Thursday, February 28, 2013


Mom says if it keeps snowing and we keep wanting to play outside so much she is gonna have to get us girls some Mushers Wax for our feet.  We told her we have Husky Blood running through our veins.  We wanted to stay outside so long last night and leap and play in the snow, that we even thought we should build a cave for the night to sleep in.  Mom said, "NO!"
stella rose and maggie

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Black vrs. Fawn

Stella told me I could use her computer today so here is my story:

This morning at 4:00 AM I wake up dreaming I am being suffocated by a 16 lbs. stuffie that was making sounds like a little pig...snort snort snort.  As I am breathing in soft black fur I realize it is Stella laying across my face making her, "I want something NOW noises..."
Me: Stella it is 4AM go back to sleep
Stella: Mom remember when we use to get up early when I was a puppy (cos i couldn't sleep) and sit out on the porch and you drank your coffee and I ate your apples....
Mom: Stellie its 17 degrees out, snowing and blowing...Go To Sleep....When it warms up we will sit on the porch and watch the sun come up...I promise.
Stella: Snort, Snort, Snort, (as she laid more on my head and face)
Finally I get up out of bed, and carried Stella out to go potty, but all she did was jump around like a reindeer in the snow.  I carried her back into bed, Stella goes to sleep but I am now awake.  Maggie wakes up briefly looks around, kisses my ears, and I tell her to go night-night, Which she does....all is well in the world, EXCEPT I can't sleep.  I laid there instead and thought about the differences between Stella and Maggie, a black and a fawn.  Maggie and Trudie both were so happy to live with us and showed it everyday with kisses, and loves.  I know maggie is still a puppy and will eventually outgrow her puppy ways of nipping and struggling with house training, but really she is a pretty easy going puppy. She makes normal puppy noises, and eats normal puppy food, etc. etc. her only issue is she is enamored with Puddles.  We are hoping it is a passing phase.

Stella though is different. Its hard to explain, so maybe it is a black pug thing or maybe it is a stella thing. She is a little sweetheart but has some tyrant ways. Even Maggie has figured out when it is time to eat, she had better hide behind the kitchen chair until Stella is safely on the porch eating her dinner.  As soon as Stella see's her food bowl come out, and the green beans, or apples, or pears or whatever fruit or veg she is getting that day, she throws herself on the floor, starts screaming a toddler tantrum UNTIL I sit her bowl on the floor.  I guess she thinks I prepare her food way to slow.  Stella loves to lay in my arms like a little baby at night, while Mags curls up between butch and I. Stella loves her clothes, and riding in the stroller. And the list goes on and on.  Somehow after Stella coming to our house, I have turned into not a pet owner but a pet mother, a buyer of stuffies, and bully sticks, and sweaters, and dresses, and strollers.  I always make sure we are stocked up on green beans and fruits, and we visit the vet many more times than we ever did with our little minpin.  It can't be the Empty Nest Syndrome cos I have 8 grandchildren who often are at my home, so it must be the "Bitten By A PUG" disease.  All I know is this morning, we had a tiny portion of the bed, while Stella and Maggie had 3/4 of it, and they wanted more! AND I love them both dearly...heaven help us!!!!
Stella Rose and Maggie Mae's Momma

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


ITs snowing ALOT at our house.  The good thing is Dad is off today so we can laze around with him, and watch tv and sleep.  The bad thing is Mom is not.  Here are my snow pictures from the weekend.  Mom didn't get very many of me, cos we just walked the yard perimeter to check for terrorists...thats my main job and I take it very seriously. After all we let one escape months ago and now she lives with us AND now can jump up on the chairs so I have NO PLACE in the HOUSE to escape her.  Thus the Doomsday post. It is predicted 8-10 inches with 35 mph winds.  We think spring is just around the corner tho...(we also thought the little terrorist would behave and look where that got us)

Here are some pictures of baby bean.  They make us laugh hopefully they do you also.
I think she kinda looks like me around her eyes.
Here she definitely has Maggie's ears.
Stay safe today and off the roads.
Stella Rose Long

Monday, February 25, 2013


 Mom promised us she would take us outside this weekend to play in the snow so Stella and I were excited when Saturday came around and we spent lots of time outside.

