.

BUTT if all else fails the FRANKENVET will send me to a special VET that just takes care of eyes.....we are not even sure there is such a person in IOWA. 

Mom thinks I am beautiful and so does Ms. Macey who is still waiting on her appt.  Her foot has went down some though so that is good news.

Gussie is also feeling much better, he has a new wrinkle from his surgery around his mouth but it just fits in with the rest. 

And Grandma has started her first week of hormone therapy.  We are praying for great results.

Maggie said last night she is glad she wrote her whiney "marsha marsha marsha" post (thank you Casey's mom) cos from writing the post she now has a new secret sister who wants to be her one and only bestest friend.  You will never guess who it is.

Our little village gots 6 inches of snow and we are in for more on Saturday-Sunday and Monday says she is just staying home and sewing and playing wif us!!  Yay.....

Stella Rose

Thursday, February 26, 2015


WE got 5-6 inches of snow last night...and more headed toward us on Saturday, Sunday and Monday....we will never walk around the lakes again, or run at our favorite fairgrounds......get on board Stella Rose and Maggie we will squeeze you in.....hold on buddies, I may be stuck in the snow............Angus McConnell Long

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


THIS is Margaret Mae Simpson and my mom told me last night I reminded her of a "middle pug".  Well Mom I am the middle pug so why do you expect me to act any different.

This whole fiasco started because Stella Rose was playing with MY Gussie boy and she knows I do not allow that.  Every once in awhile though Stella forgets MY rules and her and Gussie run around together while my back is turned.   Soooo......because she broke MY rule then she must be punished and usually that begins with a fight1

MY mom hates us to fight.  Hates it.  She comes all unglued and scolds us, which you cannot even hear her words over our tussling and then she pulls out the big guns ---our big green FLY SWATTER which I hate, and smacks the floor.  That usually ends the fight, cos I run behind the chair and Stella ends up whimpering around like I have hurt her or something.  Gussie boy runs and sits in the recliner until the air is finally calm.

This is my evil possessed picture that Mom doesn't like.

Gussie said my behavior stems from being a doggie school dropout and stella rose told me I am just to jealous, like some old girlfriend.  I fink they are bof wrong...." I yam what I yam popeye would have said.  I am not a bully I am just Maggie.

Mom made me "sit" after the fight last night and she did not say one word to me, she just looked at me wif her mean mom face.  So I showed her I could sit and I looked right back at her wif my mean Maggie face.  She finally let me up and I ran over to the couch where perfect stella rose was at, and jumped up beside her before mom could stop me, and I gave her a lick on the face, just to show her I won fair and square.  Mom says I ALWAYS have to have the last word.

Mom says though most times I am a sweetie and a funny little clown....she loves that side of me...

Pretend you do not see me talking to the enemy in this picture.
I like to wear my ears a little different from everyone else.....

Mom says this is where I am going to end up if I do not start to listen to her...Yeah yeah mom.

At least I don't look like this.
Gotcha back my Gussie Boy!!

Margaret Mae Simpson a/k/a Maggie Mae

Monday, February 23, 2015


MOnday's are hard enough without it being -2 and dreary outside.  Why can't Mondays be warm and sunny and really Sundays in disguise??  Why?

Speaking of disguise...remember that package that arrived at our house on Friday and we faught it was a baby giraffe?

Well we pugs got hold of the peoples who sent it to our mom to ask about the type of care and food etc. he would need and they left us a voice message that said, " only would a certain type of pug think this was a baby giraffe, either we have been smoking things other than ham where we live, or we had found some illegal moonshine in the woods behind our house." is that for being snotty.  So we decided we would make friends with him first and give him a name that way we would all be on the same page at our we named him Jim.  We faught that would be an easy name to remember. 

Then we introduced Jim to mean ole cat Dietzy and we cannot ever ever repeat the words that mean ole cat Dietzy said or we would never get off of  the time out chair.  Apparently Dietzy does not like it when Jim's on button is pushed.

Then we introduced Jim to the grandmonsters and they told us to turn him off cos they could not hear above the roar of their ipad, iphone, kindles, nooks or other things or devices they have plugged into their ears. 

