Monday, March 31, 2014

Quiting is easy....

Sometimes my Mom says she just feels like quitting.  I told her quitting is easy, staying is hard.  I asked her why she wants to quit and she said, I wouldn't understand.  I toles her over and over and I understand everything about her.  She is to tired to listen.

I thinks its cos of us pugs...yes US...that she wants to just Quit. Although, I am not sure just what she would be quitting cos we and you know she would never quit on US. 

I finks she needs her friends, YOU,  help with stuff going on at our house, and I am part of that stuff.  So is Maggie and Angus.  See, Mom is tired when hers gets home from work, and worried about stuff that we can't really helps her wif ( you know stuff like work, family and just crap in general) and then WE cause even more worry in her life by doing this................

FIGHTING.   We fight over nothing, fuzz on the floor, three pieces of rice and air.  It is usually Maggie and Me that starts it and sometimes gussie jumps in and sometimes he is smart and just watches.  Mom rushes over breaks it up and is upset UPSET with all of us.  We calm down but her heart is still racing.  Sometimes we do it three or four times a night ...sometimes only a few times a week.

Mom talked to the trainer, and she came to visit this weekend.  She says one of the problems is because I am blind AND food aggressive (I do eat out on the porch away from everyone but sometimes I find a crumb on the floor) I am always on high alert and I think I am the alpha dog at our house.  Maggie also thinks she NEEDS to be the alpha because of my blindness and she doesn't feel secure with me being her alpha cos of my blindness.  So Maggie tends to always be more anxious. Plus we all have residue from living in the icky places we were all borned at. Gussie just goes along with whatever is going on.  The trainer was relieved that there has NEVER been any blood just tussling but she said two females who fight are never safe together.  She suggested that she may have to find another home for one of the girls, well folks no lie I fainted dead away and Mags ran and hid under the coffee table. 

Mom is very upset....Mom has to figure out how to become the only alpha in our house.  Heck our Mom can't even run the stove or sew....she is worried ......she doesn't know what to do...she just wants to hide her head under her pillow and QUIT.  Moms heart is beat up!

We need your support and help friends cos Mom says we are all her kids and we three are gonna stay her kids.

Stella Rose 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


MOM has a super DuPER work week, we will be reading your blogs, and trying to leave comments  we will be back as soon as we can.
Hugs and Love
stella rose

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Mayor Madi has asked us to write about our loves in our life, our first, worst, or bestest date so we faught and faught and we three discussed it and here is our story with a different twist.  This story is for our Mom, our first real love.

My girls said Isa could tell it cos I ooze charm..well they actually said bull..but I thought charm sounded betters.

Once upon a time there was a little girl pug who lived in a crappy, dingy, dirty place in Iowa.  She lived there with lots of other dogs and their lives were sad.  One night this lady came to the place and the little pug looked up into her face and saw tears and sadness.  The little pug didn't know what to think because no one had ever looked at her that way, and then she felt herself being lifted out of the pen and held against that lady's heart. The little pug knew right then and there all her prayers had come true and later the lady whispered to her quietly so no one else could here, I am taking you to your forever home and I am giving you the special name of Stella Rose.  The lady took off her tag that said #129 and threw it in the yard as we were walking away.  That is how Stella Rose found out what real love was.

Once upon a time there was another little girl pug who also lived in a crappy, dingy, dirty place in Missouri. She lived there with her siblings and momma.  She liked being wif her brothers and sisters but she heard one day someone say that a person called a broker was coming to get them. She didn't understand what was going on at all, and she was very upset when they took her Momma away from them.  Later when she was being examined with the rest of her sibs the broker said hers was a throw away worth only a nickel cos she had scratched up eyeballs.  So they put her in her own cage faraway from her family.  She would haf to grow up to be just another breeder.  Magically the breeder received a phone call from another breeder in Iowa and told her about a family who takes throw away puppies from her icky place.  WELL hers didn't say icky cos hers is stoopid and thinks its nice.  So the Missouri breeder who was greedy said I won't give the puppy who is only worth a nickel away for free.  The Iowa breeder drove down and got her and called this lady and man.  The little girl pug didn't know what was happening was a lot in one day, first her brothers and sisters are gone, then her momma, then she gets her own cage and now she is in a car driving at nighttime.  Finally they stop and she sees a man and lady.  They have a warm blanket that they put around the little girl and the man holds and hugs her, and then he hands her to the lady.  The lady looks at her little black face and little fawn body and gives her a kiss on her stinky nose and that is how Margaret Mae found out what real love was.

