Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Thank you for all your comments.

So yesterday my Mom had her meltdown in Blogville, which is like having it on all four major television stations with the whole world watching..............we three pugs told her to go ahead and rant and rave and get it out of her system, because when all of it was gone, then she could get on with the other stuff around her......................... stuff like .... work, (cough cough) taking care of Dad and us and the 951 cats plus the four new cute babies, that have also found their way to our house.  Even the little almost hairless  kitten who loves staying at our house, and then this morning Dad called moms work just to tell her that little hairless kitten was sitting on our back step in the rain...........................not good already had black makeup running on her face....not good.

So Mom gave herself a pep talk.  That doesn't mean she still doesn't hate what is going on, she does, but she isn't going to let Cancer take her spirit, or her MOM'S. 

Prayers also help, and we can always use them, even prayers that might go like this, " Please God could you find homes for the 951 cats plus 4 new kittens, and even the little hairless kitten, and if you can't find them forever homes, can you move them over into the other neighbors yard cos he  has more money than we do?   And please take care of our grandma..............."

God likes simple prayers. 

Stella Rose

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


If Cancer were a person I think he would like the Joker.  Definitely someone you would want to run away from and hide.  Forever.  He is a liar and a schemer and all powerful and for all our medical abilities he somehow finds ways around it...........and sometimes he wins, and sometimes we kick the crap out of him.
If Cancer were a road map, it would be one you would not want to follow.   First it would look like everything is all planned out, "do this and you will get here, go this way, and you end up at your destination".  The road map is a liar also. 
 Sometimes even doctors say one thing, and it ends up being another, today I think they are liars but tomorrow I may realize they are only human.
On Friday my Mom's blood work came back and all 21 tiny vials showed high risk cancer markers.  What that meant in her case is even though she took the hormones, and had the surgery, and her cat scans were clear, it is still floating around in her blood somewhere........waiting............the Doctor told us,............ not to turn back into breast cancer but possibly bone or brain ...............its amazing what 21 tiny vials of blood can show you and how fast they can scare you. 
And of course it smacked us right across the face because Mom had did everything the Doc. said, and she followed her treatment plan that looked like a winner, well treatment plans lie also.
Tomorrow she starts her first round of chemo.  We really don't know anything more than that.  And if we did it probably would be incorrect...that is what I have finally figured out when it comes to cancer and the person we love.  Nothing goes by the book, nothing goes by what the doctor tells you, or the internet, or the pamphlets..................cancer is powerful awful stuff, and we are scared.  Its our Mom and at her age, we want to protect her and make promises, that could turn out not to be the truth.   And then somehow we will have turned into the very things I am so mad at.  The liars.
I know there are so many good and happy things going on in your blogs and I am truly sorry to write such a crappy one to start your day. 
Please pray for Mom.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


SO....the beans are spilled and you all know we are going to go to the retreat next June but did you also know we are taking the 951 + four new kittens wif us, and we are going to give them away as presents??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Better start getting your orders in early.

Stella Rose and Momma

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


That's right folks its totally official now...........we are heading for Brown County next June to the RETREAT to meet up with some of our blog friends and their parents.  Ms. Mary Ann from is riding with our mom.  She lives down in Kansas and will drive up to our house, and then we all will drive on over.  It should take us about a day to get there.

WE are so we just have to choose who will be going wif Mom...........Mom says we have awhile to make that decision, but there are a lot of things to take into consideration, we will see.

Happy Happy Happy......................

Stella Rose, Maggie Mae and Angus Mac

p.s. my eye medicine is working really really good!

Friday, September 18, 2015


Mom finally chose a product for us pugs that we 100% agreed on, it was pugtastic!!!!!   It arrived at our house and the first thing we noticed was that we did not get 1 can but we got 12 cans of this product called WERUVA PAW LICKIN CHICKEN.

NOW everyone here in Blogville nose how picky and snotty we are with most foods.  WE only like real meat, and chicken hearts and gizzards (fanks to Murphy and Stanley mom for that) and often times if mom tries something new mixed in our food we REFUSE to eat it.  Yes, we are pugs and they are known for eating anything, but we are rare...........DAD says it is not RARE it is SPOILED.

So anyways Mom opens a can for us, and she cannot believe how much gravy and chicken is stuffed in that can.  DAD looked at it, and he smelled it, and he said it looked good enough to put on his mashed potatoes!   Whoooo...Dad back is ours!   So Mom put about a tablespoon on top of our dry kibble and smooshed it all around in our food, and told us to enjoy!!

