Friday, November 30, 2012

"Christmas Cards R Coming To Town"

My Dad can't believe all the cards that are arriving at my home for ME.  Mom and Dad have no cards yet. He doesn't seem to understand why i am getting so many cards.  Mom says its cos I spread love and cheer, and all Dad does is spread manure...loollol...and bacon grease.

We have our tree up and I got scolded really bad last night cos I think I can bite the light blubs.  I am excited about the tree cos i know presents aren't far behind.  Mom bought me and mean ole cat dietzy a new stocking.  She hung the big one on the door we used last year as a decoration and to remember angel turd and dummy sammy. 

Mom is worried still about me cos my tail is still down.  She also noticed I took ALL Sammers and mine toys and put them in sammers bed and now I lay on all of them.  She talked to the stupid mean vet and he said I am lonely. Mean ole cat dietzman isn't the playing type.
I am glad it is Friday and mom will be home this weekend.  Today Mom got me a pugsitter, that was great!
stella rose

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sammer J. Simpson_Long

One week ago tonight Sammer my dumb brother who never follows the rules left us for the rainbow bridge.  Tonight Mom and I took a special light out to his grave so it doesn't get dark for him, turd and zeus.  Mostly Turd, cos Zeus and Sammer were way to brave to worry about the dark.  Lots of very kind friends have been worried about me and my family but we are doing better.  Mostly cos of all you guys.  Goose's Mom talked to us last night and she said something that just stuck in mom's brain about Sam's passion, and mom realized at that moment that he was doing what he liked even tho it wasn't very safe. That made us stop and think about just how he lived his life and how he lived everyday to the fullest.  Just like mean ole cat dietzman told me we wouldn't have ever wanted to change who he was, we had to take the good with the bad.  Sammer had lots of good traits that I have never really learned to do.  For instance, he was the best kisser to all the grandkids and he always bit their ears a little to show how much he cared, he was the best watch dog when it came to car lights on the bedroom wall and those annoying commericals on tv and he kept moms legs really warm cos he would stretch out on them when she sat down to read.  We wouldn't have wanted Sammer any different. 
So tonight there is a great big old full moon and I found out today that Tweedles always goes visits his friends at the bridge when there is a full moon. So I asked him to tell Sammer there will always be a little part of my heart that is mad at him for leaving us behind but that I do and always will love him.  Turd is probably sitting right beside Sammer telling him that she told him Not to Go in The family is pretty strong cos we have each other and probably down the road we'll bring home another furkid that needs a forever home and I will love him just as much.  Cos thats the way us pugs roll.  And Mom and Dad well they'll be fine just as long as I am and we are together. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read our comments and post back to us, every comment helps us heal a little more.
Bless your hearts
Stella Rose and momma

From Dietzman

Yep its me "mean ole cat Dietzman" roaming around the yard on my way to the kitchen.  This is my first time blogging and Stella Rose was kind enuf to allow me usage of her computer. First of all I am almost 16 years old so Stella considers me ancient but I tell her I am really just wise. Wise like the old owl that lives in our tree, wise like the man in the moon. Last night her and I had a long talk about love, and life and sadness. I have seen alot of that in my time. In fact I could have my own talk show! The one thing I know is that Sammer loved living at our house, and he loved his mom, dad, stella and even me. He loved the grandmonsters and showed them everytime they came by. Sam, was passionate about life and that is how he lived it. Always running around crazy every chance he got. See stella rose is downright  pissed peeved at him for being such a dufus but not me.  I say let the boy enjoy all the days that he had, and honor his memory by looking back at how well he lived his life.
I told Stella it would be a dishonor to him to be sad and crying and wishing things were different. Sam would want us to stand tall, and together and live much.  Yes, I know that words are easy to write and sometimes the heart just can't do it, but Stella is smart and she will figure it out soon. ( I can't really stand her, and often swat her just to remind her that we are not friends, so don't go getting all mushy on me now.)  There is no book on letting go and each of us will find our own way to do that. The trick is not to judge one another in how we do that.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas...( I will be looking for lots of cat food cans in that big old stocking!)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Goose's Mom