AND now the most important story of all....the story of a little boy pug!  ME!!!  Once upon a time there was a little boy pug who lived in the same crappy, dingy, dirty place in Iowa that Stella Rose had lived.  In fact this little boy had the same momma that Stellie had.  One day that breeder called this lady and said to come see her new pug babies and that lady said NO she couldn't.  The lady hung up the phone and sat in the chair and cried (hers told me this later when hers was giving me a baf) and cried and finally the man said, "oh lets just go see them, " and the lady toles me later that she thought maybe there would be a little boy that needed her and she should name him Angus McConnell, but hers didn' t tell the man that.  It was a secret.  So they got to the icky, stinky, place and there were three little puppies sitting in the back of a truck.  It was April so it was nice and warm outside.  One little pug was black and the other two was fawn.  Two boys and one girl.  The first thing they noticed about one little tiny boy is his eyes were scary bad.  The lady picked him up and it broke her heart into thousands of pieces cos hers thought he couldn't survive in that kind of pain.  The lady said if I pay for you to take him to the vet tomorrow and if the vet says he is not suffering he can come home and live wif us.  I didn't really understand what was going on cos i was to little.  I just remember that lady whispering in my ear that she loved me no matter what!  So the next day I went to see a good vet and the good vet called the lady and said He is just fine but his eyes will always be bad.  The next day when I wokes up here comes that lady again and hers grabbed me up and squeezed me and kissed my stinky face and nose and whispered again to me, HI ANGUS MCCONNELL.  Hers put me in her car and we drove away and that is how I, Angus McConnell found out what real love was.

Oh, remember my brother and sister, well my Momma talked to a rescue in Tennessee and they all worked together and before long we helped transport them to another transporter and they made it to Tenn.  They now have their own forever homes, that is how they found out what real love was.
So fank you Mayor Madi for giving us the chance to remember our first real love.  Hers is our Momma and wesa we will love forever and ever. She says we are her blessings.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 We really enjoyed this and wanted to share it.
Happy Wednesday.
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mr. Chewy Review

Dear Mr. Andrew:
Isa wanted to fank you for sending us these new treats to try at ours house.  I toles my Momma after I tried them that if Isa couldn't go live at Puddles house I would like to go live at Mr. Andrew's cos he has the best treats around and I wouldn't have to change my name to Sally and hide from the Fed's ....  My Momma just rolled hers eyes at me.  Hers wicked like that sometimes.  We really liked these treats cos they are small and soft for our mouths. Mom said I needed to tell more about them then just what I finks so here is the scoop folks:

Our treats were made by this company:
and ....

“We pride ourselves on being a family-owned-and-operated pet food manufacturer, bringing you high quality pet foods that you can trust feeding to your furry family members. 

Trust is important friends when wesa putting foods and treats in our mouths!  I tries to tell my Mom that whenever hers tries to cook for me and my girls.  I say, "Mom its better and safer if yousa would just give us some of Mr. Andrews treats that he sends to us!!"  Then hers gets all offended...and I haf to kiss on her ears alot.

We loves CHICKEN at ours house so when I saw that these treats had Chicken and Mom read me more about these treats

-Made With Real Chicken or real Lamb #1 Ingredient
-Highly Digestible Rice, Barley, and Oatmeal Formula
-Balanced Omega 3 & 6 Nutrition
-No By-products
-No Whole Corn
-Naturally Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols (A Source of Vitamin E)
-Protected Vitamin C
-Natural Anti-Oxidants

Well what more could three little Pugs in Iowa want???????  Fanks Mr. Andrew and if yousa ever want to meet me or want an autographed picture for your Wall of Fame you just let me know.

Your Humble Servent:
Angus McConnell Long

Monday, March 17, 2014


Kick back in your recliner cos this could be a long winded story...first fings first....


Yes, Stellie's is blurry and Maggie was not in the mood, cos hers tried to eat the boa right off hers neck.  SO ...being the good natured little pug that I am........... I am once again the spokesperson for this grumble.  Did you know a group of pugs are called a grumble??

I NOSES you seen both of them before but I wanted to tells you that YES my Mom put those pictures on facebook and YES, the newscaster from KTVO seen it and hers sent me TWO emails telling me hows cute I am and what a star I am and how much hers loved me.  Now at first I had stars in my eyes, but then I had to break her heart and tells her that I already had a girlfriend named Liberty so all we could be was JUST friends.  See her picture??

Hers name is Ela Sourka.....Hers is pretty isn't hers.

Speaking of girlfriends, this came in the mail for us on Saturday.  I tells you what i is so impressed with Liberty's and Peyton's momma. Hers is always...always ...on the ball about sending us presents.  I finks hers needs to have a talk wif our momma about some things to calm the revolt down here at our house.

GREENIES!!!!  Fanks Ms. Ellen from us three pugs here in Iowa.  Mom said hers would give them to us tonight when hers gets home from the sweathouse for us to have on this special day.