ENJOY we did!!!!!   We loved loved loved it!!!!!  And it never changed,  each time mom would serve it with our kibble we ate it, not one time did we refuse to eat our meals.

AS with every good thing there is often a downer flip side.  WELL, our downer flip side is a few days ago mom ran out of CAT FOOD and since the cries of 951 kitties can be rather loud, MOM took a few of our special food cans out to the cats.......................WTPUG MOM.   AND of course they loved it also.  NOW they expect WATER, FOOD and REALLY GOOD FOOD from us........................where has their dad went to anyway.........the Bahamas????

Here are some facts about WERUVA------
Weruva is a line of luxurious natural and grain free pet foods. Made in a human food facility, they gathered the best ingredients from around the world to make the best food for your best friend - for life. The factory operates at international human food processing standards, including that of the super-strict British Retail Consortium (BRC), and the pet food processing must pass BRC scrutiny.
The gravy is what you’d expect it to be…simply Dog-tastic for those doggies that love to lick! The aspic is similar to Jello in that it starts off as a powder that is mixed with water, but when cooked, it takes on a gel like substance. It is great for “protecting” the ingredients in that you are able to see and identify the ingredients that we use.
Give me an order of chicken breast, hold the veggies, hold the grains. In fact, hold everything. And while you're at it, make it free of added antibiotics, free of added hormones and cage free . Lick those paws clean with boneless, skinless, white breast chicken in a sumptuous gravy… Yummy!
Key Benefits
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Delicious flavor dogs can't resist
  • Grain-Free formula, a common allergy trigger for dogs
  • Potato is a novel protein source, which may reduce digestive upset in pets with sensitive stomachs
  • Can be served as a standalone diet or as a topper for dry food
WE snooped a little further and went on the WERUVA web site and found out even more it is if you are interested.

So I went out and talk to the kittens and cats and asked them what they thought of it, and they were to busy with their heads stuck in the pan to even answer me, so I take that as a 'thumbs up'...........

WE pugs give it a 8 star rating............we think it is one of the best food made for dogs that we have even reviewed.  The only reason it did not get 10 stars is for us cos now we feed us, the grandkids when they get done at football, and 951 cats it is a little on the high side, but maybe mom can cut out some of the food she buys for our dad.  We also noticed on the bottom of the box it said Made in Thailand.  That worried us a little because we have read stories how some of the countries do not treat their dogs like we are treated.  That is one reason we went on their web site to do more reading about the company.   We do wish it was all made in the USA, and if we are mistaken our cheeks are mighty red and so are our moms .

Fanks so much Ms. Sydney!!!!

No monies were given to us for this review.

Stella rose

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Today is Macey Elizabeth-Jean's birthday.  She is 7 years old.  She is our hero.  She still talks about the cards and gifts from all of our friends here in blogville.  You guys are super stars also.
Stella Rose and Momma

Macey and big brother Micah.

She has always had that big ole smile.

See her owl hat.

I am getting older.

She is part wolf also.

Many of you know Macey struggles with Lymphedema of her left leg.  Not much is known still about congenital lymphedema and the stats show only 1 in 740,000.00 children have it.  As I have said more than one time, very few doctors actually know how to treat this disease in children.  Her parents and provider are still working on the best plan for Macey and still fighting the insurance company.  In August it had been a year, that we noticed her foot and leg getting bigger. 

She handles it very well.  She still gets to do her dance, and tomorrow night she gets to cheer with the high school cheerleaders at her big brothers football game.  So life is pretty normal for her...except when it is not.  Shoes are a big problem, so it is hard for her when her sister gets cute sandals, and cowboy boots, and she wears flip flops.  It hurts our heart to see that make her sad.  BUT Macey is going to do just fine in the world, because she has all our love and support.  That is the best gift we can give her for her birthday.................Grandma Deb

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


We are down to one jug of water and one sack of food, and I feel the numbers are growing...........Mom is of no help because she feels sorry for them and feeds them luring them away from our yard, only to find out once they have eaten, they are back enjoying the furniture in the yard, and laying around on our steps. 

We think the cats dad will be home any day.........we are hoping he can figure out a way to make them stay in their own yard, but we are rather doubtful at this point, we think we saw some of them carrying suitcases........we are worried.

Mom's office has a trial all week and she has not had a chance to answer your blogs very much,....hopefully next week it will be her work and our house.