Dear Goose's Momma:
You told me one time if I ever needed to talk to you that you would be there for me, so I decided today I need to take you up on your offer.  I know you work real real close to God and Goose is always bringing us such kind and thoughtful messages but I am gonna warn you my letter to you isn't very kind or nice or sisterly.  I thought maybe if I wrote you just how mad I am at my dumb brother then you could help me not be so mad. 

First of all Sammer is a big dummy for running out into the highway on a foggy night. I mean he couldn't even see his feet in front of him and he is running away from mom like it is a silly joke! He should have just stayed up on the house, and pretended he was our gargoyle, or just stayed in the pen, or on the porch with me. Sometimes Sammer was just a dummy about staying safe!  Remember in the summertime when he ran away from mom and it was a million degrees outside and it took her 45 minutes to catch him. He could have died in the heat!

Sammer was the best brother I could have besides his bad traits, like stealing my treats, and taking my toys, and hogging Moms lap, and shoving trudie off the chair, well he was just the best. I am really really really mad at him for being so dumb and now he is gone.  Mom hung up our stocking last night and its to big for just me!  Last year it had mine, turd's and sammers presents from santa. Mom needs to take it down and put a little one up.  Maybe we should just mail it up to the rainbow bridge cos there would be lots of loved ones that could use it. Do you think I could sneak inside just to visit for Christmas, and then have Santa bring me home?
Stella Rose

Just Me

(My mom stuck me in a coal bucket on Friday trying to get a Christmas picture.  I just wasn't up for it.)

I told Momma last night that blogging is the healthy way for us to work through all the hurt in our hearts, that everyone on here loves us, and cares about how we are doing.  So finally she let me do a little blogging. Mom is real worried about me right now, but I told her to give it some time cos i heard somewhere that time heals.  Thank you again for being our friends.
Stella Rose

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We were praying for a do over

You know in the movies sometimes when something heartbreaking happens you get a second chance, a rewind, a do-over, well I want one also.  I know it sounds childish, and selfish (when there are bigger and much worse things happening in the world) but I can't change how my heart feels. Butch is stuck on "I can't believe he is gone" and Stella is very very sad.  I am not sure what breaks my heart worse, knowing Sammer is gone or watching Stella suffer.  Its true how in one minute your whole life changes.  I always believed we would have Sammer much longer in our lives.  Stella has lost her guardian, her griffen, her gargoyle.  Sammer has been with Stella Rose since she was 6 months old and she is looking all over for him.  I thought if I took her back out to see his grave she would realize that he lives there now, but so far nothing has worked.  Tomorrow is the first day she will be alone, and I am worried about her.  Thank you all so much for your kind comments.  Isn't it funny (and wonderful) that I haven't met any of you but yet you took the time to let us know you care.  I think my friends here are afraid to call and check on us since it happened cos I must be weird about how much I care about our furfamily...I don't know. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We don't always understand why

 THis post is from Stella Rose's Mom
Our weather in Iowa last night was very dangerous with the fog...there was no visability and no one should have been out traveling.  My son in law had surgury at the VA hospital and we thought they would be home by 2 before the fog got any worse, but his surgury lasted till 600 and he was still in recovery till 900pm. The babysitter Kylei had gotten needed to go home so Butch went to get our grandkids so they could stay the night with us. A normal 20 min. drive took him almost an hour. That is how thick the fog was.
Next door to us is a building that people are turning into a new church. They have been working on it for weeks. Sometimes they bring their little dog over there and Sammer runs across the yard to visit. He always gets in trouble for not listening to us. I put him and Stella in their pen last night after Butch left. Later I went to get them, and got Stella first and put her in the house. When I had Sammer in my arms, the next door dog started to bark, but it was so dark and foggy you couldn't even see in front of you. Sammer jumped out of my arms and took off in the direction of the church.  I ran after him but couldn't see at all, so ran back to the house to get treats and a flashlight. I called him for a long time, but could only hear them barking.  Later I couldn't hear anything, and started to get very very worried. stella stood at the porch door all the time waiting for us to get back in the house. Butch and the kids were coming back onto our street and found Sammer. Someone had hit him and he died instantly. I feel so awful that the kids had to be there, Stella is heartbroken and Butch and I are in shock. We buried him last night beside Turdie.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Blogging