On Saturday Mom was busy playing catchup in the old housework cos she says, apparently Stella nor myself know how to pick up our toys, and Dad even tho he is a great cook is a horrible messy cook get the picture BUT she did take us outside to play in Alcatraz several times and I zoomed around in the snow and tried to fling snowballs at my sister but she was a party pooper.....literally she pooped and wanted back inside.  I need my buddies Kirby and Ryder to come over and zoom around with me.  I bet Greta would have did pugtona with me...geeze!!!

Then on Sunday it was starting to melt so our back yard looking like a place pigs (not pugs) would wallow in so Mom took me for a snow walk instead.  Here are my "starlet in the making pictures."

1. I am pulling on the leash cos mom is old and slow.  "Come on Mom a girl has got to see her admirers!"
2.I said, " are you coming Mom, I hear they have a two for one special down at Tilly's Tap!"
3.Okay I will sit one time for you and look real cute..."where's my treat?!!"

4. Mom your photo skills remind me of your cooking and sewing skills....look it looks like I only have one ear!!!! 

5. Eating snow is NOT the same as "Tilly's 2 for 1 Sunday Mom!!"

We will be back later with sTellie's pictures.

(This is from Maggies Mom.  I wondered if anyone else out here in the blogworld had a pug that started to pant and got really hot, while she was resting in the chair.  Maggie has been doing this for awhile.  Not so much after her walk or playing but it will just come on all of a sudden, usually while she is laying around doing nothing.  I talked to the Vet but he kinda blew me off so i thought I would ask you guys?...Deb)

Friday, February 22, 2013


Thats what Mom said when her feet hit the floor this morning TGIF.  We are glad also cos that means she will be home with us for the next two days!  We got hit by a big snowstorm yesterday and Dad got to come home early so that was super.  Mom didn't.  In fact she was worried she would slide down the hill from work right into the river, she didn't though, her little car clung to the road just fine......

Mom took us outside in the snow to play.  Dad said I waddled around and did my business.  Mag's on the other hand zoomed around 100 times and only stopped once to pee and zoomed some more!  She loves the snow.  We should have taken some pictures cos the next pictures we show you make us look like lazy pugs.  Okay are you ready????

I don't even have words for this picture.  This is Maggie's favorite toy.  She throws it in the air, chases it, slides it under the chair, so Dad has to get up 100 times to get it for her.  Finally after awhile mom and dad hide it cos their tired and so is maggie.  She loves her binkie alot!!

This is me and mom blogging before Maggie woke up.  Its the quietest time of the day.  Now she can jump UP in the chair so I have no safe place to hide from her.  Does anyone out in blogville want her?

And finally this was Maggie the next day after the Ball.  She mostly lazed around the house all day!!

Maybe, mom will get some pictures of us this weekend out in the snow just to prove we do get some exercise...hahhahahhahahah.....
have a great friday!
P.S. Happy Birthday Greta!!
stella rose and maggie

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


First we are sorry you have not been able to enjoy our company but our mom has been lazy (she says working) we says lazy anyhoo we don't know nothin that has been going on around here and stella rose and i are both hyperventilating all over the house trying to get mom to pay attention and type a note for us.

Before we go any further with our complaints mom wanted to let everyone know on Sunday her yahoo account was hacked, or taken over by ghosties, or something (maybe puddles...hheheheheheh)cos apparently it started sending messages out to everyone in her address box....hopefully they weren't vulgar or mean or anything like that....and if anyone on here got one please disregard it unless it was asking for monies and in that case we can always use that!!

