Thursday, March 31, 2016


SOLITARY CONFINMENT.......YES the pugs are nicely locked away because they have LESSONS that need to be learnt.....yes learnt is the correct spelling for NO MANNERS..AT ALL......even DAD who likes me A LOT said so................

So we live next door to a church.  WE as in me, mom and DAD.  Me as in Weiner, Weinie , Wein the Queen, see how nicely that rhymes.

So we live next door to a church.  And sometimes they bring their little dog  on Wed. nights.  Well she was out in THEIR yard playing wif HER ball, when Margaret and Angus started barking and yelling across the fence at her.  Acting all crazy, bouncing against Alcatraz's wall, causing such a commotion that the ALERT SIREN on the big tower rang!!!


I SCREAMED at them, get off the fence before I call out the guards............did they listen.............NO!

GUESS WHERE THE THREE OF THEM ENDED UP......................................



Wednesday, March 30, 2016


FURST I made the pugs give me all their allowance so I knew they could not buy tickets to run to that Princess Leah's house.  Hehehe

ALL MINE.  I know where I can find me some catnip in the neighborhood. 

THEN this one thought she was smart and tried to escape from me...........

Silly STella......

So I rounded them all up and put them where they Alcatraz.

Maggie thinks her princess sister will come save her..........................NOT!

"Where is my Princess Leah at???  Hello ..Hello"

Then Angus thought he could put on a clever disguise and fly away. 
I brought out the bug spray.

Silly pugs....I am in charge.

Even of you Stella Rose......bahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha


Tuesday, March 29, 2016


In case you need a good laugh.  Yes, it is me, Maggie Mae from when I was a little girl and my dad had two good arms.  And was nice.

Okay, so here is the deal, we fink Mom has a crack in her like the Great Wall of China and may need an extended vacation where the walls are soft, and nice men bring her little pills in small white cups that she can glue together to make a pretty wreath with.  Hers has stopped posting for us, and sending emails and facebooking, we are lucky we still get fed twice a day. 

It is so desperate at our house that WEINIE will be blogging for us tomorrow because somehow that CAT has figured out how to use the puter........we are just shaking ours head at the mystery.  WE don't know what she will say about us, but whatever it is don't believes her.  Hers fibs.

Weinie is going to work on catching up on your comments of course wif our help.  Its a sad sad day for sure at ours house.

Maggie Mae

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016


Us pugs were a talking last night after "lights out" and we were a wondering if Momma was losing her touch, her mind, brain matter, ............and what brought this conversation on...........this....

  • The Halloween Cat
  • Wiener
  • Weinie.

yep its weinie's name.  Mom used to be so good at picking names for her furkids, but can you imagine how it sounds at night when mom or dad is calling for wienie to come pugs just hide our heads under the pillow and hope the neighborhood dogs don't know our parents voices.

Weinie does not seem to care though.  I think you could call her ravioli or chicken soup, for all she would care.  The only things that are important to her is that she is fed 123 times a day, and that she can lay wif us in the big chair, and sleep in the chair in the livingroom when Maggie gets to bossy wif her. 

We have decided after our conversation that weinie doesn't care that she has a weirdo name, she just cares that we love her, and rubs her belly, and whispers kind words to her........and that she has a home.

stella rose

Thursday, March 17, 2016


FINALLY mom promised a post from us today and of course some embarrassing pictures.  First though a story about Dad's appt. last week.

Lets just say if Dad could have walked in the door with a binkie, a onesie, and a diaper Mom would not have been anymore surprised of his behavior.  Yep our DAD was a big BABY.  The hospital where they go is a big University Teaching hospital in Iowa so it has a very diverse population throughout the hospital.  Many students and staff from different countries.  WELL, our Dads nurse for the morning was not from this country and Mom was SURE .....POSITIVE that when she saw DAd's tattoo on his arm, she MAY have been offended.....lets just say boobs were involved.  Mom starts to shrink in the chair.

So the nice nurse starts to clip the ends of the stitches that are sticking out like catfish whiskers and that is ALL she is going to do.....easy pain..............well not our DAD, or our wienie DAD as mom calls him.  EVerytime the nurse started to clip and pull Dad lets out a string of HBO words that mom was pretty positive offended the nurse so bad she was at any minute going to stab him in the neck and leave the room.

Mom later wished she had snuck wine in her water bottle...but of course she was driving so that would not have been smart.

Finally after all the cussing and sweating and moaning and groaning the nurse left the room and brought in another nurse, but probably had dealt with children, and she started talking to mom and the next thing you know through all the talking snip..snip...snip she is DONE.  So fast DAD did not even know.  

Mom later told DAd how embarrassed she was and He said it HURT.....and he had to take a PAIN PILL.    Mom is so looking forward to the retreat so she can runaway for a few days. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Stella Rose and Sibs

Monday, March 14, 2016


My Grandma only has 7 more days of radiation left so Mom made her a spring wreath for her door.  Purple is grandma's favorite color.  Up on the top are two little yellow pinwheels, mom thought those mini ones were cute.

No pictures of us of course.  This little Pearl has taken over our pictures lately.

Apparently during their mom's photo shoot Pearl decided to have a dirty diaper and the sibs thought it was funny.    Um.....................