We decided Jim had worked hard enough for his first day here in our little pug house and we found him a nice spot to lay in, and covered him up with one of our blankies that Maggie nor Gussie had peed on.  I tell you we had to dig through the box to find one of those for sure. 

Tomorrow we are gonna get the car polish out and wax him all clean.  We fink he will like that.

Stella Rose

Friday, February 20, 2015


See that red monster in the corner of my face......well Dr. Paige just called and said the pathology report came back and this is what it is called.....a....Histiocytoma.   Which means it was a mass but BEE-NINE!   Mom knew it was not an infected hair!!   She says it is something that young dogs sometimes gets and the results are usually excellent after removal.  Dr. Paige was pretty surprised that it was that cos hers didn't think it was anything at all put a pea turned red.

Mom toles her about me having a hard time coming out the sleep medicine after I got home so she is making a note of that in my chart.

I am glad it is gone, and I am also glad Dr. Paige put all the stitches on the INSIDE of my mouf and not the outside.

P.S.  The baby giraffe has arrived.  He is not talking to us.

Angus McConnell


Today is LOVE YOUR PET day.  Mom loves us...we all know that...Dad loves us too, he just doesn't use his common sense around us...that is what mom says. 

Here is Dad loving us.  Mom is always on the end of the camera so we have no real picture proof of that love.  But we know she does.

MAYBE because today she is breathlessly awaiting her new love to arrive at the DOOR and we are peeved!!  We overheard her talking to dad behind closed doors (cups against the door really do work) about loving what is coming, and being so excited, and could hardly wait and blahblahblah......

We have NO idea what is coming that she is SOOOOO in love wif but it had better no be another evil cat to be Dietzy's friend cos they will gang up on us.

Mom left a picture of her NEW LOVE on the table this morning when she went to work and we cannot figure out just what kind of animal it is....can you help us out?

Is it a baby giraffe?

Stella Rose

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Remember me as a little guy.

This is me as a big boy.
Sometimes Momma likes to look at my baby pictures and remember when they brought me home.  Anyways here is my story about yesterday.  Early in the morning just as the sun was starting to peak  across the horizon, I felt a cold hand wake me up.  I opened one eye and there stood my Mom and she said today is the day I am getting the red monster off my face.  I toles her not to worry so much about it and rolled over to go back  to sleeps.  But Mom was insistent that I get out of bed and brush my teef and put my going to see Dr. Paige clothes on.
The girls were a whining for their breakfast but Mom told them to shush and then Stella started throwing her little silly tantrums cos her schedule was getting all messed up and Maggie just looked at us.
So before longs Mom had me all ready and hers shoved me into the car cos it was blowing 140 miles an hour wind and collllllllld.   I toles her to just put me back in the house this instant but hers turned the car on instead.  So I yelled from the back seat, to take me home and hers still ignored me, and I keep on whining yelling until we pulled into the parking lot of Dr. Paige's place.  I refused to get out of the car like a big boy so Mom had to carry all of my 21 lbs. into the vet.
That will teach her.
Hers took off my hoodie and said she would be back after work to get me.  She hugged and said to be a good boy.  She whispered in my ear also that Angel Greta was right there beside me.  Well that made me feel better, sorta.
So they put me in this big cage cos I am a big boy and all the other inmates were in little cages, I think they even had this gray cat a guarding my cage, but Angel Greta helped me out by flying around his head and making a buzzing sound, so he kept swatting at her thinking it was a fly.  That gave me the opportunity to work on busting out of the cage and making my way back across the river to my home.
Dr. Paige came in and got me out of the cage and took me to her special room.  I faught there would be a tv and snacks but the onliest thing I saw was a cold table and other stuff that I didn't recognize.  She told me she was going to give me something to relax and I asked for bubblegum flavored, (angel greta told me to say that) and Dr. Paige said okey dokey and that is the last fing I remember.........
I woke up and was sitting up right back in that big prison cage.  I just sit there.  And sit there. And sit there.  Mom called and checked on me and they said I was just fine and running about and happy.  No, I wasn't I was just sitting there.  With my Angel Greta sitting wif me all the rest of the day.
Mom came and got me they said I did just great and they were sending the monster away to get checked.  While I asleep they also trimmed my nails and did some eye tests on me.  I wonder if I can take them to court for that ERnie??  Anyway they said I was the best one of the day, just waiting for my Momma quietly.
That made my momma a little suspicious cos I is never quiet at the Frankenvet, so she just wondered, how I was really doing.  When they brought me out to her the first thing she noticed is the black fur all around my face was wet and icky, from me crying silent little tears.  Did you know pugs do that when we are upset.  And she noticed I was very still.
We hurried home and she talked to me but I wouldn't talk to her.  Then when I got home Maggie and Stellie were real happy to see me, but I wouldn't talk to them either.  Mom washed my face, and Dad talked to me, but I still was silent.  Then when Mom sat down in the chair I got up beside her and laid down.  I stayed there until 8:00 and finally Mom got all panicky cos I had not eaten or drank for over 24 hours and called her friend Mary Ann.  Mary Ann said I was still working my way through that bubble gum drug they gave me and I would be okay in the morning.
Around 9 Mom was so desperate for me to drink something-anything she told Dad to give me a sip of my favorite drink that she always says I cannot have.  Dad's SWEET TEA and he did and I drank a little bit of it.  Even Mom felt better.  Then Dad went out in the kitchen and got some turkey and I ate a little bit of that for him, and of course Stella and Maggie got some to.  Then Dad fixed me my very own little bitty steak and cut it up real tiny for me, and I ate some of that.  So by 10 PM everyone was starting to feel better about me, and Mom said I could even sleep wif them so they could keep an eye on me.
I got on my footy pj's and snuggled up and slept....sorta....I had funny dreams, and tossed and turned.  Finally Dad put me back in my own bed wif the girls and we all went back to sleep.  This morning I ran outside to pee finally, and ate some of my breakfast....Mom says I am on the mend!
P.S. No cone was needed.  They put all the stitches on the inside of my mouf.  I do have to start using the same medicine in my left eye just like Stella Rose.  Dang!
Angus McConnell Long