This weekend mom got to actually meet in person "Bear" the little shelter dog that the grandmonsters rescued.  She fell in love love love with him. She said he is just purrfect.  He goes to the door to go potty, he sits, he listens and well he is purrfect.  I think if she could have brought him home she would have.  She said she can't believe someone would give him up for anything in the world.  She also said now she has to come home to Thing One and Thing Two!
Our computer at home and work is acting up so we might not be able to get back on here till the tech guy comes around. In that case we also wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!
Thanksgiving Day is Sammer's Gotcha Day!  Can you believe that! I just know he will get extra turkey and goodies now!  Sam has lived with us for two looooooong years!

Dad is home today frying up bacon for his (and ours) breakfast.  Mom cooked last night for her and one of the daughters and was pretty pleased it came out tasting good.  After all a can of soup mixed with chicken breast usually doesn't fail UNLESS you forget and burn it black. (Remember the hot dogs)

Today I was looking for my little bear in the toybox.  Mom bought the toybox and some toys for me when she brought me home.  I have learned to play with and love my toys.  When they brought Sammer home they added a few more toys to the box.  He has learned to play with and love his toys AND MINE!  Sammer believes in his little black heart that ALL toys in OUR house belong to him!  If I have one in my mouth he steals it from me.  The only toy he can't get to is Turd's little blue bear and I hid it under the bed. It is mom's and my secret.  Turd is laughing from above!!

Stella Rose and Family

Thursday, November 15, 2012


On Monday my aunt Dixie came over to visit with my mom.  She loves Sammer and Me alot.  She thinks we are super super cute.
BUT after spending the morning with us she asked my Mom if she thought Sammer looked like one of the gargoyles on the GHOSTBUSTER movies?  My Mom said, "oh my gosh, yes, I have always thought that...mostly when he is laying on the arm of the chair protecting me, or sitting on my lap, looking at our guests!"

Well Nobody even thought to ask me, cos I have always thought there was something strange and different about SaMMER.  Maybe, it was cos I always wanted my own GRIFFEN for Christmas and mom got me a stuffed monkey instead.  Mostly Sammer is scared of lots of things, like thunderstorms, car lights, loud noises, rain etc.  He isn't very social either.  I think he does have a combination of gargoyle genetics and bigfoot and great dane running through his little pug veins.
I am not sure why they need those big chains on the gargoyle dogs and hopefully they don't use them anymore.  We have never used a chain on Sammer, just a leash and he doesn't really care for that either.
That one really looks like Sammer.

This one does not!  All in all it doesn't really matter just what Sammer is, cos the one thing I do know is....He is my brother!
Stella Rose

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This is a picture of my DAD and the GRANDMONSTERS.  Okay, so MY DAD is a really good COOK.  Especially if it has anything to do with GREASE.  (As you know my mom is not) Anyway, I notice lots of my buddies on here love BACON.  We do too. My DAD, ME, SAMMER and MeAN OLe CAT Dietzman. 

My Mom likes this kind of Bacon.

