Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I toles my mom the other night when Jes's dad went to heaven that all those little pugs of his waiting at the rainbow bridge was a dancing and a singing, and a hugging on him, giving him those sweet puggie kisses.  Mom said she thought so too, and she even thought that they would have the most wonderful time together from now on.  I told her I was worried about  how Jes and Lily were doing. 

Mom said they were just fine, they were doing their job of hugging on their mom, and laying close by her just to show how much they love her.  Mom said we are like anxiety medicine, in a more healthy way, as soon as humans touch us, their spirit calms down, and their brain starts to think more clearly.

I asked Mom if we were packing our bags, and leaving for Missouri, so we could be present at the funeral, and she said sadly that we could not go, but she had came up with a plan.  She said she had been thinking and thinking of something important and special to do for Mary Ann, and finally she figured it out.  (mom did share she is going down to spend a weekend soon)

See, Mary Ann and my mom are best friends, they are family, and have shared some funny memories, and some sad memories, you know like family does.  Mom even has a memory that involves threatening Mary Ann with duct tape on a trip from Iowa to Indiana over the summer.  Luckily she did not have to follow through with that love Mary Ann, and are sad that we cannot be there this week for her. 

Instead, though Mom will be there right beside her, when she first picks out what she is wearing, when she is thanking friends and family for coming to see her, when she listens to the music playing, and even when they hand her the beautiful red, white and blue flag.   When Mary Ann feels like she can't find her breath, or when her words are tired, and when the tears come,  Mom will be there,  and all she will have to do to find her extra strength, is to put her hand in her pocket.  Its simple.

Sometimes our life is to LOUD, and to BUSY and way to HARD..........and in all the hubbub of todays world simple is hard to be found, in fact simple could almost be extinct.  So Mom decided simple may be the best gift she can give to her best friend/family right now.........a picture in the pocket.


Stella Rose

Monday, October 17, 2016


WE feel like we are looking in from the outside, through a window filled with Blogville and all our friends and all the activities that we are missing.   Its HARD for mom to even find one day a week to post a blog or answer comments. 

Mom just got done with her first 13 day work stretch.  It was hard, and long, and tiring, and 5:00 in the morning is not always pretty--and she drives to work in the dark, and comes home in the dark....and she is whiney and grumpy. 

We miss you all and we feel like we will never find our way back to you.  In our brains we know it will not last forever, and we are brave, in our hearts we are not brave and we are sad.

Today we are sad about Mary Ann our dearest friend whose husband passed away early this morning, some of you met her at the BAR with sweet Jes.  We are also very sad about some of our friends here in Blogville who has went to the bridge since we have been gone.  SAD.

Maybe mom should be her own patient at that wacky clinic she works you think they have a pill for "missing blogville"?  

Stella Rose

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I was a little girl here.

Mom is in the middle of her 13 day work stretch, she is on day #5.  It seems that it is much harder for us to get on here, and read comments or even post once a week, and we are ashamed to say Facebook, it is fast and easy for us to like something or comment quickly and check on our friends. 

That being said, it is still nothing like our Blogville, and being part of this family.  Mom tells us it will not be like this forever and before long we will be back blogging happily and answering your posts.

A wonderful thing happened  because of Blogville and we wanted to share it with you.  Well, you all know our Macey.  And her lymphedema.  Finally, after fighting insurance companies and medical supply companies Maceys $8,000.00 pump arrived a few weeks ago.

Once a day for one hour she uses it, we can see some difference in her foot and leg, but we also can tell that she must be faithful and always keep on her schedule.  She is handling the routine very well.

So that was good news, BUTT here is even better news.  Last week Charlie's mom from downunder posted a letter that her granddaughter had sent to the prime minister asking for his permission for an angora rabbit.  Apparently, there is a rule that where she lives no one can have rabbits.  Grandmas started talking and came up with the idea that maybe Macey and Josie could be REAL snail mail pen pals.  What a grand idea. 

So here is Macey at the post office mailing a Halloween card to her faraway friend.  Whooohoooo....see how blogville impacts our life so wonderful!!!

On Saturday mom did not have to work so she had three of the grandgirls over to our house to make chocolate covered apples ........well you know how pinterest items do not always look like our own......

Piper, McKenna and 1/3 apple on a jumbo stick.

Macey stirring the chocolate.

 Macey decorating the apples.

Where's Piper?

 Macey and Piper with Halloween teeth.

Completed leftover apple slices.

In the little village of Bentonsport, buying pumpkins later in the day.

So Mom and the girls had a great day.  We three pugs mostly laid around hoping something sweet would be dropped on the floor to us.  We did snuggle with the girls while they watched the new goosebumps movie.  

(One year ago today our dad had his work accident.  It has been a long and changing year for our family.  He has his last appt. with the back doc yesterday so the next step in his life is to do a Function Capacity Test.  The doc yesterday told him he has at least a 30% loss with his arm, and we do not know the results of the back yet. We are glad this year is almost over.  Always though there are people and families in much much worse places then ours, we have an immense amount to be thankful for, so please send your prayers today to others struggling when we may not even know.)

We will be back.
Stella Rose and Momma