Stella Rose-Three years ago

Monday, September 14, 2015

MAYDAY MAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alcatraz has been infiltrated and so far no outside help is arriving.................

Mom is freaking out cos Dad is gone and she keeps calling him on the phone he is not answering her, ON PURPOSE.  The other 950 are hiding in the flowers............

We have sent a SOS to the Army, Air Force, Marines and the Navy...............we are waiting and the numbers are growing larger and getting closer to our back porch.
Maggie tried unsuccessfully to bark them out of our yard, they laughed and her and creeped closer to us...............Oh Why Does Their Daddy Not Come HOME and take them OUT of your yard!!!!

Gus is telling the Halloween Cat to climb back over that fence, but the cat likes Gussie and says "please let me in your house!"

Baby kittens getting ready to climb the steps, and look over to the right, they are hiding under the old wagon, we are losing all radio power now.......................nighttime is around the corner, ..........they will be climbing the screens onto our porch next, and walking into the kitchen, all may be lost.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus Mac

Saturday, September 12, 2015


""Frosty the Snowfreak is a jolly happy soul""...........lalalalalalal..................who has landed at our house in the middle of summer.........................

.oh you won't last long Mr. Snowfreak............

.turn on the hose Gussie...............

Job Well Done.

Stella Rose
Welcome back F & E

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Do you remember this Ryder??
It was the Valentines Ball and because we were just wee little kids we all three went together as buddies.....remember all that fun we had around that certain punch bowl......hehheheheehhe.....

well.................I have grown up..................

and you have grown up...............

and I was a wondering if you would like to double date to the Sadie Hawkins dance wif me and my BFF and her date????   Stella asked Stan, and Gussie is going wif his girl Liberty so we can all have some fun together?

I do clean up nicely.
Talk to me soon............Maggie Mae.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MISS YOU LITTLE G................

A whole year.
Did you know you can never meet someone but miss them when they are gone? 

You toles me you are watching over your family and that little Mabel and I feel you whispering words to me, have touched many hearts, not everyone in this human world gets to say are special girl.

I know you are playing and running hard.  I hope Sammy is running right beside you.

Your Heart Friend
Angus McConnell Long

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Mom is back to work.............blah..............Dad is back on the highway in the rain, flagging, watch out for him, he is guy who is saying HBO words under is breath..........we figure he will be home early to day since it is raining and then tomorrow off to another road adventure.  He comes and goes a lot at our house, .........its weird.

The cats did not come over all weekend. Their Dad came home.  We figure by mid-week they will be back, but we hope not.  We just want to be fed and watered and safe.

We had a busy weekend, just like everyone else.  Mom and Dad went to Grandma's for her birthday...Mom left her camera at work so we have no proof of our weekend.  Mom made Grandma a Deco Mesh October wreath, it turned out pretty.  It was mom's first try at one of those.

Yesterday I got lost in the family room.  I was snooping around looking for my rabbit and found myself in a corner of room and could not figure out how to find my way back to Mom.  I stood looking at the door, until Mom realized I could not see how to get out of the corner, and then she saved me and put me on her lap.  Then I ran into the recliner a few times...........Mom have you been moving stuff around again???   We are still waiting on my new medicine to arrive.  The new lub they are using for my eyes, just makes more green stuff appear.  Mom said she feels like we are in a boat with no paddle.  She is sad.

Mom went on a rant yesterday about poor breeders and them not caring about genetics and what it does to a dog and on and on and on...........she is mad.   Sometimes mad is really sad, ...............

Me when I was one year old.

Stella Rose

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Fank you so much my friends for suggesting to my mom NOT to feed those 951 (we saw a new one) in our yard cos they may think it is their new hotel for the winter.

We stole these pictures from our friend Ms. Pinterest............but it gives you a good idea of what our house has looked like
Yep everyone of them in our front yard.  These kittens have been better taken care of though.  We think that white one in the middle is the ring leader.

So Mom went and bought them two bags of cat food, and a big bowl for their water, and took it all up to their REAL home and fed them twice yesterday.  She was worried about the water cos it was very hot here.

This is probably what it will look like in the winter time if they do not find homes for them!  Anyway their REAL dad will be home in  a few more days so hopefully he can find a way to keep the wildlife out of their food so they will stay in their own yard.   No one came for breakfast this morning so that was a good sign.