I have decided since DAD cooks BACON so well that he just needs to go visit each and everyone of my friends and cook some bacon for them. Goose is under the weather and loves bacon so dad is traveling on the UPS truck as we speak to cook him some bacon and eggs!  I am putting a sign up list on here if you would like Dad to stop by your house and fry up a little bacon and eggs for you.  He does need to be back before 5:00 cos that is when my Mom gets home.
Just leave a message on here if you want Dad to stop by.  Please have the bacon ready and a dish cloth with lots of dawn dish soap on it, cos he is a messy cook.
Stella Rose

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chubby, Tubby Couzin

Well, Mr. Tubby Chubby Bear is now in his new home.  Don't u think that he will be happy that finally he is where he is supposed to be.  I think I am going to always want to stand beside him, cos he will make me look really petite and Mom will take me off of this crappy assy diet!!  Do you think he has eyes under those bangs? We are not sure!
Stella Rose






Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well last night mom and dad weighed sammer and myself so they would know if I had REALLY gained weight or just looked heavier due to my wrinkles. Um..well anyway I now weigh 17.5 lbs.  Awhile back when NOODLES was put on a DIET I weighed 16 lbs.  Somehow between then and now i have gained 1.5 lbs.  Mom told Dad to stop giving us all those treats and good human food while she was at work!  Dad told Mom to stop overfeeding us our kibble.  No one wants to take the blame.  On the other hand SAMMER had gained 2 lbs and now weighs a massive 25 freaking lbs. of pure hard muscle.  Again, Mom and I think he is really a minature great dane, cos he looks just like RORY from Austrialia.  Or bigfoot.  So mom is now giving me more fruits and veg and less food.  It hasn't affected Sam's meals at all!  Life is not fair in Iowa.
I have also found out that Moms out there in the other world SEW as well as COOK!  I asked my robot mom about this and she said she just uses the stapler (or rivit gun in her case) cos it makes it much more simpler. Well OKAy!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Mom was worried about me last night cos I seemed rather listless.  She watched me lay around in the chair rather depressed.  Later when she finally sat down for the night Sammer and I jumped up to sit with her and it took me several jumps to get on her lap!  She told Dad later when he got home from work that Stella HAS to LOSE some WEIGHT!!!!  What, I was just tired and sleepy mom from sleeping all day...waiting on you to get home! 

Mom told Dad this morning she couldn't even sleep last night cos she is worried about my today I am starting on a "LETS STARVE STELLA ROSE ROUTINE".  She was very strick with Dad about what he can and cannot give me...for instance on Monday when Mom walked in the door she found Dad letting me lick a carmel apple sucker ....Wowzer that was the tastiest little thing I had ever tried!!!!  So I am off to the backfat camp today bright and early.  First I go outside to potty and then I come in and take a little nap till mom gets home at noon. Then I get up and bark happily at her, eat my lunch of three pieces of frozen water, and then I sleep till mom gets home at supper.  Then I bark happily and eat my three pieces of frozen water.  I figure by Friday I should be back to my 16 lbs.  What to do think?
Stella Rose

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


YEP my mom has finally lost it hasn't she!  That is NOT Bigfoot but my Uncle Abe.  I guess she couldn't find a picture of Bigfoot so she chose this one instead to remind us of the very reason we are able to get out and vote today!!!!

Now onto the Bigfoot story.  My mom watches animal planet ALOT!!!  It is where she finds out all her information about pugs on DOGS 101. Anywhoos the other day they said right on the television so it MUST be TRUE that the Bigfoot hunters are coming to Southeastern Iowa cos people have been seeing Bigfoot there.  Well, folks we live in SOUTHEAST IOWA and close to the woods.  People from all over the US come to our county to hunt deer (sad face) even Toby Keith and Montgomery Gentry came last year and ate at the restaurant downtown.  Now the Animal Planet Bigfoot Hunters are a coming.  The show is going to air on November 11th.  We watched a sneak peek and I swear we didn't know one person at that town hall meeting!  I told Mom she MUST stop putting us outside in Alcatraz in the dark cos now we have the threat of being eaten by Bigfoot, or stolen and raised by them.  Now that I think about it Sammer has rather bigfeet and he is a thieving treat stealer so maybe Bigfoot  blood runs through his body!  Next we are gonna have big billboard signs as you come into town talking about Bigfoot living in our villages.  This could be big news for a little county!
Stella Rose

