Tuesday, May 31, 2016


JUST a quick note to let you know Dad is home but had some problems called "fainting" on Friday so back to the ER, but he got to come home later.  Mom stayed home all weekend so he would not be by himself.  He started his PT today finally.  We will probably not be back much this week.  Thank you for all your kind comments ...we read them to Dad to give him some extra strength.

Stellie Rose and Momma

Friday, May 27, 2016


TGIF.  Mom has said those words at least 222 times to us today.  DAD is back home, and the mechanical chair is arriving in an hour to work his arm for him, and he will start PT all over today, Dad did good at his surgery but the doc said he needs aggressive PT or his arm will become frozen again, since surgery on WED. it has already went backwards ALOT!!!  He even has PT all weekend, even on Sunday if that tells you how serious this frozen can be.  Mom is tired and so are we. The only ones that are not tired are the +4, they have NOW found a way out of the pen and are running down the hallway.  Mom was so shocked she could not even hold the camera still to take proof pictures for you.

Instead we are showing you some flowers in the present and past at our house.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016


This is a LOTS TO SAY post, and maybe our last one of the week.  Last week Dad went back to the U for his check up on his arm that still does not work.  It is like a ghost arm only with pain.  So what he found out is he needs another surgery to make it better.  We thought it was scheduled for the middle of June AFTER the BAR but yesterday they called and said it is REALLY scheduled for tomorrow.  So once again, here we go again, like Frankie and Ernie's mom told us, it is like that movie Groundhog Day............everyday is the same over and over.  Poor Dad.

We will let you know when Mom gets back on Friday how it went.

Our friend Mrs. Flea had her surgery last week.  She sure could use all the prayers she can get.  Although some things went as expected others did not.  She still has a long road ahead of her. She is a fighter, that woman!!!

+4 are growing and doing this.

That one loves sitting on top of their little cat house.  Mom thinks that is so funny.  They are 5 weeks old yesterday.

Can you tell she loves them.

Now besides the +4 we have 5 of these things running around our back yard.

You will notice there is not a single picture of us.

SURPRISE----I stella rose will be going to the BAR with my mom and not gussie.  There are several reasons why, one main one is Dad cannot pick me up to take me outside to potty.  Mom talked to the vet and they agreed taking me would be the best choice for me and Dad.  Yay....maybe next time Gussie.

Please keep our friend Bilbo over at Dory's Backyard in your prayers today also.

Stella Rose

Monday, May 23, 2016


Today is dress up for Whitley day.  Every time I saw one of her beautiful dresses I secretly coveted it. We bet she is putting on one heck of a fashion show at the bridge.

This is me in my cowboy hat and dress.  As you can see I am holding on tightly to that saddle.

Purple was her fav color, so here I am in my hat I wore to the girls tea party.

Maggie in her Valentine Dress.  A lovely pink and gray.

Gussie in his golfer outfit.

Gus in his bow tie.

this post is dedicated to our friend Whitley.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus Mac

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Mom is taking Dad back to the U for his appt. for his back.  On Friday she goes back up for his arm. We are waiting on them to come home.  In the meantime Maggie is trying to figure out how to get to the +4.

Do you hear somefing brother?



TODAY we are doing our Mr. Chewy review.  We heard that Wien the Queen beat us to the computer this morning, while we were a snoring she was a typing......typical.  She is a over-achiever.  If you don't believe us look at this picture.

We fink the black ones look like Gussie.  Anyway that is a whole different post.

Today we are posting about  Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets White Fish & Sweet Potato Formula Flaked Grain-Free Wet Dog Food,  which arrived in a 2.75-oz tubs, case of 24.  We loved it.  And for picky pugs that is pretty fantastic.

Mom liked the packaging that it came in.  Each little tub had its own holder in the box, and the box then fit neatly under a little table in our kitchen.

It came in these cool little tubs which Mom divided each tub into thirds for our bowls twice a day.

We each have our own bowl, mine is the silver big bowl, Mags is the silver tall bowl and Gussie's is the red bowl.  Mags and Gus will share at times, but I never EVER EVER share my food so I eat here on the back porch so no one ever bothers me. I am eating it ALL up.

 Maggie eats here in the kitchen
Do you hear her snorting and eating????

And Gussie eats under the table.
He is licking his bowl clean.

We loved this food.

Did you know it has delicious pieces of white fish and sweet potato all cooked up in this really good tasting broth??

Grain free and good carbs.   You will also notice it did not last us a month either (it lasted us 12 days) and Mom was very stingy with it.  So for three dogs it could get pricey but for one dog it would be okay.  You can feed this alone, or as a topper.  We always eat a topper wif our food cos we are spoiled.

Any questions just message us pugs, not the cat.

We were not paid any money to say these good fings either.

Stella Rose


FINALLY, Mom is letting me do my own review for Mr. Chewy, and I must say after taking care of four little demanding kittens this special treat called Solid Gold Five Oceans Sardines and Tuna was much deserved.

See my bowl in the background.  Well we have to keep it up high or the three pigs scarf it all up. They are a unmannerly sort of dog.

Alright so lets get to all the good things about Solid Gold.
1. It arrived in a nice box that mom kept for me and +four to play in when they start moving around more.  It also arrived within a few days after Mom ordered it for me.  How is that for SERVICE.
Ding-dong and here it is.

2. It came in these cool little 3 oz cans, and Mom said there was enough to last me all month.  She gave me a spoonful to try with my dry food, and I LOVED it.  You could smell those sardines and fresh tuna, I caught myself becoming very unlady like by meowing and yeowing for more.