Okay, back to the real news....we are in for one hell heck of a storm tomorrow.  Dad might not even get home from work, and that means mom and us will have that bed all to ourselves. Poor Daddy!! 

Second, me and baby bean now weigh the same cos she had her checkup today.  Yep we both weigh right around 11 lbs. onlyies I am alot older than the baby porky pig...heheheheh. I guess aunt kody doesn't like it when I call her is her is posting one of me later today....maybe .....if she gets her bum arm to work...she has tendonititis in it...probaby from lifting stella rose or baby piggy bean up on Saturday....bahahhbhbhahahhh

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday

Today is my Birthday and I am three years old.  My Mom and Dad has been blessed knowing me for almost three years also.  Last night the kids came over and we had cake and supper!!  It was great.  Another great thing about my Birthday is I share it with Micah one of the grandmonsters who turned 12 years old today.  He was the second grandson born, and the second grandmonster born.  Ms. Ellen sent me a birthday present also.  Here are the pictures of it.  As soon as I opened my package Maggie ran away with my stuffie, and later when I was modeling my new sweater that fit me just perfect she sank her sharp little teeth in the sweater and wouldn't let go, dragging me across the room.  I was so afraid she was gonna break my pearls that Ms. Ellen sent me!!!

Mom and Dad bought me a new baby dragon toy, from DoggyLoot and it is very well made, but drying at the moment because Maggie peed on it!!!  Life at our house is a trial somedays!!!

Have a great Friday we are off to the circus!
stella rose

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Here is my before and after picture.  BAhahahhaha...just kidding...okay here is my real before and after pictures.


Yep i is one beautyfull little pugger..yep!  I am waiting on Kirby and Ryder to get here with their valentine presents for me, cos I ain't going with them, if they don't bring the loot!  Heck I will sit with my sister and dance with all the older boys....or on top of the table which ever comes first BUT....

first I gotta tell you I was sick last night..yep I threw up three times and two of them was on mom and dads was real worried about me, and snuggled with me most of the night but I is doing just fine now.  The mad scientist told Dad that i might be a little sore for a few days cos of the 87 shots I had to have, and sleepy.  Well I is a little sleepy but I had a can of red bull before the dance so I am raring to watch out...I is a coming in the door, oh look there is Casey...I wonder if he will dance with me????
P.S. I is so excited about seeing puddles...oh puddles where are you?

Valentines Day Ball

I am so excited because the party is finally here.  Maggie and I have been thinking and planning for it for months!!! Here is my ball gown and my card I sent to Stan.  He surprized me by flying back over from England just to come to the party by my side!!!  It took me forever to get ready, mostly cos of Maggie!  Dad said we could ride his Harley Hog to the party but Mom said NO WAY cos for sure Maggie would attempt to walk on the handle bars or something like that!  So Dad just drove us in his old car, and dropped us at the door, geeze Mom!!!

Doesn't Stan look so handsome and I just love listening to him talk.  Thank you Stan for my beautiful Valentine Card you posted on Facebook!

Maggie is getting ready, hogging the shower, and fingernail polish.  Mom told her to wear pink to match her dress but she wanted to wear blue like PUddles. 

Here is the kids table where Maggie is sitting with her friends Kirby and Ryder.  Maggie would really like a dance with Casey, and Ernie...they had better run fast!!

Oh the food is so delicious...I am glad they have a big fruit platter, Now Maggie get away from the punch bowl!!!
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!
Stella Rose

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Dear Nurse Puddles:
I is ailing as we speak.  Today Dad the Traitor took me to that building where they torture, poke and prod youngins.  I kept asking Dad "why Dad...why must you do this to me" and he said it was for my own good.  That explains nothin to me..."for my own good!!" ...well there are alot of things out there that are for my own good, like chocolate, beer, pizza, did I say chocolate and Dad never lets me have them...but now we are drawing the line at being stucks 87 times...thats right Frankie and Ernie 87 times ...and getting my nails clipped so short when I stood up (cos I must have fainted)...well I just fell over again and again.

