Tuesday, April 29, 2014


First there was me-Stella Rose


Sammy J. Simpson  and Me

And then

Aunt Trudie

Then there was just me


Me and Margaret Mae


Angus McConnell

We never knew when we posted our #1 post  the changes our #496 post would bring.  What changes would happen in our house, what we would win, or what we could lose,

 We never knew how special a blogville friend would be to our hearts, how we would meet some of you, talk to you on the phone, and send you emails each and everyday.

We never knew.

We never knew when we started our own blog we would be gaining friendships so near and dear to our hearts that when you are hurting we hurt for you.

We never knew.

We never knew there would be hello's and laughs from all around the world, we never even thought there would be cracks left in our hearts from the cracks left in yours.

We never knew.

We have gotten private emails about hurt in your lives, just like what we were going through, stories that had not been told, till you read ours, tears that had been cried behind a closet door, until you saw ours right out in front of all our blogville friends.

We never knew.

WE never knew that our little blog would bring us daily joys, tears, understanding, and acceptance for everything we are feeling that day.  We have went to dances, parties, picnics, races, and dates.  We have went to the Moon, talked to an Alien, tried on our mom's underclothes, reviewed treats and supported other blogs with auctions and games.  WE have had to say goodbye and remember the lesson that was taught no matter how hard it was to see ...and feel.  We have told ourselves with each goodbye to make sure we say hello....cos you are all important in our small piece of the world. 

We never knew.
But now we do.
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell


Big Angus
AFTER reading all your comments about it being NOT FAIR that I didn't get to sleep in my Momma's bed cos of Margaret Mae being to HOT my Daddy brought me in after Stella an Mags fell asleep last night......ahhhhhh.....right next to my Momma.

Angus McConnell wins again!
Baby Angus

Monday, April 28, 2014


Hi, this is Deb, before Gussie tells his story I wanted to let you know that Gussie's story was all true except the part about him being at the pub (at least I hope it was not there) both road crews did get in a huge fight downtown and some of them ended up visiting the jail and others the hospital.  We will all be glad when they head out of town AFTER they fix the hole in my driveway.
Boy Mom that is not a very good picture of me.  Okay so last night Momma goes to bed and I hear her and Dad whispering something about Stella the perfect smelling rose....um...I wonder just what they are cooking up?  Then  after Momma leaves I look out of the corner of my eye and Daddy opens the baby gate up for hers and hers run through it to their bedroom.  WHAT!!!  Well, Momma hears this piggy snorting coming from hers side of the bed, and lets Stellie up to sleep wif her!!!WHAT!!  I is miffed and heartbroked....heartbroked!  After all I is baby gussie my momma's one and only boy!!
I go to tell Maggie on them and hers just says not to worry about it cos that makes more room for us in ours bed!  I just shake my head and tells her its not fair!
So I runs over to mys Dad and then run over to the gate...I looked at him pleadingly and run over to mys Dad and run overs to the gate, I haf to do this 1,000 times before his evil spirited heart cracks and he lets Maggie and I run into the bedroom...whew!! I was worried it would take 2,000 times.

So Momma hears us running in the room and yipping and yayying I is so excited I JUMP right up on theirs bed all by myself!!  I run over to mys mom and throw myself down in the crook of her arm and fall asleep like a little baby that I is.  Stella the perfect smelling Rose scoots down and stretches all out and Maggie burrows under the covers.

THEN Maggie gets to hot, and comes out and wakes us all back up cos her is breathing like a linebacker on a hot day!  Mom tries to cool her down and pretty soon hers falls back to sleep, I grumble around about hers waking me up from a dream about my Sweet Liberty and I snuggle against my momma's neck.  THEN Maggie gets all hot again and wakes us all back up wif her breathing and Mom tells Dad hers haf to go to the sweatshop tomorrow so maybe they should all go back in their OWN beds.  So Dad gets up and takes Maggie to hers bed, then he takes Stellie and by this time I haf it figured out that I ain't gonna get to sleep with my lovely Momma and I hides under her arm so Dad can't see me.  DOES IT WORK you ask....NO! He finds me even though I stiffen up and play dead, and puts me in my bed wif my girls. 