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I called the vet and Gus came out of surgery about an hour ago.  She said he did just fine.  I don't know anymore about it except she did send his bump away to pathology.  I am sure it will be okay.  I will be picking him up after 4 today.  I am sure hoping there are no stitches which will need a cone, cos I can only imagine Maggie and the cone, with her anxiety.  Thank you for all your wishes and prayers.


WHAT a weird dream I am having....see how distorted my sister Stella Rose looks, and I cannot figure out why I AM sitting in a chair before the sun is up with Maggie in my walking HARNESS.  Does MOM not understand it is -7 today and the wind is blowing 30 mph....that is what the news man just said!!!

There is no way I am going out in this cold windstorm for a walk!!!  It must be a dream.   Maggie and Stella cannot understand why they are not getting their breakfast on time, and I cannot understand where our water bowl is hidden......have we did something wrong?????

Mom I think it is against the LAW to take away our water and FOOD.

I must wake up from this DREAM.

And now we are going out into the car with my coat on.....

I refuse to look at you woman!   My head is freezing...get in the car!!!

And then I remember.....oh its the day I go to the Frankenvet.   Sigh......Angus McConnell

Mom will do an update on here when the vet calls hers after my surgery.  Look at my last picture by my mouf and you can see that red monster on my face. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Dear Diary:
Tomorrow my brother Angus McConnell Long will go under the knife.  He is extremely anxious that he will be disfigured and no longer look like the pug that he was born to be.   Maggie and I are being good sisters by constantly reminding him that no matter what he comes home looking like we will always love him. 

Just to show him  how much we do support him we went out and bought him a can of "fancy feast".....alas he did not see the humor in it.

Mom is worried but is trying to just put positive thoughts out in the air...she is hoping a big wind does not blow through our town and send them scattering down the river.  She is a bit of a pessimist lately, so I apologize for her negativity.

Grandma and grandpa are going to the treatment planning meeting on Thursday.  They will decide how to treat Grandma's "C" and kick its butt.  Mom is doing her part in staying strong in front of grandma and grandpa but when she is out of their sight, she turns in to a puddle on the floor.

Macey is still waiting to hear from her Doctor.  We are thinking he must be on the best vacation EVER cos we cannot find him.  Once we do we may have to put him in our extra crate out on the porch just so we know where he is at all times.