The mad scientist that Dad called "the vet" said to watch out that my face doesn't swell up and to call if that happens!  WHAT.....what type of non FDA approved drugs did he give me...AND WTH for, I ask?????????????

So now, I am home laying around, moaning and groaning but not before I PEED yep you all heard me right PEED on Stella's new birthday present!!!

Maggie Moose

Hey Ms. SocksLucyFur

Hey my lovely SocksLucyFur just wanted to call to tell you I am on my way over to pick you up for the big shabang tomorrow night....I have to leave a little early cos you know you don't live right next door!  My stupid silly sisters are all in a flutter, and running around the house like crazy, mom is on her way to the airport to pick up Stan, cos his plane is kaput and Dad, well he locked himself in the bedroom with weird maggies shrine....I think he is checking those cans out to see if there is any leftovers in them.......

Mom told me to take her little blue car, even tho it isn't all snazzy like that convertible i saw on the blog but it is good on gas, and good for the environment and yadayadayada....... anyway so be watching out the window for me...okay...cos i really don't want to have to come n and meet the parents.

I thought I would take you to Long John Silvers Buffet, unless you just want me to stop by the store and buy a couple of cans of Fancy Feast and a can opener...its up to you darlin cos I am sparing no expense.

By the way Socks you did clean up pretty good.....thought I would throw that in there.....
Mean ole Cat Dietzman

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear Mr. Editor

Dear Mr. Editor of the local Newspaper.  My mom sent you a picture some months ago of our kitchen table heaped with treats for pugs without mommas or daddies.  These treats came from all our (even tho I wasn't born yet) bloggy friends, who has lots of love in their hearts and wanted to share it.  Mom called it her treat shrine.

Well Mr Editor I am now sending you a picture of another type of shrine.  Its called my "pUDDLes" shrine.  Puddles is my BFF and I admire her alot, and when I grow up I want to be like her.  So I made this little shrine in my bedroom.  First I used old pop crates, and I put pictures of Puddles that I cut out of the paper and then I put her blue fingernail polish and clippers on it, although you can't see that.  I added cheetos, beer and a picture of myself, which you can't see either. 

My Mom says the shrine is NOT going to stay up in the bedroom and that i can only keep one picture of puddles on my dresser.  She said if I don't knock it off I am gonna have to go see a psychiatrist.  I told her I was gonna tell him that we were grounded and am now on parole and then we would see who gets in trouble!!  I am waiting on my autographed picture of puddles, everyday, I wait on the mailman.......


Sometimes i like being a big sister and sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I want to be the only pug at our house, and sometimes I miss my brother, Sammer and auntie Truder.  Mom is the big sister at her house, and she says she knows exactly how I feel!

Living with Maggie is very different then living with Sammer and Turd.  Maggie is sometimes rough on my back legs with her little sharp teeth and I have to run and jump on the chair where she can't get me.  I never did that with Sammer or Turdie.  Sammer, was naughty in a different way than Maggie, and Turd was never naughty.  Sammer, wouldn't use his listening ears (as mom used to tell her little kids in school) and Maggie is sometimes a bully. Sometimes late at night under the covers I whisper stories to Magpie about Sammer and Trudie. She laughs and hugs me.

Sammer is the grouch on the left.

Trudie loved going for walks cos she had always lived in a teeny tiny cage before coming to my house.

Valentines Day is right around the corner and it has me thinking about love in families. Sometimes love is a blessing, like me having mom and dad, and them having me. Like me having maggie and dietzy cos even tho they are mean, I know they both loves me alot.  Sometimes love is painful..and memories make me sad.  I hope the rainbow bridge has its own Valentine Ball going on , and Sammer and Trudie are dancing together. I loves and misses them much.
Stella Rose

Friday, February 8, 2013


Maggie:  I think Frankie had a fabulous idea about "funny friday"  so Stella and I looked at pictures of us of course you go.......(oh by the way I am going to send Puddles my BFF's sister an email and tell her to hold onto the nail clippers for me, it will look veryyyyyyy nice on the shrine I am making!