I is so mad that Maggie for her hot breathin that I didn't even say "Good Morning Sunshine" like I usually do.  I is gonna haf to have a talk wif her about sleeping over by Dad where the fan blows on her and not by my momma where hers gets to hot. 

I hopes you all had a good weekend, I mostly was the perimeter guard around Alcatraz.  We were invaded twice by the church kids next door who think my yard and toys are their yard and toys.  I barked and barked and snarfed at them but they got on the trikes.  Mom toles me to knock it off and try to act more neighborly but I didn't listen to hers.  I used my training at Officer Bites taught me.  Mom is just gonna haf to accept that I am a trained guard dog now.

I finks my momma is making fun of me and my fearlessness in this picture.  Yes folks that is a baby stroller....blush ...blush.....

Angus McConnell Long

Friday, April 25, 2014


Ignore this old picture of me.

Well, Momma said it is okay for me to post another blog today cos wesa will be gone until Monday and sometimes fancy restaurants do a two for one day...(.burger king-- two hamburgers for the price of one)...so just think of us in that sense....

Gather round all my little buddies cos I haf a bedtime story for yousa.  So you nose I has been telling you all about my road crew boys and what good friends wesa become even tho my momma called them the "I" word.  I finks they forgave her for yelling at them cos they came back the others day and talked to me through the bars of Alcatraz whilst Mom was at work and Dad was up to no good in the house.  When my momma found this out her face blanched all white cos hers is afeared someday you will see my little face on the side of a milk carton. 

So last night when the moon was shining bright all the road crew boys from Mankato Minn. went downtown to the local drinking hole and ordered up some brewsky's cos they were hot from tearing up ours driveway and leaving big holes that if Moms little blue streak fell into ...well she would have not found her way back out.  So they's a drinking and laughing and having a good ole time and the road crew boys from Alabama walk in the door.  Wesa never evens met these boys so they musta been working on the other side of our little village tearing up someone else's Mommas driveway.

So all the boys get to drinkin and laughing and buying pizza and brewsky's and everyone is havin a good old time UNTIL someone made a crack (Isa finks it was Scott in the Mankato Crew) about the IQ of one of the Alabama crew...Isa finks they said his name was Raymond.  Well, the Alabama boys don't take kindly to criticism about their IQ'S and all of a sudden the laughin and partyin stops and the swingin starts.  Oh my Pug I jumps up out of my chair and ran around behind the counter and grabbed a pool stick to help out my buddies and the next things I knew my butt was flying over the table.  (Yes Officer Bites Isa was just doing my duty helping out Sheriff Dan..cough..cough)

The fight took itself out into the street and onto the cars of the local peoples who had just stopped by for some quiet time before theysa went home to the Misses......Dad toles us that...sometimes mens needs a drink before they can come home....anyways the road crew boys from Minn and Alabama were fighting and hitting and kicking and cussing each other so bad that Sheriff Dan had to be called down to settle the whole thing down.

Well he recognized me right off the bat, standing there holding a pool stick and he glared at me so bad, that I hightailed it for home.  Laters I found out some of my road crew buddies were staying wif Sherriff Dan for the night ...in a nice sleepover and some of the Alabama boys were too.  Isa little mad that they didn't call me up cos I could have grabbed my footed jammies and headed out the door.

Momma heard all about this after hers got to work the next day, and then called me to ask me if I knew anything about it.  I said, "of course not Momma!"  I is so sorry for lying to my Momma.  Those road crew boys have got me on the wrong path in life and Isa will be glad when they head up up North. 

I hopes you believe me cos this is a true story.  Just ask Sheriff Dad.
Angus McConnell Long


THANK you Sully for giving us, the 3 little pugs who live in Iowa this award.  That was very nice of you.  We so enjoy reading your blog each and every time you post.  It always makes us laugh and after meeting you we now believe there are dingo's all over the world.  We have been looking for them out to the fairgrounds whenever we walk out there, but Mom says they would not come this close to the village that we live in.

The rules of this award is to thank the blogger that gave it to you, AND visit at least three of the other blogs receiving this award and leave a comment.  You must also post the Award to your page.

ALSO we are to tell you 3 things we are thankful for.

Well since there are 3 of us we are each gonna tell you one thing a piece.  Momma says that is the fair way to do it.  AND since I am the OLDEST Momma says I can go first.