Mom is waiting on her cat scan appointment to be scheduled this week.  We are all done with the ultrasounds and have moved up in the radiology world.  Apparently it is not the golf ball sized cyst in her kidney causing the problems but some unknown other thing surrounding it.  Hopefully it will not be as elusive as Macey because Mom has used up her few sick days. 

We are also doing very bad at blogging and even answering our friends blogs.  AWFUL.  We are trying to work that problem out since it does not involve a doctor or a radiology tech.  Hopefully, we will be quicker at addressing the problem then they are.

We miss you guys, and are trying hard to catch up this week.  We sure had a nice time at Valentine Day Dance, thank you to everyone who worked so hard at making that a grand night for all of us!!! 

Stella Rose and Momma

Saturday, February 14, 2015


WHAT a wonderful day and night this has turned out to be full of friends, and love and adventure.  I was so excited about seeing my love "Stan" from across the pond and his friend Jackson who helped fly Stans vintage plane over to see me.

Jackson is a very handsome boy girls and he is just waiting on all you available girls to ask him to dance.

After Stan and Jackson arrived we ran over to the State of Illinois and picked up Payton and Liberty to go on our adventure with us.  Stan was keeping it a secret from all of us and we were so excited.

We left in the dead of the night, and boarded a big plane, Stan told us not to take any luggage he would just buy us what we needed and after a big supper on the plane in "1st Class' we all fell asleep.

When we looked out the window we saw a beautiful island, oh my pug!! We hurried off the plane and spent the afternoon doing this

Liberty and Gussie, Maggie and Payton wanted to go on a special helicopter ride and watch the whales and dolphins swimming in the ocean.

It was the best day!!

Later we had to board another plane to fly to the big Valentine Dance so we dressed on the plane so we would be ready when the car picked us up at the airport......

Maggie and Payton

Jackson-every girls dream Ppl

Liberty and Angus McConnell


Stella and Stan.

Lets go to the party pugs!!

Stella Rose

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Remember this sweet little baby bean.  Well now hers looks like this

AND like this.....

And hers says bad words like "shut up" and "stupid"  "quit talking so much" and hers says good words like this, "I love you granny deb".

We think she is pretty special....our Piper Ryan.   Hers is 2 now.

Tomorrow Mom has her kidney appt. and Monday hers is gone wif Grandma and Grandpa.  We will probably not be back on here until Tuesday.  We will be reading your blogs if we can though.

P.S. It is -7 here this morning, our pee froze in the air.......

Stella Rose

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Dear Diary:

I thought before I go under the knife I would remember how my face looked young and untouched.  My Mom toles me there would be no reason why I would not look the same when I woke up but I am afraid the Frankenvet will change my appearance just a bit and when I look in the mirror I will look like this:

I know I offended the Frankenvet by questioning her skills at toenail removal, and now she has the power once I am sedated and dreaming of Sweet Liberty of rearranging my appearance.

When I discussed my fears with my sisters they started laughing so hard they fell backwards off of the couch, and of course Mom blamed me for pushing them. 

Now I am starting to wonder if Mom and the Frankenvet are in this together. 

I do not know when I will have my surgery I overheard her tell our Dad that she hopes she has enough monies to pay it or she may have to just give me to the Frankenvet as payment.  I am worth millions.

I am putting this down in writing, and then hiding you my Dear Diary in case my friends ever need proof of my true existence.  

Angus McConnell Long

P.S. Mom has not scheduled my surgery yet, till after she gets back wif grandma

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Did you know that when my mom's muscles get a tiny bit cold she turns into a pretzel, all bent up and twisted and then after she puts heat on them  it gets better....well that is why hers is hiding out in the car. 

Cos it has HEATED SEATS!!!!  What a FANTASTIC have a warm butt while hers is driving, AND in MOM's case while she is curled up hiding in the car.....awwwww.....warmth.

Now it is not HERS car but her baby girls car that she borrowed to take Grandma to the DOC but since the snow happened NOW Grandma's appt. is NOT until NEXT MONDAY so MOM has to take the car back soon as she gets warm enough or the gas runs out OR the crapometer gets out of the red zone.  SHE may be out there for quite awhile cos she filled the tank last night.