3.  Mom goes to work.  That is a very GOOD thing because I have DAD wrapped around my paws and everytime I meowed and begged for more Solid Gold Dad gave it to me.  EVERYTIME.  Dad told mom later it was because I was feeding +4 and needed all the energy I could get.  So instead of lasting one month, it only lasted a few weeks.  DANG IT!!!  DAD needs more willpower.

4.   The ingredients in this food was catfabulous.  Sardines, tuna, tapicoca and canola oil along with vitamins and minerals.  Even growing kittens could eat this but we kept that a secret.   No gluten or grain..........no chemicals..........IT IS GREAT. 

I ate it when we lived in here
Tiny +4, I needed all the extra nutrients for their care and my health.

I ate it when we lived in here:
Yes, folks that is a swimming pool.  Mom thought that would be the perfect home for the +4 to never climb out of.
BUTT one week later
I finished it all up while living in here.  yep an x-pen, mom says they will never get out of here....Stay Tuned.

So today I am talking mom to mom and telling Mom to order me some more of this Solid Gold Five Oceans food.  I loved it.

No one gave me any money to say this either.

Wien the Queen

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Happy Birthday to our sweet friend Tweedles, she is ten years old yesterday.

Stella Rose--Margaret Mae--Angus Mac and "the wiener +4"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Today, May 10, 2016, has been dedicated all around Blogville to our friend Forrest who passed on April 27, 2016.

All you have to do is post some pictures of you waving and wagging and then link up to his page to show his folks.  https://ourpawpad.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/wags-and-waves-for-forrest/

I know Forrest you had lots of grand friends just waiting at that gate for yous.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Gussie Boy

See how fast my tail is a going.

Gussie's paw is a waving and so is mine.

We are happy cos we are walking at the fairgrounds, ....our tails are wagging, use your imagination.....


Friday, May 6, 2016


So the others day mom tooks me to the vet, and she noticed on the paper that I's is getting closer to seven years young, and I swear hers just stopped breathin.........I faught for a moment Isa was gonna have to get the heart paddles out after hers.....and I said, "mom...mom what is going on wif u?" and she was waving her hands all over in the airs, like she was at rolling stones concert..........and I said, "what...are you a choking???" and hers whispered, "wait."

Well, I nose my mom has been tired lately cos Dad tires us all out, but I looked around the Frankenvets office and I faught hers was going crazy cos I didn't know what I needed to wait on. 

"Mom what are you a meanin....wait for what??"

So folks, I don't know what happened but in that split second mom had tears, and she hugged me tight and said "Stellie please wait......we have a lot of wonderful things to do together, and your sister and brudder need you for lots and lots of years to show them the right way, and most of all sweet girl, I need you to."

Maybe it was the Frankenvets office, or seeing my age, or my problems I have been having lately but suddenly Mom got a little afraid and she knew what it would feel like years down the road, when she might be whispering in my ears, "wait ."

Poor Mom I sat right up and toles her I will always wait for you momma, I have loved you since I was 6 months old and you took me out of that basement and brought me home, on blind faith that you were doing the right thing.  I love you even when you don't know it, and always when you need it.  There is not wait in my world momma.  

I fink and this is just a little pugs finking that wait means somefing different to us dogs and catsies.  Wait is yesterday, today and tomorrow, cos we are always here.  Whether it is waiting on your lap for a treat, waiting for you to throw the ball, or waiting for you to hug us tightly at the bridge.

I will always wait for you, cos your my momma.


Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Angus Mac and Wiener +4

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Dilemma (we are not even sure we spelled that right) anyways it means WHO does our MOM choose to take to the BAR with her.   No, not Dad, and no not that kind of Bar, although she said she could have used some of their specialties these last few months.

So at first I, Stella Rose, was going, cos after all it is my blog, and I am well loved, and well behaved and just one of those well well well pugs.   BUTT after talking to some friends, and the vet, it was decided that I MUST stay home.  See folks my eyes are failing  worse and sometimes I am barking and visiting with my mom looking up at the couch, and hers is not even ON the couch.  The vet has changed my medicine again trying to help but Mom worries that the long ride, and me being out of my "normal" environment will not be good for me.  So she made the decision to take ANGUS McConnell....................................crap!

So gussie is all excited cos he knows he gets to go and we girls have to stay at home wif our dad AND help Wienie watch over OUR babies.  Well, we have not been formally introduced to them yet, but we do consider them our babies....by osmosis......or something.........

All moms pictures are crappy.  This little one is always laying on top of her moms back....we think hers has spunk cos hers hisses at our dad.

See that fat black one that looks like Gussie, well that is what Princess Leah said.

They all have their eyes open now, and are moving around more.  Mom said one of these days they will hop out of that box and then the trouble begins.

Wiener is a very very very good mom.  She always asked mom and dad if hers can go outside to potty and then she comes back in to feed her babies, she is a good girl.  She still gets a little nervous when visitors like the grandpoops want to see them, but she tries to be cool about it.

One of moms new wreaths she is working on, if you look right below the dragon fly you see a teardrop.  It is called a fairy teardrop and inside of it is a little flower.   Um...I wonder where this one is headed.

Have a great day!
stella rose

Monday, May 2, 2016


SO last week you read about our 30 day challenge with our cousin Theo and the cat food from Mr. Chewy.....

well good news, great news, ....he liked, loved it so much that his momma placed an online order for another bag.  His momma said his coat looks much better, it is helping with the matting and he is acting happier and healthier.

"Do you think if I stare at the sack long enough it will magically appear in my bowl?"

We are so happy that Theo loved this food, and that it had positive affects for him. We still don't know why wiener did not like it........I guess because she thinks hers is a pug and after all it is for cats.

we also wanted to let peoples know this food was very affordable.

stella rose