Stella Rose
1. Oh this was easy, I am thankful for my momma and daddy and my family.  I know what it is like to NOT have that kind of love in my life and now my little heart sings each morning when I get up and sit out on the porch wif my momma.  We are all blessed.  Mom told me having us in her life gives her a chance to love even more.

Margaret Mae
2. Um....well this is the whole truf and nuffin but the truf but I is the most thankful for my brudder Angus, Baby Gussie.  He is my best playmate Isa could ever ask for, I loves him so much AND I loves my binkies. (and my momma and daddy and sometimes stellie rose)

Angus McConnell
3.  Well I faught and faught and faught about WHAT I am thankful for ..um....well I am fankful the road crew boys didn't steal me and take me on the road wif them, I am fankful my momma didn't post that picture of me in those creepy bunny ears on facebook, I am fankful that mom gives me chicken guts as treats when Isa good..I am fankful for my family that I loves in my little heart so much.....I nose I didn't follow those rules very well Sully ...sorry.

Now we need to send this Award to 7 other bloggers.
1. Calamity Acres
2. Through the eyes of Tweedles
3. Jones Natural Chews
4. Cooking in Stillettos
5. My Rotten Dogs
6. Silly Sasha
7. Stella & Rory.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus Jr. Officer McConnell

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Last night Mom ..as she promised took the 4 of us out to the fairgrounds.....yes 4 ....as in my Daddy also.  WE were so excited about going.  Maggie and Gussie wore their new harnesses...   We tried to take pictures but for some reason Mom just can't get those pictures right ...so again they are not very good.

Maggie and Gussie are ready to start on their walk.  They are already kinda hot and it is only in the 60's.  The fairgrounds are really big with lots of grass and trees and NO TRAFFIC ...usually we are the only ones out there so mom likes to take us out here for some exercise.  Maggie's new vest is a little big on her and may need some altering.  Glue gun or stapler??

Are you ready to go Dad?

I loved my walk!!!  Dad let me off the leash and I feel free as a bird.  Momma was so proud of me cos I walked with her and the crazies.....sometimes I even ran.  She hasn't seen me run in  a long time.  Folks my eyes are getting worse and Momma thinks I can see only a tiny bit so it did her heart good to see my laughing and running and having a good ole time.  Now I am hot though and need to go home.

Come on Maggie lets get in the car!!

Did you know this about pugs?
Pugs can be prone to respiratory problems due to their flat faces.  They get overheated very quickly.

The wrinkly skin that Pugs are recognized by can actually be a health problem as dirt can get trapped under the wrinkles which can harbor bacteria that can cause an infection. Therefore, you should clean out the wrinkles on your Pug periodically.  Momma wipes down our faces everyday before bedtime.

Pugs have ears that fold over which also means that mites can easily hide in the ear canal. Special care must be taken to inspect and clean their ears to prevent mite infestation.  So far we have been very lucky and have never had ear problems.

The way the Pugs eyes stick out from their flat faces leaves them open to getting ulcers on their corneas quite easily. In particular, care should be taken to insure their food bowls are shallow and wide so that their eyes do not touch the sides.  We also have to watch out for sticks, or plants, or anything that might poke us in our eyes.  My eyes stick out a Lot!!

Pugs can catch colds easily and care should be taken to insure they are not exposed to too hot or too cold weather.  We have never had a cold.  Maggie tends to get hot very easy.  Just running around the house chasing Gussie will make her breath real hard.  Momma turns the floor fan on and that helps us cool down.

Pugs need to be brushed and walked every day.  We love to go for walks, but because of momma's knee we haven't went as much as we need to.  Hopefully with nice weather we can get out more.

Have a great Wednesday.
Stella Rose

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


WELL EASTER is over and I is just ashamed to look you folks in your face cos of course wesa always late posting stuff..sigh..my momma needs her own assistant apparently and Isa don't fink that is gonna happen anytime soon.

So you see those ears laying besides me...deaded.....well Mrs. Ellen my sweet Liberty's momma sent them to us for Easter ...to take beautiful pictures like they's always do....Here is their picture

See how creative and beautifulist it is?!!  And see how they are all sitting so nice and pretty.  My dad just shakes his head in wonderment cos he just can't figure out how she does it.  See that big ole rabbit and those full Easter baskets??!!