THEN yesterday we had big plans to go to the Lake and just spend the day in nature and the sun beaming down on our faces instead we got this....
4 inches of snow and ice.  No trip to the lake for us.  Everyone was grouchy at ours house.  Because of the bad weather Maggie and I is forced to stay home also instead of completing ours trip to see PUddles.  Hers is waiting on us, but Isa gotta send hers an email today and explain the circumstances of our travel plans.  I admit I may need to be anonymous cos Isa don't want the feds to be a looking for me, so once I get to Puddles house I will go by the name of SALLY and wear that green wig for awhile. Yes, guys I nose it is a girls name but its my only chance not to get noticed.  I is now just waiting on Puddles mom to say we can come and live wif her for awhile.  THAT may be a problemo tho cos PUddles girl has lots of homework and I hears they are tearing down the walls literally so we may haf to wait till summer...IF we ever have a summer.

Angus McConnell Long  a/k/a SALLY

Friday, March 14, 2014

Gussie's Post

I tole's my Momma and I tole's her that if hers humilationed me one more time I was going to visit my Maggie's BFF, PUddles and take a longs vacation away from hers so she would learn to appreciate me mores.......well hers went and tipped the milk bucket right over by posting this picture

 on the local news station out of southeastern iowa and northern missouri and THEY put it out there for everyones to see.  TiPPED THE BUCKET OVER!  I tole's her, "momma please don't show that to AnYONE cos Isa dressed up in girly clothes not manly Angus clothing".... but hers turned a deaf ear to me.

AND THEN hers about killed my Maggie when hers took her to the stooopid vet and not the good one. THAT was unforgivable (unless hers would order us some new chewies off the internet and then we could forgive...maybe).  My Maggie was so screwed up in the head from the steroid shot that hers even tried to hurt kill me the other night when I was just walking by hers.  WELL, I may have crossed my eyes or something at her, or sticked out my tongue but holey moley the next thing I knew I was laying on my back and Maggie was on top of me, with big big fangs and drool dripping into my eyes.  I started SCREAMING for my life, and Mom looked over at me and said, "well leave her alone!"  WHAT, are you off your rocker mom????????

So Isa sick of this and got hold of Maggie's Puddles by email and filled her in on what was going on in southeastern Iowa and hers said, hers has beer and come on down.  Did you hear that MoM, hers said to COME ON DOWN!!! AND that hers has beer.

SO as soon as my Maggie's ears go back to normal color and aren't all red and shiny then wesa going on a trip.  So if you don't see us in a lot of years you will know where we are at.
Angus McConnell

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Thank you so much for all the prayers sent to me.  I just wanted to tell you as of this morning I am back to my normal self!!!  I had a rough day yesterday but after a good nights sleep I no long have hives all over me or is my face swollen up like a beach ball.  Poor dad here he thought he was doing something good for me and I had to have a bad reaction on his watch!  Mom did not even chew him out cos it wasn't his fault.

We don't really know what could have been to many shots at one time, or since Mom calls them the stoopid vet they could have screwed up the dosage...all I know is one minute Dad and I are on our way home, after I got my nails cut like a good girl, my butt done like a good girl, and my shots like a good girl....well Gussie and Stellie were so happy to see me cos I was gone like 14 minutes and they missed me.  I was telling them what all happened to me, and the next thing I knew I couldn't get my breath very good and my face was swelling up.  See those wrinkles on my face, well by the time Mom got home which was only 10 min. after I started to react my face was huge, and she couldn't see my eyes, and all my skin was red.  Even the skin inside my ears, and on my tummy!  I had hives all over my legs and head and back.  Well, Mom scooped me up and ran out to the stoopid vet. They gave me ANOTHER shot of predisone and some benadryl pills to take around supper time.

I wouldn't stop itching tho most of the day.  Dad stayed home wif me and when Momma came home she gave me the rest of my med's.  My face was still pretty swollen up at 4:30 and I was still hivey and itchy.  Mom was afraid I would have to go back out to the Vet.  I took my pills like a good girl tho, and tried to go to sleep but just couldn't get comfortable.  PLUS Gussie wanted me to play wif him and he kept bugging me.

Finally Mom had Dad get the air mattress out and she made a comfy bed for hers and me to rest on while we all watched tv.  I slept for awhile but was still itchy.  BUT this morning when we all woke up magically I was healed, no hives, no lumps or bumps and no swelling of the face!!  I ran out to my food bowl and ate my breakfast right up.  I finks it was cos of all those prayers coming my way and snuggling up to momma all night long.

No more shots for me at the stoopid vet anymore.  Mom says from now on we only get things like that at the good vet, and she is going to tell him what happened so they can work out a different plan for me. 