Dad starts PT today for the next four months on his arm.  For two weeks he can only move his wrist at PT back and forth.........and he still has to wear his sling for 6 weeks.  He is a crab.  Mom is sick of nursing.  She takes a lot of deep breaths and wonders around in  the wine aisle at the store.

Stella Rose

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Today she is one week old.

Micah and Pearl Elise

Marcus and Pearl Elise

Macey and Pearl Elise

McKenna and Pearl Elise.

Stella Rose


ON Monday my momma received a Mothers Day Gift from my twins momma across the pond.  It was a wonderful surprise.  Their Mothers Day is in March.  So Momma opened her package and inside was  wonderful smelling ROSE LOTION for moms hands.  


So instead we are showing you a picture of my twin sister.
Do you see the resemblance??
And we tried to find a picture of her daddy and momma and this is what we came up wif.....I fink they look related doncha??

My half-daddy


My half-momma.

How did Princess Leah's momma NOSE that my momma loves the smell of Roses, ..........I fink it is cos they share kids............that must be it.

Fank you so much my twins momma for finking of my momma.  She wears it everyday to work.  She is always sticking her arm up to her friends to smell.   UMMMMMM.

Maggie Mae

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


A few years back after Momma started blogging we met a truly nice human named Flea.  Because we are polite and well mannered pugs our Momma insisted we always show respect to her and call her Mrs. Flea and we agreed because we knew hidden in her bags, and pockets would always be surprises for us.  Mrs. Flea works for Jones Treats, and we have several items we love....

Imagine our first surprise when her and her husband Mr. Hunny came to our house at Christmastime and ate supper wif all of us.

Of course we were on our best behavior and we snuggled and loved on both of them.

THEN last summer Mrs. Flea came all by herself and stayed the night at our HOUSE!!!!   We had so much fun, playing wif her, eating her treats, having our pictures taken, getting lots of hugs and love.  Mrs. Flea is full of love for us.  And we are full of love for HER.

Recently we found out that our Mrs. Flea is under going treatment for the Evil "C" and our own Oz thought it would be nice to recognize our friend in a blog hop.  Well Mom can NEVER figure the hop out so maybe one of our friends will add us to it.  

We just want her to know we think about her each day, and we send prayers up to the heavens at night for her and Mr. Hunny and kids.   The evil "C" has touched many of our lives, but one thing it has taught us, is that no matter how bad it is so many good things can come from it also.

We love you much Mrs. Flea!!

Stella Rose
Maggie Mae
Gussie Boy

Monday, March 7, 2016


SO.....................on Saturday Mom watched Piper at ours house.  I tell you when she went home that evening wesa were so tired we all crashed out for the night.  Hers chased us, and hugged us, and played WIF OUR TOYS...and called us MaggieStellaGussie, we later asked our mom if hers is smart enuf to know we each have our own NAME.   Mom toles us that was not nice.   One time she covered Maggie up with her favorite blankie, and laughed and laughed about that, Maggie grabbed her blankie and ran.  I guess Maggie got the LAST LAUGH.

Piper is a sweet little girl but sometimes this personality comes out................

We think she takes after Maggie.

Later Mom and Piper went to get groceries and stopped by baby Pearls house so Piper could see her. 

Piper was a little nervous but before long she will be bossing Pearls momma around , we are sure about that....telling her what to do.

Here is Pearls going home from the hospital picture.  I fink hers looks like me.
Stella Rose

P.S. Dad was finally able to take a shower, he is not so grumpy now.

Friday, March 4, 2016


We have not been good bloggers in awhile.  Mom loves to blog, but blogging has taken a back seat to our life right now and Mom can't seem to find the steering wheel to get back on the blogging road.  We wanted you to know that we read your blogs, but haven't hardly commented, and barely got one done for a few weeks.   Maybe it will get better now....................

Now  Dad has had his arm surgery.  This week has been crazy.....crazy........CrAzY.  We made it though, we are strong.  Dads surgery lasted about 3 hours, and then he was in recovery for about an hour and then they crammed him and his big arm/sling into the tiny clown car.  Mom says PRAISE BE for nerve blocks cos they made it home and it was a long drive and it didn't wear off until 1:30 in the morning.  We wish they would have kept him for a few days but the medical system has changed their ways. 

So Dad is learning to sleep in the recliner, and Mom is learning to have his pain pills as soon as he needs them.  We also see how people can learn to LOVE pain pills.  Dad only has enough for a few weeks and after that hopefully regular over the counter stuff will control it.  He has five places on his shoulder where they went in to fix stuff, and then an incision down his bicep.  He is handling it pretty good.  The doc said it was worse then they first thought.  This happened when he broke his back.

Mom is tired.  Even after she sleeps she is tired.  It has been a long time since Dad first got hurt, it has been catching up to her, along with Grandma and over life stuff.

BUT in all the crazy of this week, and stress of this week, we now have HER.

YEP Baby Pearl has arrived.  She came into the world yesterday at 12:04.....weighing 7lb. one half oz. and 19 in. long.  She has a beautiful black head of hair, she is beautiful.

So even though the beginning of the week was tough, the end of the week was blessed.  That's what keeps us going through the tough times, are the blessed ones.

We will keep on trying to blog more.

Stella Rose and Momma