 Mom get it off my head right now!!  The boys at the police station are gonna see it and make fun of this JR. OFFICER.  I look like some kind of freak!!!!
Fine take the picture and get it overs wif....I can't help it if it slipped off my head...now where is my Easter basket?!!

Look Momma I am sitting real pretty for yousa

Where is my basket?

You can't even see my face Momma!!!!
I finks I just need to eat these ears!!  These are not good pictures AT ALL MOM!!!

And finally Mom showed us what the Easter Bunny brought us.....
MOM WHERE IS OUR BEAUTIFUL BASKETS, AND BIG CHOCOLATE BUNNY LIKE AT MRS. ELLENS....Mom told us the Easter Bunny was REAL tired by the time he got to our house and he just laid our presents out on the table....two sticks, a nyla dinosaur, one of those wishbone chewies and some pink thing....we were not impressed with the Easter Bunny at all.  Next year we hopes Mrs. Ellen invites us to hers house to help celebrate Easter after all Maggie is dating Peyton and Isa dating Liberty.

Here are a couple of the human girls pictures....next time we will share the boys...you will notice they turned out much better than ours......um.......maybe that is cos my big sister Kylei took them.

Also we wanted to update you about our friend Abby who has diabetes.  She is doing much better.  She has lost some weight which is healthy for hers, and she is taking a morning shot and evening shot.  We are hoping down the road she may not haf to do that.  Her momma says she is acting happy again and on the road to recovery.  Thank you again for all your kind words and prayers.

Angus McConnell

Friday, April 18, 2014


I have been hearing through the blogville grapevine that when I became a Jr. Officer that I signed a contract that discussed behavior OUTSIDE of the work place.  Well, I am here to tell you it MUST have been in the very fine print cos Isa don't remember reading anyfing about that.

My BOSS Officer SideBites sent a message to me reminding me of this....he said I was lucky I didn't end up behind BARS for my behavior this week wif those rowdy road crew boys.

WELL, I nevers meant to do any harm at all, I guess going to the local tap for a brewsky at my age is against the law but I figured since they served food I would be alright....sigh......

Sometimes its hard being a big boy....life was easier when I was little just playing around, driving my little car and swinging in my swing.
Maybe it was a systems breakdown in my training...maybe I wasn't paying attention to "behavior while off the job" Class 101...maybe I was sleeping instead of listening....

Well, Isa will try harder to uphold my integrity and not let all my fellow officers down......Mom says the furst thing I haf to do is quit digging all over the yard looking for the EASTER BUNNY for Ranger cos Alcatraz looks like a minefield.  Sigh...it is hard being 1 years old.

Angus McConnell

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Wesa been looking and looking for that darn rabbit, digging big holes inside of Alcatraz but all we seem to find is a little mole.  So we just keep on digging.

He probably is going to hop right by our crazy house anyway cos I am sure the word is out on the streets about my no account brother and my crazy mom.  After Mom lost her cool with Gussie's road crew boys our cable mysteriously went out for three LONGGGGGGG hours, Dad just gave up and went and took a nap.

Angus is still in trouble for his behavior but I don't think he cares.  I told him Maggie and I will get all the goodies from the Bunny this year and he won't.  He just rolled his eyes at me and tried to look cute.

Mom hasn't even got our Easter pictures taken yet...sigh.......

Maggie last year.  Doesn't she look thrilled.

Me last year.

The Easter Bunny hadn't dropped off Angus yet to our house.

Stella Rose

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quick Update

Abby spent the day at the vet and she did have to have IV's.  Mary Ann will be picking her up later.  I am hoping that once they get her diet under control and she gets her two shots a day that maybe someday she will not even need them.  I hope the worse is behind them??  I will let you know more tomorrow.


SOOOO....our Mom bought us a new bed at this big store on SALE for $13.00 and the next day when hers came home from work I had already tore a nice big hole right in the seam...but last night Mom got out the needle and thread and fixed it for us.  At first wesa faught hers was gonna us the stapler or glue gun but hers didn't.  Fank you Momma.  Dad said there was a reason it was on sale...wesa finks its pretty.