Stella going to the tea party....

Macey going to the tea party....

Stella going to the rodeo......

Marcus at the rodeo.....

What is it with the little breakfast bowl mom?

The Queen has nothing on me!!

Thinking EVIL thoughts ...little mini me......

I am so embarrassed!!  No one will ever take me serious again!!

Have a great Friday everyone, and we are thinking of all our buddies here in blogville that need our prayers! POTP!!!!!
stella rose and maggie
PS  Dietzman refused to let us use any of his pictures!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dear Diary

Dear Diary:
My mom has the flu and her thumbs don't work, so we haven't been able to blog.  Stella, I and Dietzy tried using the kindle all by ourselves and we broke it!! Yep, thats right, WE BROKE IT!!!  Now Mom has to send it back to AMAZON and get another means no blogging from our home in the evenings!!!! 
Mom had a really bad headache last night and laid around the bed, moaning and groaning so Stellie thought if she laid on TOP of Mom's head she would feel much better.  That didn't work!!!   Dietzy ran outside cos he couldn't stand all the commotion in the room, and I just sucked on my binkie cos I was NERVOUS!  I had never seen mom sick before!

Mom tried to sign me up for puppy classes but they weren't available yet, or maybe they had heard a little about me and chose to lie to my momma.  So, Mom asked about signing stellie up and we are still waiting to hear back. Stellie would go to the big girl classes, but mom is concerned about her eyesight issue and if it would be to stressful for her.  Any idea's out there???  Dad said I was smart enuf and didn't need any fancified classes, and he even showed mom I could sit and shake.  I had the "sit" down really well, the shake I stink at.  Mom said it would be good for my social growth! Dad frowned, he said its safer for me and everyone else if they just Keep Me At Home!  Mom will win this argument.

Last night Mom took me for a little walk around town.  She thought the fresh COLD air would clear her head.  I was pretty nervous, cos my little curly tail was uncurled!  There were noises I wasn't use to and big things sitting on each corner.  Mom called them trashcans.  Anywho I was pretty tired, but mom was proud of me and said each time we walked I would get more comfortable with the world.  Do you think that is why Puddles drinks cos the world scares her?

You will notice I waited till the very last paragraph to mention my BFF Puddles.  I am realizing she is on a whirlwind tour of the whole wide world with Mr. Pip and I will probably never experience the realm of fun that I did when they visited our house.  I am depressed.  At least we aren't grounded anymore.  Puddles do you think you might be able to sit at our valentine table for just a little bit at the Ball, I have a present for you.
Maggie and Stella Rose

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My moms has had the flu since friday night so we don't know nothin that has been going on around here.
maggie and stella rose

Friday, February 1, 2013


Dear Diary:
One week ago today I met the most influential woman in my life, (next to my momma and maybe my sister stella rose). She was beautiful, articulate, fascinating, well-versed in the ways of the world, and downright friendly.  Yes, friends I am talking about Puddles, that little red doxie that we all know and love.  While her and the pipster visited with us, they shared adventures that they had completed in their lives, and how they had helped others along the way.  I am surprised they have not received a Nobel Prize for peace.  Every morning when I wake up the first thing I contemplate is "what good would dear puddles do today?" and I strive to reach that high goal. 

Here is picture #18 that I am coloring for my wall.  See how beautiful she is.

Maggie Moose

Dress Shopping

We were a dress shopping from the little girl grandmonsters closet and mom found two beautyfullest dresses for us to wear to the ball.  This one is mine, me, maggie moose,

This one is Stella Rose' has little roses all over it...she thinks its loverly.......we are ready to boogy!!!!
Maggie Moose