Mom went and picked up our NEW flea medicine and held her breathe that Maggie would handle it okay, and she did after she spit it out 40 times, and finally mom hid it in gravy.  The vet from Ames also got back with our Dr. Paige and she had a whole list of suggestions which was GREAT!   First she is putting me and new medicine and a new lubricant for me and gussie.................then we wait for 6 weeks or so to see if it is doing its job.  Three times a is going to get her exercise chasing after me.....hehheeh

Then if that does not work, there is an oral pill that I can take, to increase tear flow in my eyes.  They said it can be very hard on dogs, and sometimes a dog reacts badly.  Fortunately I have never reacted to anything like Maggie does so hopefully that will be on my side.

If nothing works, there is a surgery that they do at Ames, where they take your saliva gland and use part of it to build a tear duct.  We hope it never gets this far.  Would you please say some prayers for Gussie and Me that this new medicine works like magic????

Have a great Thursday
Stella Rose and MOmma


Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Fank you for your kind comments yesterday about my eye.  Mom left work early cos she was feeling sick and later the vet called her at home.  She said she called the eye dr. at Ames Iowa which is a vet. teaching hospital here in Iowa, they are super smart peoples and she is waiting on him to call her back.  So no news as to what they are gonna do wif me and my eyes.  (I have always had wonky eyes......this picture is for you Princess Leah...fanks for telling Mags to stop poking me in my eyes)

Dad got to come home last night after working out in the 90+ heat, and that was a great treat for us, so the rest of the week he will work closer to home where he can come home at night.  Yay...........

Our neighbor is a truck driver, and he has lots of kittens, and he must not have left them enough food and water, cos last night they invaded our yard.  Mom said thank goodness for Alcatraz or Maggie would have been long gone chasing them, so Dad gave them food and water last night.  Guess what all 900 of them were back this morning, today mom is going to go buy a big bag of cat food and make sure they are fed until the neighbor gets home, and make sure they have lots of water cos it is so hot out today again.  We think meanerthanhell cat Angel Dietzy sent them all to us, just to keep us on our toes.  We think he is laughing from the heavens above.

See his laughing face.

stella rose

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Mom finally downloaded some pictures of what has been happening in our part of Iowa lately.........first about a month ago this happened.

That afternoon Mom was on the phone and in just a few minutes, a storm started blowing, the lights went out, and all Mom could see was gray dust and tree branches from her work window.....she thought she should probably step AWAY from the windows but she watched it all happen instead, it only lasted about 10 minutes but when it was over, the whole county had trees down, NO ONE was hurt, but people are still cleaning up.  Mom's son in laws both have tree businesses as second jobs, you can imagine how busy they are.  These pictures are of our yard.

Get that branch off our fence dad!

Branches all over the bird feeders..............

What a mess................

This tree is going to be cut down cos it broke it clear off, and the branches are in the wires was mom's shade tree for her hostas so now she is going to have to move them............

This is the top of our pine tree, in the front yard, it is laying out in the street, blocking traffic......geeze................

This is a picture of a split branch..........what a mess!!


So Mom has been painting A LOT with Dad gone so much .............poor Dad working on the highway today and it is 90 outside.............

See the new gray walls in the kitchen, and Mom painted this old metal cabinet also...........and she got that old floor painted also, although it still needs a couple more coats.

Thankfully one of her grandsons came over to help cos the walls are tall, it is a very OLD house...

She had to repaint the cupboard twice cos she couldn't get the right yellow....Princess Leah do you see your apron hanging on the wall..........

Here is our family room where we hang out all the time, Mom hates the floor cos she always waxes it, and then the next day we have scratched it up and she has to start all overs, its the room where all the grandkids watch tv, and play their games, and play wif us.....

See my eye on the left.  Everyday Mom and I do battle with the icky goop in it.  Today Mom called the dr. again, and my Frakenvet is calling up to the big dr.'s at a teaching hospital in the eye dept. cos she does not know what to do anymore.  Mom feels so bad for me, cos it hurts me and itches me, Mom cleans it several times a day, but it always comes back, she also uses antibiotics etc. etc...but nuffin is winning against it.                           

Gussie is tired, he does not care about my eye................he misses our dad.

Maggie chewing on MY windee..................

It is hot all week so we are staying in the air conditioning, hoping that everyone else keeps their animals cool...............of course the kids are starting school also..............we want FALL to come back.

Stella Rose
ps please keep our friend little mabel in your thoughts and prayers today...........