I is in a little trouble wif my Momma and I wanted to tells you all about it....okay so last night Momma gets home from work and wesa waiting out in Alcatraz for hers.....I was barking at that damn darn squirrel that ours Dad feeds everyday....I hates him....and I toles my Dad to quit wasting our college fund monies on hims.  I finks Dad likes that squirrel more than us.  Wesa also looking for the Easter Bunny cos we have some special requests for our baskets but he is no where to be found.

So anyways Maggie and I get all excited cos our Momma is home and also the road crew boys are back in ours driveway a working.  Mom opens the gate to come in and I run OUT of the gate to go say hi to the boys and invite them in for supper.  Well Actually Isa was gonna see if they wanted to run down to the TAP for a Brewski........Maggie followed behind me, ...I don't know why she did that cos she already called them stupid more than one time..right to their faces.

OUR mom freaks out right in front of my boys.  Hers starts yelling my name and Maggie's name and the road crew guys put their shovels down cos they are scared of my momma.  I run right over to them, and Maggie follows AND SO DOES MY MOM.

I swear friends hers head is spinning all around and I saw terror in those boys eyes.  She is yelling ANGUS MCCONNELL LONG and MARGARET MAE get over here RIGHT NOW!!!!  I decide I need to take a stand and run over into the arms of my boys.   OH MY LORD MY MOMMA WAS SO MAD AT ME!!!!!!   Maggie stops running and momma grabs her and glares at me...I swear I saw lazars shooting from her eyes.....I almost stop breathing  BUT the road crew boy is holding me so I figured I was okay plus I needed to ask him if he had seen that Easter Bunny anywhere in his travels all around our town.

My MOM comes over to those boys and says...and I quote " IF YOU IDOITS DIDN'T COME OVER INTO OUR YARD THE OTHER DAY GUSSIE WOULDN'T WANT TO COME OVER HERE TO SEE YOU....SO STAY OUT OF OUR YARD!!" And then her grabs me out of his arms and hauls my sorry butt back into our yard.

THAT was the end of her crazy rant, and my GROWING friendship with the road crew boys.  When I looked out the window this morning I noticed they had moved on down to anothers little dog driveway......Goodbye Road Crew Boys.....I is so sorry I have a crazy momma.

So can I get off of time out NOWWWWW Momma.

Angus McConnell Long


Thank you friends for sending POTP messages to Abby's Mom on her blog.  We think each and everyone of you are rare treasures that we were so lucky to find.  And Mom didn't even need a pirates map to do it!  We talked to Mary Ann last night and Abby finally ate just a little bit of boiled ground turkey.  Mary Ann was getting ready to check her blood and give her the first shot.  She was pretty shook up about doing it.  Abby had to go back to the vet at 7:30 this morning and we are waiting to here about her night and how she is doing today.  We will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Stella Rose

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Abby's Mom just called our Momma and told her that Abby has diabetes.  Her blood sugar is very very high (465) and Abby's momma is very worried.  She has to give her two shots a day and check her blood several times a day.  She has to go back to the vet tomorrow morning.  She is very sick to her tummy and has lost a lb. just since Saturday. 

My Momma told Mary Ann that we all here on blogville are thinking and praying for her. That made her happy.  Stop over to her blog at Calamity Acres Hobby Farm  and let her know you are thinking of hers.  We will keep you informed as we find out more.

Stella Rose


This is our friend Abby the Pug
Her momma has a blog called Calamity Acres Hobby Farm

Abby is very very sick and on her way to the Vet right now.  Please keep her in your prayers cos she needs all the help she can get right now.  She is vomiting dark bile and very lethargic.  Her pug tail is not curled up at all!!

Her momma's name is Mary Ann.  We love Abby a lot!
Stella Rose
Margaret Mae and
Angus McConnell


SOOO you NOSE wesa been a little mad at ours MOMMA for leaving us out in the cold on SAturdAY ..you nose by playing all day wif that baby girl instead of us  so yesterday Dad put us outside to enjoy the freezing cold weather and clear our sinuses BUT instead we did this:

The city is working on putting  in this fiber optic stuff all overs our town.  There is orange spray paint and flags all up and down our driveway and other peoples....so while Dad was in the house relaxing without us THREE men came into our yard to check us out.