Monday, November 5, 2012


FIrST....we had a baby shower.  There was no baby and there was no rain.  I do not understand.  There was presents and food . Maybe, they should rename it.  Baby bean will be here in 8 weeks so I guess people thought she needed presents like clothes before she was born.  Apparently babies are not born as furry as I am.  I save my mom alot of monies in clothes but she still buys them for me.  Us pugs can never ever figure out our parents.
See that little tiny baby in the corner.  I thought that was baby bean and she was already here.  Mom said no.  Beans shower colors were dark pink and zebra.  My mom said times have sure changed from her girls showers!

That camera date is a big lie unless we were really in a time machine and went backwards in time.  Those pictures are of moms baby monster and her husband.  They are both names Kody and Cody.  The grandmonsters just call them both aunt kody.  It keeps our world simplier.  We also call them Big Cody and Little Kody.  Yep, we are one normal family!!  We are so excited for baby bean to get here!!

LATER on Sunday we took groceries over to grandma and grandpa's house.  I went along with one of the grandmonsters and played with their chubby cheweinie charlie!  He also, stole my treat that grandma gave me.  What is it with boys!!!  When mom took grandmonster Kennie home Macey just had to have a picture with me.  She loves me alot!!
I am a very lucky little pug!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Tomorrow is my sisters Gotcha Day and she would have lived with us for one year.  Mom and I have been trying to figure out what we wanted to do for Trudies day and have decided instead of making it a sad event cos she is gone we are going to celebrate her life with us!  When Trudie first left us I tried to make a deal with the rainbow bridge to send her back to us, but Mom said life didn't work that way, and learning to say goodbye would be the hardest life lesson her and I would ever have to do together.  We are still trying to be lesson masters, so far we are only in kindergarten.

Trudie didn't like playing with toys much cos she never had toys before. I was her best toy and we played all the time.  She would chase me outside around and around.  I miss her chasing me, and when I stand outside in Alcatraz I always think about her and pretend she is still there right by my side chasing and nipping on me.

This is a picture of Turd and one of the grandmonsters that loved her.  She had never felt the love of a child before she came to live with us.  It was one of the gifts of love that we were able to give her.

Sometimes Mom exposed Trudie to things she didn't like...such as standing on the chair for a picture taking moment.  All she wanted to do was get down and play with me!
Trudie sometime would teach mom a lesson for leaving us and going to work..this use to be our little pee pads but now it is just white fuzz all over the bedroom floor.

Mom was pretty mad at Dad when Dad first brought Turd home,  but in about five seconds of holding her  trudie and mom fell in love with each other.  Turd had never had anyone hold her and love her before and she knew she was gonna love all of us as much as we loved her.  Sometimes I was a little jealous cos she adored mom so much and always wanted moms attention.  I feel bad about that now but i know Trudie understands.  Trudie taught us alot also.  Sometimes in the evening Mom and I still go into the livingroom and sit in the quiet and listen.  It still hurts our hearts alot to talk about her so we are gonna close.  We just wanted her to know we didn't forget her gotcha day.

We love you Trudie Long-Simpson

Mom, Dad, Stella Rose, Sammer and Dietzy


Well my momma finally walked into the door and guess what she was NEVER...... lost... DaD knew where she was all THE TIME, but neglected to share that info with Sammer, me and Dietzy!  Dad is in the doghouse bigtime.  Mom saw my packed suitcase and asked me where we were all a going.  I told her I had just bought tickets for Utah to stay with Goose and then off to visit more friends.  I checked her all over to see if she looked rested and tanned but she just looked tired and happy to be home.  Grandma is home now and resting. They hope all the "C" is gone!! 