Margaret Mae

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Maggie went to the Vet today to get her nails done with Butch and the vet told him Maggie needed her shots also next week so he went ahead and had them done.  When I ran home for lunch he told me something was wrong with Maggie.  I could tell as soon as I saw her that she was in trouble.  Her body was swollen and I could see red/pink shining through her fur.  You could not even see her eyes very well, she looked like a little sharpai....I called the vet and told him I was running her over to the office.  They told me after seeing her that she must of had a reaction to them giving her all the shots.  I agree, geeze louise!!  Anyway they gave her a shot of predisone and two pills to take when i get home. I am glad Butch is home with them this afternoon.  I stayed at home with her for about an hour but so far no change.  She is trying to rest and relax but keeps getting up and turning around.  I am hoping she will be able to relax before long.  I know some of you have had this happen with your puppers....can you tell me how long it lasted etc.....
Thank you for keeping Mags in your prayers.


REMEMBER last week Isa was waiting on something special and everyone tried to guess just what Isa was gettin.....well Momma Mindy guessed right....I was waitin on something special from my girlfriend Sweet Liberty.  I foughts hers was sending me a big box of treats but instead Isa got this in the mail yesterday....

 I should have faught about it better and not wif my man brain about what hers was a sending and if Isa would have just asked my girls they would have known it was clothing or accessories like those girls like to buy!  My momma said I needed to quit being so rude and tell Ms. Liberty and hers momma fanks for the bow tie.  FANKS FOR THE BOW TIE.  Don't I look happy and not humiliated at all????  Mom needs to take a better picture of me next time wif my new bow.  I need a new photographer for my image.  BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE.

FRIENDS this is what humiliation looks like.....
If you open up Websters Dictionary you will find MY picture next to the word, Angus McConnell....where are the girls you ask...well they are hiding out on the porch cos they ran as soon as Momma opened up the other package that Ms. Liberty's Momma sent to us.  Isa so embarrassed cos I know this picture is going to go wild all over facebook and the womens out there will snicker now at me.

Just so you know Ms. Ellen before our photoshoot wif the girls was over that green boa feathers were all over ours floor, like some kind of green chicken massacre....we will show more pictures this week. 

Ours Dad cannot figure out Ms. Ellen how you are able to get all five of your pugs to sit still for your photoshoots without anypug ripping off their boa's or headbands.  He thinks you are indeed the pug whisperer, I cannot ever tell you the truf about what I finks cos you are Ms. Liberty's Momma.

Very Truly Yours,
Angus McConnell Long

Friday, March 7, 2014


Well I still can't tell you what Isa waiting on, BUT Momma Mindy from the Slimmer Pug is on the right side of the road.

I knows Christmas is over but I still think about my days of being my Santy's helper.  Oh the snow, and the shouting..the wind in my face.....on dancer... on prancer.... on the top of the roof......those were the days.......

It is supposed to get up to the 50's today and our Momma said if it isn't raining or snowing (like it is supposed to again tonight) then hers will walk us down to the river and back.  She even said MAYBE on Sunday she will take us out to the lake.

We are SOOOOO happy it is FRIDAY but SOOOOO sad we have to turn the clocks up on Sunday.  We need that extra hour of sleep around our house so we will be nice to the peoples that we meet on the street.

Have a good one.
Angus McConnell

Wednesday, March 5, 2014





Tuesday, March 4, 2014



Mom took this picture this morning on hers way to work. Its a SUV buried under is 3 blocks from ours house. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow and friday.  This sucks.





Monday, March 3, 2014


Once again another snow storm hit Iowa this weekend.  We are still digging out.  Mom is at work and Dad is at home.  Mom wished she could have stayed home.

We live right below Ottumwa in Iowa.  Right now it is -8 on Mom's computer....wayyyyy to cold to have to come outside....we don't even know what the wind chill factor is.

Saturday BEFORE the big snow came Mom took all of us for a walk.  FIRST Maggie and Gussie got their coats on and they headed down to the river and back with Mom .  It was the first walk we had in a long time cos of the weather.

Maggie told Mom to run when they saw this up in the tree, cos she was afraid she would swope down and grab them up to EAT.  Mom said she would protect them.  Even tho everyone including Mom was bundled up about 15 min. into the walk, mom's legs and face started to get REAL cold so they started back home.  I was so excited waiting on my turn, that Mom even tho she was froze took me out into the yard, and I got to walk around for 15 minutes.  We all settled down for the rest of the day, once we came into the house, and got warm.

Later it started to do this.
And This
and this
finally Dad got home from work around 10:00 pm and Mom could relax.  The only problem was  once they went to bed Mom's weird problem with her legs started acting up, so she had to get up once every hour and apply a heat pad to them, all night long!!!  Dad was not happy with her cos he couldn't sleep and he had to work on Sunday.  Mom thinks it was because the cold air made her legs cold while she was walking us.  Lesson learned!  I guess we will be staying in until the warm spring air comes to our house.

Stella Rose