Dad said he heard barking and barking but he didn't pay any attention to us.  Poor Maggie she was telling Dad "stranger danger stranger danger" but he kept right on watching his show and ignoring us.  I on the other hand had decided since Mom prefers playing wif that baby perhaps I needed a new home and I faught living on the road wif these guys might be just what I needed SO I ran right over to the fence and looked up at them wif my sweet little face.

They were petting us and laughing WIF us not at US and Maggie was screaming and barking and drooling and screaming...you know being her usual unsociable self...and Stellie Rose was smiling up at them wif her big ole eyes and FINALLY Dad stepped outside to check to see what the &%# is going on...lots of HBO words...the guys said wesa were really cute and asked him what kind of dogs we are????   WELL stooopids we are pugs and get out of our yard, Yeah Maggie said that to them. 

Dad talked to them about us for awhile and they were all petting me and Stellie Rose.  By now Maggie had went into HIGH alert and DAD had to put her in the house so he could talk.  I asked them if they need any help out on their road crew, and that I was really good at signing autographs for their womens.

FINALLY Dad tole's me we needed to go back in the house cos Mom was on her ways home from work.  When Mom got home he TOLD on us for being TOO friendly to strangers EXCEPT Maggie of course.  Mom had a long talk wif us about people coming into our yard and to nevers go anywhere wif anyone but her and Dad.  I pouted most of the night cos I faught living on the road would have been fun!! 

Then I remembered Easter was coming up and I knew I would get a basket wif presents in it so I decided I better stay here wif my Momma.....cos I loves her A LOT!!!

Angus McConnell

Monday, April 14, 2014


FURSt hers was late getting home on Friday night from work cos hers has to go get groceries.  WE hate when ours mom is late.

THEN WESA really  mad at ours mom cos her fibbed about bring baby bean down to play wif us.....we waited and waited and hers didn't show up and hers didn't call us to tell us hers wasn't coming.  Instead they went to the park and played ALL day at Bean's house.

Here is Bean trying to climb the wall at the park.  Mom says it was very warm and windy.  We ignored her when she showed us the pictures.

Bean in the play house.  We are still IGNORING her.

Bean running away from OUR mom!

So THEN hers didn't get home until 7:30 that night, all tired out.....I laid on her head, Stellie on her shoulder and Mags on her legs.  We Figured that way she won't FORGET about us.  Mean ole cat Dietzy was yowling in the hallway. 

On Sunday when Mom could haf takin US for a long walk it rained and stormed and today it is cold and spitting snow.  No Walks still MAD!

Angus McConnell

Friday, April 11, 2014

Advice From Angel Brudder Sammy J. Simpson

This is Sammy J. Simpson
He is my real  angel brudder.  We shared parents. He is nicer and happier than he looks.  He was borned before me.  He lives at the rainbow bridge and often he sends me telepathic instructions on my behavior like.....

1. Chase Stella Rose around the room and try to bite her back leg.  Well Sammer that just doesn't work out cos hers don't run to well anymore...like hers hits the recliner when I chase her and I haf to go on time out.  That was a bad plan angel brudder.

2. Chase Mean Ole Cat Dietzman around the room and try to pounce on him.  Well Sammer that just doesn't work out so great either for me, cos he hisses and tries to scratch my's eyes out, and Mommy gets mad at me cos hes old and need protection from me.  I have to go to time out again.

I may haf to rethink listening to Angel Brudder telepathic messages for awhile...Isa sick of time out.

Brudder Sammer toles me also that big ole boy Gilly is sitting right there beside him and Angel sister Trudie, and they feel all our love for them up there on the bridge.  Sammy says sometimes life works out in ways that those humans don't like but there is always a reason that it does.  Figuring out the reason though is the hard part.  Us pugs and little bulldogs don't really worry about "reasons"...we worry about only the now things like love, and food, and treats, and toys, and love and food.......

P.S. Tomorrow my momma is gonna go play with Baby Bean from 6 am until 7 pm...she said she was even gonna bring her to my house to play wif me for awhile  whoohooo.....hers is 16 months old now.
She is having a picnic with Bear at my big sister's Kylei's house in this picture.

Have a good weekend friends.....Mom can I get off of time out now?????????
Angus McConnell Long