I shared the list of infractions with mom just to prove to her she can never leave us alone that long with dAD.  She promised me from now on she will get April to petsit us or we can go to Goose's house.  You will never in a million years guess what Mom brought us home as a present.

Yep its a squirrel toy for our toybox!!  A squirrel...can you believe that sammer will shake its tail off after they stole his hedghog earlier!
Mom also found Sammer's hedgehog under the covers.  Apparently if Dad would have changed the bedding mom said it would have bit him in the **#,,,,whatever that means.  We showed her how halloween went for us, and shared with her about the monsters that kept coming to our door.  Sammer was always in attack mode! 

Dad was holding us back from the door knocker monsters!!

Sam and I were looking at the camera. Did put the wrong necklace on me didn't he miss ellen!


1. NO green beans were ever served with our meals! I am sure we will be developing rickets very soon.

2. Dad lost Sammer's hedgehog!!  Sammer and I believe the squirrels that Dad insists upon feeding stole him!

3. Dad did not know how to put my eyedrops in and sprayed my little nose instead!

4. We had to stay out on the porch on Tuesday when Dad worked from sunrise to sunset.  Even tho it is enclosed I am sure I saw the buzzards a circling our house!!

5. On Thursday nights Mom and us watch our favorite show...Dad turned the channel since mom is missing and watched a show about croc's instead.  I had nightmares.

6. Dad never ever one time sang us our bedtime song!

7. We are starting to shed cos Dad does not know how to use the furminator!

8.  Dad does not change the sheets as often as Mom does.  OUr house is starting to look unsanitary!!

9. Dad brought home chicken last night but he only gave us one bite each.  He ate the rest himself.  Who does he think he is fooling...Sammer and I knew there was 25 wings in that box!!

10. Sammer and I are thinking about traveling to see our friend Goose cos he said he would always have our backs, and then after that visit going to Noodles house to see her.  I figure somewhere along the way we will find our robot mom and bring her home.  Dad said that grandma is doing better and they think that they got all the big bad "C" from her eye.  I am worried that Mom decided to fly to cancun or somewhere warm and is laying on the beach without us. I am going to kick her butt when I find her.  Maybe she tried out for the part of the tin man in Hollywood?
Stella Rose

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Dad has been taking care of Sammer and Me four days now and I cannot stand not being able to blog!  Dad does NOT know how to run the computer aT ALL!!!!  He is a super wonderful cook but sucky at computering!!! I tried to just push him out of the way and take over the keyboard mySELF but DaD didn't even know how to turn it on!!!  I am sure when I call child services they are going to be throughly upset at MOM for LEAVING ABANDONING US with DAD.  ALSO he decided while mom was GONE to feed us JUST our food.  NO good food from him at all, not even legal food like green beans....WTPUG!  SAMMER is really missing OUR mom ..he is walking the floors whining with his hedgehog in his mouth, and I am trying to help out like a big sister but COME ON!!! I miss MOM too but am keeping the tears in my eyes so SaMMER won't get upset.  I hope she didn't get caught in a rainstorm and her robot brain rusted so bad she can't find her way back home to us!! 
I am keeping a long long list for child services so they will know all the infractions my DAD has done while MOM is gone!  I do believe she will learn to take us with her next time.  I know that sounds mean and evil but a pug has gotta do what a pug has gotta do.  If you see my MOM standing around somewhere looking really lost point her in the right directions cos its getting close to supper time and I bet you the moon we are NOT getting our green beans!!! Wait till I show you pictures from Halloween, poor Sammer about broke the glass door trying to protect the hedgehog me from all the monsters that kept coming to the door to take our candy away from us!!!  The grandmonsters even took me outside where the monsters where running wild, and roaming up and down the streets, I was so afraid one of them was going to steal me and ransom me for monies!!!  That is going on my infraction list for sure!!!!  Stella Rose