While Mom was hiding she got to thinkin about the fact that she has been blessed in her lifetime to never have more than one crap to deal wif at one time. Oh she has had some hard crap but just like one crap not two or three craps thrown at her.    She knows people whose lives are full of that stuff cards are made for, but not hers.   The truth being she is hiding cos she cannot CONTROL one thing that is happening.  NOT one CRAPPY thing, or TWO Things or THREE Things....AND she knows once she walks through that door wif her Mom next Monday no one will walk back out that door the same.  Ever.

So for now she is just hiding in the car, in the parking lot with the motor running, .......feeling the warmth of that heated car seat.  Sometimes life is just that simple and other times it can be CRAPPY.

Stella Rose

Monday, February 2, 2015


Good Morning Friends,

WE just wanted to do a quick post to let you know we are doing fine, even though we almost got this much snow over the weekend.

See where Ottumwa is on the Iowa map, well we live about one hour below it.  That snow sure put a big cramp in our plans.

We have had a lot of things going on in our home this past few weeks, and it has kept us from blogging and answering your comments.  Mom says we are probably just in the starting gate, and still have a ways till we see the finish line.

FURST I had a little problem after my vet visit when Mom drugged me.  Out of the goodness in my heart I dropped my case against her.   A few days after that horrible experience I came down with this.......a bright red cyst on my face by my mouth.  Mom tried to take a picture to show you but I would not hold still.  Pugs are prone to different types of cysts, and sometimes I get bumps and lumps on me, but usually after a few days they do away, this one did not.  It is also the size of a big pea and that is even unusual for me.

  Mom talked to the vet and at first she just thought mom was being HYPER mom as always, but Mom was persistent and probably so Mom will just shut up, they gave her an appt.  Of course I freaked out a little bit, even though I did it in a manly way, and after the Vet saw it, she brought out this needles 100 feet long and stuck it in that red ball on my mouth.  I actually handled that pretty well, cos I was to busy guarding my feet.

So Friday Mom took me back and they gave us 5 more days of antibiotics to see if that will help shrink it up....and if not I will need to go under the knife.  They will then send it away to get it examined to see if I really am full of sugar and sweetness.  Presents will be required if that happens to me.  So Mom has to go buy more cheese today because yesterday no matter what she put it in I licked all the goody off of my med and spit it out.  YEAH MOM, WHO IS THE SMARTER.....Don't worry about me though cos it is not slowing me down one bit, it just is pretty ugly and I want it to be gone by Valentines Day.  GEEZE DOC a boy can't go to the dance with that on his face.

We are still waiting on them to find the right Doc for our Macey.    In the Dictionary 'waiting' should come under the heading of agony, cos that is kinda how it feels.  She went to her dance practice Thursday night and had a good time, she is a lesson for all of us, when we don't want to get out of the bed, and just pull the covers over our ears.  Keep on dancing.

Macey and her big sister Kenna

Then there is my Grandma.  Well last week she went and had a ultrasound and mammogram and today Mom and Grandpa was supposed to take her to a special clinic for more tests and biopsy BUT because of the big snow, its was impossible to get clear up there (2 hours away) we are now waiting on them to call and reschedule it.  We think it will be tomorrow or the next day.  Apparently they have more doc. to take care of grandma's problem then they do Macey's problem cos as soon as they saw the mammogram they scheduled her right away.  My mom was shook clear down to her roots she said, and having a hard time with it.  Her momma is 82 and even though its younger than 92 it still is a bit of a mountain climb.  We don't know very much yet, except when Mom and Grandpa takes her they will do lots more tests and they will stay overnight.  Right now we are waiting on Grandma to call and tell us when to come pick them up.  Mom toles us it doesn't matter how old you your heart your always mom and dads little girl.

So that is basically it friends, we know our family here in blogville has struggled through just as serious issues, maybe different ones, but things that cos families to come together and sometimes fall apart.  We will keep checking the kindle while mom is gone, and read your blogs.  Its hard for us to answer you though cos our kindle has a brain of its own and changes our words and makes it sound stupid. 

Thank you for all your prayers.....Angus, Margaret Mae, Stella Rose and Mean ole cat Dietz and MOMMA.